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Category: MLB

It’s Time for the Annual MLB Season Preview!

It’s always Uni Watch’s biggest and most popular post of the year.

Atlanta Unveils City Connect Uniform, Confirming Three Earlier Leaks

It’s not exactly a surprise, but here it is.

So Did the Mets Fix the Number Font on the Seaver Statue?

They had all winter to fix it. Did they?

Which MLB Teams Should Ditch Their Road Greys?

The Rays and Mariners have already scrapped their grey jerseys for this season. Which other clubs should follow their lead? We take a team-by-team look.

A Brief Survey of Team Logos in MLB Coaching Boxes

It hasn’t happened often, but probably more often than you think.

Astros Unveil Gold Championship Uniform

For the 13th consecutive year, the defending World Series champs will celebrate by wearing gold.

Retail Leak Apparently Confirms Earlier Hints About Atlanta City Connect Uni

Earlier T-shirt and sock leaks have turned out to be accurate.

Report: Rays Eliminate Road Grays, Promote Throwbacks to Full Alt Status

The new “four plus one” rule claims another victim.

The Art of Ant Volume I: The Boys of Summer

During the day, Anthony is an executive creative director, while after hours, Anthony draws. A lot.

Giants Prospect Goes S&S: Stirrups ’n’ Shorts

Vaun Brown has the potential to have the most distinctive pants/hosiery stylings in big league history.

Apparent Sock Leaks Hint at Six New MLB City Connect Designs

The leaks, while not yet confirmed, suggest that some interesting uni designs may be in the works.

How Every MLB Team Handled Their Sleeve Patches on Photo Day

Some teams have reshuffled their sleeve patches, some have left them unchanged, and some have removed them altogether. Here’s a team-by-team rundown.

Reading the Tea Leaves: O’s, Phils Appear to Be Close to Uni Ad Deals

It’s hard to be 100% certain, but Baltimore and Philly both appear to have something up their sleeves.

Reds’ Uni Ad Is the Worst One Yet — But Not for the Reasons You Might Think

MLB’s latest uni ad has a really unfortunate twist.

Imagining MLB Teams in Soccer Uniforms (NL Edition)

Graphic Artist Danny Kaufmann has imagined soccer kits for baseball teams. Here’s the National League set.