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Gone But Not Forgotten: NHL Defunct Teams, Part I

[Editor’s Note: Paul is on his annual August break from site. Deputy editor Phil Hecken is in charge from now through the end of the month, although Paul may be popping up here occasionally.]

By Phil Hecken, with Mike Styczen

Hey boys and girls — as you can see from the italicized words above, Paul’s taking his annual August break (slightly different from years past, as this year he actually blessed us with a week’s worth of columns last week). You will also note the weekends are going to be different for the remainder of the month, since I’m taking over the weekday articles.

I have a bunch of great guest writers lined up, since I’m not sure how much new uni news we’ll have, but I think you’ll greatly enjoy the guest contributors in any event. Lots of different perspectives, and many of the writers will be covering subjects we don’t normally feature on Uni Watch.

We start this off with my buddy Mike Styczen, who is Canadian, and that by definition makes him a hockey aficionado. Mike’s going to be telling us about some of the more obscure NHL teams which no longer exist (a longer list than you’d expect, actually), and he’s breaking it into two parts. This is part the first. So without further ado, here’s Mike …

• • •

Reviewing the NHL’s Defunct Teams, Part I
By Mike Styczen

When the Seattle Kraken take the ice next fall, the NHL will have an even 32 teams. Like most leagues, however, the NHL has had its ups and downs in terms of membership.

Founded in 1917 with four teams, the league quickly dwindled to three teams, grew to as many as nine teams, and then settled in at what hockey fans refer to as the “original six” teams for a quarter century between 1942 and 1967. A total of nine franchises became defunct prior to 1942, either through ceasing operations or relocation.

After 1967, the league exploded. New teams were added across the continent in wave after wave of expansion and merger. Many survived, many did not. Ten teams vanished during this period – almost all by relocation.

This week, and next, we’ll rank the looks of the defunct NHL teams. First up, we’ll rank the pre-1942 defunct teams, and then we’ll rank the post-1967 defunct teams.

A couple of notes: we’re not going to look at the pre-NHL teams. Like most leagues, the NHL had a variety of predecessor leagues and teams, we have to cut this off somewhere, and that somewhere is the founding of the NHL in 1917. Second, some of the most memorable designs of this era were in other leagues – particularly the Pacific Coast Hockey Association and the Western Canada Hockey League, which competed against the NHL for the Stanley Cup from 1917 to 1926. The Vancouver Millionaires, Seattle Metropolitans and Victoria Cougars would top plenty of uniform surveys, but none of them were NHL teams. Finally, we’re not going to look at teams that renamed themselves (Toronto St. Pats, Detroit Cougars for instance) – we’re just looking at the teams that vanished or moved.



9. Quebec Bulldogs

While the Bulldogs had a great deal of success prior to the NHL’s founding, they lasted only one year in the NHL before moving to Hamilton. It’s surprisingly difficult to find photos of the Bulldogs in their one NHL season – suggests that they wore a plain blue and white striped jersey, with no logo, but there don’t seem to be any photos of that jersey in action.

Their prior jersey, white with a blue stripe and “QUEBEC” in capital letters, is a pretty bland look with no logo.

A couple of bonus points for the striped socks, but still last on the list.


8. Montreal Wanderers

Six games into their first NHL season, in 1917, their arena burned to the ground and destroyed all of their equipment, and the team folded. They were a good looking team, but what can you do with a team that only played six games? Ahead of the Bulldogs with the bright red-and-white look, but still at the bottom of our list.


7. Philadelphia Quakers

Played for one year (1930-1931) after relocating from Pittsburgh, set a futility record by winning four games in their only season, and folded. A strange script logo with a weirdly bent tail. Is it surprising that the Flyers have never bothered to throw back to their predecessors in orange and black? Not really.


6. Pittsburgh Pirates

Pittsburgh, we’ve often noted, is one of those unique cities in which the pro sports teams wear a consistent colour scheme. The team that kicked it off? The 1925 NHL Pittsburgh Pirates.

The team wore a variety of designs in its short (1925-1930) existence. First was a script logo with a capital “P”.

Look closely at the sleeve of that jersey and you’ll see the City of Pittsburgh seal, later worn by the NFL Pittsburgh Pirates in their first season (1933) and revived by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1994.

Later came a blue and yellow design for one season (of which no photos seem to exists). Nothing particularly strong.

