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Why Card-Carrying Uni Watch Members Love No. 13

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Graphic by Brinke Guthrie; click to enlarge

As you are probably aware, today is Friday the 13th. Thirteen is, of course, a very loaded number — most people avoid it but some embrace it — so I thought it would be fun to contact card-carrying Uni Watch members who chose No. 13 to appear on the back of their membership cards and ask them why they went with that number.

As I looked through my records, I found that 72 membership enrollees have chosen No. 13. Some of them ordered their cards more than a decade ago (the membership program launched in the spring of 2007), so I figured some of them might not even be Uni Watch readers anymore, but I went ahead and emailed all of them, asking if they’d be willing to share the stories behind their numerical choice. Unsurprisingly, some of the emails bounced, but about 60 of them went through, and about half of those people responded. Here are their stories, along with their card designs:

Matthew Algeo (member since 2007)

When I was a kid, I was very superstitious. Maybe it’s because I was raised a Catholic. Anyway, when my Little League coach was handing out uniforms before the season in 1978, when I was 12, he asked me if there was any number I didn’t want. I said 13, so of course that was the number he gave me. I guess he was trying to break my superstition. It worked: I hit almost .500 and I adopted 13 as my favorite number. My career tailed off after that, but my fondness for the number 13 remains.


Tom Currie (member since 2019)

I was given 13 as my number when I played basketball for my fifth grade team. This was about the time I really started getting into uniforms, and 13 has stuck with me as a favorite since. No. 6 has been another favorite of mine, which doesn’t have a much better number history. I guess I just like to be different or difficult.


Keith Thibault (member since 2007)

It has to do with the size of Little League uniforms in my community at the time. The practice in the mid-’70s, when I played youth baseball, was that the uniforms were in numerical order beginning with No 1 and going up to about 15. Those uni numbers also corresponded to jersey sizes (1-4 small, 5-8 medium, 9-12 large, 12-15 x-large). Being a “husky” boy, I was often assigned a higher number — 13. My last year in Little League I made the All-Star team, so 13 was not so bad a number for me.


Eric Schmid (member since 2019)

I’m nine years old, growing up in the horizontally orientated Great Plains of Oklahoma. My family decides to stay in a hotel for the Fourth of July to watch the fireworks from a rooftop patio. I am shocked when I learn this hotel has improperly numbered their floors: 11, 12, 14, Roof.

My father tells me buildings don’t use 13 because many people consider it unlucky. The following week I am assigned jersey No. 13 for my competitive soccer team. I become unusually proud of my unlucky number, which I then wear on the pitch for over a decade.

I never became a professional soccer player, but to this day I still think about that 13th floor. For the last 10 years I’ve been honing my skills as an architect. One day, hopefully soon, I will enter one of my own buildings, step onto the elevator, and illuminate a little round “13” button.


Jesse Weidlaw (member since 2017)

When I was growing up back in the mid-1980s, all of the kids were fairly obsessed with sports, and everyone had “their own number,” such as it was. I had always considered myself to be the quarterback of the local backyard football program, so I wanted a quarterback’s number. I went with 13 because I thought it had a bit of a rebellious vibe to it due to the bad luck stigma. There was also a contrarian aspect because it was the number Dan Marino wore — Marino went to Pitt and I grew up in State College about three miles from Penn State’s campus.

Lucky or unlucky, though, that number has always popped back up for me. For beer league softball, I pulled the No. 13 jersey out of the box without even looking. A few years ago, my son was assigned No. 13 for his basketball team, and he still wears it.


Corey Davis (member since 2009)

I have always had a connection to the number 13 because I was born on the 13th — a Friday the 13th, in fact! (My mom has always joked that she asked the doctors, “Can’t we wait one more day?” so I would be born on Valentine’s Day instead.) So while it’s a scary or stigmatized number and date for some people, it has always been lucky, or at least had positive associations, for me.

I find it partially funny and partially frustrating to see the steps people and organizations will take to avoid the 13, like hotels that avoid numbering a 13th floor and Formula One skipping over No. 13 when they used to assign driver numbers. Funnily enough, when they ended that practice in 2014 and let drivers choose their own numbers, one of them, Pastor Maldonado, picked the 13!

For my Uni Watch membership card, I chose No. 13 with the Carolina Hurricanes’ old home jersey style because of my own connection to the number and also as a nod to one of my favorite players, Ray Whitney, who wore No. 13. Apparently it was lucky for him as well since he helped the team win the Stanley Cup in 2006!


Ted Machnik (member since 2012)

I was born on the 13th (not a Friday). I liked the number while I was growing up because it was always available. I figured when I had the Hall of Fame baseball career, that number would be retired by the team I played for.

Hey, that’s an interesting question, has that number ever been retired by a Professional team? [Answer: Yes! According to various historical databases, No. 13 has been retired by one MLB team (the Reds, for shortstop Dave Concepción), plus two NFL teams, eight NBA teams (including the Heat retiring it for Dan Marino, which seems really bogus), and one NHL team. — PL]


Jonathan Flaugher (member since 2015)

My reason for selecting No. 13 is rather simple. Back when I was in fifth grade, I was playing basketball for my school and we didn’t get to choose our numbers — you just got whatever fit. For me, that happened to be No. 13, and over the years I just started to identify with the number.

Since I was so young at the time, I never really associated it with any “bad luck” stigma. Instead, it became a lucky number.


Kent Smith (member since 2015)

I was given No. 13 as a sophomore in 1978 on my high school football team. As a Roman Gabriel fan, I wanted No. 18, but it wasn’t available

I embraced the number, have never felt any bad luck associated with it, and don’t believe in superstition.

On the other hand, I still pick the number 13 today if I play the lottery.


Chris Volinsky (member since 2009)

I can describe my reasoning in one word: Marino.

I grew up on Long Island with a Giants fan for a dad, so I’ve been asked many times how I became a Dolphins fan. I can’t say I know for sure — I became a fan during the David Woodley era, so I can’t blame Marino for that. I think I just liked dolphins and orange was my favorite color and I thought the helmet was cool. But Marino’s rise to stardom defined my childhood fandom, with all of the posters on my bedroom wall to prove it.


Jason Collins (member since 2014)

When I started playing sports in elementary school, I was given 13 as a blood jersey during a game in my first season of pee-wee basketball. It was the only number left, so I had no choice. I hadn’t been playing all that well up until then, but I had a great game after the jersey swap, scoring my first couple baskets. I wore No. 13 the rest of the season and even won our Christmas tournament wearing that number.

When baseball came around in the spring, I decided to stick with it and had my first all-star selection that year. I stuck with it for every Little League and pee-wee sport season I could after that.

Once I hit high school, none of our teams would carry No. 13 jerseys due to the superstitions. So for football I wore 63 (I was a defensive lineman, so I had to have a 60s number), and for baseball I was 18 (like a double 3 to make an 8). It’s always been a fun, kind of lucky number for me since I was a kid, and I use it any chance I can get.

