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So Where’s the ‘Back in BFBS’ Design?

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Man, what is it with these foreign geezer-rockers and their obsession with our sports imagery? First it was the Stones aping American sports logos, and now it’s AC/DC selling MLB-, NHL-, and NFL-themed jerseys. (They have some CFL designs, too — you can see the full slate of offerings here.)

It might surprise you to learn that I like quite a bit of Aka Daka’s 1970s and ’80s material. Even saw the lads in 1988 at Madison Square Garden, don’tcha know. As for the jerseys, they’re a mixed bag — just slapping the band’s logo onto a jersey template works better in some cases than in others. I could say more, but nobody wants to get on Phil Rudd’s bad side these days, am I right?

(Big thanks to reader Jeff Rinker for sending this one in.)

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Clippers redesign sneak peek: The results of my recent Clippers-redesign challenge will be posted today on ESPN — link coming soon. are up now on ESPN. While you’re waiting for that, you can see all of the submissions here. Shown above: One of the more interesting submissions, by reader Daniel Abela.

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T-Shirt Club reminder: In case you missed it earlier this week, the Uni Watch T-Shirt Club’s latest design — the green alternate shirt — is now available. And in response to reader requests, we’ve added a women’s V-neck option, which comes in a slightly lighter shade of green. The men’s crew neck and women’s V-neck options are both shown below (click to enlarge):

To order, go here, and you can get further info here.

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Too good for Catch of the Day: Our own Mike Chamernik recently pointed me toward a truly awesome web project: Tiny PMS Match, where designer Inka Mathew takes everyday objects — some found in nature, others manufactured or processed — and finds their exact Pantone color match. The resulting photos are simple, charming, ingenious, surprising, delightful (and Abrams Publishing apparently agrees, because they’re turning the project into a book next year). I dare you not to love it.

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Mike’s Question of the Week
By Mike Chamernik

The MLB All-Star break has been nice for me because I haven’t had to think about my fantasy baseball team for the last few days. I’m in seventh place with a .500 record, and frankly I’m a little dismayed. Given the amount of time I’ve put in (like staying up until 2am to add/drop starting pitchers), I wish I were doing better.

One thing I do enjoy is my fantasy team name. I’m the Attack Crows, a reference to the old Loveline radio show. Okay, so even if I’m the only one who enjoys the homage, it’s a strong name regardless. Crows are mean and really smart, and they look menacing. Also, a group of crows is called a murder — a murder of crows! Just a lot to like.

What are some of the best team names you’ve used, whether for fantasy teams or real teams (softball, bowling, whatever), and why did you choose them? As always, post your responses in today’s comments.

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The Ticker
By Mike Chamernik

Baseball News: The Angels will hand out Irish flag caps tomorrow (from Josh Claywell). … The Orioles will give away a Maryland-themed O’s bobblehead on Aug. 1 (from Andrew Cosentino). … During last night’s Triple-A All-Star Game, OF Dariel Alvarez of the Norfolk Tides wore a Louisville Bats batting helmet (from Tyler Stern). … Also during the All-Star Game, Jackie Bradley Jr. had some stickers or something on the bill of his cap. Anyone know what that is? I didn’t see them on other players (from Brian Mazmanian). … Supermodel Christy Turlington helped show off the Giants’ new jerseys at their 1994 unveil. … Umpires traditionally wore blue. That’s not quite the case anymore (from Phil). … @dmoon sends in a cool shot of former outfielder Al Schacht leading a band while wearing a baseball uniform at the 1940 World Series. … Two minor league teams, the Durham Bulls and the Carolina Mudcats, have kept a consistent logo and look over the years but have still sold plenty of merchandise (from Ryan Burns). … When the Fort Wayne minor league team was renamed the TinCaps six and a half years ago, one of the nicknames considered was the Octane. So, the TinCaps held a “What Could’ve Been?” Night last Friday. … Andy Moursund wants help identifying both this object and what team might be depicted on it. A friend of his included this information: “At the Chantilly card show last weekend, some of the dealers who looked at it thought it was from the early 1900s. I think it is the top of a biscuit box.” … Chris Kite found a nifty (and really small-looking) Little League uniform at an antique sale in Smithfield, Rhode Island.