Finally, a triangle design and a pirates head logo. Again, nothing special. The Pirates moved to Philadelphia to become the Quakers after five seasons.


5. St. Louis Eagles

The Eagles played for one season, in 1935-1935, after being relocated from Ottawa. A very bright look, with vibrant red and blue on a white jersey. The logo is solid, if a bit collegiate. I’m surprised we don’t see more of this one, either as a fan fashion jersey or a throwback look for the Blues.


4. Hamilton Tigers

The Tigers played five seasons between 1920 and 1925. They made great use of black and yellow stripes – both horizontal and vertical – and their final jersey had some pretty amazing sleeve stripes. The logos are average – the tiger head logo is particularly bad. That final jersey, with an “H” logo and the sleeve stripes, has attracted plenty of attention as a throwback jersey, being worn at least once by the OHL Hamilton Bulldogs. Great look overall, dragged down by some bad logos.


3. New York / Brooklyn Americans

The Americans played for 17 seasons, from 1925 until 1942, and their demise left the NHL with six teams, kicking off the “original six” era. They used a number of different designs in the first few years (red on top, blue on top, different arrangement of the words) but the design was consistently patriotic through most of their existence, stars up top and stripes down below, evoking a giant American flag. Great striped socks in every design. A very memorable scheme.

Here’s an interesting shot, showing two very distinct jersey styles in the same photo

They simplified their look a bit in the 1930s, and then rebranded themselves as the “Brooklyn” Americans without moving out of Madison Square Garden. Those later uniforms were less memorable, but overall the Americans maintained a very good look for their entire existence.


2. Ottawa Senators

This is a very familiar look. The original Senators played in the NHL from 1917 to 1934 (before moving to St. Louis to become the Eagles) and won four Stanley Cups. Long after the original Senators folded, their look was carried on by the OHL Ottawa ‘67s and later by the expansion Senators. What else can you say about a jersey that’s still being worn over 100 years after it debuted?


1. Montreal Maroons

Playing for 14 years, from 1924 to 1938, the look of the Maroons was just perfect. Maroon jerseys, the right number of white stripes, a perfect “M” logo. This uniform wouldn’t look dated or out of place today. Absolutely perfect.

• • •

Thanks, Mike! Great stuff. Looking forward to seeing the post-1967 defunct teams next week!

Guess The Game…

from the scoreboard

Today’s scoreboard comes from Jack A. Row.

This game usually runs on the weekends. If you’re not a weekend reader, it’s all explained below.

The premise of the game (GTGFTS) is simple: I’ll post a scoreboard and you guys simply identify the game depicted. In the past, I don’t know if I’ve ever completely stumped you (some are easier than others).

Here’s the Scoreboard. In the comments below, try to identify the game (date & location, as well as final score). If anything noteworthy occurred during the game, please add that in (and if you were AT the game, well bonus points for you!):

(For an even larger view, click here.)

Please continue sending these in! You’re welcome to send me any scoreboard photos (with answers please), and I’ll keep running them.

Click to enlarge

And Now a few words from Paul

Hi! Although I’m technically on blog-cation for the rest of August, I’ll still be popping up here from time to time.

The green-bordered toploaders have arrived at Uni Watch HQ, so almost all of the pre-ordered trading cards have mailed out (each with a relic swatch of the shirt I was wearing for the Topps photo shoot that became the basis for Rob Ullman’s front-card illustration), and the rest will mail out today.

So far three of the green-ink autographed cards have gone out, along with the one purple-signed card, so there are seven green-signed cards remaining. If you want to order, here’s how.


• I’ll be participating in a Zoom panel discussion about the use of Native American imagery in sports this Wednesday, Aug. 12, from 12:30-2pm Eastern. The event, organized by Baruch College, is a follow-up to a similar discussion I took part in back in 2016 (you can see video of that one here). Registration is free and can be done here. (If the page asks you which part of the “Baruch community” you belong to, just say you’re an alum, even if you’re not — it’s fine.)

• Here’s some big news: Bill Henderson has just released the latest edition of his guide to post-flannel MLB jerseys — and for the next day or two, you can get this new edition at a significant discount. I cannot stress enough how wonderful Bill’s guide is — I refer to it literally almost every single day, and I’m sure most of you will find it just as essential as I do (even though you don’t write about uniforms for a living). Full details here.

