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A Uni Watch Look at the 2018 MLB All-Star Game

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We all know that the Giants’ home “whites” aren’t actually white — they’re cream, or off-white, or vintage white, or whatever. Been that way since 2000. But in last night’s MLB All-Star Game, the Giants’ unis (as seen above worn by infielder Brandon Crawford) looked, well, creamier than usual. And it wasn’t just that one photo — I noticed it on TV too. Seemed like there was a bit more yellow in the dye mix.

I checked with our own Brinke Guthrie, who’s a big Giants fan, and he said he thought it was just the lighting or because Crawford was sitting next to a bunch of players in their home whites. Could be, but I still think it looked little off.

As you can probably guess from that opening topic, last night’s All-Star Game was pretty uni-uneventful, but there were a few small details worth noting:

• Nats outfielder Bryce Harper’s jersey had an extra button compared to his regular jersey — All-Star jersey on the left, regular jersey on the right:

• During the pregame introductions, Reds first baseman Joey Votto wore Cincy’s regular socks instead of the All-Star socks:

But when Votto came up to bat in the bottom of the sixth, he had changed to the All-Star socks:

• At least two other players — Pirates pitcher Felipe Vázquez and Nats pitcher Sean Doolittle — also wore their regular team socks during the pregame intros:

Vázquez, unlike Votto, did not switch out his hosiery. He was still wearing the Pirates socks when he pitched the top of the seventh:

Doolittle is injured, so he didn’t get into the game. It’s not clear if he ever changed his socks.

• Several players, including Yankees pitcher Luis Severino and Brewers first baseman Jesús Aguilar, wore red undershirts that didn’t match their uniforms:

• As mentioned in yesterday’s entry, the Mets’ Rusty Staub memorial patch moved over to the upper-left chest of pitcher Jacob deGrom’s jersey, in order to make room for the All-Star sleeve patch:

• The Blue Jays’ Roy Halladay memorial patch also moved to pitcher J.A. Happ’s chest:

• As we discussed last week, Rays pitcher Blake Snell, who wears No. 4, was a late addition to the American League roster (he replaced Corey Kluber, who was injured) and entered the game in the third inning, becoming the first All-Star pitcher with a single-digit number since Lefty Grove in 1934:

• For some reason Astros outfielder George Springer was holding a Cleveland cap during the playing of “God Bless America” during the seventh inning stretch. Maybe he just grabbed the nearest cap that was handy..?

• There was some confusion regarding the umpires’ caps. Early in the game, they were red:

By the time Cubs catcher Wilson Contreras homered in the bottom of the third, third base ump Andy Fletcher had switched to a tri-color pinwheel-style cap, similar to the ones worn by the players, but home plate ump Ted Barrett was still wearing a red cap:

They all had the pinwheel design during the midgame “Stand Up to Cancer” promotion:

• Speaking of Barrett, he wore a flag-desecration mask:

One final thought: Back in late May, when Sports Business Daily broke the news that Under Armour was out and Nike would be in as MLB’s next uniform outfitter, they reported that the deal was “80% done, with a likely unveiling at or around the MLB All-Star Game in July.” Well, “at” has now come and gone, but “around” is still possible. Or maybe that last 20% of the deal is turning out to be stickier than they expected. Hmmmm.

(My thanks to all contributors, including John Bedell, Mike Dean, Zach Haile, Wade Heidt, Kevin Kennedy, @NathinJustin7, Ariel Shoshin, Tim Shriver, Billy Snider, and our own Alex Hider.)

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On any other day, this would’ve been the lede: The Savannah Bananas, who already have the best team name in baseball, took things a step further last night by wearing kilts! And not just any kilts — uni-numbered kilts.

Looks like the players were good sports about it:

And no, it wasn’t just a pregame stunt — they actually wore the kilts during the game (I recommend using the full-screen button on the video to get the full visual effect):

Unfortunately, as you can see, it was raining, and play was suspended after only half an inning. But that led to another great spectacle, because the Bananas are a wood bat summer league team, which means the players double as the grounds crew (click to enlarge):

Note that next-to-last guy on the right wore stirrups! Not sure who he is, but he’s my new hero.