My son was even born in 2013, although that was pure coincidence. He’s now playing tee ball and I’m hoping to get him attached to 13 too. He requested it this year, but I think it’s mostly because he sees me wear my Atlanta Acuña shirsey around the house. Whatever gets him into it!


Justin Peterson (member since 2019)

I’ve always been drawn to the number 13 because my birthday is on Sept. 13. That’s why I chose to use the number 13 on my membership card. I’ve never been one for superstitions or believing that 13 was something to fear. Being born on the 13th, I’ve had six birthdays fall on Friday the 13th so far (1985, ’91, ’96, ’02, ’13, and ’19, with the next one coming in 2024), and not one of them stands out as having been “bad” or “unlucky.” Also, I’ve never been stalked by Jason Voorhees (knock on wood!).

That said, I did think about using No. 22 for my membership card, because it’s the number of my favorite ballplayer and former Florida Marlin, Walt Weiss! But ultimately, I went with good ol’ not unlucky 13.


Paul Condie (member since 2013)

Many, many years ago I was driving up Yonge Street in Toronto with a buddy and we saw this incredibly tall guy walking up the sidewalk pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Without really thinking about the likelihood of it being true or why it would even make any sense, I said to my friend, “That’s Wilt Chamberlain!” And for the same reasons, he said, “No way!”

He was walking in the same direction we were driving, so we were actually behind him when I had this revelation, and eventually we got past him and it actually was Wilt! He was with a couple of pretty good-looking women — two of his 10,000 bedmates (or whatever that number was), as I like to say when telling this story. So we jumped out of the car, and quite politely I asked him for his autograph, and he said, “Not today, my man.”

So that definitely was not the reason I chose 13.

When I was a kid growing up playing hockey, you often didn’t get to choose your number and the available ones were usually 1 to 12 and 14 to 17. Generally, the goalie got No. 1, the biggest kids on the team got 2 through 5, and the rest was kind of a free-for-all. I had 8, 10, 6, none of which I really liked. So when the day came that I actually played on a team where there were more numbers available, I grabbed 23. But I must have been a restless soul, because I never stuck with any number for long. I tried going with the crazy high numbers like 95, 65, 89, mostly because they were big and looked good on the jersey.

Eventually I decided that a man of my rather modest abilities should not be wearing a “boutique number,” as guys like Brian Burke and Lou Lamoriello like to call them. And 13 had become more mainstream by then, at least in hockey. So I grabbed it, liked it, and never changed it again.

If I thought there was even a remote chance that my wife would read Uni Watch I’d probably say I chose it because we got married on Friday the 13th … but that would be complete folly.


Rick Mallard (member since 2019)

I was a huge Dan Marino fan as a kid and swore I’d wear that number if I ever had the chance! I ended up attending Pitt for college, though I did drop my beloved Dolphins for the Steelers as a Pittsburgh resident. Good change.

Funny thing is, I never actually had the chance to wear No. 13, because I played on teams where uniform designations were always assigned. But my attraction to the number stuck. I enjoyed being a contrarian when friends and family would tell me that it was an unlucky number! Believe me, I’d make a big deal out of it whenever something great happened on the 13th, especially when it fell on a Friday.

And so I ended up including the number in various user names and email addresses over the years. I used it on some unfortunate personalized jerseys, too. But I’ll be excited this Friday for another chance to prove the naysayers wrong!


Omar Jalife (member since 2016)

When I started playing basketball in sixth grade, around 1996, everybody wanted to be Michael Jordan. In order to avoid having 13 kids fighting for No. 23, the coach decided that we could only use numbers up to 15.

Obviously, most NBA stars at that time didn’t use numbers that low. Looking at my basketball cards, I decided I wanted to wear No. 12, just like Stockton. However, the day we were set to choose numbers, another guy also wanted 12 for some reason. We flipped a coin and I lost.

Looking at numbers that were still available, I gravitated toward 13 because I was also about to choose a number for playing soccer and wanted a number outside 1-11, which tend to be set to a specific position. At that time, I played in several positions.

When I chose 13, some players and the uniform maker told me it was bad luck and that I should change it. I don’t really believe in bad luck, so I stuck with 13 and have used it ever since on every team I’ve played for. Strangely, it always seems to be available.


Mike Hersh (member since 2018)

I chose No. 13 because it’s my favorite number. My birthday is July 13, but that’s not the only reason for my choice, as I’ve thumbed my nose at bad-luck superstitions all my life. I will go out of my way to walk under a ladder, I get excited when a black cat walks in my path (I even got my college roommate to adopt a black cat), no way am I responding to your chain letter, if I had a horseshoe I’d hang it with the ends down, and just watch me break that mirror. I believe in karma but I don’t believe in bad luck.

I even joke that my name is “my curse.” Mike Hersh … my curse … get it? Okay, just roll your eyes like everyone else.


Mike Menner (member since 2007)

My choice of 13 was quite simple: My favorite player as an adult has been Omar Vizquel of the Cleveland Indians. His amazing play at shortstop, infectious energy, and love of the game all make his No. 13 Hall of Fame-worthy in my book!


Patrick Weekend (member since 2020)

13 is my favorite number because it’s bad luck.

The stigma about it being unlucky or whatever is what I found attractive about it — that’s what I thought made it cool when I was a teenage punk rocker. And it has stuck all the way now that I’m 53 years old.


Matt Wilson (member since 2018)

I have always been a fan of the number 13 and actually think of it as a lucky number. (My birthday is March 13, so I also get a rare Friday the 13th birthday this year.) As for my card choice, Kurt Warner is a fellow Northern Iowa grad. When he was announced out of nowhere as the starting quarterback for the Rams, I proudly boasted to my friends that the Rams would win the Super Bowl that season. (I should have put a bet down on those long odds.)

Fast forward to a few years ago, I finished first in Warner’s charity March Madness bracket pool and won an autographed jersey and a phone call with him, where I shared my boastful prediction all those years ago and told him that after me, he was the second-most famous UNI alum and fan of 13. (That joke fell flat. Ha.) So, 13 as my favorite number, the Kurt element, and Purple Amnesty Day all combined to maee it an easy selection.


Clint Wrede (member since 2008)

Nothing too exciting here. My 13 is plainly and simply for my favorite athlete, Ozzie Guillén, who wore the number throughout his career. I did a little time switch on my card, though, and had it done in the White Sox’s powder blue road uni style from the 1970s, even though Ozzie didn’t get to the majors until 1985.


Steve Fidrych (member since 2007)

It happens every Friday the 13th. Someone will make a comment about the date and how it is unlucky. Someone will give me a strange look when I reply, “It’s my lucky day!” People think I’m kidding, or just saying it for shock value.