• We still have about 60 of the August pin, about 40 of the July bobble-pin, and about 40 of the key ring.

That’s it. Now back to Phil.

How Well Do You Know Your NFL Teams?

Got a fun quiz in the e-mail from Michael Cahalan, which asks you to name the NFL teams from the clues provided below (he left out one team who remains nameless for now).

I’ve seen quizzes like this before, but this one is new to me. No, it’s not really uni-related, but it’s still kinda fun. See how many you can guess (you can post your guesses in the comments below).

I’ll have the answers tomorrow!

1. Pope’s minions
2. Lone star staters
3. Udder young males
4. Revolutionaries
5. Panned for profit
6. Before the movers
7. Indigenous to India
8. Pic-a-nic basket pilferers
9. Credit card users
10. Luxury autos
11. Mythological foes
12. Christianity’s MVPs
13. Monthly expenses
14. Jungle kings
15. Rodeo buckers
16. West side gang
17. Jim, Tim, Paul, Charlie
18. Desperado crooners
19. Head butters
20. Clouseau foe
21. Ace Ventura’s Snowflake
22. Mr. Ed’s Sons
23. 8 th Commandment breakers
24. Ocean Osprey
25. They kill bugs dead
26. Head honchos
27. Made the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs
28. A dollar for corn
29. Poe quotes them
30. Soldier Joe insects
31. Roman 6 monarchs

The Ticker
By Jamie Rathjen

Baseball News: It rained during yesterday’s Nationals/Orioles game, and the Nationals grounds crew spectacularly failed to unroll the tarp because it became tangled somehow, eventually causing the game’s suspension (from @bryanwdc). … The Rangers wore a new entirely powder blue and red combo yesterday (from multiple readers). … Braves C Travis d’Arnaud has a well-known initial lowercase D in his NOB, but not so on his catcher’s gear. “I guess he just has to live with it,” says Michael Driscoll. … No pic but interesting observation from Jason Hillyer: “James Karinchak #99 of the Indians retired Luis Robert #88 of the White Sox in their game Sunday.” He continues, “Don’t know how to look it up, but that has to be a record (or in the Top 3) for sum of pitcher/batter uni numbers, yes? (At least until Karinchak faces Aaron Judge in playoffs or next season.)” Anyone want to confirm or deny?

Football News: A thread from earlier this year contains some pictures and video of the ’70s-era National Women’s Football League. I vote for trying a fully professional women’s league instead of trying the XFL again (from @MeanJoeFranco). … In 1986, the CFL’s end zones were reduced to 20 from 25 yards in length, so at first the Saskatchewan Roughriders just painted the extra five yards white instead of making any changes to their designs (from Johnny Garfield). … Some Virginia players and wide receivers coach Marques Hagens formed a community outreach group, the Grounds Keepers, that already has its own logo. … Reader Kurt Rozek refurbished old Bengals and Chiefs helmets, citing this entry from January as inspiration. … Another DIY-er finished a wall-mounted Virginia Tech helmet and logo collection (from Matt Wise).

Hockey News: The Sabres are marking the end of their 50th season by returning to royal blue as their primary color this week, with new uniforms revealed tomorrow morning (from multiple readers). … Here is a selection of the sardonic “messages to fans” displayed on Edmonton’s scoreboard video screen (from Wade Heidt).

Soccer News: Teams that released new kits or shirts this weekend included Poland’s Lechia Gdańsk, Belgian team Gent, English League Two’s Port Vale (all from Ed Żelaski), Israel’s Maccabi Haifa (from Kary Klismet), German Bundesliga team Mainz 05’s second shirt (from Greg Phillips), and German 2. Bundesliga team Holstein Kiel’s first shirt (from Ryan Maquiñana). … German team 1. FC Köln yesterday released second and third shirts, and English League Two’s Bradford City also released a second shirt. … Staying in Germany, Eintracht Frankfurt gave their women’s team — the former 1. FFC Frankfurt — their own kits, with mono-black as first choice and mono-white as second. … Yesterday’s women’s Coupe de France final had the players wear NOBs below the number, which is something women’s teams in the sport don’t usually do and which the team pictured, Olympique Lyonnais, didn’t do earlier in the tournament. … Japanese team Shimizu S-Pulse are wearing Thai-script NOBs twice, last Saturday and again next week, both to promote themselves in Thailand and because they have Thai striker and men’s national team captain Teerasil Dangda this season (from Jeremy Brahm).