Here’s hoping the make-up game will also feature make-up kilts.

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Camera for sale: My father, who died in 2009, was a good amateur photographer. Had a darkroom in the basement, taught adult-ed photography courses, had one of his shots used for a magazine cover. (Okay, so the magazine was Cat Fancy, but still.)

He sold most of his film cameras many years ago, and I later found new homes for several others, but I still have one of them: a Minolta X-370, plus a bunch of lenses that go with it (shown above). They haven’t been used in at least a decade probably longer but are in extremely good condition. The camera’s old battery even works!

I don’t care so much about getting the best price for this stuff. I’m more interested in finding a good home for it. If you still shoot film and are interested, please get in touch. Thanks. Update: Reader Jeff Proctor has made a very fair offer for the camera and lenses, so that’s now taken care of. I’m glad to know my father’s stuff will be going to a longtime member of the Uni Watch community.

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Assorted reminders: In case you missed it on Monday, we’re now accepting pre-orders for the XXL size of the upcoming Uni Watch “alternate” cap, which is shown at right. If we get enough XXL pre-orders, we’ll go ahead and have the cap made in that size (in addition to the S/M and L/XL sizes, which should be in stock and available for purchase in about 10 days). Full details here.

In addition:

• Fitted sizes of the Uni Watch “classic” cap, available exclusively from Ebbets Field Flannels, are back in stock (although many sizes have already sold out again). Order yours here.

• My epic stoop/open-house sale, which will feature a ton of uni-related books, dozens of pairs of stirrups, and more cool collectibles than you can shake a C-Flap at, will take place this Saturday. Full details here.

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The Ticker
By Alex Hider

Baseball News: A former Mets front office employee says the Mets fired him in “cowardly” fashion after he repeatedly questioned whether the proceeds from sales of MLB’s Memorial Day apparel were actually going to military charities. … MLB commish Rob Manfred says he’s willing to loosen some of the regulations regarding shoe colors. … The San Diego Union-Tribune has some good insight into the process of how the Padres will pick their color scheme for 2020 (from Daniel Diaz). … The Diamondbacks’ famed bullpen cart now has its own baseball card (from Trevor Wilson Patton). … Kub noticed that Ken Griffey Jr. was the only Mariner to wear a vest during the 1997 All-Star Game. …  OT Sports, the North Carolina-based firm that provides most minor league baseball teams with their specialty theme-night uniforms, will also become an approved MiLB home/road uni supplier for 2019. … Arthur Savokinas spotted a replica of a Mike Schmidt Gold Glove Award at a diner in Forty Fort, Pa. The owner of the restaurant apparently has the award on loan from a Rawlings rep. … The Vancouver Canadians, a Class-A affiliate of the Jays, will wear Expos-inspired uniforms on July 23 (from Joseph Bailey). …  NASA’s head administrator wore a Dodgers/Astros logo mashup shirt in a video featuring views of ballparks from space (from Justin).

NFL NewsThe Packers’ ticket design for their Sept. 30 game against the Bills includes the designation “Third Jersey Game.” It’s not clear whether this refers to the team’s existing throwback or to some new alternate that hasn’t been released yet, but it’s worth remembering that WR Davante Adams posted photos of a yellow jersey on his Instagram feed a while back (from Brian Kerhin). … Some Eagles fans are questioning whether they want a change back to kelly green uniforms after winning a Super Bowl in midnight green (from Sam McKinley). … Reader Paul Quirk was watching the TWIPF video Paul linked to Monday and noticed that many Jets players were missing helmet logos. … In this photo from the ’70s, the numbers on Oilers QB Dan Pastorini’s jerseys aren’t a consistent font (from @TehWins). … Falcons DE John Zook’s NOB looks pretty bad in this photo from the late ’60s or early ’70s (from Edward Pelkey).