I explain that I was born on a Friday the 13th. So was my brother. My cousin was one of my best pals growing up. We discovered we were wearing the same shoes when we were 4 years old. That’s more than enough to be friends for life in the Kid World. Her birthday is also on the 13th, but not a Friday. We are still very close, and we give each other a call every Friday the 13th.

I am sure she will reach out to me this Friday — it will be my 50th birthday.

With all of that, the number 13 has always had a special meaning to me. I always tried to get that number on every Little League uniform. I usually set my alarm for 6:13am (to get the day off right). My Tampa Bay Lightning tickets are even for seat 13!


Max Neuberger (member since 2019)

I’ve made 13 my lucky number to be the opposite from the norm, I guess. A pox on those who think it’s unlucky! My wife is like-minded, and in fact we purposely got married on a Friday the 13th for pretty much that same reason (which means every Friday the 13th is also an anniversary I have to remember). I have other numbers I like, but ultimately I consider 13 to be my number.


Adam Knor (member since 2019)

I was first assigned No. 13 as an eight-year-old Little Leaguer. It was my fourth season of baseball, but it was also the first time I was ever any good, so I guess I associate the number with when I really fell in love with the game. I didn’t get to wear it again until we had personalized uniforms when I was 12. I tried to wear it (or No. 31 in a pinch) whenever possible from then on. Aesthetically, I really love it — crooked numbers take up too much space on the back of a jersey, so I like how the 1 gives the 3 some space to breathe. “Thirteen” also just looks good when written out, and it sounds cool when your number is called.

I’ve also always felt like it takes a special kind of player to wear No. 13 (quirky, undertalented, persistent?), because so many kids avoided it, though that’s surely confirmation bias. I embraced it in an Obi Wan Kenobi “There’s no such thing as luck” kind of way, even though I do tend to be superstitious. And in a dumb twist, of course it became my “lucky” number: In addition to sports jerseys, it’s been part of every online handle I’ve used since my AOL days; it’s the number I chase on the roulette wheel; and it’s a constant disappointment that someone else on my softball team gets to wear it because he has one more year of seniority than I do. It’s cool, though, he’s one of “us” — a kind of weird, scrappy ballplayer who wears 13 and hates that A-Rod wasn’t one of “us.”


Gordon Blau (member since 2011)

Whenever I’ve been given the choice of a jersey number, I’ve always gone for 13. Not because of any player who wore it, but simply to be contrarian toward triskaidekaphobia. I would also open umbrellas indoors, walk under ladders, tip over salt shakers, and step on the crack.


Pablo Souki (member since 2019)

Growing up in Venezuela, I played soccer from the time I was in third grade all the way through high school. I wore several numbers, the last of which was 13. Thinking back, at the time there was a bit of an element of “This is supposed to be an unlucky number, but I don’t believe in superstitions, so I’m going to embrace it.” Then at some point I just liked it as the number I wore, regardless of superstitious connotations.

There is also baseball-related significance to the number 13 in Venezuela, as it was David Concepción’s number. Many Venezuelan shortstops and infielders wore it in his honor (Ozzie Guillén, Omar Vizquel, Edgardo Alfonzo), then others wore it because of those players, and it is still somewhat of a thing today.

So there you have it. In light of all of this, it made sense for me to put it on a card based on the Venezuelan national soccer jersey (or at least one of its most notable incarnations).


Jason Mandle (member since 2014)

My anti-triskaidekaphobia began as a five-year-old tee-baller. It was the big day of uniform distribution (a highlight day for anybody who’s ever played organized sports). I was a smaller kid, so the size/number correlated unis required me to select a number between 1 and 15. My mother, who drove me to every practice and didn’t miss a single game from tee-ball through college, was partial to Thurman Munson’s No. 15. But that was already gone by the time the M’s came up alphabetically, and so were the Babe’s No. 3, the Mick’s No. 7 and even Phil Rizzuto’s No. 10.

But there lay the uniform whose number would shape my playing career for the 25-plus years. Nobody seemed to want this perfect specimen of a jersey. Perhaps too little time had elapsed since the release of the horror flick referencing this number. Perhaps parents imparted their irrational fear to their children. Either way, the number 13 was glued to my back from that day forward. From tee-ball to Little League to Boys’ Club to American Legion and then on to high school and college, I always stuck with this beautiful collaboration of 1 and 3. It always brought me luck and always looked great. Even now, with the jerseys long since retired in my mother’s basement, my baseball number lives on as the requisite numeric value in internet passwords — an homage to that little boy proudly playing shortstop with No. 13 on his back.


Troy Graefe (member since 2012)

I wish I had a cool story about why I chose No. 13 for my Uni Watch membership card, but I don’t. I was simply assigned that number when I played basketball for the University of Northern Colorado. I played long enough ago that we had even numbers on our home uniforms and odd numbers on our away uniforms. I chose 13 because I preferred our road navy blue uniforms to our home whites. But I guess, because of the superstition thing, 13 is a little more interesting than 12.


Trace Browning (member since 2019)

My story with the number 13 is pretty short and sweet: It was given to me during fourth grade football when the number I wanted (17) was too big to fit me and it just kind of stuck from there.

As for the stigma, I’ve never really believed it. I thought it was kinda goofy even though I was a baseball player growing up and bought into the superstitious nature.


Jeff Wilk (member since 2012)

I started playing baseball as a kid, and back then the uni number you got was based on the size you wore. I started as No. 5, I think, but by the time I stopped playing around 1980, I was wearing 14 or 15. I stopped with baseball for two reasons: riding the pines and watching indoor soccer on television. So I changed sports and started playing soccer.

Now, back at that time in the professional leagues (England, Italy, etc.), the number you wore was based on your starting position. No. 1 was the goalie, Nos. 2-5 were usually defense, and so on, up to the striker wearing No. 11. I was a defender and I liked the number 4. Well, a couple years into playing soccer I read an article about the number 13 and how unpopular it is in the sport around the world because of its bad luck and other negative connotations. I was born in the U.S., and since many of the players on other teams were foreign, I decided to switch to 13 in the hope of playing some mind games. I figured if opposing players saw me wearing No. 13 and thought, “Something isn’t right with that guy,” then I’d have an advantage.

Did that happen? Hell if I know. But over time, 13 has stuck with me, and I’ve never felt anything evil about it.


Andy Edwards (member since 2019)

My interest likely stems from my birth date — Sept. 13. My mom was having labor pains on Monday night, Sept. 12, 1988. The Cowboys were playing on Monday Night Football, and my dad didn’t quite want to stop watching the game … so he had my grandmother take my mom to the hospital! I was born in the wee hours of the next morning, a true-blue Cowboys fan.

As soon as I could choose my jersey number in sports, I always chose 13. While others would shy away from it for superstitious reasons, I was drawn to it. There was always something very alluring and assertive about wearing the hex, almost like a calculated defiance.


David Frost (member since 2008)

Thirteen has been the only number I’ve worn since I was five years old.

