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House Divided, Hearts United: A Mixed Uni Watch Marriage

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Uni Watch reader Ethan Hopkin and his wife, Billie (that’s them above), are in what you might call a mixed marriage. “When we met over three years ago, one of the first things we learned was that she’s a diehard Green Bay Packers fan, while I am a diehard Dallas Cowboys fan,” says Ethan. “I was skeptical at first, but I came around to liking our arrangement — so much so that at our wedding, our groom’s cake was a football field with Cowboys and Packers end zones.”

As you can see from their T-shirts above, Ethan and Billie have come to refer to their arrangement as “House Divided, Hearts United,” but the T-shirts are just a small part of it. Ethan has come up with all sorts of cool DIY projects that reflect his and Billie’s respective NFL passions. Today we’ll have a small example of that — with some bigger ones to come. Take it away, Ethan.

A Tale of Two Hats
By Ethan Hopkin

My wife and I visited Lambeau Field for the first time on Sept. 22, when the Packers were hosting the Broncos. We flew in and out of Chicago and rented a car to drive to and from Green Bay.

Billie has long wanted a cheesehead-style cowboy hat (a mix of Packers and Cowboys). We looked all over Green Bay and couldn’t find one. After asking around, we stopped on our way back to Chicago at a shop in Kenosha, Wis., called Something Different. It was basically novelty product heaven — every gadget with team a logo on it you could imagine was in this store. And sure enough, they had exactly the kind of hat we were looking for:

That could have been the end of it, but we ended up buying two of them — one for each of us — because my wife had a plan. In two weeks we were slated to head off to Dallas to watch the Packers play the Cowboys, so the idea was for me to give my cheesehead hat a Cowboys-style makeover. I painted it silver, added helmet stripes and littered it with Cowboys stickers:

It turned out great. Here we are at the game with our hats (also note Billie’s yoga pants with stripes to resemble Packers pants):


Paul here. Is that great or what? Big thanks to Ethan and Billie for sharing their story. In the weeks and months to come, I’ll be featuring more tales from their “House Divided.”

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Yowza: Quite the spectacle last night in Seattle, as the Seahawks paired their neon green alternate jersey with their navy pants and the Vikings threw in lots of purple for good measure (lots of additional photos here, here, and here).

This is the second time in Seahawks history that they’ve worn green over navy. The first time was 10 seasons ago (when they had a different uniform set), in a 2009 game against the Bears. Here’s a comparison of that look and last night’s look (click to enlarge):

I’m not a fan of this color, but I thought the Seahawks looked surprisingly okay last night. Not great, not even good, but okay. The pants piping coordinated well with the jersey color, and the navy pants tied in well with the navy helmets. I feel like this is a uniform about which I can say, “It’s not my thing, but it’s not necessarily an awful piece of design” (as opposed to, say, the Cardinals’ uniform, which is an awful piece of design).

As it happens, Phil was way ahead of the curve on this one. He was advocating for this exact Seahawks uni combo two years ago. Good call, buddy!

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Collector’s Corner
By Brinke Guthrie

This 1960s Atlanta Falcons bobblehead is in perfect shape, and includes the gold helmet stripe trim, which was added for Georgia Tech. A perfect holiday gift!

Now for the rest of this week’s picks:

• This 1970s NFL sleeping bag (the seller has two of ’em) is covered with terrific team word marks. Those all look dead on the mark except for the Colts for some reason- was that their font back then? It also comes with some player artwork- can’t tell who the Patriot is on the left, that’s maybe Dorsett in the middle, and definitely Terry Bradshaw on the right.  

• This 1970s Boston Bruins glass has their “B” logo on one side, and the NHL shield on the other.

• Here’s a 1967 NFL trading card from the “Philadelphia Gum Company” for the Dallas Cowboys Football Team. Wasn’t the “Football Team” part rather obvious? 

• One for the Stillers — this terrific-looking Cliff Engle sweater.

• This Sears catalog from 1993 is called The Starting Lineup and includes licensed merch from MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL.

• Pro Player decided to go BFBS on this Vikings jacket.

• Here’s a 49ers jacket from Starter.

• Logo Athletic, formerly known as Logo 7, acquired an NFL license in the 1990s, and one result was another 49ers jacket.

