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The Blues Suddenly Have the Best Uniforms in the NHL

The team’s new Reverse Retro uni, which made its on-ice debut last night, is the class of the league.

Saints Announce Surprise Move to Wear Throwbacks This Week

Who knew this uniform was still even an active option in the team’s wardrobe?

Packers to Wear White Color Rush Uni for First Time in Three Years

After a three-year absence, Green Bay’s white uni is making a surprising return.

The Surprising Reason the Bucks Can’t Wear Cream Uniforms Anymore

A Uni Watch scoop: The exclusive story behind the Bucks no longer being able to wear cream unis.

Monday Morning Uni Watch

An eyesore for the ages yesterday in Tennessee, and the Titans went blue over blue while the Broncos once again insisted on wearing white over navy, complete with the mismatched …

Sunday Morning Uni Watch

Oregon and Washington highlight (literally) today’s uni action on the SMUW

Looking Back at the AFL 50th Season Throwbacks of 2009

In 2009, the NFL paid homage to the 50th season following the launch of the then rival AFL, with eight original teams (and the Dallas Cowboys) wearing throwbacks.

Let’s Take a Look at the NBA’s New City Edition Uniforms

Good morning, and happy Veterans Day! For those of you who are veterans — and I know there are quite a few of you out there — please accept my …

Nail Clippers, Tylenol, and ‘Pee Bags’: A Close Look at NFL Sideline Cabinets

A Uni Watch reader’s season tickets give him a good view of the assorted trainers’ gear that teams have on the sideline.

Flyers Finally Bring Back Cooperalls

For the first time in nearly 40 years, the long pants returned to the NHL ice.

Lego Artist Adds Brilliant Uni-Related Detail to Latest Masterpiece

A Uni Watch reader really outdid himself with the latest edition of a long-running project.

Monday Morning Uni Watch

Our weekly roundup of Sunday’s NFL uni news.

Sunday Morning Uni Watch

The SMUW Crew is Terry Duroncelet, Wade Heidt, Jim Vilk, Rex Henry, Dennis Bolt, Ethan Dimitroff and James Hill

Looking Back at the NFL’s 75th Anniversary Throwbacks

In 1994, the NFL honored its 75th season by having each team wear throwback uniforms during selected games. The designs varied widely in their accuracy; many of them were not completely accurate for a number of reasons.

Updated: The Phillies Will Wear Their Powder Blues in Game Five

Thanks to a rainout that’s rejiggered the schedule, we will see the first World Series appearance of powder blues in more than three decades.