How i got there: When I was five, my parents decided we could finally get a dog. My mom answered a newspaper ad offering free puppies to a good home at a nearby by farm. When we got there, the farmer told us it was a litter of 13 puppies. When he opened the door to the barn, there was the mother watching over 12 pups going crazy eating from a bowl and barely picking up their heads. But one wandered over to us to give us a sniff and check us out.

He was playful, cute, and a different color than the other 12. The farmer informed us this little loner was the runt of the litter — the 13th one out. “We want this one!” I allegedly blurted out, and that day the 13th of the litter became Murphy Frost, a loyal family member for the next 16 years, and my lucky number became 13.

Worked out great because it seemed no other kids ever wanted No. 13 when coach would break out the uni box!


Austin Martin (member since 2019)

I picked No. 13 because that was the number I wore in high school for sports. At the time, I actually picked it to address the unlucky stigma. I thought, “Screw it, I’ll be 13 since no one else will.” Got a low number out of it, which in a sport like basketball always mattered to me and my friends.

Well, it turned out the 13 wasn’t too great for me — I rode the bench quite a bit. I’d love to blame that on my lack of God-given talent and lack of work ethic, but blaming it on the number sounds better.


Paul here. I love all these stories! Big, big thanks to everyone who shared them, happy birthday to Steve Fidrych, happy half-birthday to Justin Peterson and Andy Edwards, and a happy Friday the 13th to one and all.

(Special thanks to Brinke Guthrie for the graphic at the top of today’s entry. He originally made it to post on our Facebook page today, but it also gave me the idea for today’s post.)

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Click to enlarge

Potential new MLB All-Star designs: Reader Johnny Williamson sent me these video game screen shots that appear to show the jerseys and headwear for the 2020 MLB All-Star Game. Video game leaks have proven to be very accurate and reliable in recent years — plus the game is slated to be played at Dodger Stadium, which explains the Dodgers-esque designs — so I think we can take these designs seriously.

Some additional views are provided here:

Obviously, these are game shots, not BP shots, plus the jerseys are white/grey instead of the usual solid-colored BP jerseys. So is MLB planning to have players wear league-based ASG uniforms this year, instead of their usual team-based jerseys? Williamson says these are indeed the BP jerseys, not game jerseys, but I’ll try to confirm that. (And if anyone out there knows more, feel free to fill me in. I’ll protect your anonymity, of course.)

Update: I’m now told that these would be worn for the Futures Game and All-Star BP — not for the ASG itself. Phew.

As you probably know by now, MLB has pushed back the start of its season by at least two weeks — and I suspect the delay will be longer than that — so who knows if we’ll even have an All-Star Game this season. Stay tuned.

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Virus Watch: The Tugboat Captain and I were supposed to be getting on an airplane this morning. Our destination was Texas, where we were going to spend a few days staying with a friend on the Gulf Coast. But yesterday we decided not to go because — well, you know.

That was the latest of several ways that the pandemic has affected my plans. On Wednesday I was supposed to go to the offices of a bobblehead company (part of a story I’m working on), but they asked me not to come. Later this month I was planning to go see my mom, but the retirement home where she lives has now barred all visitors. A week from tomorrow is my birthday, but several friends have told me they don’t feel comfortable attending the large party I’ve planned, and now I’m starting to accept the reality that the party probably won’t happen and probably shouldn’t happen.

And then there’s the fact that I’m asthmatic, which means I’m at a higher risk of dying if I get infected with this thing.

Obviously, nothing I’ve just said makes me unique. I’m just presenting myself as a case study in how the pandemic can affect a random person’s life. I realize all of you probably have similar stories to tell. Everyone does — nobody is immune, from either the virus or its ripple effects. We’re experiencing an epic moment in history here.

Which leads me to this: I started doing this blog in 2006. I’ve sometimes wondered how I would have handled things if the site had existed on Sept. 11, 2001. (I was already a freelance writer at that point, but I wasn’t yet a daily blogger.) Would I have kept posting every day? If so, what sort of content would I have published? How would I have responded to an epic moment in history?

We now seem to be at a similar juncture. Over the past 10 days or so, I’ve tried to acknowledge the pandemic’s existence and fold it into my coverage of athletics aesthetics without letting it completely overtake our usual coverage of ongoing uni news. After today, though, that may be impossible. For one thing, the NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, NCAA, XFL, and several European soccer leagues have all shut down, and the NFL is out of season. It’s hard to cover athletics aesthetics when there are no athletics taking place. I’m assuming the Ticker will be pretty thin for the foreseeable future.

More importantly, there’s the whole “shit just got real” factor. The pandemic isn’t just a side story anymore — it’s the story, and that raises the question of what sort of media content is appropriate. Is the very notion of uniform news — or of Uni Watch itself — frivolous at a time like this? Or is something like Uni Watch exactly what’s needed at a time like this? (I realize that the answer to both questions may be “Yes.”)

Although Uni Watch’s coverage of “current events” may be largely moot during a period when most sporting events have ground to a halt, there’s still all sorts of content I could run. I have another one of Bill Henderson’s jersey-restoration projects in the hopper, for example, and the other day I did a really good phone interview with some uniform designers, which I think you’ll like once I get around to transcribing it. And there are various historical pieces, ranking-ish pieces, think pieces, and more that I could run. Plus there will no doubt continue to be leaks, like that MLB ASG item I just ran in the section above this one.

But is that what you want? Would you even care about that kind of thing at a time like this? What’s the proper role for Uni Watch at a moment of crisis? Do you want me to be a commentator? An entertainer? An analyst? A friend? A storyteller? A confidante? A reporter? A voice of reason? A voice of distraction? All of the above? Something else?

I can’t guarantee I’ll give you exactly what you want (especially since, as usual, different people will likely have opposing viewpoints), but I am really and truly interested in hearing what you want Uni Watch to be at this particular moment. Please feel free to address this in today’s comments. Meanwhile, be careful and stay safe.

• • • • •

• • • • •

Or I could just run stuff like this: Even if you’re not a cat person, you have to admit that’s pretty brilliant. Entertaining and practical, too! Bravo.

(My thanks to the Tugboat Captain for this one.)

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The Ticker
By Anthony Emerson

Baseball News: The Nats have added ad patches to the uniforms its presidential mascots wear and the team is selling T-shirts with vertically arched NOBs (from Eric Aberni). … PNC Park has a 20th season logo (from Jared Grubbs). … Fox Sports posted all 30 MLB logos in the colors of their rivals (from Will Shoken). … Dodgers 3B Justin Turner has a new endorsement deal with Easton. … The Fort Wayne TinCaps, Single-A affiliates of the Padres, have unveiled their Copa de la Diversión identity (from Chris Schanz). … LSU wore throwbacks on Wednesday. They look pretty nice, except for the maker’s mark (from Mark Jones).