Grab Bag: As Deceuninck-Quick Step cyclist Remco Evenpoel won Saturday’s stage of the Tour de Pologne, he held up the number of his teammate Fabio Jakobsen, who was badly injured in a crash at the end of the race’s first stage. … In the Australian Football League, Adelaide and Hawthorn revealed their Indigenous guernseys. The annual Indigenous round, which is usually in May, was moved to the weekends of Aug. 22 and 29. … New uniforms for the Japanese top-tier women’s volleyball team NEC Red Rockets and the top-tier men’s team JTEKT Stings (from Jeremy Brahm). … NASCAR Cup drivers often have throwback liveries at Labor Day weekend’s Southern 500 in Darlington, S.C. Ryan Blaney’s is based on former Cup driver Paul Menard’s car when Menard won his first ARCA race at Talladega, Ala., in 2003; the Menard family home improvement company is one of Blaney’s advertisers (from Jakob Fox). … The Mercedes Formula One team added a horseshoe symbol to their cars for this weekend’s 70th Anniversary Grand Prix, a symbol often seen on the cars of the great ’50s and ’60s driver Sir Stirling Moss. … Clemson updated its style guide to include dark grey and a darker purple as additional school colors. … Not sports-related: A website exists where you can design your own superheroes (from Heath Hendricks). … Apple is apparently taking legal action against a company called Prepear, which Apple contends is too similar to their Apple logo (from Brinke).

And finally… big thanks to Mike for the defunct NHL team piece, and to Michael for the NFL quiz. Everyone have a good Monday and I’ll catch you guys tomorrow.



Comments (47)

    We can even tell exactly what moment it was:

    “The Cardinals threatened again in the bottom of the third . . . Danny Litwhiler then grounded to third, and the Browns’ Mark Christman made the force play unassisted for the third out.”

    From: link

    10/08/1944: Mort Walker tossed a two-hit shutout over the Browns, giving the Cardinals a 3-2 edge in the “Trolley Series” at Sportsman’s Park!

    No, I think BurghFan is correct, it’s game 1 of the Series. Cardinals are the home team on the scoreboard.

    Correct, also game 1 is the only game with the umpires at the positions located on the scoreboard.

    [*** SPOILER ALERT ***]

    1. Pope’s minions – Cardinals
    2. Lone star staters – Texans
    3. Udder young males – Cowboys
    4. Revolutionaries – Patriots
    5. Panned for profit – 49ers
    6. Before the movers – Packers
    7. Indigenous to India – Bengals
    8. Pic-a-nic basket pilferers – Bears
    9. Credit card users – Chargers
    10. Luxury autos – Jaguars
    11. Mythological foes – Titans
    12. Christianity’s MVPs – Saints
    13. Monthly expenses – Bills
    14. Jungle kings – Lions
    15. Rodeo buckers – Broncos
    16. West side gang – Jets
    17. Jim, Tim, Paul, Charlie – Browns
    18. Desperado crooners – Eagles
    19. Head butters – Rams
    20. Clouseau foe – Panthers
    21. Ace Ventura’s Snowflake – Dolphins
    22. Mr. Ed’s Sons – Colts
    23. 8 th Commandment breakers – Steelers
    24. Ocean Osprey – Seahawks
    25. They kill bugs dead – Raiders
    26. Head honchos – Chiefs
    27. Made the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs – Falcons
    28. A dollar for corn – Buccaneers
    29. Poe quotes them – Ravens
    30. Soldier Joe insects – Giants
    31. Roman 6 monarchs – Vikings

    I was able to get them all except #’s 30 and 31…Can somebody please explain the clues to me? Thanks.

    they’re each in two parts
    Soldier Joe = GI, insects = ants
    Roman 6 = VI, monarchs = kings

    Interesting to see the original Stanley Cup (just the bowl) in those Quebec and Ottawa photos.

    Really miss the old green and white goal posts seen in the photo of the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ end zone in 1986.

    That was back in the days when many CFL teams had their goal posts painted in team colours. Kind of like how a basketball team will have the key painted in team colours.

    Now all teams have the yellow goals posts except Calgary. Wish teams would go back to the goal posts in team colours. Not a rule in the CFL that they need to be yellow.

