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Monday Morning Uni Watch

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Like they always say, it’s not the crime — it’s the cover-up. That was the situation yesterday for Ravens wideout Tylan Wallace. He began the day with his NOB misspelled, as you can see in this shot from pregame warm-ups:

Someone must have noticed, because they “fixed” the typo by adding an emergency “A,” which looks like it was probably made from white tape. Here’s a closer look:

How could this happen? Well, Wallace is a rookie and yesterday was the first time this season that the Ravens wore the gold-numbered jerseys, so that typo-clad jersey probably sat in storage for months without anyone noticing.

In other news from around the league yesterday:

• In that same game, the Ravens went mono-purple:

• Two Florida teams — the Dolphins and Jaguars — also went mono, with their respective aqua and teal shades looking like reasonably close cousins:

• The mono look is bad enough, but it’s even worse when it’s done with a team’s secondary color. Case in point: The Bills are a blue team with red trim. If they’re have to go mono, it should be mono-blue (which is bad), not mono-red (which is worse):

• Also from that Bills/Panthers game: Carolina’s neck bumpers usually feature either the team name or a social justice message, but running back Ameer Abdullah’s bumper was blank:

• The 49ers wore their throwbacks:

• In that Niners/Falcons game, Atlanta defensive back A.J. Terrell had his mouthguard knocked out during a collision with San Francisco wide receiver Deebo Samuel:

• At least three Giants players had trouble with their front helmet numbers. From left to right: defensive back Logan Ryan (No. 23), offensive lineman Matt Skura (No. 67), and wideout Sterling Shepard (No. 3):

• Prior to the Titans/Steelers game in Pittsburgh, where the temperature was below freezing, Tennessee center Ben Jones strolled around the field in shorts and bare feet:

• Not a single home team wore white (although the Bears will be doing so tonight).

(My thanks to all contributors, including Ryan Hejduk, Neil Vendetti, @TitletownBuilds and our own Brinke Guthrie.)

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Logo-rific: Longtime reader Kevin Clark has previously been featured on Uni Watch for his P.A. work with the New Jersey Devils and Monmouth University football, plus he’s done some design work (as you can see if you scroll down in that Devils post). Turns out the design gene runs in the family, as he explains here:

My 16 year old son Sean [shown above] loves trains and volunteers his time helping out Raritan Central Railway in Edison, N.J. He recently created a logo for them, and they liked it so much that they added it to their newly refurbished caboose. Really proud of him.

How great is that? Big congrats to Sean, and to proud papa Kevin.

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Year-end raffle reminder: In case you missed it last Thursday, Uni Watch’s annual year-end raffle, featuring all sorts of cool stuff I’m giving away (including several one-of-a-kind prototypes for Uni Watch products I decided not to put into full production), is now in full swing. Full details here.

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In the holiday spirit: Who’s that wearing our “Swinging Santa” hoodie? None other than Uni Watch reader Michael Blank. Looking good, Michael!

While we’re at it, check out how reader Joe Suarez’s “Swinging Santa” pin looks on his holiday gnome:

And as long as we’re sharing photos of Uni Watch product, Bill Erdek is very happy with his new pint glass:

I love seeing stuff like this. Keep those photos coming, people!

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Teespring shipping snafu update/reminder: After a long week of scrambling and coordinating, I’m happy to report that the Great Teespring Shipping Snafu of 2021 is now mostly in the rear-view mirror. The people who received extra pins have now sent (or, in a couple of cases, are about to send) the extras to all the people whose pins were no-shows.

In fact, at the moment we have a few extras left over, which suggests that there may be a few no-shows that are unaccounted for. So if you ordered one of our December “Swinging Santa” pins and either (a) received an empty mailer or (b) haven’t received anything at all, please let me know ASAP. Thanks!

As I’ve mentioned before, this whole episode is an amazing example of how awesome the Uni Watch comm-uni-ty is. Fourteen readers who received extra pins (sometimes as few as one extra, and in one case as many as 11!) have gone to the trouble of sending those extras to people whose orders were no-shows, and the no-show people have been super-patient and understanding about everything. Thanks, people — it’s all really special.