Football News: The CFL’s Ottawa Redblacks will have a red alternate jersey that’s currently scheduled to debut on July 24, although all scheduled sports events are open to question at this point (from Wade Heidt). … Also from Wade: The University of British Columbia is planning to rename David Sidoo Field after Sidoo was caught up in the college admissions scandal in the U.S. … The Oakland Panthers, a new team in the Indoor Football League, unveiled their home uniforms last night (from Matt McDonnell).

Hockey News: With the league on hiatus, what better time to try to figure out the ugliest jersey in NHL history? I’d vote for the mooterus (thanks, Phil). … The WHL’s Prince Albert Raiders are still auctioning off the sweaters they were supposed to wear tonight, though the league play has been suspended (from Wade Heidt).

College Hoops News: During yesterday’s abortive Big East Tournament game between Creighton and St. John’s, a St. John’s player wore a jersey with a blacked-out NOB after his original jersey was torn (from @KelliX84). … Crappy new logo for Rupp Arena (from Michael Kinney).

Soccer News: Uruguayan club Nacional have revealed their new home kits (from Germán Cabrejo). … Can Forward Madison FC’s sleeve ad get any bigger? (From Josh Hinton.) … Celtic has inked a new kit deal with Adidas (from Ed Zelaski).

Grab Bag: Bank of Oklahoma is suing marijuana dispensary Dank of Oklahoma for copyright infringement (from Shawn Hairston). … Eau Claire County, Wis., has a new logo.

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    The ugly NHL jersey list is missing a couple of Atlanta Thrasher jerseys which should be there for consideration. Their 2008-11 light blue jersey and dark red third.


    Ya those Thrasher sweaters were…ummmm….unique. That article though reads like it was written by a 5 year-old boy explaining why he doesn’t like playing with girls.

    Oh yes, Buffaslug jersey not good. Sabres’ Turdburger jersey may have been more infamous.

    I’ve always worn #4, but in those situations where it wasn’t available, I never opted for #13 even though it would be a logical choice (1+3=4). I’ve most commonly switched to #14 in those cases. I formally switched to #14 as my first choice baseball number after college because I knew that if I ever made it all the way up to the Yankees, I wouldn’t be able to wear #4. Ah, youthful optimism. :)

    I think it’s aesthetics. I don’t like the shape of the number 3, but I love 4 and 7.

    In uncertain times like this it’s good to have distractions so Uni-Watch pieces on the regular schedule would be much appreciated. When things are in chaos, having some certainties can be very helpful.
    But I also understand the stress Paul is under from his medical situation so if he decides to become ‘bubble boy’ until this passes, I would support that also.
    Stay well Paul; best to you and the Tugboat Captain.


    You do what’s best for you, but I would appreciate if you continued posting. Any bit or routine that can remain for me during these times would be a great boon to me.

    Stay Well.

    Very well said and I agree 100%. Uni-Watch can be a pleasant distraction from other news each morning. But, ultimately, Paul needs to do what is right for him. This will eventually pass and we be able to get back to some sense of normalcy.

    +1 on this. I love the site and I’m going to keep checking every morning to see what the new content is. I’m a firm believer that taking serious things seriously and still having fun with fun things is the only sane approach to life. Enjoying a story about people’s connections to the number 13 has not rendered me incapable of wondering if my supplies of paper towels and orange juice are going to be sufficient.

    Side note: I got my March Uni Watch pin yesterday. Each month my number gets lower. At this rate, by October or November, I may have a single digit number. YAY!

    Seconding this. Especially with no sports to watch on TV, a little diversion once in a while is necessary. This is a public health issue, so it is not as somber as 9/11 was. Write on.

    Agree – if you’re up for it, keep it coming. From a selfish standpoin, my morning routine would be upset if Uni-Watch went away.

    Great entry Paul. I love the fact that I did not get through it all in the first reading and will come back to finish the rest of the reader stories later.

    On your question of what you should do, I would say keep bringing yourself to the blog. I come here for your story telling, your reporting, your curating of content, your culinary adventures, and so much more. Uniforms are what brought us together but what keeps us together is so much more!

    To me, Uni Watch has become a normal part of internet browsing. Don’t always read every story or click every Ticker link, but I enjoy seeing what new uni news is out there. At times like this, I like having those “normal” things still around. I certainly understand Paul’s point that certain events that you may have covered either won’t happen or will limit guests, but know that I’ll still check in and read whatever you post.

    Not shocked to see Marino mentioned a few times up there. I’ve always been #5 when given a choice, but growing up a huge Marino fan #13 was always my second choice.

    All of the above Paul. I need my daily UniWatch fix!!! Stay safe…

    (And St. John’s /Creighton was a Big East tourney game, not ACC)

    Paul, yes it’s frivolous but that’s not a bad thing at all!
    My work is being affected by the pandemic and it’s the topic I’m having to cover. I have very little escape from it so this site seems even more valuable on my lunch break now.


    would request you keep posting, whatever the topic may be. Enjoy all your content, thank you.

    It may sound selfish, but I *think* I echo many other readers’ hopes that you continue with UniWatch on a daily basis, because we SO need a pleasant distraction right now! And—corny as it may sound—I think UniWatch gives us a sense of community, which is critically important right now in this time of “social distancing.” Be well, Paul. And please carry on (if you are so inclined).

    Regarding the MLB’s new uniform policy??? for the All-Star game reminds me of what the NBA used to do in the 1960s and 1970s, the leagues/conferences wearing the home and road of the host city’s team along with the colors.

    I think one of the most jarring things right now is how disrupted our routines have gotten. I’m home from work, the kids are off school, every social engagement is cancelled, and all my entertainment is on hiatus. I’d take real comfort in having a familiar-feeling blog entry waiting for me each morning.

    That’s a lot of Members with #13 cards. very cool.

    Maybe you could give us a card count by number some day.

    Uni Watch is like a TV show to me. I read/watch it when it’s on. Sometimes i miss an episode. No biggie. Sometimes i feel i really missed a good one and will go back and find what I missed.
    If it goes on hiatus i would hope it comes back.

    The Oakland Panthers, a new team in the Indoor Football League, unveiled their home uniforms…

    And they did it outdoors!!

    Re: Virus Watch, all the examples of alternate content you listed would be welcome. As the sports sections of our daily papers grow vacant of actual sports news, and many of us are social distancing or even self-quarantining, we’ll be starving for entertainment. Carry on as best you can, friend!

    No. 13 has been retired by a few soccer teams, most notably Cagliari and Fiorentina in Italy for Davide Astori, who passed away in 2018 while with Fiorentina (he previously played for Cagliari).

    The question was about “professional sports”…

    Anyway, I’m prepared to help Uni Watch to continue as something approaching normal.

    I think a distraction is needed in times like this, I need something to break up my coronavirus news. Maybe you could run some “Greatest Hits” or Deep Tracks from the Uni Watch archives? Some of us have been readers since 2007, many have not and those older pieces can be very interesting and a little nostalgic.

