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Trevor Tierney Redesigns The NFC

By Phil Hecken

Last weekend, we took a look at reader (and Jaguars redesign contest winner) Trevor Tierney’s AFC concepts, and today we’ll finish out his redesigns with a look at the NFC.

As I mentioned last weekend, I’m loathe to ever critique designs (especially since I can’t do better, at least graphically, than 99% of them), but I want to point out that Trevor has used the previous Nike template for his designs — which has resulted in truncated pants striping (a design element I can’t abide) — so I tried to picture all these new designs with full pants striping. I have to say, some of these are really interesting and have out-of-the-box thinking! Many keep the “classic” unis we’re used to seeing with just some very minor tweaks. Either way, enjoy! Click any image to enlarge.

NFC Rebrand
By Trevor Tierney

+ + + + + + + + + + +

NFC East


Inspired by the Cowboys white color rush uniform, the blue set is copied. Only team w only 2 jerseys, but does include silver pants.

+ + +


Eagles return to kelly green jersey and chrome eagle wing logos on helmet and jersey shoulders. Rest of uniform pretty simple. Change from black alternate to gray alternate.

+ + +


Giants return to old helmet logo and jerseys get updated with more color. Red alternate comes back as well.

+ + +


‘Skins ditch current logo, but stays similar. Feather patches on sleeves of jerseys and arrows on helmets and pants.


NFC North


Bears stays pretty much the same, but swap out blue facemark for white. Added jersey patch of bears logo.

+ + +


Lions essentially same set and just updated in 2017, but added word mark to front of jerseys.

+ + +


Removed outline of Packers “G” and went with simple looking uniforms.

+ + +


Vikings stay pretty much the same. Swap the black facemark for white and include and all yellow/purple set.


NFC South


Buccaneers stay similar to current set, but updated logo. Creamsicle alternate instead of red uniform. Sword patches on sleeves.

+ + +


Falcons return to Black as the primary home jersey and have 4 options for pants. Return of red helmet, but updated w new logo as well.

+ + +


Panthers finally have updated unit with black lids and oversized logo that is like the current Bucs logo. Wraps around back and jerseys also include sublimated jungle print on shoulders. On pants jungle print stands out more with contrast color.

+ + +


Saints return to a black helmet and a gold chrome facemask. Simple uniforms and all gold/black alternate.


NFC West


AZ Cardinals keep current logo, but I incorporated the states unique flag into the uniform itself. Helmet goes gray with stripe consisting of red, yellow, and navy blue.

+ + +


49ers return black to the uniform and updated the set with more of a western look. Black alternate returns as well.

+ + +


Rams finally have a matching set and looks updated version of the classic uniforms. Yellow alt loses the white and just goes yellow and blue.

+ + +


Seahawks have a mix of old uniforms with new. Return to more of royal blue, but helmet is same as now, yet swapped the navy blue with silver.

• • •

And there you have it, the NFC. Thanks, Trevor!

Kreindler’s Korner

I had the distinct pleasure of featuring the wonderful artwork of artist Graig Kriendler on two occasions over the summer and fall of 2017, and more recently, in August of 2018.

For those who don’t wish to click the links, Graig paints baseball heroes (and regular guys) from the past, and is an immense talent.

Occasionally, I will be featuring his work on Uni Watch.

Here’s today’s offering (click to enlarge):

• • •

Title: “Babe’s Bicarbonate”
Subject: Babe Ruth, 1924
Medium: Oil on linen
Size: 16″ x 20″

As had become his custom, Babe Ruth reported to Hot Springs in early February of 1924 to sweat and golf off the extra pounds the winter had added to his bulbous frame. He was about 240 at the end of the month when the recurrent spring flu got him again. Burning with fever for a few weeks, he sweated off 20 pounds before making his way to spring training in New Orleans.

Yankee fans had reason to be optimistic about things, as their team had just come off of their first championship run in franchise history. Unfortunately for them, the team was aging; four regulars and nearly everyone on their bench was over 30-years old. That oppressive number for a ballplayer may not have kept them away from the speakeasies and parties, as they were as boisterous a bunch of noisemakers as ever. Their performances on the diamond, however, slipped drastically. It was only the Babe who was immune to the slump.