    I do forget when the Roughriders switched out the green and white posts. They were still using them as late as 1999:


    Enjoyed the article Mike!

    There was another junior team’s look inspired by one of the defunct teams. QMJHL’s Montreal Juniors existed from 2008-2011 and adopted a look similar to the Montreal Maroons.


    New York Americans had the unique uniform concept at the time of NOB in the 1920s. Didn’t last very long.


    1. Cardinals
    2. Texans
    3. Cowboys
    4. Patriots
    5. 49ers
    6. Packers
    7. Bengals
    8. Bears
    9. Chargers
    10. Jaguars
    11. Titans
    12. Saints
    13. Bills
    14. Lions
    15. Broncos
    16. Jets
    17. Browns
    18. Eagles
    19. Rams
    20. Panthers
    21. Dolphins
    22. Colts
    23. Steelers
    24. Seahawks
    25. Raiders
    26. Chiefs
    27. Falcons
    28. Buccanneers
    29. Ravens
    30. Giants
    31. Vikings

    apologies for the comment above who already did this but I ended up doing it myself before reading the comments and wanted credit haha

    1. Pope’s minions – Arizona Cardinals
    2. Lone star staters – Houston Texans
    3. Udder young males – Dallas Cowboys
    4. Revolutionaries – New England Patriots
    5. Panned for profit – San Fran 49ers
    6. Before the movers – Green Bay Packers
    7. Indigenous to India – Cincinnati Bengals
    8. Pic-a-nic basket pilferers – Chicago Bears
    9. Credit card users – LA Chargers
    10. Luxury autos – Jacksonville Jaguars
    11. Mythological foes – Tennessee Titans
    12. Christianity’s MVPs – New Orleans Saints
    13. Monthly expenses – Buffalo Bills
    14. Jungle kings – Detroit Lions
    15. Rodeo buckers – Denver Broncos
    16. West side gang – NY Jets
    17. Jim, Tim, Paul, Charlie – Cleveland Browns
    18. Desperado crooners – Philly Eagles
    19. Head butters – LA Rams
    20. Clouseau foe – Carolina Panthers
    21. Ace Ventura’s Snowflake – Miami Dolphins
    22. Mr. Ed’s Sons – Indianapolis Colts
    23. 8 th Commandment breakers – Pittsburgh Steelers
    24. Ocean Osprey – Seattle Seawhawks
    25. They kill bugs dead – Las Vegas Raiders
    26. Head honchos – Kansas City Chiefs
    27. Made the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs – Atlanta Falcons
    28. A dollar for corn – Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    29. Poe quotes them – Baltimore Ravens
    30. Soldier Joe insects – NY Giants
    31. Roman 6 monarchs – Minnesota Vikings

    That guess the name quiz was what originally drew me into the sports community as a 3rd grader a decade ago. My parents saw that online and printed it off for me and I would religiously show it to every one of my friends that came over that summer. Thank you Michael for sending it in and reminding me of a forgotten happy memory!

    I remember my dad bring home a version of that quiz that was faxed to his office. “A dollar for corn” was always my favorite.

    It amazes me how close many original CFL stadiums were to homes in their neighborhoods. It looks like an errant punt could have flown out of the Roughriders’ old stadium and landed in someone’s flower bed.

    Taylor Field site was a sports field since 1910 and the stadium expanded a few times from then to reach about a 33,000 capacity. That fence adjadent to the end zpne had 9 Avenue running right beside it. Some houses had front yards as bright as daylight during night games.

    Was even a bit crazier when the stadium’s capacity was temporarily increased to about 55,000 for 1995 Grey Cup.


    I’m amazed at how close the old CFL stadiums were to neighborhood homes. It looks like an errant punt could have landed in a nearby flowerbed.

    Not anymore. Surrounded by parking lots, then corporate entertainment houses that the team has purchased over the years.

    Not any more. Surrounded by parking, then corporate entertainment houses That the team has purchased over the years.

    I love the French Bulldog up front in the Quebec Bulldogs photo.
    That’s a mascot I’d have to get a picture with at a game!

    Albert Belle (88) vs Turk Wendell (99) twice in July 1999 is another 88 vs 99 pitcher/hitter combo.

    Tommy Hunter (96) struck out Aaron Judge (99) on August 5, which is tops for this season as far as I can tell. Sooner or later Toronto’s Hyun-Jin Ryu (99) will face Judge or Boston’s Alex Verdugo (also 99).

