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Unverified Rams Uniform Leak Surfaces

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Good morning! I had a post all ready to go for today, but then I woke up and discovered that an apparent Rams leak began circulating overnight, so we’re going to talk about that instead.

First some background: A few days ago a fan account called RamsToday tweeted the following:

People on Twitter (and Reddit, and elsewhere) make all sorts of uni-related claims, of course. I didn’t pay much mind to this one.

Last night, though, two images began making the rounds (click to enlarge):

I do not know the original source of these photos. As is always the case with unverified leaks of unknown origins, my default mode is to be skeptical, because it could be just a Photoshop job (and before you say, “Boy, that looks legit to me!,” let’s keep in mind that “looks legit” doesn’t actually mean much). The images appear to align, at least partially, with the RamsToday description, but of course a Photoshopper could have created the images specifically to match up with that description.

With those caveats in mind, here are some thoughts on these images:

•  The numerals appear to have the same segmented curvatures (presumably based on the Fibonacci spiral) as the horns on the new logo. That seems very much like something Nike would do.

• The gradation on the numerals mimics the gradation on the logo horn.

• Is the light-colored jersey white or “bone”? Tough to say.

• The wordmark on the upper-left shoulder of the road jersey (ugh) appears to match the wordmark that was released in March. Although it’s hard to be sure, it appears that the lettering on the home jersey is just the team name and does not include the city name. Hmmmm.

• Those shoulder patches and also the team logo patch above the nameplate (ugh) both look like they’ve been applied rather clunkily and unprofessionally. By way of comparison, the Cardinals above-the-nameplate logo patch is cut to the shape of the logo — not cut as a square or rectangle. Hmmmm.

• Although it’s hard to be sure, it appears that there are no TV numbers.

So: Could these be legit? Sure. Could they be the work of a Photoshopper looking to kill some time while under pandemic lockdown? Also sure. We don’t yet know enough to be certain either way, but I expect we’ll be learning more soon.

In short: Stay tuned.

Update: The Rams have now officially released their new uniforms, and it turns out that the leak was accurate:

More info here. I’ll have more to say about the new designs tomorrow!

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Membership update: In 2016, Uni Watch reader Clark Ruhland designed this Virginia Tech NASCAR car for the Wood Brothers racing team. He recently asked for a membership card based on that design — turned out great!

Clark’s card is one of several that have been added to the membership card gallery, as we continue to work our way through the recent spike in orders (thank you!).

Ordering a membership card is a good way to support Uni Watch (which, frankly, could use your support these days). And remember, as a gesture of comm-uni-ty solidarity, the price of a membership has been reduced from $25 to $20 until further notice.

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The Ticker
By Lloyd Alaban

Baseball News: Here’s an article about the many different sleeve patches the Dodgers have worn in recent history (from Billy Ballas). … Check out this gorgeous vintage tequila sunrise Astros sweater that’s available on Etsy (from Nathan Budziszewski).

NFL News: Rams WR Cooper Kupp will change his number from No. 18 to No. 10, the number he wore during his college career at Eastern Washington (from @fv_rob). … The Titans were originally supposed to be called the Pioneers. But when the name leaked, then-owner Bud Adams scrapped the idea (from Kary Klismet). … On Monday night, the NFL Network rebroadcast the 1994 Week 1 game between the Dolphins and Patriots. Pats WR Michael Timpson’s jersey had his Flying Elvis logo facing the wrong direction on his left sleeve. … In the 1968 AFL Championship Game between the Jets and the Raiders, Raiders RB/TE Billy Cannon had a “bonus” Raiders logo on his helmet! (From our own Scott M.X. Turner.) … The Eagles had some font-inconsistency issues in 1973. … Also in 1973, the Rams changed their unis. The team was offered two different shades of royal blue for their helmets, with one of them being identical to the Broncos. The team decided the Broncos’ royal was too light, so they went with the dark royal instead. Here are the blues side to side.

College Football News: In a recent interview on The Dan Patrick Show, Stanford head coach David Shaw said that he started wearing apparel with the school’s tree-inclusive logo, instead of the plain block “S,” because recruits frequently mistook the plain version for other schools’ logos, including NC State and Syracuse (from Kary Klismet). … You may remember that last week athletes from a lot of different pro leagues put the names of healthcare workers over the NOBs on their jerseys. Virginia LB Charles Snowden has started something similar for UVa athletes, which he’s calling “Hoos Your Hero” (from our own Jamie Rathjen).