Pro Football News: Here’s a GIF of the evolution of the NFL’s logos, displaying all the teams alterations in chronological order (from Josh Claywell). … The other night, Boltman, the Chargers’ mascot, wore his full outfit and spoke in front of the San Diego City Council in favor of a proposed $2.1 million feasibility study for a new football stadium (from Kary Klismet). … New helmets for the Colorado Crush. … Testing out the old leatherhead helmets was a bit more primitive back in the day (from Aaron Husul).

College and High School Football News: What Woodward and Bernstein were to Watergate, Andrew Cosentino is to the new Virginia Tech practice facility. The place hung some new graphics and the field even has a name: Patrick D. Cupp field. … New uniforms for Montana State (from @HighImCody). … The Helix Highlanders, a high school team in California, have a trippy plaid endzone, designed by Brandiose (from Rich Cando). ”¦ Miami’s new uniforms, which will be unveiled this weekend, will be available at retail in only two numbers — 1 and 15 (from Mike McLaughlin). ”¦ Check out this makeshift-looking jersey that Warren Sapp wore during the 1994 AP College Football All-American Team TV special. Like, did he lose his regular jersey on the way to the studio or what?

Hockey News: New logo and uniforms for the Milwaukee Admirals. It’s a little bit of a mix of the team’s old and most recent designs. Additional info here. … The new National Women’s Hockey League is allowing fans to vote on all four teams’ jersey designs (from Bill Erdek).

Soccer News: Bastian Schweinsteiger transfered to Manchester United. The customized replicas on sale now can’t fit his full NOB (from Peter Schultz). … New kits for Everton (from Andrew Rader). … New uniforms for Panathinaikos FC Athens (from Zak Ioannidis). … New jerseys for Georgia State women’s soccer (from @w_cafferatta). … Tottenham Hotspur’s new away kit goes on sale tomorrow (from Shaun Sullivan). … New third jersey for West Virginia (from Matt Idleman).

Grab Bag: Michigan’s contract with Nike is $169 million over 11 years, which will be the richest deal in college sports (from Phil). … The Mexican swim team wore sombreros at the Pan American Games last night (from Phil). … The FIVB World League Final Round in Rio de Janeiro will have an LED net. I guess a regular net just isn’t acceptable (from Andrew Horne). … David Firestone examined a 26-year-old Colorado Lottery ball. Cool stuff! … I believe we’ve seen plenty of articles detailing the history of throwback sports clothier Mitchell & Ness, but here’s another piece on how it’s gotten to where it is (from Phil).

Comments (124)

    I never put much time into fantasy sports, I usually “played” to help a friend who needed one more team. around 2003, I had a fantasy baseball team called the “DC Expos.”

    my standard though, named after my level of committment was OTTODRAUGHTS. I won one year and finished second an 8 team league, it’s pretty simple – find the running back comes out of nowhere and put him on your team.

    Nacho Mamas for pool league team. Sexual Chocolate for an oozball (mud volleyball) team in college

    Those are paw prints on the brim of JBJ’s cap. Part of the ugly/stupid PawSox redesign, hopefully the move to providence improves things s

    Isn’t Helix High School Bill Walton’s Alma Mater? Is that why the end zone looks so “trippy”?

    We named our intramural basketball team the Cleveland Steamers. None of were from Cleveland. Snuck it past the censors.

    The National Women’s Hockey League link is a joke right!? I think they will need a uni watch re-design competition for the entire league.

    I don’t think they look *that bad*… I actually kinda like the first Boston jersey… but I also don’t think they have any chance of surviving. Four teams does not equal a viable league.

    And plenty of things that would not work if a major, established top-four men’s league tried them all of a sudden, do work for minor sports, minor leagues, and women’s athletics. The question is not whether a four-team league is sufficient for women’s hockey to challenge the NFL for cultural dominance next winter. The question is whether a four-team league is sufficient to put enough butts on bleachers to cover operating costs and grow the league. (Lots of other revenue sources count, too, but attendance is critical at start-up phase.) That’s what “viable” means in this instance, and the recent history of league launches has shown that it’s more dangerous to go too big too soon than it is to start conservatively.

    Somehow it always surprises me to be reminded of just how terrible that 1997 logo and uni set was. I’m not a fan of the new stuff, but at least it’s still better than the 1997 redo. The Admirals are going to look a lot like the Madison Capitols this season.

    My name is Jeff Sak so I’ve used Sakrifice Flies for fantasy baseball and Rochester Hills Sakmen for fantasy football. I was a teenager for the Flies so I attempted to make a logo with a fly (insect) superimposed over the Giants interlocking SF.