• Swingster was the maker of this 1970s-1980s St. Louis (baseball) Cardinals jacket. They got the sleeve patch right, but how’d they come up with that plain block font on the chest? What?
• Here’s a 1970s Mini Sport NFL helmet kit in really good shape.

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Screen shot 2009-10-04 at 10.07.15 PM.png

Culinary Corner, Annual Holiday Edition: I don’t usually repeat recipes that have been featured on the site, but each December I make an exception for my favorite holiday preparation, homemade Irish cream. In other words, homemade Bailey’s. In other words, melted ice cream that gets you drunk. It’s super-easy to make, it’ll make you the hero of whatever holiday party you bring it to, and lots of you have told me how much you like it. Here’s how to do it:

Start with some decent Irish whiskey — Bushmills, Jameson, Tullamore Dew, something like that (but not super-high-end stuff, because the nuances will be lost in this preparation). Pour a pint of the whiskey into a large-ish container and mix it with a can of sweetened condensed milk; a pint of heavy whipping cream; a tablespoon of chocolate syrup; a teaspoon of vanilla extract; a teaspoon of instant espresso dissolved in two tablespoons of hot water; and a quarter-teaspoon of almond extract.

Mix well (if the container has a tight lid, you can just shake vigorously), refrigerate, serve over ice, and get ready to become the most popular person in the room. No need to thank me afterward, but you’ll want to do so anyway — you’ll see. Enjoy!

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I get so many things wrong: The recent London Bridge terrorist attack reminded me that when I was a kid — and probably well into my adulthood — I mistakenly thought that the classic nursery rhyme lyric was “London bridges falling down” (not “London Bridge is falling down”). I figured London had, you know, lots of bridges and they were all collapsing. It wasn’t until much later that I learned the proper lyric.

Similarly: On Sunday, for reasons not worth explaining, I was reading the Wikipedia entry for the great 1998 Neutral Milk Hotel album In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. It mentions that the album cover features a woman who is “wearing a red dress, and has a drumhead for a face.”

This totally blew my mind, because for more than two decades now I’ve thought the woman’s face was a cross-section of a raw potato. In case you’re not familiar with this album, here’s the cover art:

Upon closer inspection, I now see the decorative trim on the side. So okay, yeah, it’s a drumhead, or maybe a tambourine. But to me it will always be a potato. I mean, it really does look like a potato! Look:

So I was wrong about London Bridge, I was wrong about the cover art for one of my favorite albums, and I’ve no doubt been wrong about countless other things.

What have you been wrong about, and how did you feel when you found out?

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Some thoughts about giving: A few readers have gotten in touch and asked if I’d mind or be offended if they donated to Uni Watch for Giving Tuesday. I guess they thought I might feel bad about being viewed as a charity case or something like that.

Here’s what I told these readers: If you’d like to help support Uni Watch and strengthen the comm-uni-ty by paying for some of the content you see here, I’m happy and honored to accept such contributions. (Here’s how you can do that.) But obviously, there are lots of other organizations worthy of your consideration on Giving Tuesday. Here are a few of the ones I’ll be supporting today — all of them are at least tangentially connected to Uni Watch, and I’d be just as honored if you’d consider supporting them instead:

• Wikipedia has emerged as an essential information resource (personally, I find myself referring to it several times per day). It’s not perfect, but it’s very, very good, and it doesn’t have any advertising or paywalls, so it relies on contributions. You can help support it here.

• If you’re a Uni Watch reader, you probably appreciate design and details. The great design podcast 99% Invisible, hosted by Roman Mars, has been pursuing, celebrating, and explaining design and details for nearly a decade now (and they’ve even done episodes about baseball stirrups and the Raptors’ original uniforms). 99PI is an essential listen, and very, very Special. You can support its parent podcasting group here.

• A free and vibrant press is essential for a functioning democracy. As the journalism industry struggles to find a viable way forward in the internet era, two groups I strongly believe in are Report for America, which is like AmeriCorps or Teach for America for young journalists (you can support them here), and ProPublica, which does essential investigative reporting on powerful institutions (support them here).

• When we discuss issues relating to sports teams using Native American iconography, some people inevitably say, “Sure, you can pay lip service to the plight of Native Americans by getting rid of Chief Wahoo, but what are you really doing to help them?” As I always tell such people, I donate to the American Indian College Fund, which helps helps Native Americans pursue higher education. You can support them here.