Hockey News: A Twitter user has noted that the Flyers use two different primary logos: One for media and one for their sweaters (from Scott Ledered). … New mask for Canucks G Jacob Markstrom (from Wade Heidt). … Flyers G Ron Hextall was wearing a Canadiens base-layer shirt during the 1987 Canada Cup (from Bryan Palmer). … A YouTuber tried to find the ugliest jersey for each NHL team (from Scott Whitt).

Basketball News: Longtime reader Jeff Ash was going through some old stuff and found some 1980s ticket stub for a Harlem Globetrotters game at the Mecca in Milwaukee. The ticket was patterned after the arena’s famous court design. Have any other fields, courts, or playing surfaces served as the basis for a ticket design?

Soccer News: Here’s the fan vote winner for Scottish side Dumbarton’s new shirt (from Ed Zelaski). … Today is the 40th anniversary of the wearing of one of England’s most famous shirts (from our own Jamie Rathjen). … New kits for Dutch side AZ Alkmaar (from Josh Hinton). … For the latest in kit news from around the world, be sure to follow Josh’s Twitter feed.

Grab Bag: The Bristol Bears of Premiership Rugby released a video with their new kit manufacturer, Umbro (from German Cabrejo). … A sportswriter in Iowa made a bracket of all the defunct Iowa high school mascots (from Aaron Telecky). … … New logo for the city of Fayetteville, Ga. (from Timmy Donahue). … Also from Timmy: The police department in Delano, Calif., debuted new badges and patches that honor past officers. … The remaining items in this section are from Kary Klismet: Here’s how some mascots are dealing with the pandemic. … Businesses have started ordering branded masks and face shields with their company logos on them for their employees to wear as they start returning to work from the coronavirus lockdown. … Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at Kansas State’s “digital brand.”New logo for Central Baptist College athletics.

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What Paul did last night: I biked a bit later than usual yesterday, which in turn meant that porch o’clock came a bit later than it usually does, which in turn meant we were still out there when the Racket commenced at 7pm.

As I’ve mentioned before, we don’t really care for the Racket. But one thing we do like about it is that one of our neighbors — an elderly Orthodox Jew who lives across the street — often participates by standing on his stoop and hitting two big cymbals together! He does it at oddly timed intervals, which has a sort of comic-dramatic effect that we quite enjoy. I got this very bad photo of him yesterday (that’s his wife standing next to him; click to slightly enlarge):

After the one-day champagne indulgence, we were back to beer and wine yesterday.

The branch is still there.

As always, you can see the full set of Pandemic Porch Cocktails™ photos here.

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Raffle results: The three winners of the Purp Walk raffle are Craig Gunter, David Murphy, and Will Scheibler, each of whom has won a purple-inclusive membership card. I can’t wait to see which designs they choose!

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Special shout-out today to Phil. He knows why. — Paul

Comments (118)

    Forgive me if I have missed something written in the past, but what is “The Racket”? Is it a New York thing that I do not know about?

    Yeah, I don’t participate in it, either (like you, I’m not much of a joiner). But I’m also not remotely opposed to it (as you said), and it really doesn’t bother me a whit. If it makes people feel better, five minutes a day of some noise isn’t a big deal at all.

    Congrats to Craig, David, and Will. I was hoping that I would win, but oh well, maybe next year (unless there’s another one planned for sometime later in the week or something.)

    Also, that Rams uniform is actually amazing! Perfect incorporation of all the weird design elements from the logo!

    I could. I’m just trying to save money for paying for college since my job is currently off. Also, I only have PayPal and have never trusted sending money in the mail.

    Ian, I was once a poor college kid. I’ll buy you a membership card.

    Sure thing! E-mail me so we can figure out the details.

    munch606 at gmail dot com

    If those are the Rams new jerseys I’m not surprised. You have a good thing already (Miami Dolphins, this applies to you too..) and yet in the spirit of innovation or whatever you go and screw it up. Those silly patches are ridiculous. The gradient numbers look silly. The font is worse. And no TV numbers inside the Ram horns on the sleeve? Sad, just sad.