    I own a Durham Bulls cap because of Bull Durham. I wanted the same colors and design Nuke LaLoosh wore on the mound. I am glad they have the same logo that was in the flick still, it makes it more classic.

    Well… I called a created Madden team the New Orleans Flood, shortly after Katrina. I think I’m a far more terrible human than that guy who calls himself one.

    I name my fantasy baseball teams after characters from The Sandlot. Currently my team name is The Great Hambino, but for a while it was Squints Palledorous.

    My brother runs an F1 pool, my former team was Brenault, a combination of my first name and Renault. After years of futility I changed it this year to Morespeedy Brenz. Also doing terrible as I didn’t pick Hamilton.

    RE: QOTW

    My main fantasy football name is Brookline Bombers. I grew up in the Brookline neighborhood of Pittsburgh and Bombers sounded nice with it. Plus I made a pretty sweet WWII era style logo.

    But the one I like the most is the team name I use during the NCAA tourney brackets: ‘Morrie’s Wig Shop’. This is obviously a shout to my all time favorite movie Goodfellas. I just always thought it was funny that scene when he was taking football bets on the phone while getting collected on at the same time. In honor of one of cinemas all-time degenerate gamblers and ball-busters, I named my “team” after Morrie and his shop.

    Enjoy: link

    I always enjoyed the irony of how easily his wig came off in that scene (I think he actually had one of his TV commercials, which touted how well the wigs stayed on, playing in the background). Speaking of cinema’s all-time degenerate gamblers, let’s not forget about Mush from Bronx Tale!

    Put him and Coffee Cake in the bathroom. I don’t want his money touching my money.

    Great flick!

    My fantasy baseball team is called the Pontiac Robins. The robin is the state bird of Michigan and baseball teams are pretty commonly named for birds. Here’s my logo: link.


    When I attended Mizzou, I lived in a dorm called Cramer Hall. When the we entered in the flag football league, I came up with the name the “Cramer Crazies” which alludes to the Duke basketball fans.

    Still at Mizzou, I participated in fantasy football. However, I had a nickname that was more fantasy baseball apprpriate the “Dominican Alous”. It was allusion and pun to the family of baseball players and the Tracy Morgan SNL WU character.


    I always got a kick out of the burping contest in “Revenge of the Nerds” between Booger and Ogre. The Dean introduced Ogre by his given name. Ogre corrected him and that became my team name: “Ogre, You Asshole.”

    More QOTW:

    Forgot to add the softball team I played on had a slew of names over the years that usually came about during a night of much imbibing. We were named “ISAAC” (after Ted Lange’s character in Love Boat), “MANWICH,” because… Manwich, “Viva Del Santo!” after a.) the Mexican wrestler/action hero Santo and b.) the song by Southern Culture on the Skids, and “Two-Headed Larry” featuring a character on the front of the jersey with the heads of Larry from Bewitched and Larry from Three’s Company.

    “Sonya’s Sensuous School of Body Massage & Cosmetology” for intramural college softball team. Real-life Sonya didn’t much care for the team name, nor did she appreciate our habit of intoning “Sonya… Sonya … Sonya” like Tibetan monks when we were batting.

    Neither did our opponents.

    Ha! That’s awesome. When my team was called “Viva Del Santo!” (see post above), we’d play the Southern Culture on the Skids song of the same name as walk-up music for every batter. Annoyed the hell out of the other team… and the umps.

    Only do fantasy football. For a while it was Fermes, dont know why really but I do know is french for “closed”. However, a couple of years back I changed to “fighting falafels”. Now, my last name is jalife (pronounced hal-e-fe as in feint) but people have always called me al sort of nicknames kalifa, felipe, falafel, etc.
    Fighting Falafels it was. Also, I use the foo fighters logo (turned around) and changed the color combination to green and blue

    QotW: I don’t know about “best,” but some of my favorite fantasy team names I’ve used are,

    Alexandria/Amsterdam Seafarers
    Rhijnspoorplein/Bull Run Rhubarbs

    I’m usually pretty firm about sticking with the real-world format of Location Nickname, rather than the more common fantasy practice of stringing words together with no location. But this past winter, I went with Nautical Wheelers for my fantasy football team. Shocked everyone else in my league by making the semifinals, so maybe I need to stick with the no-location name thing.

