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It’s Time for the 2022 Uni Watch NHL Season Preview

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Ready or not, the NHL regular season begins this Friday, which means it’s time for the 2022 Uni Watch NHL Season Preview, which has all the news you can use on the new uniforms, logos, patches, goalie masks, and center ice designs you’ll be seeing this season. Much like my recent NFL Preview, the NHL edition is a doozy, clocking in at over 5,000 words and featuring dozens of photos — easily the biggest NHL Preview I’ve ever done.

The NHL Preview is available here to my Premium Subscribers. If you haven’t yet subscribed, you now have three ways to get on board:

Also: I’m currently hard at work on the the NBA Season Preview, which will be published on Bulletin next week, so this is a very good time to subscribe, even if you’re doing it for only a month.

Update: I had hoped to wait a little bit before addressing this, but the news seems to be circulating quickly on several fronts, so here goes: Facebook has decided to shut down Bulletin at the end of the year. This won’t have any immediate effects on anything, and in fact this is now a very good time to subscribe, because you’ll end up getting a full refund. No risk! Full details here.


Too Good for the Ticker

I recently became aware of this bar in Mesa, Ariz. The sign with NFC North helmets is nice (although it’s a bit weird that they filled in space between the two-bar facemasks), but the real attraction, of course, is that Packers hearse parked outside — holy moly! Here are some additional pics of it:



ITEM! New Wallpapers

Got a note yesterday from Uni Watch reader/contributor Andrew Cosentino, as follows:

A few years ago, you made several Uni Watch wallpapers available.  The phone wallpapers were 16:9, but iPhone wallpapers are 19.5:9, so I modified several of the wallpapers to make them iPhone-appropriate.  Please free free to share them!

Isn’t that nice? You can see and download the new iPhone wallpapers here. Thanks, Andrew!


Last Couple of Days for the Soccer Jerseys

If you want to get in on the Uni Watch soccer jerseys — which you can personalize with your choice of number and NOB, for delivery around the start of the World Cup — you must get your order in by this Friday. Full details here.


Going, Going...

We sold out of the June 2021 pin yesterday (thanks, Kevin!), and most of the other remaining pin designs are close to selling out as well. Why not help me get rid of the last of them? The price is now only $1 apiece, plus you get one free pin for every three you order. You know what to do.

Comments (11)

    Paul, what does the future of these premium newsletters look like since Facebook are shutting down Bulletin soon?

    I’ll have more to say about that soon, probably in a week or two. The short version is that the weekly Premium articles will continue — on Bulletin for at least another month (and possibly thru the end of the year) and then they’ll move to another platform.

    Important: If you subscribed via Facebook, do NOT cancel your subscription. As long as you don’t cancel, you’ll get 100% refund.

    More soon.

    I assume people who subscribed as part of the Uni Watch membership will have those subscriptions transitioned over? I never subscribed through FB so I would be surprised if they sent me a refund.

    As a Canucks fan, pains me to say the team should look at the Edmonton Oilers’ small details to see how it is done. Oilers have orange trim on pant stripes and gloves for that traditional look. Even some orange in their logo. The Canucks now lack trim colour green on pants, gloves, and primary logo.

    The Canucks’ jersey and sock template is their classic 1970s uniform. The stripes being eliminated from pants without much mention a huge downgrade that bothers me. They need the white and green trim in gloves as well as some green in the Orca logo if they insist on keeping the Orca.

    Wonder if the Canucks’ change has to do with limiting pieces of equipment based on the number of uniforms they may be wearing this season? The Stick-in-Rink alternate did not have pant stripes even when primary uniform did. The RR will be navy blue. Feelings are the black Skate uniform may still make appearance. May be limiting themselves to 3 sets of pants this year instead of 4? Maybe our voices will be heard and we can get the stripes back on the pants next year.

    Those wallpapers would look mighty great if they were tweaked a bit for Purple Amnesty Day :-)
    (Fingers crossed this could be a thing in 2023)

    I actually made a purple one, so maybe you’ll have to wait until May 17th.

    For the sake of your income, I’m sorry to hear that Bulletin is shuttering, though I’m happy that it’s been effective as a proof of concept for a pay-tier Uni-Watch. I hope there’s not too much of an administrative burden involved in moving to another platform.

    Just catching up on things…

    The NHL Preview says the Red Wings have increased the size of their centre ice dot.

    Isn’t the size of the dot set by Rule 14 at exactly 12 inches? The centre red line is also set by rule 1.5 at exactly 12 inches.

    It looks to me like the old dot was smaller than regulation and the new one is exactly right. In either event I don’t think the Red Wings are allowed to pick the size of the dot.

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