    New for the sake of new, overdesign for the sake of overdesign, quirks for the sake of quirks. This is obviously the Nike uniform policy.
    The Rams had it so easy, go back to the classic threads, or just recolor the navy and gold set to royal blue and yellow (and use the throwbacks once or twice a year). Either choice would have been met with approval from fans. They chose neither, and this nonsense will be undone in a few years like so many Nike abominations before it.

    “This is obviously the Nike uniform policy.”

    I blame the owners for this. They are the ones that can stop this at any point in the process. when push comes to shove, they are the ones with the final say

    Owners want to make money, they trust that Nike knows what will sell. Simple as that. As Paul has noted many times, it is the tail wagging the dog. Merchandise sales dictate uniform design now. And with the Rams, it doesn’t matter that the fans overwhelmingly want the classic uniforms and would buy them, they can sell the throwbacks AND whatever the new jersey is and count their money.

    Could not have said it better. Cut and print.
    They had the right answer on the field for the past few years. Just do that. Instead, they got cute. Were it not for the Falcons royally messing things up with their new look, this would be the worst of the new sets, by a lot.

    I’m with you 100%. God. please don’t let those be the new Rams uni’s. Talk about taking an iconic NFL uniform and turning into something that looks like a bad Pop Warner uni.
    The combination of the gradient number with that font looks almost infantile and completely bush league.

    It doesn’t even live up to PopWarner standards. It looks like some of these new “travel football teams” that are popping up (ala travel baseball, soccer, volleyball, etc). Just sad. So sad.

    if you look at that second rams jersey pic, in the bottom right corner, it looks like there is a pile of jerseys stacked on top of the main one. you can see the shoulders of 2 (or 3?) jerseys. one is the same as the main jersey, and under that looks like a light colored one that is more of a grey-ish color (bone?). you can just barely see similar yellow horn markings on that one, so that bone color might just be a thing.

    am i missing something or did you link the wrong “leak” to prove it could be fake… the Jets “leak” was one of the few times it was right.

    Yes, that leak turned out to be accurate. But if you read that piece, the larger point is that you can’t tell whether something is accurate simply because it “looks legit.” There was lots of evidence on both sides of that one, and lots of faulty arguments about why it supposed was or wasn’t legit.

    If that is truly the Rams new look, it’s a case of one step forward and two steps back. We ridded ourselves of the Tampa Bay abomination but replaced it with THIS!!! That gradient number and font looks like it belongs on a junior college team!

    In a different leak of the same images, but bigger and better quality, the white uniform is missing the horn shoulders…

    Why in the hell do they do that?

    Those Rams jerseys definitely look like they have the wordmark patch in preparation for an ad patch, in my mind.

    Completely agree, that was immediately my first thought – they also look like last minute additions (white patch on “bone” away jersey) and I recently read the NFL is thinking of increased ad space/revenue to make up for lost fan revenue this season.

    Now that we’re seeing more views of the jerseys, I can absolutely see this as a transition to an ad patch. Good call.

    The patch on the back also seems to me like somewhere they are thinking of putting an ad since the officially released version show it being significantly larger than necessary and as Paul pointed out “By way of comparison, the Cardinals above-the-nameplate logo patch is cut to the shape of the logo — not cut as a square or rectangle.”

    The wordmark patch as a placeholder for an eventual ad patch is the first thing I thought of when I saw these jersesy. I think it looks clunky and ugly anyway, but I hat it even more because of that possibility.

    To clarify the Basketball News item, the MECCA floor design on that 1985 ticket was for a Harlem Globetrotters game. I don’t know whether the Bucks used that design for single-game ticket sales. They didn’t use it for their season ticket sales.

    I’m looking forward to 2025 when you cover the redesign of the Falcons, Patriots, Buccaneers, and Rams (TBD)…

    Clark Ruhland absolutely Gets It!
    The #21 sometimes lost its’ way as far as paint schemes and number fonts go in the 80’s-2000’s, with 2012 possibly being the absolute low-point…:


    …but they’ve traditionally had some of the best looking Fords/Mercurys in NASCAR history, including that 2016 VT short-track special.

    That classic Red, Gold, and White Motorcraft scheme is right up there with the Petty Blue and Dayglo Red.

    I agree with Paul that “looks legit” or “doesn’t” is an unreliable metric.
    Having said that, the number on the front of the home jersey looks too small, and the shoulder patches look too high.
    On the other hand, if these are real: woof.