    Crows is a terrific nickname that ought to be used in the Big Four pro leagues. Same with Gulls.

    “Rhijnspoorplein/Bull Run Rhubarbs


    Surprised it wasn’t Manassas

    I don’t really live in Manassas, and Bull Run looked better as jersey lettering when I drew up my uni concept.

    I agree with the location/nickname convention. Fantasy team names that don’t fit annoy me. My football team name since 2009 has been the DC Filibusters. I did a logo with a football field fit into the geographical shape of DC that was shamelessly ripped off from a Washington baseball fan design that was posted here years ago.
    From 2005-2008, I lived in Sydney, and my team name was the Sydney Salties. I like Filibusters, but I kinda miss the Salties.

    Mitchell+Ness is the acme of all things I lust after but probably should not possess.

    I don’t play fantasy baseball. One year, though, I got added late to a fantasy football team and a friend named my team for me: Stretch Suba’s Rainbow Guts. a name I still have today. Stretch Suba was a longtime bullpen catcher for the Astros in the 1970s until at least the 1990s and maybe into the 2000s. And Rainbow Guts is a term we prefer to call the Astros’ late ’70s unis instead of Tequila Sunrise.

    I’ve never had a fantasy team, or been given a position where I’m allowed to name things, but I’d like to have a team called the Maryland Mansons.

    All of my fantasy teams, have a play off of my name: Jerry’s Kids and Jerryatrics.

    I guess a regular net just isn’t acceptable.

    Yet another attempt to make a sport “spectator-” or “TV-friendly.” If this works well, you’ll see it at the Olympics.

    It doesn’t even really make sense from that angle either… your typical tv broadcast is mostly a side view so whatever they’re putting on the net isn’t going to be very visible/readable.

    It is if you’re a spectator sitting at either end. Also, a baseline shot is a standard camera position in volleyball.

    The Colorado Crush have more than just new helmets. Their entire team identity is new. The team plays in the semi-pro Indoor Football League and had been known from its founding in 2007 until yesterday as the Colorado Ice.

    The new Colorado Crush is not affiliated with the defunct Arena Football League team of the same name that John Elway used as his front-office proving ground in the early to mid-2000s. Rather, the trademark expired on the old Colorado Crush logo about a year ago, and the Colorado Ice jumped in to claim it.

    Further info here:


    It’s also worth noting that new Colorado Crush logo is essentially the same as the old Colorado Ice logo with a different word mark and a tweaked color scheme:



    Linked image fail. Let’s try this again:

    Old link Logo

    New link Logo

    …or just scroll down about halfway through link and see them side by side.

    When the mountains turn blue, you know your can of Colorado Ice is cold. And when you’re done drinking it, you Crush it.

    I work at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the Oscar people). Our softball team is called the Streakers.

    QOTW: My fantasy football team is the Denver Boots. I always liked that it could be read as either a nod to the city’s link or its role in setting the bar for link.

    QOTW: In our league, there’s always someone called the Dancin’ Homers. So I counter that with my cartoon name, Strickland Propane.

    Best name I ever saw was my first year at my new elementary school. We did various sports and each group named themselves, usually local teams like Trojans or Bears, etc. The name that sticks with me was a sixth-grade team called Romper Room Rejects. (Younger guys, ask your parents. They’ll know.)

    I don’t remember Weaver as an actor, but I know his wacky version of “Eleanor Rigby” that appeared on a Dr. Demento album. I believe Weaver was on some of Spike Jones’ classic recordings as well. So, yeah, I get the ref! B^) Very cool.

    My own QOTW response: I used to play in ESPN’s Baseball Challenge, and I named my team the “Orlando Cepedas”. I liked that it sounded like a real name, and indeed I did get some younger players who would ask me what if a cepeda was a type of bug or something. That new Any Schumer movie Trainwreck has kind of a similar joke (in the TV ads, anyway) where she says her favorite team is the “Orlando Blooms”.

    The only thing worse than playing fantasy sports is listening to others talk about their fantasy teams.


    QOTW: My fantasy team names are usually bad and/or dirty puns based on player names.

    My best/worst effort was “Supaman Dat Nguyen” which made sense to the few people in the world who cared about early-’00s Dallas Cowboys linebackers and understood the line link.

    re: Schweinsteiger’s long NOB

    Another United player, Ander Herrera has a link. But why are people trying to get custom jerseys now? Their Adidas deal is starting in a matter of weeks.