    Ryu also faced Judge last August 23, and squared off against Taijuan Walker of Arizona for a 99 vs. 99 pitching matchup (they also batted against each other twice apiece) on April 2, 2018.

    Regarding the Philadelphia Quakers:

    I think the Flyers were considering a Quaker throwback for their appearance in the 2012 Winter Classic. The speculation about what the jerseys might look like seemed to resonate with the garment factories in the Far East who make knockoff jerseys, because you could find orange-bodied “Winter Classic” uniforms with a cursive “Flyers” on the front with the striped sleeves.

    Eventually, the Fly Guys went in a different direction. The Mostly Flyers blog has the info.

    The Wanderers only actually played four games in the NHL before folding. Their 1-5-0 record is the result of forfeits to the Canadiens and Toronto that resulted from the arena fire.

    Surprised it didn’t get mentioned here and I hope I’m not talking out of turn but I don’t think I am…
    Congratulations and happy nuptials to our own Alex Hider and Libby of Cincinnati!

    The Rangers powder blues look good with the red hats, but it’s no surprise that team can’t decide which hats to wear with which unis.

    Thank you for the defunct NHL piece. Many already know this but when the Penguins joined the league in the 60’s expansion, Boston tried to block the black and gold color scheme, saying that they already used those colors and another team couldn’t. Pittsburgh was able to overcome this challenge because of the Pirates previous use of the colors.

    Great history! If only blue-and-red teams in baseball had tried to stand up against the over-use of that color scheme …

    My understanding is, the Penguins had always planned to wear the Oxford Blue/Columbia Blue when they entered the league in 67. It was new ownership in 1979 that decided to join the rest of the pro teams wearing black and gold. But yes, the Bruins tried to quash the changes, but the league gave the permission anyway.

    Unfortunately that’s probably the best image available of the Hamilton Tigers logo for 1921-3

    Referred to in some places as the ‘walking tiger’

    The Rangers unique powder-blue-with-white-script paired with a red cap bear a strong resemblance to the similar combo worn by the International League’s Rochester Red Wings in 1982…


    Not sure how this missed the Ticker. Did not send it in because I assumed someone would send it in. Double throwback uniforms in an NBA game yesterday. The Naismith Cup! Toronto Raptors vs. Vancouver (Memphis) Grizzlies circa 1995-96.


    As I recall, when Philadelphia was announced as the host site for the Winter Classic some years ago, there were knockoff fan jerseys rushed to market using the Quakers template before the actual/official sweater design was unveiled.
    I occasionally see one being worn ‘in the wild’- at games or around town – and always find it amusing.

    That 1944 World Series between the Cardinals and Browns went six games. The longest of those games was played in 2:32 — and that one went 11 innings!!

    1. Pope’s minions – Cardinals
    2. Lone star staters – Texans
    3. Udder young males – Cowboys
    4. Revolutionaries – Patriots
    5. Panned for profit – 49ers
    6. Before the movers – Packers
    7. Indigenous to India – Bengals
    8. Pic-a-nic basket pilferers – Bears
    9. Credit card users – Chargers
    10. Luxury autos – Jaguars
    11. Mythological foes – Titans
    12. Christianity’s MVPs – Saints
    13. Monthly expenses – Bills
    14. Jungle kings – Lions
    15. Rodeo buckers – Broncos
    16. West side gang – Jets
    17. Jim, Tim, Paul, Charlie – Browns
    18. Desperado crooners – Eagles
    19. Head butters – Rams
    20. Clouseau foe – Panthers
    21. Ace Ventura’s Snowflake – Dolphins
    22. Mr. Ed’s Sons – Colts
    23. 8 th Commandment breakers – Steelers
    24. Ocean Osprey – Seahawks
    25. They kill bugs dead – Raiders
    26. Head honchos – Chiefs
    27. Made the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs – Falcons
    28. A dollar for corn – Buccaneers
    29. Poe quotes them – Ravens
    30. Soldier Joe insects – Giants
    31. Roman 6 monarchs – Vikings

    On May 24th 2005 The Cardinals So Taguchi (#99) faced the Pirates Rick White (#88) and grounded out to the shortstop. So, equal to Karinchak and Robert, but the numbers are reversed for batter and pitcher.

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