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Category: Uni Numbers

History Mystery: Did Two Cleveland Ballplayers Wear the Same Uni Number in the Same Game?

According to an archived radio call, two MLB teammates both wore No. 32 in a 1974 game. Uni Watch investigates!

Orioles Finally Fix Glitch on Phenom’s Jersey

Gunnar Henderson has looked good so far — except for his number/NOB spacing. But now that’s been addressed, at least for one of his jerseys. … Plus a new raffle, an NFL-themed cake, and more!

A New ‘Best Player by Uni Number’ Graphic, This Time for Wisconsin

It’s the latest installment in our “Best Player by Number” series.

Battle of the Bays: New ‘Best Player by Uni Number’ Graphics for Tampa Bay and the SF Bay Area

First we had Chicago. Then we had Denver, Detroit, and Phoenix. Today we have the battle of the bays!

New ‘Best Players by Uni Number’ Graphics for Denver and Detroit (and Phoenix!)

Chicago got us started last week. Today we have two more cities — wait, make that three more — joining in on the fun.

Brilliant Graphic Picks Best Chicago Players for Each Uni Number

What’s even better than a fun list? A fun list in a uni-based visual format.

Mets/Cubs Pitching Matchup Ties Uni-Numerical Record

Marcus Stroman and Taijuan Walker set a mark that can be equaled but never broken.

Serious MLB Uni Number Geekfest on Tap Today

Good morning! A bunch of different uni-numerical storylines will be colliding on the baseball diamond today. This is the kind of trivia-nerd bonanza that totally pushes my buttons, so I’m …

Video Game Shows New Unis for Jackie Robinson Day

Good morning! April 15 — just 11 days from now — is Jackie Robinson Day. It’s also the 75th anniversary of Jackie breaking the big league color barrier and the …

Double-Deuces Wild: The 22 Best Players to Wear No. 22

Good morning! Today is a special day on the calendar: 2/22/22. With that in mind, I’ve put together my picks for the 22 greatest players to wear the double-deuce — …

Did a 49er Really Wear No. 02 in Saturday Night’s Playoff Game?

For the win!!! On to the next! — Robbie Gould (@RobbieGould09) January 23, 2022 If you watch this video of the final play of Saturday’s 49ers/Packers playoff game, in …

Photoshop Follies: ESPN Scrambles to Fix Faulty Scherzer Image

A few months ago I wrote that I’ve always loved watching Max Scherzer pitch, so of course I was happy when the news broke yesterday about him signing with the …

Possible Seahawks Prototype Jersey Surfaces

Click to enlarge The folks at the Gridiron Uniform Database recently received a note from one of their website visitors, who wanted to tell them about an interesting Seahawks jersey …

The Ultimate NFL, MLB, and NHL Uni Number Spreadsheets

Last Friday I wrote about Etienne Catalan’s sensational NBA uni number spreadsheet. At the end of that post, I said, “Now we just need someone to create something similar for …

The Ultimate NBA Uni Number Spreadsheet

Click to enlarge NBA numerologist Etienne Catalan, who I recently interviewed, has really outdone himself by creating a chart that shows which uni numbers are currently roster-assigned for each NBA …