    My understanding is that they can’t sell Adidas gear (even for presale) until the Nike contract is out. The club shop, or any other outlet, only has the Nike gear.

    Also, we don’t know Schweini’s shirt number – Fellaini wears #31.

    My Clippers resign submission was not included in the Flickr album, any reason why? I emailed it a while before the due date.

    Brent Hatfield did something that more people should probably do: He Photoshopped his logo and jersey designs onto a press conference photo.

    I really don’t think that’s a good idea… seems like it would lead to more fake leaks and concepts going viral, like that guy with the fake MLB all-star caps.

    It should be a requirement to show how a design would look in its environment, because design doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Logos and uniforms are meant to live in a 3D world. And with all due respect to Paul and Phil, when people use photographs to jump to conclusion without checking the source, they kinda deserve to get burned.

    I named our flag football team the Phoenix Phoenixes. We play in Phoenix and a Phoenix is just a cool mascot/bird/thing, so why not double up?

    “Long Ball Larry”…an homage to both the home run and one of JB Smoove’s nicknames for Larry David on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

    I live in the Rochester, NY suburb of Henrietta, which is chock full of car dealerships, strip malls, grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, pizza shops, and 2-3 each of every fast food/donut/coffee franchise known to man. So when I play fantasy sports (which isn’t that often), I use the name Henrietta Urban Sprawlers.

    At least you have at least two Wegmans within running distance…and Abbotts…and Shallers….not to mention Beers of the World….

    ////Sister has lived in Rochester for close to 40(!) years.///

    As a big Monty Python fan, I named our company softball team Silly Bunts.

    QotW: My usual default team name was the Lakehurst Zeppelins. Made for good jokes about the team crashing and burning.

    One year my fantasy football team was the Hobart Giant Squid because giant squid had been washing up on the shores of Tasmania. Essentially, the team looked impressive, but was already dead.

    Have you noticed that people who win those big fantasy contests never have clever names? Usual Bob’s Team or Yankees Sux. Probably spending more time on making good picks than worrying about the team name.

    Not true. I’ve won several of my leagues and finished runner up a few times too. I think most have the brain capacity to do BOTH.

    I have been in Fantasy Football Leagues. My first team was Kensington (MD)Fire Dragons…then I was the Germantown Gamblers (helmet logo was dice) then my 11year old son got in a league (I was the team owner, he was GM.) We were Bryan’s Bombers (modified the Edmonton Eskimos logo). Also my children play house league ice hockey and some of the team names are interesting.

    Anyone else watch that video linked to in the article about the Colorado lottery ball showing how to encapsulate items in Lucite?

    I found it fascinating….

    Long week here at the office……

    Yes, I too was enthralled. I kinda want to start encapsulating all my stuff in lucite!

    I always like to reference a player on my team’s name, so this year’s fantasy baseball names are:
    “McCann’t Touch This.” – an ode to the great M.C. Hammer; and
    “Soler Eclipse”

    I read recently that the creator of that iconic AC/DC logo has never been compensated beyond what he got for the initial assignment for the album cover where it first appeared.

    Yeah, that’s kinda how things work. The designer gets paid to make a logo, then they no longer own it. They don’t get royalties. Copyright law is kinda fucked up, isn’t it?

    The, not to go all pedantic on you, but this doesn’t involve copyright at all, but rather trademark. They’re similar but different creatures, most notably here in the sense that to register a trademark under federal law you need to show use in commerce (among other things). That’s something a logo designer will never be able to do, for the simple reason that the logo he/she designs is intended to advertise some other entity’s goods or services.

    The most telling thing about the article linked to below is that guy who designed the AC/DC logo posts in the Comments section “if I don’t have a problem with it, why does anybody else?”

    The designer in this case alleges the agreement was for the album specifically and not the artwork in perpetuity.

    Here’s the exceprt from the book: link


    Cheap Trick has been using the same typewriter-style logo and design motif for nearly 40 years. That was originally created for their debut album by Paula Scher (now acknowledged as one of the greatest graphic designers of her generation and a partner at the design behemoth Pentagram), who at the time was a young designer at CBS Records. All in a day’s work….

    My fantasy baseball team is the Fightin’ Moses, in reference to the founder of Cleveland, Moses Cleaveland. The logo is an iteration on Wahoo which I believe ran here at uni-watch some time ago: link

    That’s terrific. Also disconcerting: The face looks eerily like Anton Chigurh to me.