He may have been leading the party brigade, but at age 29, Ruth had plenty of life in him to burn the candle at both ends. In fact, 1924 is the first year that Ruth biographers mentioned his frequent use of bicarbonate of soda to quell the rumblings of a bloated, overfed stomach. The effect of the bubbly drink was perfect for the Yankee slugger. He would revel throughout the night, then before each game, down a few hot dogs and several bottles of soda pop, drink some bicarbonate, emit a loud belch, and then hit the ball a mile.

His efforts on the diamond aside, his teammates’ tempers were never calmed by their thrilling escapades off the field. In mid June, Ruth was at the center of an on-field brawl with Ty Cobb in Detroit. The fray led to several ejections and fines, and the forfeiture of the game to the Yankees when angry fans stormed the playing field. The team was out of control, and nothing Yankee manager Miller Huggins could do seemed to make a difference.

In an attempt to quell the fiery nature of his players, he shipped off one of his more surly pitchers, Carl Mays, to Cincinnati in midseason. The Yanks never recovered. After starting the season hot, New York fell behind the surging Washington Senators. Without Mays, the Yanks were unable to catch up and finished two games back. The Senators’ late charge, winning 16 of their final 21, made the difference.

Ruth finished the season by winning his first and only batting title. He won the home run title again and led the league in runs, total bases, walks, on-base percentage, and slugging average. Goose Goslin of the Senators wound up driving in 129 runs to Babe’s 121, squashing Ruth’s chances of winning the Triple Crown.

• • •

Thanks, Graig! You can (and should!) follow Graig on Twitter.

Way Too Good…

…for the ticker!

Earlier this week, DIYer Gene Sanny sent the following e-mail to Paul, but wanted Paul to share it with me due to the content.

I’m always amazed by the talent some people have — even if they themselves don’t think their product is top notch. This is a case where I definitely disagree with the artist’s assessment of his own work. I think it’s TREMENDOUS! Here’s Gene with a Houston Oilers painting, along with the process he used to create it. Click to enlarge.


A painting I did this weekend. It’s called gouache painting. Basically addition by subtraction – erasing paint. I showed kind of how it works in the 2 pics. Unfortunately, I botched up the background… a case of not thinking it was good enough, trying to mess with it, then regretfully looking at the 2nd pic wishing I left it that way, because I kind of liked it after all.

So, I cut him out and mounted on colored paper. Live and learn… gouache is not an easy thing to perfect.

Not necessarily for your site, I just know Phil digs the Oilers uniform.

Gene Sanny

Outstanding work, Gene — hope you’ll do more and share with us!

Weekend Programming Note…

Hey fellow UWers, Phil here. This weekend I’m again traveling, and Anthony (who’d normally be preparing your Saturday Ticker) has the day off for his birthday (Happy B-Day, AE!). So, unfortunately and regrettably, there will be no ticker today…or tomorrow.

I’m actually at a curling bonspiel this weekend, and staying in a place with sketchy wi-fi, but I hope to be able to bring you the full SMUW tomorrow (fingers and toes crossed). I pre-loaded this post before leaving to ensure you have a Saturday piece, and I’m hopeful all goes well for tomorrow. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Comments (33)

    Should we assume the NFC cam mix and match these sets? Or is it all Mono all the time??

    Also, should we call him Bonehead Bruce?

    Yeah mix and match them all! Some mono looks good for certain teams, but the packers for example “home” would still be y/g/y

    Nice ideas on the NFC uniforms.

    Anything that has the Bears finally ditching the GSH on the sleeve is an improvement!

    WHAT?????? Da Bears ditching the GSH letters? Come’on man. This has been with Da Bears since the early 80’s. It isn’t like Detroit who just started to copy them. Halas was an icon and removing the GSH from Da Bears jersey would just be wrong to a lot of us long time Bears fans!