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Raffle reminder: The good folks at our longtime advertiser Vintage Brand are generously sponsoring another raffle. The lucky winner will get to choose any item from the Vintage Brand website (including the hilarious Ohio State cutting board shown above — they really need to bring back that logo!).

To enter, send an email to the raffle address by 8pm Eastern tomorrow, Dec. 4. One entry per person. I’ll announce the winner on Thursday (and then we’ll have a new raffle that day to boot!).

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The Ticker
By Alex Hider

Baseball NewsIchiro took the field in Japan on Sunday for a sandlot game against some high school teachers. He actually pitched in the game while wearing No. 1, making him the unlikeliest of single-digit pitchers (from @MichaelNotMikey).

Football NewsRavens TE Hayden Hurst and 49ers WR Deebo Samuel swapped jerseys following Sunday’s game, but Hurst didn’t remove his jersey — he just gave Samuel a purple jersey (from Kyle Hardee). … Jets LB Avery Williamson is out for the season with an ACL injury. He was back at his old high school recently, and wore his full Jets uni to class (from Josh Hinton). … I don’t think I’ve ever seen the facemask that former Falcons DB Ray Brown is wearing in this photo from the 1970s (from ojai67). … Interesting story shared by Don Schauf: When the Packers took QB Jerry Tagge with their first pick in the 1972 draft, they initially issued him No. 14 — the number Tagge wore at Nebraska. They even issued him a No. 14 practice jersey (note: it’s weird seeing Bart Starr in that facemask!) before it was pointed out that the Packers had retired the number for Don Hutson, so Tagge switched to No. 17. A newspaper story from the time also points out that the Packers later often issued No. 14 to young players unlikely to make the roster. … In 1952, Steelers coach Joe Bach considered changing the team’s colors. “Obviously, nothing came of it,” says Jerry Wolper. … Fordham’s library includes a great digital collection of old football programs through the years (from James Gilbert).

Hockey NewsThe Canucks are inducting Alex Burrows into their Ring of Honor prior to tonight’s game against the Senators. Burrows also played for the Sens, so all Ottawa players will wear a No. 14 helmet decal (from Patrick Johnston). … The Edmonton Oil Kings of the WHL will wear these uniforms for their annual Teddy Bear Toss game on Saturday (thanks to all who shared). … Staying in the WHL, the Vancouver Giants will wear Grinch-inspired uniforms on Dec. 6 and 8 (from Joe C.). … The Milwaukee Admirals have officially updated their Milwaukee Brewers ad patch (the two teams have the same owners) to the Brew Crew’s 50th-anniversary logo. Since the Admirals are also wearing their own 50th-season patch, they now have dueling 50s (thanks to all who shared). … Blackhawks G Corey Crawford changed pads — and pad brands — between periods last night.

Basketball NewsIllinois wore their incredible throwbacks last night, while Miami countered with BFBS (from Erik Spoonmore and Timmy Donahue). … Pitt will wear black and yellow uniforms tonight as an homage to the pro sports teams in the city (from Anakin Forrest). … South Oldham High School (Kentucky) opened their season last night by wearing black numbers on black jerseys, making their uniforms completely illegible (from Josh Claywell).

Soccer News: FC Cincinnati’s 2020 away jersey has reportedly leaked. The jersey is slated to be unveiled today (from Josh Hinton). … Speaking of, FC Cincinnati ranked the five best jerseys they’ve worn during its short history (from @labflyer). … Chelsea is teasing what appears to be a 1969-70 throwback jersey, slated for release in December (from Jakob Fox). … For more jersey unveilings and leaks, follow Josh Hinton’s Football Kit Watch Twitter account. … Max Weintraub notes that Aston Villa players wear their shorts shorter than usual. … New away kit for Saudi side Al-Nassr FC (from Ed Zelaski).

Grab BagEver wonder who was the first athlete to have his or her number retired? Hint: It started in Canada (from WK). … Actor Peter Sellers reportedly hated purple even more than Paul does and would throw “volcanic tantrums” when he was in its presence (from Adam Brodsky). … Shocker! Sports Illustrated reporters are now disputing the reporting of Sports Illustrated’s local team sites. It’s almost like replacing dozens of professional journalists with an army of underpaid bloggers was a bad idea.

