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Category: Helmets

Next Generation Helmets Add Safety, but Subtract Symmetry

You may think that NFL helmet decal is centered…but look closely and you’ll see most are not. Reader Rob Van Nuise explores!

Red Alert: Bills’ Josh Allen Teases Red Buffalo Helmet

Is this a preview of a future alternate helmet?

CONFIRMED: Cowboys Will Wear Two Different White Helmet Designs in ’22

As was hinted at earlier this week, Dallas will use slightly different versions of its new white helmet shell this season.

Bengals Finally Show How White Helmet Will Look with Uniform

The team also announced when the new white lid will make its on-field debut.

The Surprising Thing About the New NFL Alternate Helmets

Some of the new NFL helmet developments have been predictable. But there are two big surprises that Paul didn’t anticipate.

Bears, Cards Join NFL Alternate-Helmet Bandwagon

With Chicago and Arizona now on board, more than a dozen NFL teams have revealed alternate helmets for 2022.

Grading The NFL’s New Alternate Helmets

More than a third of the NFL will have new alternate helmets this season. Here’s how they rate.

Dirty Birds: Eagles Add Black Helmet

We’ve known for months that this helmet was coming. Now we finally know how it looks.

Bengals Join NFL Alt-Helmet Parade, Add White Shell

The Bengals became the 11th team this season — and the fifth this week! — to add a new alternate helmet for 2022.

Jets Unveil Crummy Black Helmet to Go with Crummy Black Uni

One of the NFL’s worst uniforms just got even worse.

Cowboys Revive White Throwback Helmet for ’22 Turkey Day

The Cowboys have become the ninth NFL team — and the third this week — to announce a new helmet color for this season.

Black Panthers: Carolina Adds Ebony Alternate Helmet

The Panthers now have a black helmet to go with their mono-black uni combo.

Red Alert: Texans Unveil New Alternate Helmet

The Texans now have a red alternate helmet to go with their red alternate jersey.

Saints Unveil Black Alternate Helmet Design

For all photos, click to enlarge The Saints yesterday became the latest team to take advantage of the lifting of the NFL’s one-shell rule by unveiling a new black alternate …

Shazam: Cubs Rookie Adds Mysterious Lightning Bolt to Helmet

Click to enlarge MLB players will sometimes add custom messages to their caps, wristbands, or other accessories. But it’s extremely rare, maybe even unheard of, for a player to add …