    I think the Bucs set is the biggest improvement from the current set to the redesign set of the bunch. I get the limitations that Trevor placed on himself, yet red pants would go quite nicely with the gray jersey.

    Good job on those NFC redesigns. Love the rams horn leg stripe on LA. But I will go to sleep tonight just dreams of the Vikings and Bucs playing a game in their yellow / creamsicle alternates!

    It’s become obvious what Rams will wear in 2020. It will be royal blue with gold horns, the font on jerseys to match their new woodwork along with font used for score on Coliseum video boards.

    I would prefer the Bears orange jerseys have the navy numbers like in 2014. The contrast just makes it work better.

    On the MAC football title game at Ford Field: End zones remained rendered in Lions colors, Honolulu blue with silver-ish letters for ‘NIU’ and ‘Buffalo”

    Thought seeing Buffalo in those colors was fitting, Buffalo Bills basically wore those colors in 1960-1961

    I can’t say I’m fond of the preponderance of wordmarks in Trevor’s designs. That may just be my preference for as few bells and whistles as possible, but all of those designs strike me as too busy. I appreciate the effort, though, as it’s always fun discussing new ideas.

    Cowboys: A- no real changes but I’m not sure I like the blue shoulders on the white unit

    Eagles: B This Kelly green is cool, but I’m not sure I like this version of the grey unis. I also miss their BFBS unis

    Giants: A+ Love the red alternates. Helmet logo is so much better

    Washington: C+ Not to sure about these, kinda like the Chiefs redesign. Why isn’t the R logo in the helmet the same as on the jersey? The gold unis aren’t the best

    Bears: B+ would be an A, but why couldn’t you put GSH on the unis again? maybe smaller on the helmet, but still its an identity they lose

    Lions: B Unis are same as current

    Green Bay: B- not to sure about the un-outlined G…it will grow on me. The yellow alternates are kinda ugly, and the green jerseys and pants make it feel more like a color rush uniform then a “home” uniform

    Vikings: B+. This is the only set so far where the yellow looks kinda good love how you switched the horn color of the helmets though

    Bucs: B- Not to sure about the new logo. Not sure I like the pant stripes and the different colored swords on the shoulders

    Atlanta: C. Don’t like the red helmets at all. The NOB font is different from the “Falcons” on front. Not the best looking redesign

    Carolina: A+ Nothing to complain about. Love the blue alternates and the helmets

    Saints: Wasn’t to sure about the logo re-design but its grown on me. The gold unis look good, and the alternate helmets. The normal helmet looks pretty good too.

    Cardinals: C- Not liking the Arizona flag at all. Those look ugly. Besides that they would be fine. The helmets are ok… don’t like the stripe

    49ers: B Not to sure about the number font. Like the BFBS unis.

    L.A. Rams: A Finally, a good looking combo for them in all unis! Like the yellow alternates not to sure about the pant stripe…would be A+ but for that.

    Seattle: A- I’ve been pushing for the old unis for a long time. Like how you incorporated the old and new look. But I still like their current unis better. When the current ones get old, then these would be awesome

    I totally agree on incorporating some of the old on Seattle.

    It would have been really nice if he included an optional plain silver helmet like in 1976.


    “It would have been really nice if he included an optional plain silver helmet like in 1976”

    Epic fail on the Eagles concept. Helmet wings are silver, never chrome. Feathers on jersey, he’ll no; leave that nonsense on the left coast. On the plus side is Kelly green. Mono gray goes in the dumpster.

    Cowboys: B minus . Would have been an A but i like those odd colored TV pants…LOSE THAT NIKE SWOOSH and it would be a B+

    Eagles: A minus…….love dumping that shytty black crap they were and the grey is a GREAT idea but that goddam nike swoosh is just a turd in the punchbowl

    Giants: B+ as I am not sure I like replacing their shade of blue. nice work on the red uniform but there is something wrong with the picture…oh i know. it’s that shit stain in the upper right hand corner!

    Washington: B+ Love these 1000x over. would have been an A+ but you had to give the great exploiter of child labor a free promotion with that jacked up swoosh in the upper right hand corner, didnt you?