• • • • •

Tomorrow: The new XFL uniforms are due to be unveiled tonight, so we’ll have coverage of that tomorrow, along with the annual Uni Watch Holiday Gift Guide. See you then. — Paul

Comments (79)

    The bridge in that illustraton is actually a poorly put together version of Tower Bridge, not London Bridge – which doesn’t have any towers.

    The first time I heard the Herman Hermits song “A Must To Avoid, I thought the lyrics were,”She’s a muscualr boy, a complete impossibility.”

    I’ve also been advocating for that particular Seahawks uni combo since they unveiled the Action Green alternates. It definitely looks better than the all green body suits. Remember when Sebastian Janikowski was their kicker? Looked so funny.

    Thanks for the link! This old post is probably where I remember seeing him in mono neon actually. It all comes full circle!

    Avery Williamson has been hurt since week 3 or so. Every Sunday he posts a pic of himself in full uniform, helmet and all for “Gameday”, except he is at the grocery store, couch, on the toilet, etc…he’s making light of a bad situation.

    “In case you’re not familiar with this album…”
    Ladies and gents, do yourself a big favor and get familiar with it. It truly is special.

    Back in ‘85, my buddy thought Billy Idol’s “Eyes Without a Face” was “How’s About a Date?”. Oh man.

    Alexandre Burrows? A retired number? Wow, I guess the Sedin twins made something out of nothing. Either that or he’s a Vancouver community hero, but I’m not hip to that as an east coast American and a Montreal fan.

    There needs to be a correction on the Ticker. Alex Burrows is not having his number retired by the Canucks. He is being entered into their Ring of Honour. These are 2 different things.

    Even the Ring of Honour seems like a huge stretch for a mediocre player like Alex Burrows. He was a despicable weasel on the ice.

    I had to look him up. As a hockey fan, the players good enough to be commemorate in the rafters generally resonate with me, even if they don’t play for my team. Granted, the Canucks only play the Flyers twice a year, but I couldn’t recall Burrows at all. And his stats don’t scream “all-timer”.

    I had to read that a few times before it sunk in. That’s a really bad retired number. I had to look up his stats – a few decent years, but never more than 67 points in a season. He averaged under half a point per game over his career. Geez.

    And this is coming from a Rangers fan – they have had their share of dubious retired numbers in recent years.

    It wasn’t Eddie Shore – “Old Time Hockey”. No?
    I bet the Hanson Brothers would tell you it was
    Eddie Shore !

    Those yellow Packer leggings are dope. I’d love to know where she got them so I could get a pair for my Packer-owner wife.

    To follow on the theme – that picture you used isn’t of London Bridge, that’s Tower Bridge, which is 200m up the river from London Bridge. But then you’d struggle to pick out London Bridge from a line-up:


    [ahem] Actually, London Bridge is 5 million meters west-southwest of Tower Bridge in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. The real London Bridge, that is, not the ersatz replacement currently posing as London Bridge on the Thames.


    (Kidding, in case that’s not clear!)

    The graphic you have with the two kids and the words “London Bridge” is also not correct – that’s Tower Bridge, not London Bridge. The two are frequently confused by Americans.

    London Bridge is actually a pretty generic looking bridge. The iconic Tower Bridge, with its striking imagery, is a completely different structure.

    A very intentional allusion to one of the more famous blindspots in the popular consciousness no doubt *wink wink*

    I’m still shocked that so many people think what’s the “London Bridge” is actually the Tower Bridge.


    The London Bridge is so basic by comparison.

    In the Hockey ticker, “indcuting” should be “inducting”.

    Also, “indcuting” should be a word. English needs more words with three consonants all pronounced without a vowel in between!

    Speaking of the hockey ticker, in theme with your potato head album, I now think the little puck guy is really a piece of sushi!

    I too am part of a house divided. Patriots (me) and Eagles (my fiancee). We even have matching Super Bowl Champion jackets for the last tow games.

    Great story about Ethan and Billie – a valuable lesson too, as marriage requires finding common ground without sacrificing what make you, you. Thanks for sharing.