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The Ticker
By Jamie Rathjen

Baseball News: Former Cleveland C Tom Magrann, who played for the team in 1989, explained how he became the only player in franchise history to wear No. 76 (from Trevor Williams).

Football News: If you’re not aware, the Packers seem to have posted galleries of their equipment staff getting everything ready for most of their games this season (thanks, Phil). … The Division III championship this weekend, between Mary Hardin-Baylor and North Central (Ill.), was color-vs.-color (from Jonathan Cain). … Sure looks like U. of Washington QB Sonny Sixkiller’s helmet was sloppily spray-painted in this Sports Illustrated cover photo (from Kurt Rozek).

Hockey News: The Capitals’ holiday promotion includes an Alex Ovechkin nesting doll. In that picture the doll is shown with the Caps’ 1995-2007 white jersey, which Ovechkin did wear, but it inaccurately includes the captaincy patch, which Ovechkin didn’t start wearing until 2010 (from @1995hoo). … The Devils, as part of a Star Wars night last night, made Jedi Order and imperial logos for themselves and the Penguins. The logos were projected on the ice at intermission but you can see them better here (from L.J. Sparvero). … Meanwhile, although it’s hard to see, the back number on Penguins D Brian Dumoulin’s helmet was apparently upside-down (from @_RF30). … The PHF’s Minnesota Whitecaps wore purple Hockey Fights Cancer jerseys on Saturday.

Basketball News: With all the Covid-related roster changes, NBA numerologist Etienne Catalan has been busy with all the new uni number assignments. … Boston College and North Carolina’s women’s teams played a color-vs.-color game yesterday (from James Gilbert). … “While looking for something else, I came across this Etsy listing for a magnetic basketball shooting board,” says Joanna Zweip. … The Suns used their “Valley” court design last night despite not wearing their “Valley” uniforms (from Jim Burch). … The Wall Street Journal has a fascinating (but paywalled) article about how the NBA keeps backup copies of its extensive video archives at a nuclear war-safe bunker in New Jersey.

Soccer News: You may have seen some Uni Watch tweets last week about Italian club Atalanta’s annual Christmas shirt for their Serie A game this weekend, which this year was supposed to have the skyline of Atalanta’s city of Bergamo but was shown to have Turin’s instead. Manufacturers Joma denied that it was wrong and then Atalanta ended up not wearing the shirt at all. … Germany’s Werder Bremen also annually wear a Christmas shirt that turns their crest into a Christmas tree. The men’s team wore a white version and the women’s team a green version. … A match in Australia’s women’s A-League on Saturday saw Brisbane Roar goalie Georgina Worth wear a blank grey warm-up shirt for the first half to cover for a missing kit and solve several color clashes. … The Czech national teams have a new crest.

Grab Bag: English rugby union club Leicester Tigers were asked to wear their second shirts at home yesterday to avoid a color clash, which is apparently the first such time for them in a competitive game since 1998. … US Quidditch and Major League Quidditch want to change their names, and that of the sport. Besides the name being a trademark, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling by now has a history of comments that USQ called anti-trans when the sport prides itself on being inclusive (from my brother Nate Rathjen). … Boxer Jake Paul had wristwaches strapped to his trunks on Saturday (from Micah Burk). … Illinois’s marching band has new uniforms (from @mrmichael21).

Comments (33)

    Is it me or do people agree as the NFL season wears on we generally see more uniform silliness, i.e. as team play with their combinations. Bills mono red, Jaguars mono teal, Dolphins mono aqua, that’s a lot of woof for one Sunday

    It would be interesting to chart the frequency of monochromatic uniforms on a week-by-week and season-by-season basis. Thanks to the GUD, it’s doable — wanna give it a shot, Laurence?

    I think this was definitely the case 20 or so years ago, as mono looks and alternate jerseys were just coming into play. Could still be tilted more towards the end of the season today, but it seems like a year round thing to me now.
    At least for the Dolphins, it probably seems that way because with the weather it isnt until later in the year that they’d be wearing their aqua jerseys at home at all.

    Speaking of mouthguards, is anyone else bugged by the trend of players having a mouthguard attached to their facemask but just letting them dangle?