College/High School Football NewsThe NCAA will reportedly allow schools to put corporate logos on the field this year. Previously, corporate names had to be written in plain fonts (from Michael Kinney). … Virginia Tech’s media guide cover gives a good look at the Hokies’ new maroon jerseys (from Andrew Cosentino). … Speaking of, the ACC Tracker has been updated with 2018 uniforms. … A close-up photo reveals that Indiana’s new crimson uniforms include tonal candy stripes on the sleeves (from Ryan Cotter). … New helmets for UTEP (from Alex Solot). … Looks like West Virginia is upgrading to a new Nike template (from Ethan Dimitroff ‏). … Not much will change on Florida’s jerseys, other than the Jordan logo (from Eric O. and Moe Khan). … Speaking of, Florida coach Dan Mullen has some new shoes to match his team’s Jordan uniforms (from Griffin Smith). … New game balls for North Carolina (from James Gilbert). … New uniforms for Richland Center (Wisconsin) High School (from Martin Johnson).

Basketball NewsWho else remembers when the Kansas City Kings drafted Bruce (now Caitlyn) Jenner? Though the whole thing was just a publicity stunt, Jenner did pose for a photo in a No. 8618 jersey — a reference to Jenner’s winning score in the 1976 Olympics (from Brad Eenhuis). … Long Beach State is losing the beach motif on its new basketball floor (from Mandy Lopez).

Soccer NewsEver wonder why soccer players sit in race car seats on the sideline? It all started with one player’s back problems (from John Muir). … Manchester United’s 2018-19 home kit, sleeve ad and all, have been released (from our own Anthony Emerson). … More updates from Josh Hinton: Belgian club RSC Anderlecht released a new home kit, German club RB Leipzig released their 2018-19 home and away uniforms, and new home and away jerseys for Brighton & Hove Albion of the Premier League. … Tottenham’s third jerseys have reportedly leaked, and they’re — something (from John Muir). … These are all the new kits that teams in Bundesliga will wear next season (from A.J.). … Moe Khan noticed that England’s U19 team doesn’t have Nike logos on their socks like other teams. … New home kit for Blackburn Rovers (from Josh Hinton).

Grab Bag: Our own Phil Hecken helped pick the logos in this tournament that will determine the best logo in minor league hockey. Voting is open! … Runners who complete the Hershey Half Marathon get a medal shaped like a Kit Kat bar (from Scott Davis). … President Trump and Vladimir Putin traded sports memorabilia at their summit on Monday (from Phil). … New city flag design for Sioux Falls, S.D. (from Neil Robinson).

Comments (74)

    Q: What’s worn under your kilt?
    A: Nothing, lassie…it’s all in fine working order.

    What does a baseball player wear below his kilt? Cleats and stirrups.

    The kilts look like they might have been made by SportKilt, but I can’t see a SportKilt logo on any of them. (Specifically, this MacLeod model: link, though MacLeod is a common tartan available from several manufacturers of low-price kilts like SportKilt and Atlanta Kilts.) In any event, they drape like they’re made from synthetic rather than wool fabric, and the pleats appear to be pretty shallow. But the kilts have leather (or fake leather) straps, and the pleats along the back appear to be sewn down at the top, so props to the Bananas for not going completely cheap. Each of those features will add to the cost of even the least expensive kilt. An inexpensive kilt designed for athletic wear will tend to be made of lightweight poly or acrylic, have very shallow pleats so the kilt is lighter (and uses less fabric to manufacture), have a Velcro closure at the waist instead of straps, and lack sewn-down pleats.

    Nice to see the Nationals pay homage to their predecessor by making all the players wear caps that appear to be paying homage to the Montreal Expos, which is also in keeping with paying tribute to Rusty Staub.

    Would have been more appropriate to pay homage to their Washington predecessors. In recalling All-Star history of the past week, I did not encounter any Washingtonians mention Montreal, but there was a lot of talk about the 1969 and other DC All-Star games.