    It bugs me when people keep their default team name. Like, you spent all this time researching, drafting, adding/dropping and setting lineups. Why not like 8 seconds to write a team name? If that’s how you roll, JTH, I dig it, but I’ve known people too lazy to switch the name.

    That’s not the default team name. The default team name is like James or jhuening or whatever.

    1. Dan Kennedy’s concept is one of the greatest I’ve seen in the history of Watch contests. Great attention to detail.
    2. Honorable mention for “best modernization of 1978-82 San Diego Clippers logo”: Bryan Phillips. Now I understand what the 1978-82 logo was _supposed_ to look like–thanks, Bryan!
    3. Among the AC/DC jerseys, I like the SF Giants one best. I like that Angus Young silhouette logo at the bottom of all the jerseys–nice touch.

    You can tell the person responsible for selecting the designs has no knowledge of real-world sports. The Chicago White Sox play “Thunderstruck” at the start of every game as they charge the field…and they don’t have a Sox jersey; instead they have a Cub version.

    Thunderstruck is played freakin everywhere. More likely, they’ve played a concert at Wrigley, and not where the White Sox play.

    Correct on both counts. That song is ubiquitous in the sporting world. And they’re playing at Wrigley in September.

    Now if they slapped the logo of the band link on a Cubs-style jersey, you might have a legitimate reason to be up in arms there, DJ.

    If the rationale is synching up to the venues they’re playing in, a Cubs jersey makes sense. But I reiterate: in Chicago “Thunderstruck” is associated with the Sox much more than the Cubs.

    Thanks Mark! I’m glad my intentions were noticed and understood. I was once as confused as you. Always felt it was a great concept that was poorly illustrated. Glad I was able to portray it’s purpose correctly.

    It might surprise you to learn that I like quite a bit of Aka Daka’s 1970s and ’80s material.

    No. That doesn’t surprise me one bit.

    Had you said you like any of their output beyond that time period, I would have been astonished.

    Fantasy Football: FYJ 1926, Based on the Frankford Yellow Jackets

    Fantasy Baseball: Hulk Juice based soley on the green juice we were served in LL.

    I hate fantasy sports, but begrudgingly played fantasy football at work one year, and my team was called “NAMBLA Utd.” I won, but have never played in another league.

    In college intramurals, our basketball team was called the “Lunch Newts” (a long story), and our soccer team was that old classic “Cunning Runts”.

    Deaf Gynecologists

    I’ll just leave that name there and slowly… walk… away…

    Great stuff, people. I don’t know what I love more: puns, historical references or sophomoric humor. Bonus points if your name combined all three!

    My current fantasy baseball team is named Inglorious Bastardos. My best achievement in the world of team names would probably be my bowling team, Bowlhemian Rhapsody. We even have our own logo: link

    My only current fantasy team is called Help Out The Seals. It’s from a dumb old movie called H.O.T.S.

    My best fantasy football name was “Raleigh Fingers” and of course a handlebar mustache was the helmet logo. Back in college our intramural team was “The Van Buren Boys” which is obviously a Seinfeld reference.

    That biscuit box has to be the University of Richmond Spiders, surely. URICH couldn’t be anything else, and the red fits their color scheme.

    I wanted ‘Reign of Error’ for the Slo-pitch team I was on, but I was voted down.

    For the annual ball hockey game one “official” team name is the Tina Yothers Armada United.

    Great quality, quantity, and variety in both the Rays and Clippers contests. Nice job everyone.


    My fantasy baseball team names over the years have varied depending upon where I’ve lived. My best ones were probably:

    – Windy City Flyers
    – DC Nine
    – Jet City Growlers
    – Jet City Hops
    – Jetset Conquistadors
    – El Guapo’s Plethora

    Other good ones in our league over the past few years:
    – Bacon Nation
    – Fighting Crabs
    – Some Beach
    – Kind of a Big Deal

    My fantasy baseball team this season: The Yard Fiddlers

    Teams from the past:

    * Kentucky Thrillbillies
    * Tampa Bay Tiburons
    * St. Petersburg Samurai (The season that I tried to draft nothing but Japanese players.)
    * Tampa Bay Mariners
    * Florida White Sox
    * Tampa Bay Giants

    We still use the “Louis St. Cardinals”, even though we don’t live on Louis Street.

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