    Paul, I’d encourage anything you choose to do or not do throughout the course of this pandemic. I enjoy sports uniforms, but honestly, I would your writing on any topic. Your perspective, approach, though processes, and voice bring me back everyday. Personally, I would love to get your thoughts on the uniforms worn by health workers and sanitation crews right now. Your take on the classic plague doctor (link below for those who are unfamiliar) “uniform” would be fascinating. But please, write about whatever you want to write about! Even if I’m working from home and limiting my outings to the supermarket, drugstore, and walks, then I’m still going to keep Uni Watch as part of my daily routine.


    I also vote for UniWatch to continue publishing. I’m in day 3 of teleworking and cabin fever has really set in. Empty out the backlog! More culinary corners. Guest posts, guest culinary corners even. Keep it going if you can.

    Great entry.

    I’m a long-time Uni Watch member with a pro cycling-themed membership card, and I did consider paying homage to the ritual among pro cyclists regarding having to wear the #13 during a race. Generally, you’re issued 2 numbers to pin on your jersey each race and if you have to wear #13 it’s common to flip one of them upside down: link

    I bought the Uni-Watch cycling jersey and they customized it for me to have the upside-down 13.

    Paul, I echo everyone above. We’re still here. We come here every day because we like uniforms, but also because we like your content, whatever it may be. As far as what types of stories we want here: You are our curator. We trust you. There might be a dramatic reduction in current content, but you’ve always run stories looking to the past as well. Maybe there will be more of those than usual for a while, and it’ll be fascinating. Or perhaps sports tangential. Or off topic entirely. You’ve always found compelling stories. After all, didn’t you have questions about this being a daily beat at the beginning? Look how that worked out.
    But above all, keep yourself and those close to you safe.

    Ticker mentions Creighton-St John’s as an ACC tournament game, should be Big East.

    May everyone remain vigilant and safe!


    Count me in with the folks who hope you continue with UW while this crisis continues.

    One possible idea – if you’re unable to post for any reason, or if the sports world basically shutting down makes it difficult to create new entries… perhaps a “Best Of Uni Watch” series would be cool, where you on occasion re-posted some of your favorite pieces throughout the years?

    Hi Paul,
    Obviously, you have to do what is best for You and Uni-watch HQ, but I enjoy my daily visit to the site. Any of the topics you listed above sound amazing to delve into. Especially as many of us may be heading to quarantine or having work shutting down soon (I am a teacher and we will probably be closing schools soon), the 10-15 minute daily respite for the world in which we now live will be a fantastic lifeline to our previously normal life. Thanks again for everything this site provides each day, and stay safe out there!

    I like the distraction of this site. Yesterday I was in my car and realized I couldn’t listen to another talking head discuss corona, and sports talk was obviously discussing the same thing. But I get it that it’s hard to cover uniforms when nobody is wearing them. We’ll support you whatever you feel is appropriate. Good luck and stay safe.

    I say this without hesitation – I trust you to make this site interesting. Whether it’s uniform related, Covid 19 related, or general observations, I always learn at least 1 new ‘thing’ from every blog post.

    For me, that’s enough – regardless of what you choose to write about, it’ll have that Lukas spin on it and that’s what makes most of this site entertaining to me.

    And, like I say at the supermarket when I bump carts or get blocked in an aisle with someone…..”we’re all in this together.”. Meaning, we’ll all have enjoyment about the parts we like, civilly disagree on the parts we disagree about, and civilly skip over the parts we don’t care that much about (hello Nascar and Soccer).

    I don’t think there’s a right or wrong way to proceed – there’s the Lukas way and that’ll work for me (and I suspect most of us).

    Thanks, Jay (and to everyone who’s responded so far) — your support and kind words mean a lot. I’ll do my best to live up to the faith you’re showing in me!

    Awesome “13” post! This immediately got me thinking about how I’d love to see the breakdown of the frequency of each number on these cards. Does “7” appear twice as often as the next highest number? What is in second place? Does it vary by sport at all? As a “7” person myself, I think it’s safe to assume that’s the leader, but maybe not??

    Big time missed opportunity on the ASG caps to use something like the old interlocking AL and NL umpire cap logos and really capture the look of the Dodgers. I know the A and N logos they went with resemble the Dodgers’ BP cap logo, but let’s not kid ourselves, they could’ve been much better.

    I’m offended any time a team attempts to render a Dodger’s-type script on a computer. It is artisanal handwriting and must be written as such. No typesetting!

    Keep posting, Paul! Haven’t missed a day in years. If it’s good for you, it’d be great for us I assure you. Stay safe to you and yours.

    Posts like today’s “13” story show there’s more to this site than what is going on in the big sports world. I find these stories just as fascinating as the Bucs new uniforms.
    I guess if it’s possible to find things to write about, I would appreciate some more “normal” in my every day life.

    Hi Paul!

    I would like to see you be all of the above you mentioned! Maybe even have all things interesting Corona ticker. Times like these we need uni watch and to see the world thru your lens! Thanks!

    I guess 20 has always been my number since the late 1970s, although the year ’20’ is flipping cursed!

    How many people are aware that it isn’t “ch ch ch ch… ah ah ah ah…”?
    It’s “ki ki ki ki… ma ma ma ma…”

    I need you to be Paul Lukas. That will help a lot of people get through this. Thanks for what you do.

    Paul – My vote is that you keep the content flowing. I love this website, it’s the first one I go to every single day. Being able to surf over to uni-watch for content every morning would be a welcome respite, given that most of the other sites in my morning round up are going to be dedicated to COVID-19.


    Now that’s an awesome coincidence. Just too bad you spell your name incorrectly. ;)

    The community that you’ve built through this website appreciates and admires your judgement in most cases, and whatever you decide to do in terms of subject matter and tone in the coming days, weeks, months will largely be well-received.

    You’ve built an audience by being yourself, sometimes un-apologetically and abrasively so, and I hope you continue to do that. What is “appropriate” in the context of a negative historical moment is a moving target, and varies so much person to person that concerning yourself too much with public perception seems like a losing battle to me.

    I enjoy your more personal posts such as the Get Out More section and the longer pieces you post re: current social / political events more than anything else here, even when I disagree with you. I also enjoy the athletics aesthetics portion obviously. That’s what originally drew me (and I imagine most if not all of your readership) here, but I’ve stuck around as a reader as long as I have for the personal touch the site has.

    All of this is to say, keep on keeping on. What you do is great, and works! Abandoning things that don’t seem “appropriate” given the moment sounds to me like turning the site into one big ticker section, which sounds very uninteresting because it strips the site of the personality it has (your personality)!


    I usually trust your judgment when it comes to what to do with the site, but since you asked, I’ll respond.

    My initial reaction was that if there are less posts, no big deal, it’s not like there are games going on. Then you mentioned there will still be leaks and other news come out, so that’s something to post.