    Watched Max Scherzer pitch to Mookie Betts to start last night’s game, and turned it off shortly afterwards. (I followed the rest of the game, intermittently, on Twitter.)

    Are we going to address the big typo from yesterday (Not assigning blame; I was just as surprised as anyone)? The All-Star games from 2015-18 were held in National League parks, the NL batted first in 2016, but not last night.

    The reasoning behind that is because there have been a lot of NL stadiums built recently, and as the ASG made its rounds there were consecutive stops at new NL parks. However they continued to alternate the designated home and away team year to year.

    As someone who identifies as genderqueer and has led queer allyship/educational seminars, I have a editing suggestion for the ticker entry about Caitlyn Jenner: use “her” instead of “his.” The general practice that I’ve heard and advocated is that unless the person has specifically said to do otherwise, one should use the person’s “new” pronouns even if you are talking about them pre-transition.

    As a matter of editorial style, Jenner was Bruce Jenner at the time of the event (being drafted by the Kings), so I’m going with that. But I also made it clear that her name is now Caitlyn.

    Honestly, and I don’t mean to be pedantic or ungracious, but that’s not much better; that editorial style should be changed. Generally, when it comes to transgender+ people one should use their current (or, to put it in other terms, their real) name, no matter whether you’re referring to them pre- or post-name change. The only exception is when the person themself has specifically established a different practice. I don’t believe Caitlyn has done so. I get that Caitlyn’s celebrity status makes this a bit of an unusual case, and why you’re genuinely trying to avoid confusion, but one really should use this practice regardless of the notability of the person in question. We all know who Caitlyn Jenner is, and we all know the name the world used to know her by, so I don’t think there’s any confusion to be avoided. Mentioning her old name de-centers her authentic identity, and avoiding the usage of pronouns altogether just serves to erase her identity. I hold great respect for you as a person and as a journalist, so please, do better. It really makes a difference.

    [T]hat editorial style should be changed. Generally, when it comes to transgender+ people one should use their current (or, to put it in other terms, their real) name, no matter whether you’re referring to them pre- or post-name change.

    I do not mean to be disrespectful (and don’t worry, I don’t think you were being either pedantic or ungracious), but on what basis do you repeatedly invoke “should”? What is the imperative?

    The person who the Kings drafted was, at that time, Bruce Jenner. If I were writing about something that happened to Chad Ochocinco when he was Chad Johnson, I’d do the same thing. If I were writing about something that happened to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar when he was Lew Alcindor, I’d do the same thing. If I were writing about something that happened to my mom before she got married and still had her maiden name, I’d do the same thing. And so on.

    The basis upon which I’m invoking “should” is of a few sources:
    1. Myself. I am a member of the transgender+ community, and the practice I am advocating is one I have established for myself. My pronouns are she/her/hers (yes, my name is still Nathan), and I ask that people use those pronouns when talking about me even if they’re speaking about something I did prior to when I changed pronouns.
    2. As a member of the transgender+ community, I have found that this is the generally accepted practice in our community.
    3. I have been an audience member or a presenter at a number of seminars discussing LGBTQ+ identities, and at these seminars what I am advocating has been taught every time this topic has come up.
    4. Here is an article that I find to be helpful and backs up my points. Interestingly enough, this article points out that the practice I am suggesting is consistent with the AP Style guide. link

    It’s all about affirming the authentic identity of the trans+ person in question. For many (if not practically all) trans+ people there are people on their lives who will be resistant or completely unwilling to switch to using their chosen name. Oftentimes these people who continue using the persons “deadname” (some trans+ prefer the term “birth name”) because they are not affirming of the trans+ person’s identity. People who do this are effectively denying that the trans+ person is who they authentically claim themselves to be, which (as the above article states) can have tremendous negative effects on the trans+ person. In other words, when you use a trans+ person’s former name, you are telling them “You are lying about who you are.” Moreover, you’re also telling any trans+ people around (who may still be closeted) you that you are not a safe person for them because you aren’t going to respect their identity.

