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Category: Team Logos/Insignia

Florida High School Has Brilliant Mash-Up Logo

Even if you’re opposed to logo poaching, it’s hard not to like the Colonial High School Grenadiers’ logotype.

Crest in Jest: Canes Prank Jarvis with Upside-Down Jersey Logo

One of these things is not like the others.

More Info on the Browns’ Possible Facemask Color Change

Slowly but surely, the situation is coming into focus.

Browns Exec Suggests White Facemask Could Become Permanent

Saturday’s change to white masks might not be just a one-off.

T-Shirt Listing Appears to Confirm Earlier Twins Logo Leak

One leak at a time, the Twins’ new look is coming into focus.

Did New Era Just Leak the Twins’ New Cap Design?

A fashion cap that was briefly visible on New Era’s website gives some hints about the team’s upcoming uni redesign.

XFL Announces New Team Names and Logos

The latest iteration of the league is scheduled to begin play in February. Here are the teams that will be competing.

How the New U.S. Quarter Is Like NFL Team Logos

The old design is very Philadelphia Eagles; the new design is very, well, all the other teams.

Cavs Reveal New Logo Set; Unis to Follow Soon

Click to enlarge The Cavs yesterday released a new set of logos for next season. As you can see above, the biggest change is that they’ve moved away from yellow …

Service With a Smile: A Set of Friendly Sports Team Logos

Click to enlarge Last month I got an email from former Uni Watch Ticker-er Mike Chamernik. “Here’s an artist who draws pro and college team logos in a cool, cutesy …

Uni Watch DIY Project: Another Block-head!

Click to enlarge Two winters ago we had a guest post from reader Loren Southard, who created a set of awesome sports logo-themed building blocks for his new child. That …

Staten Island FerryHawks Roll Out ‘Storytelling’ Detail That Actually Works!

Click to enlarge As most of you know by now, I tend to take a pretty dim view of “storytelling” details in sports brand design. Most of them tend to …

A Uni Watch Look at Bill Virdon

For all photos, click to enlarge Former MLBer Bill Virdon, who was Rookie of the Year as a player and a two-time Manager of the Year as a skipper, died …

A Close Look at the Yankees’ Various ‘NY’ Logos

Let’s start today with something that most of you probably know already: The Yankees have some serious inconsistencies in their famed interlocking “NY” logo. As you can see above, there …

Uni Watch Reader Shares 1987 Letters from Pirates GM

Click to enlarge The letter shown above was sent in 1987 by Pirates GM Syd Thrift to a very young Joe Werner, who would grow up to become a longtime …