    I think the Ravens should keep the Color Rush gold-numbered jersey full time.

    Or wear it in the playoffs, like how the San Jose Sharks wore their black jerseys back when (if I’m remembering correctly).

    I’d like to see the Bills go white-red-white for a game. I bet it wouldn’t look all that bad. Not their best look, but definitely better than mono-anything.

    And knowing that you can change facemasks independent of the one shell rule, go back to the blue masks. Or even red might look good.

    That is a good look…for the Patriots once the shell rule is lifted…not for the Bills ever.

    “Boston College and North Carolina’s women’s teams played a color-vs.-color game yesterday”
    I’m confused, it appears that BC is wearing white and NC is wearing navy blue.

    Anybody else see the Uni-Watch December Santa and read the, “Ho Ho Ho,” in George Costanza’s voice?

    I think the UW Huskies had half-gold facemasks for several years. It was evident that the equipment staff left the masks on when they spray-painted the shells. Here’s a football card of Warren Moon and a teammate showing them both sporting that look:


    I grew up in Oregon going to Ducks and Beaver football games pretty much every week. Seeing the Huskies with their half sprayed facemasks is one of the things that lead to me “getting it”. I believe they stopped the practice in the mid to late 80s.

    Thanks to generous fellow uni watchers, I had my empty Teespring mailer filled with an extra pin in time to wear on my lapel during last night’s special Advent service at my church, where I was on stage the whole time to do the readings. Thanks to Paul and everybody who stepped in to rebuild the pin supply chain solidarity-style! Collective goodwill is the real Christmas Miracle™.

    And if that happened to me in my first game, I’d demand to have Wallce on my back for the rest of my career. I’d legally change my name if I had to.

    Great to hear that, Scott — thanks for sharing that story!

    And just to be clear: Although Wallace is a rookie, yesterday was not his first game. (He did make his first reception of the season, however.)

    To be pedantic, the Devils actually use the Jedi Order symbol, not the Rebel Alliance symbol for their Star Wars Night mashup.

    Monmouth University, not Monmouth College. Monmouth University is in New Jersey. Monmouth College is in Illinois.

    “…at a nuclear war-safe bunker in New Jersey”

    Do you know if your NFT is safely stored at a nuclear war-safe bunker in New Jersey?

    “Boxer Jake Paul had wristwaches strapped to his trunks on Saturday”

    As any amateur horologist will tell you, the first sign a Rolex may be fake is when someone tries to sell you authentic “wristwaches.”

    I continue to not understand the 49ers’ habit of wearing throwback jerseys and pants with their modern helmet.

    Don’t know what you’re talking about, because when they’ve been wearing their throwbacks, they’ve been wearing the circa-1994 logo on their helmets, with the correct striping (which is the same as with their regular unis – red-white-red), and even the correct face mask (gray, which is also their current face mask color). After all, the 49ers are specifically throwing back to the 1994 team that went on to wear their throwbacks most of the season, all the way to their Super Bowl XXIX win.

    It isn’t their modern helmet. You can tell by the logo. It is their helmet from the Montana years.
    That said, it does not match with those jerseys and pants, which date back to the 1950s.
    BUT, it is a throwback to the 1994, NFL 75th season, when they wore those throwback 1950s jerseys and pants with their current helmet. So essentially it is an accurate throwback to a design that was an incomplete throwback.
    And I am fine with that, because if done accurately it would be pared with a blank red helmet, and they wouldn’t be recognizable as the 49ers.

    Okay, I stand corrected that it’s not their current helmet. But it is a more modern helmet than what goes with the throwback jerseys and pants. So it looks, to be blunt…stupid.

    I know it’s purple but that jersey on the SI cover of Sonny Sixkiller (wearing, of course the number 6) is much better than ANYTHING UW has worn in the past 20 years.

    Re: Sonny Sixkiller, Washington painted their helmets like that for years, I remember Warren Moon era UW had the same paint jobs (though not always), always struck me as odd. I was a kid painting helmets at the time, and I knew how to avoid that sloppiness, couldn’t figure out why they couldn’t.

    For example:


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