    So, I’m happy with reduced posts, or maybe a few more days off between meaty posts. If you have some side-project that you’ve put off because of time, and you can do it, do it now. I completely understand, and I’ll keep coming and reading whatever is here.

    Thanks Paul for giving us “13s” an opportunity to tell our stories. By the way, my card was based on the 1969 Chicago White Sox road uniform which they wore only for a couple of series before changing the back lettering and numbers to a royal blue in late April/early May. The team thought it was hard for the TV audience to read (lots of black and white TVs back in those days!).

    P.S. Hey David Frost, was your card based on the Seattle Pilots/Milwaukee Brewers road uniform?

    I don’t usually venture into the comments, Paul, but here’s my two cents – keep doing what you’ve been doing. You have done a great job blending current events news with your usual content. Be a beacon in these dark times. I come back every morning because I enjoy your content, regardless of how sports-related it is. In fact, most of my favorites are things like the travelogues, and other non-sporting talk.

    I wonder if there won’t actually be an INCREASE in uniform unveilings and related information, simply because there is going to be a huge vacuum of sports news, and this may be one way for teams to get some easy publicity. I mean, there are lots and lots of sports radio stations, sports news shows, sports magazines and newspaper sports sections, and once they’ve hashed out the details of the suspensions and written about their effects, they’ll be looking for ANYTHING that might fill time or column inches. I asked someone I interact with online who is an editor of a newspaper sports section, and he joked–or maybe not so much–that they might end up covering backyard kickball games.

    Beyond that, I just want to agree with what most people seem to be saying. First off, of course, your health, Paul, and the health of the people in your life and the health of the other Uni Watch staffers and the people in their lives comes first. If you need to miss out on posting or covering news to protect yourselves, of course we’ll understand. Beyond that, as others have said, we trust you. At a time when there are no sports on TV and where going to movies, concerts, and so on is not a good idea, I’d hate to lose another source of entertainment in my day. This site always covers uni news when it happens, and other times mixes a variety of things, including some which aren’t strictly “on topic”, and that’s a feature, not a bug. That means some days will be more interesting to me, personally, than others, but that’s to be expected and there are a lot more hits than misses. Write what you think is worthwhile. I don’t say it often enough, but I appreciate what you do.

    I wonder if there won’t actually be an INCREASE in uniform unveilings and related information, simply because there is going to be a huge vacuum of sports news, and this may be one way for teams to get some easy publicity.

    Hmmmm — I doubt it, actually. Unveilings these days are essentially just ways to drive merch sales, and merch sales are likely to be low for a while because of (a) games not being played, (b) supply-chain issues from China, and (c) people being more cautious about spending money in an uncertain economy. You could still be right, but I’m a bit skeptical.

    Thanks for the supportive words — much appreciated!


    I will read anything you post here. I’m
    1. a Uni-Watch junkie
    2. the guy who’s wife wishes he’d just look at porn instead (still your pinned tweet I see!)
    3. aware I just outed myself but I don’t care ;)

    A long time of reading made me realize that you and I just process the world – including sports – in a very similar way. I’m sure a lot of readers of yours agree.

    It stopped being about sports a long time ago. I’m all in with whatever is on your mind, if you feel like you have enough to write about. I wish you the best of luck.

    Uni Watch Strong ;)

    With a growing list of suspended this and cancelled that, I personally(perhaps selfishly?)hope that there’s new content here each day. Doing without doesn’t have to be the ‘new normal’.
    I’d be fine with more off-uni/think pieces until the dust settles…maybe consider reviving “Catch of the Day” or “Question of the Week”?
    Do what feels right, Paul.

    I agree with everyone else. This has been become, pretty much, a daily item for me. An idea for content going forward may be a feature you’ve done remarkably well: transcribed interviews with people of great, little, or unusual stature. All players are going to have added free time for a while. Through your contacts with uniform managers of the teams, or some other way, maybe you can convince some players to give you 10 minutes on a phone (no viruses) with questions including their uniform number saga, their favorite uniform, a quirk they use to wear their uniform, why they do this or that with their equipment or pre-game ritual, what attire they’ve liked to keep from various teams – plenty of stock questions to get you through ten minutes with little follow-ups along the way. Even if you only got 2 or 3 on a few teams, using one per day would get you through a couple or three weeks. Just saying . . .

    At the risk of sounding over dramatic…I’d reeeealy miss not having a dose of Uni news every morning. Even if the news is slow or relatively innocuous, I’ll take what I can get. Maybe this would be a good time to look back on past entries with an eye to updating the info. Or a ‘This date in UniWatch history’ Ticker subsection.

    Today’s lede was fun and I’d bet there are more stories connected to membership card choices that could make up an occasional entry.

    I’ll be here every morning no matter how you choose to approach it. Paul. Morning coffee and UniWatch is ingrained in my routine.

    Finally, here’s hoping that everyone in our UniVerse stays healthy and free from this virus. Wash those hands!

    As you’ve presciently pointed out, this isn’t just a space for us, it’s a space for you, Paul. I love the uniform talk, but I’m a true fan of you, your words, and your efforts. Please continue to post what feels right for you. If you need to complain or be afraid or have fun or nitpick, go for it. I’m here for it all.

    To be constructive, here are some ideas:
    Maybe we can have some pro/con debates or maybe mock trials for former uniform crimes. Maybe this can be an opportunity to challenge our own beliefs in athletic aesthetics and see there are new perspectives that we haven’t considered.

    Good luck to you and your family through all of this, buddy.

    I realize I am way late to the party here … Paul, you have earned the right to write and post whatever you want. Uniforms, logos, new bands, cat stuff, whatever. I will continue to visit this site every day (usually at noon for my lunchtime entertainment), and whatever is posted will be read. I may not always be tremendously entertained, but I will always, ALWAYS value your time and effort keeping us informed about what you find interesting in the Uni-verse.

    And to all Uni-Watchers, be smart, stay safe, take precautions, don’t panic, and support one another the very best we can!

    Today’s lede is a gem! What a treat. I’ve read not even half of the individual entries, but I look forward to diving back in and out of this page over the weekend. Great stuff!

    Paul, you do what makes sense to you and what feels right. Whatever and whenever you write, I’ll be here to read your work, and grateful for it.

    Keep Calm and Uni Watch On!

    When I was a kid, I was very superstitious. Maybe it’s because I was raised a Catholic.


    Anyway, the only thing I’d request is for no uni-ranking pieces. Yeah, I know, I used to do the 5&1 lists but I got really tired of doing them and I’m really tired of certain magazines being almost half filled with lists. Other than that, I trust you can crank out lots of awesome stuff regardless of the subject.

    If I am forced to self-quarantine, I’m gonna need something to read – please continue to post. Uni-watch provides a touch-point to a sense of normalcy. Would totally understand if posting became impossible, of course, but if I had a choice, starting the day with a read here is always preferable to not.

    And if *I’m* forced to self-quarantine, I’m going to need something to do — like write! So we’re on the same page, Jerry.