    I can’t speak to how one should identify people like Chad Johnson or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (if I could, I would ask them directly), but I can confidently say that they’re in a different category. A trans+ person’s authentic identity is not like, for example, someone getting their last name changed after marriage; it’s not “I was this before, and now I’m this.” It’s almost always a case of “I have always been this person, and now my name (and/or pronouns) accurately reflects this. Which means that their birth name never really accurately referred to their identity. So basically, when you “deadname” someone, you’re actually misidentifying them, even if it’s in a well-intentioned effort to be accurate.

    I made a few typos, but one I must absolutely correct is in the paragraph after the numbered list. It should read “(some trans+ PEOPLE prefer…)” trans+, transgender+, etc are adjectives, not nouns.

    I appreciate the info, Nathan. The Tugboat Captain (who, like me, is a journalist, although she’s now changing careers to another industry) and I have discussed this issue quite a bit. We find that we struggle to find a solution that respects trans people while also preserving journalism’s core mission of conveying information straightforwardly and factually.

    I’m not sure there’s a perfect answer, but I’ll keep your comments in mind the next time I’m confronted with this type of situation.

    Thanks for the conversation, Paul. I would argue that using a trans+ person’s birth name generally stirs up more confusion (by introducing doubt about the authentic identity they now currently present) instead of making things clear and straightforward. Our identities often actually aren’t easily unpacked in just a sentence or two, which means that usually you’re going to end up being inaccurately reductive when you’re aiming to be truthfully concise.

    Tangentially to this very well put set of thoughts by Nathan, I’m surprised by this:

    “If I were writing about something that happened to Chad Ochocinco when he was Chad Johnson, I’d do the same thing. If I were writing about something that happened to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar when he was Lew Alcindor, I’d do the same thing.”

    Would you really do that? If you were writing something about Kareem while at UCLA, it seems like it would make more sense to write, “While at UCLA, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (then known as Lew Alcindor) did ________” rather than, “While at UCLA, Lew Alcindor (now known as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) did _________.” The same but even more so for Chad Ochocinco. Would you really write, “In 2005, Chad Johnson (now known as Chad Ochocinco) caught 97 passes?” I can’t imagine you would.

    Is there a style guide that points one way or the other?

    Might I suggest that the correct way to address this situation is to call Jenner “Caitlyn (né Bruce)”?

    Not to start anything, but the Kings drafted Bruce Jenner. That she is now Caitlyn is today, is today. She was Bruce then. To say the Kings drafted her would be factually wrong and hypercorrective.

    Actually, I disagree. See my reply to Paul for a more in-depth explanation, but for almost all trans+ people who have changed their name, they have done so because their birth name did not accurately reflect their true identity. In other words, they were being misidentified since birth. So unless the individual has specified otherwise (and I don’t believe Caitlyn has) using their birth name is a continuation of that practice of misidentification, rather than using their “correct” name.

    Actually, Nathan, you might find this SI Where Are They Now piece interesting
    I’m not disagreeing with you…transgender people tend to be massively uncomfortable with references to their identities that do not match their current identities, but Caitlyn seems to be exceptional in her comfort with Bruce. So for this one time, I don’t think Paul misgendered her against her wishes.

    @ Mike Engle, I had not seen that! Thanks for finding that, that is helpful info. I stand corrected, but hopefully what I brought up will be useful in the future for conversations about other transgender people.

    I know this question is a little late to the party, but how did MLB get so far down the rabbit hole with these awful socks? Is it simply that a manufacturer got the contract so they could advertise their ugly merchandise on field during MLB games?
    How did MLB get so far away from the very pleasing solid or athletic striped socks to this mess?
    Whether it is the one-off designs or the teams standard socks, none match the aesthetics of the uniform design. They are more clownish than anything even Nike has put out across sports. Was there no one in the MLB offices who thought, “we want our teams looking good and professional”?

    Stance is doing pretty much what it was hired to do: producing eye-popping designs that will resonate with The Youth.