    Per Fred Roggin’s twitter the Rams unveiling will now be this morning. Looks like the leaks were legit?


    I really hope these aren’t real. That number font looks like they made the jerseys in Microsoft Paint, and just had to use a stock numeral from an existing font.

    Once I saw the abomination of the new Rams logo, I knew their uniforms would be horrendous. Sadly, that’s come true. Let’s hope in 2025, they will be going back to their original uniforms like the Browns and Bucs have.

    It’s amazing how tone deaf these teams are in not listening to their fans.

    It’s a crapshoot. For a while there the desktop version wouldn’t load any pictures for me, but at that time the mobile version was loading correctly… Now the desktop version is working, but my phone won’t load the mobile version (it loads the desktop version, so the words are tiny). I blame the virus.

    While we’re at it. Anybody having any issues with teespring? It’s my first time ordering anything from them. I ordered over a month ago and the tracking is confusing but looks like it’s still on its way from the Netherlands(?)

    I’ve had the same issue with Teespring. I ordered a UniWatch tee at the end of March, and it still says it is being shipped to the USA from the Netherlands. I’ve sent two emails to customer support over there, but have heard nothing back. Pretty frustrating.

    Mine arrived today! Maybe there’s just a delay with everything going on.

    Congrats to the three winning purp walkers! I didn’t think I’d ever want or need a second card for myself, let alone a purple one… but in a fit of inspiration from my childhood, I have an idea. Guess I’ll place an order on Sunday!

    The Rams are so totally going to pull a Brewers here.

    All they needed to do was bring back the classic uniforms. Instead they’re going to give us an over-thought, over-designed mess that “improves” the classic while drowning out everything that made them classic in the first place.

    About the post about the Eagles: In looking at the Eagles highlight films from the late 70’s,which are on Youtube, in cold weather games, they would wear heavier jerseys from previous seasons. They had different striping and different fonts, so you had some players wearing each in the same game.

    OH wow, the Rans unis have to be legit due to the sudden release later today. And man, do they look like shit.

    Clark, great looking membership card! I’m embarrassed that I don’t remember that design. I’m sure it ran at either Bristol, Martinsville or Richmond? Very nice.

    [Insert Magician’s voice here]
    Is link your car?
    Looks like it ran at Bristol and Martinsville.

    Everyone: “Wow, those new Falcons uniforms are some of the worst we’ve ever seen”. LA Rams: “Hold my Zinfandel”.

    Pretty much what I was going to say. Atlanta’s uniforms are still worse, but the margin is very slim. Gradient numbers? Are you kidding me?

    Seems like whoever’s running Nike’s design studio these days decided that pro sports needed gradient numbers. Which is unequivocally not true. It seems like Nike gets a concept in its design aesthetic and wants to shoehorn into everything they do. First, it was nesting numbers (Broncos: not bad; Vikings: blecch). Then it was weird chest stripes instead of sleeve stripes (Seahawks: meh; Browns: nope nope nope). About the same time, it was overdesigned fonts (Seahawks: meh, the style and pattern have evolved into a thing; Dolphins: nope nope nope; Bucs: blecch). Now, it’s gradients, which look like shite at the high school and college level.
    And what’s with the shiny quality in the pictures? Are we going back to heat-pressed numbers?
    Knock it off, Nike. Unless this is some kind of weird planned obsolescence, where they NEED to redesign uniforms every 5 years because they’re intentionally crappy.


    Road uniforms look like practice jerseys with that unfinished feel. Maybe they’d look better with white horns?

    What does this do to the concern that a trend has begun with no more TV numbers?

    Can anyone explain the “sleeves” on the road jersey? What’s the idea there? I honestly don’t understand what’s happening.

    The swoop on the bone jersey’s sleeves is in the shape of the northwest corner of the new Rams stadium, when viewed from the side.

    I feel bad for L.A. Rams fans – 20+ years without the team and they get teased with the “real” uniforms and now get saddled with this set for 5 years.

    I take it back. Blue is pretty good (if you look at Andrew Siciliano’s Twitter the stitching on the wordmark is just freaky, but I think that that was just bad manufacturing. I also don’t love the little logo tags on the collars, those are just weird.) But that bone colored one is just so bad! The inconsistency in the Horn (thinner, no Fibonacci), the white shoulders that are clearly quite a few shades lighter than the rest of the jersey, and the numbers are way too big! The helmet is also amazing.

