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Auction Site Provides Leatherhead Helmet Bonanza

I don’t usually geek out too much about old-fashioned leatherhead football helmets. But the current catalog of offerings from Hunt Auctions — one of the big memorabilia sites — features so many cool leatherheads that it practically qualifies as leatherhead-palooza. My favorite design is the one shown above — don’t think I’ve ever seen that scalloped edge on the top panel before. The auction listing describes it as “Princeton style” — a term I hadn’t heard before — so I googled “Princeton style leather football helmet” and found several examples of helmets with those same scalloped edges, but none as gorgeous as the one in the Hunt listing.

Here are some of the other leatherheads that Hunt currently has listed:

You can learn more about these helmets, and about the other items Hunt currently has up for bids, here.

(Big thanks to Jared Wheeler for bringing these to my attention.)

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    I had always thought of “the Princeton helmet” being the design that started there and was adopted by Michigan.

    These are all great to own and display, my favorite is the white one with the colored stripes on top. Goes very well with an old style Vespa scooter.

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