    Side note: Best selection of cheesehead merch I’ve found, including cowboy hats, construction helmets, and so forth, is at Dane County Regional Airport in Madison, at a shop on the departures level before security. It’s like a 10-minute detour for anyone driving from Chicago to Lambeau. Assuming one takes 90 to Rockford and then north to avoid driving through Milwaukee, which one should totally do. The “60 minutes” Google says you lose will be more than made up for in the insane construction, randomly heavy traffic, and general aggro involved with any interstate driving in Milwaukee.

    The best part of that house divided post, is Billie’s Packers uniform pants leggings she’s got on in that last photo.

    It really doesn’t matter, but the FC Cincinnati jersey didn’t leak. The photo was put out by the FC Cincinnati twitter account yesterday and is another teaser, though a very revealing teaser.

    The mis-hearing of lyrics in music to get something with a different meaning actually has a name, a “Mondegreen”. A quick Google of the term can explain it better than I can, but there are some famous ones out there, like hearing “there’s a bathroom on the right” instead of “there’s a bad moon on the rise”.

    Real lyrics of “The Boxer:” All lies and jests / Still a man hears what he wants to hear / And disregards the rest

    What I heard until somebody corrected me around age 30: All eyes ingest / Still a man hears what he wants to hear / And disregards the rest

    I thought it was a commentary on the truth being visible in front of us, yet we choose to believe comforting lies anyway. The real lyrics are more about the ubiquity of dishonesty & illusion and out willingness to buy into it. Not a huge difference in meaning, but also kind of a huge difference in meaning.

    I make the Irish cream every year and can vouch for it.

    I also have a request from the uni watch/collector’s community. Watching the Browns/Dolphins game, I spotted my personal “white whale”. I have seen these around (hopefully not the same guy who did some kind of DIY) and I would love to have one. Anyone see this in a bargain bin? It’s a Browns jacket with the NFC patch incorrectly added


    For entirely too long I thought the “Beat It” line “no one wants to be defeated” was actually “no one wants fajita pita.”

    On the NFL sleeping bag in Collector’s Corner, the Patriot player looks like he is wearing #32. Andy Johnson wore that number in that time period.

    Also, #1 is commonly worn by the high school ace pitcher in the Koshien tournament. Number by scorecard position.

    Minor point of order: black and gold are the city of Pittsburgh’s colors. The 3 pro teams adopted them out of civic pride, not the other way around. Thus, Pitt is wearing Pittsburgh’s colors, not school colors. The Pirates and Penguins both started out in colors other than black and gold.

    That Irish Cream is all Paul says it is…works wonders and makes a great gift, too!

    I love when football teams line up in numerical order for team photos, like the Cowboys did for that trading card.

    There’s a certain .38 Special song that I was sure contained the lyric “what if I didn’t wanna say goodbye?”. When it was brought to my attention that the title of the song is “What If I’d Been The One” (and the lyrics reflect that), the facts changed nothing…I still hear and sing the wrong words every time even though it makes no sense.

    Has anyone tried making it without the espresso? If so, does it turn out well? My wife doesn’t like most commercial Irish creams, but does love Buffalo Trace’s sometimes-available bourbon cream, and I suspect it may have to do with the usual inclusion of a tiny bit of coffee in Irish cream. She hates coffee and has a veeeeery sensitive palate.

    Hank Stram’s Saints lined up in numerical order for the Anthem for every single game – I don’t know for sure but I’d bet his KC Chiefs did also.
    I went to every single Home Game in Stram’s two-year Saints window, and the tone it set given the Saints’ horrid history and disorganization to that point was pretty damn impressive. Set a cool tone before the kickoff in the Superdome. Not in a pro-Military or Pro-America thing that so many seem to disdain, but it set a tone of organization. The team huddles and special teams formations and pre-snap motion also was really unique and set a good tone.
    My HS coach played for Stram in early AFL and we did a lot of that same exact stuff in mid-1970s even before Stram got to the Saints, which tells me we likely adopted it from HC Coach playing for Stram …. Good memories.
    Truly sad that Stram got fired in Nwew Orleans. The Saints teams that immediately followed were 7-9 and 8-8 – fantastic in Saints History to that point, and Stram really got a raw deal. He had Archie Manning for only 7 games in two seasons due to injury, and should not have played most of those games. UGH.
    The whole numerical line-up thing really gets me going on that era.

    I feel like I’ve read your Baileys recipe so many times. And it seems like the last time wasn’t that long ago. Time flies, feeling old.