    My kids’ grade school’s colors are royal and yellow. If this is what their football uniforms looked like, I’d be more than OK with that. It would actually be a slight downgrade from what they have been wearing the last 5 or 6 years but still, they would look fairly decent.

    So yeah… Congratulations, Los Angeles Rams. You now have uniforms that would look fairly decent on 6th & 7th graders.

    there is sizable broken branch that is hanging in a tree in his neighbor’s yard that is across from his house. it’s been that way for a week or so and it has yet to fall

    On the Rams new uniforms, I … actually really really like them. Even the gradient numbers: The rare instance of a gradient used effectively, which I say despite basically hating gradients. I was eager to hate on the Rams unis, in part because I’m very much not a fan of the team, but holy cow I’m impressed with these unis. Are these as good as the best the Rams have ever worn? No. But way the heck better than anything the team has worn recently, and by far my favorite modern NFL uniform redesign.

    way the heck better than anything the team has worn recently

    If by “recently” you mean “in 2020” then yes, this is new set is, without question, better.

    But these are nowhere near as good as what they wore link.

    That uniform with the clashing shirt and helmet blues is among my least-favorite NFL uniforms of all time. Not quite LCD-number Bucs bad, but close.

    Right now I really like them, and I think part of that could be the novelty effect. For instance, I like the extended numeral font on the road jersey’s TV numbers. Gradient is not as eye-punishing going from yellow to white as it would from, say, blue to red. I’ll give these a good grade for now, and withhold judgement until I see them on the playing field.

    this is something you cant really see in the renderings… the jerseys have a tag on the inside and outside of the collar


    it’s a bit harder to see on the royal jersey


    The “horn” on the shoulder of the bone retail jerseys shown is significantly different than the thin yellow “swoosh” horn on the shoulders of the “bone” white jerseys shown on the Rams site.

    And the front left “patches” – obviously placeholders for ads.

    And the front left “patches” – obviously placeholders for ads.

    Actually, there’s zero basis for saying that, and plenty of examples to refute it. Such as: The Steelers have had a patch in that spot for nearly 25 years; the Jets had a patch in that spot for more than 20 years; the Jags also have a patch in that spot; the Seahawks currently have a wordmark in that spot.

    So now the Rams have put a wordmark in that spot — big deal. Plenty of precedent for it. Doesn’t necessarily indicate anything. Let’s please stay grounded in reality and not engage in baseless speculation, which just makes people less uni-literate and thereby makes everything worse for all of us. Thanks.

    That white wordmark patch on the bone colored jerseys with the yellow stitching that’s only on about half of the upper part of the patch is one of the worst things I’ve seen on a uniform in a long time.

    Really, it’s impressive that they came up with such a unique version of awful with that design element.

    I actually like the Rams unis. Could do without the gradient in numbers, but they’ll look sharp.

    Do we know why the Rams went with the “white horns” helmet the past few years, when the plan all along was to have the traditional “yellow horns” color scheme? I thought there may have been a return to the white and blue color scheme based on that helmet. Very strange.

    I think they wanted to double dip. They wanted to change their look when they moved to LA, but at the same time wanted to have new stuff when their new stadium opened. So they did the hodgepodge the last few years. Dropping all the gold except what was on the jerseys. However that was such a bad look, and they probably go feedback saying that, so they then also used the throwbacks as essentially their primary color set.
    Considering what a mess the new logos and uniforms are, the bungling of the uniforms and horn colors in the lead up to this seems quaint.

    The Rams wanted to minimize metallic gold as much as they could (old vestige of St. Louis), but would not make new jerseys with athletic gold before the new stadium, and then as an extra hiccup, athletic gold and metallic gold together clash…so as a horrible-looking solution to this non-problem, the horns went white just to take away metallic gold.

    Of all the bad parts of the Rams new uniform (and there are oh so many), the worst is definitely the Nike logo on the blue jersey. They use the yellow stripes to basically circle the sleeve which has nothing on it but a highly contrasting Nike logo. Similar to the Seahawks uniforms, it seems like Nike goes out of their way to create design elements that really draw your eyes to their makers mark. Disgusting.

    Not a fan of “bone” or the number font. Otherwise, they could have been worse.