    I, like you, don’t care for any of it.

    What a shock, MLB jingloriously celebrates our veterans, then pockets most of the cash from the sale of Vet-merch, and fans happily lap it all up, wearing camo-swag making them feel like “patriotic ‘Murricans”.

    Well to be honest, who cares if people want to spend hundreds of dollars on polyester shirts and caps?

    Whatever floats your Boaty Mc Boatface I say.

    What I DO care about is MLB’s failure to consistently advocate the true MEANING of “Memorial Day” and “Veterans Day” in their cash grab antics, er Pee Arrrrgh, er I mean marketing.

    That rankles me a bit.

    Mr. Lukas has been at or near the “tip o the spear” on this topic for years, so I feel pretty good when I say that vets will always have an honest advocate/voice of reason in the Uni-verse.


    Another uni-related note for MLB All-Star Game. Roy Halladay memorial patch moved to the chest for Blue Jays’ pitcher J.A. Happ.



    Runners who complete the Hershey Half Marathon get a medal shaped like a Kit Kat bar.

    Gimme a break!


    FYI in the ACC uniforms, per a tweet from Georgia Tech a few days ago, the Tech uni is an Adidas version of last year’s uniform that was Russell at the time. The new 2018 Adidas look will be unveiled in August.

    Yankees jerseys had the Majestic symbol on the left sleeve during the All Star Game.

    Not unusual. During the regular season, the Yankees erase the Majestic logo because they have a team apparel sponsor that clashes with Majestic. (It was Adidas when I was a kid, but I think it’s Nike now.) But the ASG is not part of the season, so all team sponsorships are put on ice. It’s all MLB and its sponsors, so Majestic logos can creep onto Yankees jerseys during the ASG.

    The soccer section mentions race car seats, the description says it’s because of a player’s back problem, the article says it was a manager.

    I can’t find any pics right now, but it looked like Cubs catcher Willson Contreras was wearing a blue and red Nats helmet while catching last night.

    It looks like it might be logoless, but it appears you’re right. It’s definitely not a Cubs helmet.


    I’m going to need to see the cover of Cat Fancy that your dad shot. Please and thank you!

    I don’t have a copy of it, unfortunately. My mom may have it floating around somewhere, but we have bigger mom-related issues to deal with at the moment….

    Does anyone know why Contreras wore his regular catchers gear except for the helmet? The helmet under his mask was pretty clearly navy with a red brim.

    Good thing Chris Sale does not play on the Bananas.

    Springer with a Cleveland cap got me thinking. He likely took the closest available cap. Is this a lot more common in the game than we would think, but since normally the closest available cap is your own team’s, we never notice it? Wearing a different helmet from your own team has happened several times in the ASG…perhaps some of those were unintentional as well.

    Watching the Padres ownership do everything in its power not to change the club’s unies back to brown is exhausting.

    The Bananas wore kilts, which are Scottish, for St. Patrick’s Day, which is Irish.


    I spotted a Uni-Watch cap on the south-bound Metro after the game last night. Kind of cool seeing one out on the wild like that.

    Maybe this was addressed during the broadcast of the game (I was watching in a bar that was doing a trivia night and couldn’t hear the commentary), but as Paul mentioned yesterday, the AL was supposed to be the designated home team for the game, even though it was played in an NL park.

    He mentioned this in yesterday’s story referencing the locker room photos, since a Yankees player was wearing a road uni, and a Mets player a home uni, even though the AL was the “home” team.

    Well apparently, somewhere along the way, the whole idea of the AL being the “home” team got scrapped entirely…because the National League batted last, which meant they WERE the home team regardless of uniforms or anything else.

    I haven’t been able to find anything written about it anywhere today…anyone know what happened?

    I also included an update in yesterday’s entry saying that I’d actually seen conflicting info on the home/road situation. Suffice it to say that the messaging on this topic — on MLB’s part and on my own — was a bit muddled.