    “Killer Queen” by Queen….

    Never knew what half the lyrics were until I actually googled them a year or two ago. Don’t ask me what words I was singing along with. Random syllables I suppose.

    I had never given it much thought, but until a few years ago I assumed that pineapples grew on trees. I was surprised to learn they grew from the ground.

    -Really appreciate the “House Divided” lede today. As I‘be said here many times, I’m a die hard Patriots fan. My high school sweetheart, now wife (we got married November 9) is a big Giants fan, and the two of us have been together 16 years. Both Pats/Giants Super Bowls happened over that time, and I always said if our relationship survived those it can survive anything. The fact that we’re both die hard Yankees fans helps to.

    -I actually like the Seahawks green over blue combo. Frankly, I wouldn’t in if the neon became their primary color jersey.

    -There are so many songs I’ve misheard over the years, and honestly sometimes my brain still hears “my lyrics” even after I’ve been corrected. For example, for years I though the lyric “Sometimes when I play that old six-string
    I think about you, wonder what went wrong“ in Bryan Adams’ Summer of 69 was actually ”Sometimes when I play that old six-string
    I think about you when the world went wrong.” Frankly, I prefer my original lyric.

    The drum that forms the woman’s head on the neutral milk hotel album is also on the back of the album art, being played as a drum by a band

    Quick note on the movie Waves: It is a movie from the studio / distributor A24 – like Lighthouse.

    Thing I was wrong about/surprised to learn: the proper way to peel a banana is not by pulling from the stem that sticks out, but by peeling from the other end and holding the stem at the bottom. And that neither method is how monkeys eat bananas. Apparently monkeys don’t eat bananas in the wild actually, but if they do they might just bite into the skin.



    I’ve found myself exhausted by what has become a uni-industrial complex and can’t even fathom keeping up with or caring about countless tweets and city uniforms and the like. That said, Uni Watch has been a must read everyday since the launch. It’s your analysis and voice that keep me here and the odd ball stories about lyrics and potato heads keep me entertained. Thank you.

    Love the song “Los Angeles” by Frank Black. Always sounds to me like: “I met a man/He was a good man/Selling insurance…”

    I get many things wrong as well, including one sports-related error. When I was a kid, I thought “out of bounds” was “out of bounce.” It made a little sense in the context of a basketball game, but none whatsoever for football.

    Another one that has stuck with me is pretty stupid, but it amuses me now. Many, many years ago I was at an airport and I caught a quick glimpse of a plane way out on a distant runway. In that moment, the image on the tail looked kind of like Jimi Hendrix. I discovered some time later that it was an Alaska Airline plane and the image on the tail is an Eskimo, but I still think of Alaska as Jimi Hendrix Airlines.

    Because I was in high school when Dan Fogelberg’s “Heart Hotels” came out I always thought he was giving a shout out to the author of “1984” — “And the walls have grown sturdy In the halls of Orwell”…..

    Another endorsement of the Irish Cream recipe here. I make it every year and it’s become a holiday tradition in my family. It’s a hit, every year. Thank you Paul!

    When I was in college a few years ago, I learned that highness, (as in, royalty, your highness) was spelled hinus. I was so confused when I saw the real wording.

    hahaha. your mind blowing discovery reminds me of the Mandela Effect. ie: Berenstain Bears, not Berenstein Bears

    I was wrong about pretty much all the lyrics in Yellow Ledbetter.

    Oh yeah, can you see them, out the on porch?
    Yeah, but they don’t wave.

    Who knew?

    Also in Piano Man, I’ve seen it both ways, is it the piano sounds like a carnival or is it carnivore?

    Misheard Lyric: Van Morrison, “Domino”, “Grandkids are moving underground.”

    Misunderstood fact: Until I was twelve, I thought the dance it takes two to do was called “the Tangle”, instead of “the Tango”.

    I grew up thinking the the line from the Dobie Gray song “Drift Away” was “Give me the Beach Boys and free my soul, I wanna get lost in your rock n roll and drift away”. I’m embaraasee to admit that I was past 40 when I found our the lyric was “Give me the beat boys . . . ” ‍♂️

    Falcon DB Ray Brown returned from a broken jaw injury wearing that humongous mask. I loved it. Was grey at first, then later white. Finished his career as a Saint, wearing the same mask, but black.

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