    Overall, I’d rank the new NFL unis:
    1) Browns – by a lot
    2) Chargers – except for their mono looks
    3) Falcons – I know, I’m the only one who like them
    4) Rams – not terrible
    5) Bucs
    6) Patriots – really do not like the Bucs or Pats’ new unis. Lost opportunities for both of these.

    I’ll add my 2 cents & list my ranking of the NFL redesigns.

    1 – Chargers
    2 – Browns
    3 – Bucs
    4 – Rams
    5 – Patriots
    6 – Falcons

    I’d even go as far to switch the Rams & Pats if the Pats include a white or silver pants option. The Falcons by far are the worst of the bunch. I want to see what the chrome Rams helmet looks like on the field.

    For the ‘bone’ uniforms, isn’t it a good idea to start with a uniform color that doesn’t already look like it’s dirty? I just feel the immediate need to take bleach to them.

    Why is the St. Louis arch on the sleeves? LOL

    Rams, I’m so disappointed in you!

    There should just be a Kary Klismet section for every single post. That guy submits like 15 things per entry!

    I think if the Rams were trying to make the Chargers more popular in L.A. than they are, they nailed it.

    Otherwise, although the helmet isn’t bad and the blue-over-yellow home primary is kind of OK, I’d call this a botch job.

    Nailed it. The Rams tried to be too “LA” trendy. They played themselves. They made a jersey that tries to appeal to fashion focused people of LA. But you know what those people don’t watch? Football.

    My Nike Nightmare came true, these suck, gradient numbers, that shitty modern looking horn on the helmet, please don’t have the mono uni be the home look ,also noticed they did not show the throwback (even the Falcons showed the throwback as part of their new set) I think Management knows they screwed this up, just another money grab ,I can only hope they do an about face in 5 years, looks like we’re stuck with this nike shit for now

    3.9/10. And that’s being generous. The white patch just makes the dishwater design look dirty. The gradient numbers are a gimmick and look terrible. (Didn’t the Uni-verse learn from its mistakes with the Jags and Dbacks?) The all blue design looks like way too much blue, and the all white design looks like an unwashed pop warner practice uniform. The only redeeming quality (and I may be wrong about this) is the paint job on the helmet it looks like some sort of iridescent/metallic matte/satin finish that might look really cool in HD. As with all new unis, we’ll see in August when they take the field in the preseason. Sadly, whether they look good on the field or not, they’ll be worn in the streets and at tailgate parties. Get used to seeing them for at least the next five years.

    I just saw the white rear armpit panel on the dishwater design. I resubmit my score as a 2.1/10.

    I’ve been a Rams fan for 55 years and I’m heartbroken. Why would you scrap the best helmet in football? They should have kept the old blue and yellow for home games,the old navy and white Gabriel era unis for the road and if need be, a new who gives a fuck alternate so they can make some money. They already knew the fans would hate these and went ahead anyway. Horrible.

    New helmets with their copious creases and vents might have compromised the decal placement of the rams’ horn. The worst thing I could say is they chose a ham-fisted way of integrating the design. Actually, I give them credit for trying to work that out.

    The Eagles number mismatch isn’t as bad as the 1991 Jets mess. Half the guys on the field with block numbers and squared letters NOB, the others with the “Champion” numbers the Bills’ wore to the SB those 4 years and rounded NOB letters. Look up “1991 – Week 3 – Buffalo Bills at New York Jets” on Youtube to see the difference.

    I started noticing the Jets’ numeral and NOB font inconsistencies in the mid-late ’80s, before the 1990 uniform tweak. I think the issue was, they had two different uniform manufacturers, Champion — which made the jerseys with the thick sleeve stripes, rounded NOB lettering, and “diagonal” 2’s — and SandKnit, which made the ones with the thin sleeve stripes, block NOB lettering, and “dogleg” 2’s. Or maybe it was the other way around.

    From the ESPN piece on the Rams uni reveal:

    “I already told my friends this is the coolest jersey I ever wore, I ever got to put on,” said Rams wide receiver Robert Woods, who donned the iconic USC uniform in college. “It just feels like we’re a part of something new and exciting. … We’re setting the trend, really.”


    Demoff’s words are such a deflection on the pathetic logos and uniforms; “The easiest changes to get done are to go backward; the hardest changes to get done are to move forward.”