    Paul, Reading Uni Watch has been part of my daily routine for such a long time. In these unsettling times I would like to know I can still look forward to reading one of your posts.

    Some of my favorite posts have either been non sports related or tangentially related. I trust that you will still be able to provide insightful content even without much sports related activity to draw from. Thanks so much and stay healthy everyone!

    If you feel the need to take a break, recharge and reflect, please do. You’ve been here for us, we will be here for you.

    I’ve followed this blog every day for the last 11 years and I will continue to. Especially now that, as a medical device sales representative, my access to hospitals is almost nil. Encouraging to still have this to look forward to with my morning coffee. Maybe now if a great time for uniform concepts around the community!

    Now seems like the perfect time to have Culinary Corner take over the site.

    Re: MLB logos in the colors of their rivals – I noticed that some color swaps were really jarring and cringeworthy (Yankees, Cubs) and some were almost unnoticeable (Padres, Marlins). That got me thinking about teams who change their identity often and those who keep their identity the same for extended periods. I wonder if I would have felt the same about the Padres and Marlins color swaps if they had retained their original colors, or at least certain colors, for an extended recent period. Is it important that an identity be strongly established? And are reasons that drive significant identities justified? Or do they do more damage than good?

    Paul, as a “lurker” more than a participant on the site: Do whatever is best for you; if you feel that you need a break (or your situation requires it), please don’t hesitate to stop. I’ll be here whenever there is new content to read.

    On the other hand, I really appreciate being able to come here and take my mind off of the “real” news, especially now. Thanks so much for Uni-watch now, and over all the years.

    Re: Continued Uni-Watch Posts – I remember during 9/11 that many leaders felt it important to retain certain seemingly mundane routines to boost American morale. I specifically remember the emphasis to get MLB games going ASAP, especially in New York. I also remember the story about Gilbert Gottfried performing at a celebrity roast in New York shortly after 9/11 and cathartically breaking out The Aristocrats joke (see the documentary “The Aristocrats” for details).

    I vote for continued posts and stories.

    Paul, there’s an easy solution here:

    GET OUT MORE becomes STAY IN, and we hear about what you’re doing in your social distancing! Anything interesting on Netflix? Try any new recipes (with your year’s worth of chicken noodle soup, that is)? Play any interesting games?

    Do what feels right to you! I come here because of YOU & the unique community you’ve created. My respect for you as a professional writer/blogger/etc.. precludes me telling you what to write..

    Have to say though, that in these kinds of time, many of us look to you for something to distract & uplift, so maybe this would be a good time for more of your non-sports pieces: culinary spots, catalogs, travel, music, NY life, etc. Anything weird & wonderful that appeals to you likely appeals to us. ;-0

    But look after you & your family first, because that’s what we all should do.

    Keep doing what you’re doing, as you’re able to, Paul. I appreciate the escape.

    Hi Paul,

    I tend to enjoy most anything you write, often the more esoteric the better. So whatever content you are willing and able to provide is much appreciated. I think you should continue posting material, but if you decided to take a step away from the blog, I would respect that decision too.

    It sounds like you have a good pipeline of material to go already, but if that starts to run dry, how about another one of the ever-popular mailbag installments?

    Every morning if the day’s post isn’t up by 8:30 I check your twitter for any recent tweets or retweets for reassurance that you weren’t suddenly incapacitated overnight. So anything would be appreciated, even if its just “Hi, I’ve got nothing today” Thank you for all you do.

    I enjoy Uni Watch and all that you do. I am a triskaidekaholic. When I played sports I always wanted the number 13 because nobody else wanted it. When my children started playing sports each wore the 13 at some point to honor me. (it is cool seeing my name and that number)

    Keep up the fun work with the blog.

    Paul, I hope you carry on on a daily basis but absolutely do what you need to do to get through this miserable time.

    I, like all of your other loyal readers, enjoy your writing no matter what the chosen topic may be. Regardless of what you decide, we will continue to check in every day to see if you showed up for work. ;)


    You’re style of writing is engaging regardless of the topic, as it’s clear you write from a place of interest and passion rather than just the need to create content.

    Anything you’d want to post on the site over the next while would be greatly appreciated and something I would look forward to as I continue my daily morning visit to

    To answer your question(s) at the end of the post:
    I Come to this blog because of the content, but more importantly than that, I come for the way the content is present and told through your unique viewpoint. I discovered this several months ago when I was scrolling through podcasts to listen to; I find myself put Bill Simmons’ on highest priority even though the main things he talks about (NFL, NBA and gambling) are not important to me. The way he thinks about things and the way he presents ideas are what I find engaging. The same applies to you. I enjoy reading/experiencing your viewpoint, even if I disagree with it and even if it is about content that isn’t very important to me.

    I loved reading everyone’s story on how they chose 13 for their card.

    So any idea to fill uniwatch during this time could be Paul pick a number and all those uni card number holders tell THEIR story too. 1-99. Or what’s the least requested number and what’s their story. Is their a number not yet used? What’s the breakdown of team representation? Might take our mind off things if we all get quarantined?

    I’ll chime in late. Obviously your personal health (and the health of Ticker writers) is paramount.

    But count me in as wanting the content to go on.

    I’m still going to read stuff! And this is a daily go-to.

    I don’t think it is insensitive to run content. All of media can be compartmentalized.

    I detest the notion- especially with the Internet offering unlimited space- that news outlets of any sort are “wrong” to run more esoteric pieces while major news is happening.

    “Why are they running a story about a silly cat when congress is debating health care?”

    Why? Because they have multiple departments an unlimited disk space. That’s why.

    Yep, I love this site and I would love to see Uni Watch post to continue during this time as a great distraction and escape. Could consider it a prime opportunity to write about some interesting uni-related content that may have been on the back burner before. Always lots of subject matter related to uniforms to write about.

    Paul i want to express my opinion, and if you have content to put on the site, i ask please do. Uni-Watch has always been the first thing i check each and every morning. However if if your health were to unfortunately turn due to this pandemic then do what you gotta do to keep yourself healthy. Stay safe sir and to every Uni-Watch member and reader.

    As someone in Washington state watching everything around me close down or start at least prepare to, I’d use my one time only fictitious uni watch make-a-wish on seeing a couple of top ten lists from some of the main contributors. The site already covers every new uniform that comes out and I’d really like to see Paul and some of the others rank the biggest season to season upgrades and downgrades. I know top tens are played out, but not by uni watch…yet

    Thanks as always for the amazing website

    I was getting bummed as I read on and thought you might have decided on a hiatus — glad it turned out to be a question. The answer is that the site would be missed quite a bit if it went dark during this strange time.

    Paul, let me add my vote to the mountain of others who love this place and want to see it keep going. I love coming here, commenting, learning from people, sharing stuff I’ve found on the internet, sharing weird eBay stuff. Please keep it going!

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