    Interesting. For what it’s worth, I’d been hearing since last year that the AL would be the home team this year as well. So yeah…something definitely changed before last night.

    I would guess that the fact that they removed the whole “this time it counts” thing made it irrelevant who is home or away. So they went back to having the host league be the home team.

    But I don’t think anyone bothered to mention that anywhere. It just popped up this year.

    That was my thought too. Now that is just an exhibition game the competitive advantage from batting last doesn’t matter. Home league should be based on whatever stadium they are in, that simple.

    Looked to me like all the Diamondbacks players wore the white/teal unis when the All-Star hats clearly were intended to be worn with the white/red ones.

    This is the problem when you have excessive numbers of uniforms and non-specific rules for when to wear each, and one off special event gear, you are bound to have mismatched attire that looks dumb.

    My guess is that they wore teal because the game was played on a Tuesday. They have been wearing teal for “Teal Tuesday”, whether their home whites or road grays, since they redesigned the uniforms. Interesting to see this carry over into the ASG

    Could the Giants uniforms look creamier because of the white front of the hat? Wonder if the MLB contemplated a cream front?

    That story about Francona is so NY Mets…bottom feeding garbage. Being a Mets fan can be so exhausting.

    Agree…they are second rate from top to bottom. I went to a Saturday day game this month and went to get ice cream. I waited on line 20 minutes, only to have them run out of vanilla. I went downstairs and finally got the ice cream. I went back to the 300 level, eating my ice cream, as the top of the 9th was starting. Two guards insisted on checking my ticket…and the stadium was half empty at that point. I was embarrassed for them.

    Niners will wear their all white ‘94 throwbacks on SNF against the Rams (10/21/2018). Does this mean the Rams:

    – wear their all yellow color rash set? (Most likely, but all white bs all yellow would look weird IMO)

    – wear their royal and yellow 1973-99 throwbacks (they’ve only ever worn them at home twice a year since their return to LA, leaving their fans to vote which games, past two seasons have both seen them been chosen to be worn against the Niners and Seahawks)

    – wear their dark navy and St. Louis gold jerseys (Rams have been emphatic in stating their trying to avoid wearing them at all this coming season, as they clash with their white-horned helmets)

    Thoughts Paul?

    With the potentially delayed Nike deal, is there any possibility that Majestic stays on as the MLB uni provider? It’s probably desperation speaking, but I’m clinging to the hope that we can somehow avoid those chest logos for as long as possible.

    Majestic is still the outfitter next season — no changes in 2019.

    But no matter who the outfitter is in 2020, MLB has already shown a willingness to sell that spot on the chest, and the outfitter will no doubt want to buy it. I don’t see how to get that toothpaste back in the tube.

    The Mariners reps had their Seattle Mariners Meatball patch removed for the ASG on one side and the star with number on the other.

    Re: the Dan Pastorini item…

    Does anybody else here get a little sad when they see photos of the beautiful old Houston Oilers’ uniforms? If nothing else, the light blue was unique among NFL teams and the helmet was both understated and iconic.

    I don’t mind the current Houston Texans’ look, but I do think there are way too many NFL teams that use navy as their primary color (is it eight now?)

    Yes, a little sad. During their recent redesign, have always thought the Titans should have gone with a uniform that was more of a nod to the old Oilers uniform than the less than stellar uniforms we got. They could have gone to the Columbia blue as primary jersey. White helmets and pants. Red as a trim colour.

    Am I the only one who thinks the eagles would we well served by doing a faux back? Use the old Kelly green era template, but replace all Kelly with midnight. It’s a more classic feel (replacing the god awful number font, among other bad elements) while maintaining the midnight green helmet which can be used with a new helmet sticker (a la rams and broncos throwback and color rash units, respectively)

    I was thinking, is there a way that the Padres would maybe make brown, navy blue, and yellow (or perhaps another bright color) work? The blue and brown might be too dark to work together, but it seems doable. Any artist out there care to throw in 2 cents?

Comments are closed.