    This insinuation that people won’t like it only because it is new and different. Or that there is anything particularly wrong with embracing traditionally loved looks. Insulting.
    How about people don’t like bad designs whether they are new or old. And people like good designs whether they are old or not. And the design of the uniform shows they know what worked and was loved about the old uniforms, but just got way too cute trying to update them.
    The horns are what they are, they are downgrade, but not inherently awful, just not as good as what was already there. They knew people wanted blue and yellow, so they did that. They knew people loved the horn shoulder stripe design, so they copied that, but did it half-assed. So it is not like this is something revolutionary and new, it is just a bad update of a classic. And the gradient numbers and weird name patch are just stupid nike gimmicks, again they aren’t something revolutionary and new, just bad. The dingy off white, and yellow that can barely be noticed on the off white uniforms is just poor design. And as with so many nike uniforms, the tail wags the dog and the design purposely draws you towards their makers mark. This isn’t the Rams management actively coming up with something revolutionary, this the Rams management asking nike for something cool and new, and as usual nike delivering crap that the teams buys into.

    Remember, Nike may have done the design, but it’s up to the team to sign off on it.

    The Rams approved this, they said at one point, ‘Those are the ones. Do those.’

    And so Nike did. They’re the vendor.

    I really want to know how much this cost Atlanta to get the Rams to agree to what is now the worst uni in the NFL.

    Man, nearly every element of the Rams rebrand, except the colors, is hitting the stupid end of the good or stupid scale.

    To quote Lewis Hamilton at Hockenheim 2019, “How did it get so bad?” How many bad decisions had to accumulate to reach this result? This is why football doesn’t work in LA, because the teams are trying to be too LA. The Rams are a team with history and an identity, its not the latest line of Nike products that can just be updated every time tastes change. That’s not how you build team-brand loyalty.

    The Chargers weren’t perfect, but damn if their redesign doesn’t look 1000x better than the Rams’ and I don’t think they look any less “LA” for sticking it.

    Ah, I think as far as where we are in terms of current pro football uni designs–the Chargers are (IMO) pretty close to perfect.

    They just killed that one.

    The Rams………….not so much.

    Ramdom thoughts:

    *What is that little zigzag above ‘RAMS’ on the chest?
    *Why is ‘RAMS’ there, anyway? Why off to the side? What?
    *What is ‘bone’ and why did that go with that?
    *At least it doesn’t say L A X on the front of the jersey.
    *Chargers won the battle of LA on the uni front, at least.

    The zig zag stitching is a Nike “lifestyle” thing. If you look at trendy sneakers, Nike uses it on a bunch of shoes.

    The name patch is the same. Nike used this design on Air Force 1 sneakers, hoodies, and other lifestyle apparel.

    It’s a jersey design that looks better on a Foot Locker rack than it does on the field. Priorities.

    Random answers:
    *it’s a zig-zag, In honor of LA’s signature affliction (widespread homelessness caused by legalized weed) and it looks great.
    *retail. Duh
    *bone is off white
    *no chance. I’m a chargers fan, and out new unis were a big time downgrade. Pants look like they’re ripped on the side. Helmets and jerseys look likeXFL, with comically oversized logos

    So disappointing. If the least objectionable thing is changing the classic helmet horns, then you know they screwed up. Only positive I’ll give them is the helmet color. Just because Nike comes up with these ideas doesn’t mean you have to do them. At least the Chargers will look great in the new stadium.

    If the Rams we’re trying to supplant Atlanta with the crappiest uniforms in the league they win! Absolutely God awful uniforms. Even more reason to hate the Rams!

    Dang, the Rams could’ve made it easy for Uni-Watch but no such luck. Had to reinvent the wheel and really messed up with everything involving the numbers. The horns are weird, the sleeve swoops on the bone jerseys are terrible, and the overall look is just extremely bland for an attempted reboot of the classic colors. Many others have pointed out details that are objectively bad. At least they’re not the Falcons, right?

    Horrible effort.
    Rams have so much good to work with, and they absolutely blew it. The new unis look like a low budget struggling HS team.
    The White away unis are absolutely pointless.
    The Blue jerseys without TV numerals – OK, but why minimize the width of the striping then?
    So much good they have to work with, and they WHIFFFFFF !!!
    At least they did not mimic the Falcons by putting an over-sized
    “L A” on the chest as a wordmark …
    All in all, a “D-” …

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