    Bears: B+ I love the idea of getting rid of the GSH logo which is as crappy as the swoosh on these submissions in the upper right hand corner

    Lions: A minus for getting rid of the dumb LIONS wording on the sleeves….too bad you didnt get rid of phil knight’s swastika

    Green Bay: D+ – what the fukk is that shade of green? you can go straight to hades for fukking with the shade of the packers green and take the nike swooshes with you!

    Vikings: A ….. and I like the facemask change. would have been an A+ but ….well, i think you know why

    Bucs: C minus for creativity but they are actually worse than the diarrhea they were today. hell, in this example I am glad you left the nike swoosh so i could look at something other than the uniforms

    Atlanta: B+. I like the red helmets and adding the stripe down the middle. their present helmet is awful. anything is better than the crap they sport today

    Carolina: C minus. looks like what they have presently but adding a jungle stripe is lame

    Saints: C minus. I like their present gold helmet and i like their present gold pants. Say, is that a nike logo in the upper right hand corner? why not put a coke sign up there too?

    Cardinals: B+ but we dont need to slap state flags on uniforms. Univ of Maryland has already shown what a shit show that is. Should have made the nike swoosh look like their flag if that was your play

    49ers: B you made their black uniforms better than the atrocity they are today but it is a trick compliment because THE DONT NEED BFBS UNIFORMS SINCE THEIR RED AND WHITE JERSEYS (and gold pants) are already classic. P.S. fukk that nike logo with a stick

    L.A. Rams: B+ blue and cheddar are perfect for LA though I am not against the navy and white (but has to be only Navy and white – no hints of gold)

    Seattle: B+ very nice though I agree with John Spunkington – you have to offer the plain silver shell from the ’76 season for the original fans……hell, put a big old swoosh on the side of it since you like to promote Nike so much.

    Good work, Travis! I appreciate your efforts, time and submission!

    wilderVSFury: C- Would have been a lot higher but you obsessed over Nike like a four-year-old that dropped his ice cream cone on the floor, you used all caps too much, and your punctuation and capitalization skills were really poor. And your user name is stupid… da fukk?

    Good work! I appreciate how much time you took to write this comment!

    Oklahoma ‘home team’ v. Texas in Big XII title game, and listed second in ESPN’s score bug and box scores – but OU wearing cream road alternates.

    I’m guessing since they would be road team in any upcoming CFP games.

    I noticed one of the Oklahoma coaches has a lanyard that has XII on one side (which I imagine is for the Big 12) and IIX, or eight, on the other side (to honor the former Big 8??)

    What a classy use of Roman numerals! Way to go Big 12!

    Disagree on the white face mask. Navy is best.

    Agree on the orange pants.

    Also, the three orange stripes in the white jersey is not a good idea. Two navy flanking one orange is best.

    An item of interest. I note yesterday and today, there have been 3 comments about the Seattle Seahawks wearing plain silver helmets in 1976.

    Are you guys referring to possibly their first preseason games when they may have just played without their logo on the helmets? I have never seen this. The Seahawks wore their logo on their helmets in 1976 during the regular season for sure. I would refer you to a most trusted source on this subject – Gridiron Uniform Database.


    I thought they had plain silver helmets for all of 1976. I remember seeing pictures and even some video I think.

    At least that is what I have always heard. Is that not correct?

    Sorry, but all those redesigns look like the worst of current college costume trends multiplied. The Giants blue is too dark. We don’t need red alts ever again. These are costumes, not uniforms.

    I LOVE the spear on the Redskins pants (even though the team name is still under scrutiny). Da Bears (my team) would look great occasionally in some orange britches. The “jersey stripes” would be a cool effect. But, only if the GSH letters were added to the left leg. Also, I am in favor of the gold pants for the Vikings. This would be a great accent color for their uniform from time to time.

    Gotta give love to everything about the Bucs set, except for the lack of a red jersey, even as just a reference point. Panthers and Vikings helmets are upgrades. Dallas is wonderfully done all around.

    Those Rams jerseys have the horns on the sleeves facing forward on the front views :(

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