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Astros Unveil Gold Championship Uniform

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The defending World Series champion Houston Astros yesterday released the gold-themed uniform that they plan to wear for the first two games of the season, on March 30 and 31.

As you can see above, the uniform includes a gold-trimmed cap. Here’s a closer look at that:

The jersey has the usual lopsided “Astros” lettering, but outlined in gold, along with a gold uni number:

There’s a championship patch on one sleeve and a gold version of the team’s uni advertisement on the other:

The gold-trimmed lettering and gold number also appear on the back of the jersey:

The back of the jersey also includes a golden version of the MLB logo:

This is the second time that the Astros have worn a gold championship uniform. They also wore one to open the 2018 season, after winning the 2017 World Series. Here’s a comparison of the two gold uniforms:

The tradition of MLB teams wearing a gold-accented uniform after winning the World Series began with the 2005 Red Sox, but they wore their gold gear only for their ring ceremony, not for the Opening Day game itself. Here’s how the gold phenomenon played out from there:

  • 2006: White Sox, no gold uni
  • 2007: Cardinals, gold trim
  • 2008: Red Sox, no gold uni
  • 2009: Phillies, gold trim
  • 2010: Yankees, no gold uni
  • 2011-present: All subsequent defending champions have opened the season wearing a gold-trimmed uniform. Here are the ones from 2011, 2012. 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022.

What do you think will happen if the Yankees win another title — will they go for the gold, or will they once again abstain?



Can of the Day

Here’s an absolute beauty of an old typewriter ribbon can. Look at that vertically arched lettering! Love the colors and overall Art Deco design, too. Lots of additional pics here.



What Paul Did Yesterday

Tomorrow is my birthday, but I decided to celebrate it yesterday because I figured it would be easier for people to join me on a Sunday. I began by meeting up with a few friends at the New-York Historical Society, which currently has an exhibit on the history of Jewish delicatessens in NYC. Here are some photos I took:

As you might imagine, that kind of exhibit can make you hungry, so we headed downtown and met up with more friends at Katz’s, New York’s oldest and most famous Jewish deli. It’s one of my favorite places in the city, and it was great to be there with so many of my favorite people:

We all cracked up when my friend Michael ordered the split pea soup, because it perfectly matched his outfit:

As for me, of course I went straight for the pastrami on rye:

At the end of the meal, our waiter (who was a real character) brought me a single rugelach with a birthday candle, which was perfect:

After that, we went out for a few drinks. A really fun birthday — and it isn’t even my real birthday yet!

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    Happy early birthday, Paul. Holy shit, from the numbers on that bill/receipt, it appears a meal at Katz’s does not come cheap!

    Was about to say that; looking at that orange receipt, that’s over $500 for a party of 13, plus a 20% service charge, plus another $50 in tax. Wow.

    14 of us, actually. So it was about $52/head, including tax and tip.

    Honestly, fifty bucks a head doesn’t seem like a lot to me at all, especially considering we had a *lot* of beer plus lots of things “for the table” (fries, slaw, etc). I’d never call it inexpensive or a bargain or anything like that, but I don’t think it’s outrageous, esp in NYC.

    Happy birthday Paul!!

    I gotta say as a Mariners fan, I DO like the Astros hat, and can’t wait until this time next year when the Mariners unveil their WS gold trimmed uniforms.

    Happy Birthday, Paul!

    As far as the Astros uniforms go, I think my favorite pic is the one with the player (Is that actually Peña?
    I assume so) looking longingly at the ad patch.

    The discarded pickle is somehow a sign of a great meal. Happy Birthday, Paul. Thanks for everything you do.

    Happy Birthday! How great to see the Bernstein’s on Essex ad. The first strictly kosher restaurant with Chinese cuisine. Brings back lots of memories.

    Happy Birthday, Paul.

    The gold trimmed uni is such a good “new” tradition: celebratory but not over the top. Certainly not as braggadocious as this:


    The only restriction I would put on it is the team can only wear the gold for their first home series.

    Happy Bday Paul!
    I think the description of gold trimmed doesn’t really apply here. Cardinals in ’07, Phillies in ’09, Red Sox in ’19, Dodgers in ’21, those were gold trimmed uniforms. Gold was added as accents around the existing uniform elements. The Astros this year, and other past champions actually change the existing elements to be gold. I prefer the actual gold trim to the gold-ified(?) style the Astros are going with this year.

    Happy birthday, Paul!

    When the Yankees next win a Series, I bet they eschew on-field gold trim on the tired reasoning that they should act like for the Yankees winning a championship is No Big Deal or Just Another Day at the Office. If fans want to be all surprised and amazed at winning a World Series and treat it like a moment of special joy, they have 29 other teams they could root for.

    If the Yanks win a championship, I’d like to see the team wear the ROAD jersey for the home opener but with any white accents on the top be changed to gold. Leave the home pins alone

    FYI rugelach is plural. It’s much less common to hear the singular, but it would be something like rugala/rugalah/rugaleh. Please make a note of it. :)

    How so? From the link…


    Yiddish rugelekh, rogelekh, plural of rugele, rogele, diminutive of rog corner, of Slavic origin; akin to Polish róg horn, corner”

    Happy Birthday, Paul!
    That is one delicious looking offering from Katz’s!
    I’ve never had a pastrami sandwich from anywhere, so I wonder:
    Is rye bread the best ‘delivery system’?
    I’m from cheesesteak & hoagie territory, where long rolls are standard(though there is 1 place that puts steaks on round poppy-seed kaisers…sloppier than usual but rather good).

    Rye is certainly the most traditional option. But you could go with a hard roll, a hero bun, or whatever your favorite bread happens to be. I would certainly *start* with rye, and then you can use that as a baseline if you want to explore further.

    The Astros version 2 of the gold-trimmed uniforms is giving me vibes of their 90s set, probably because that blue lettering/gold trim would not have looked out of place on them.

    The hat, which looks amazing, is almost an exact mashup of their current design with the one from the ’90s.

    I saw that exhibit Saturday and headed over to the 2nd Avenue Deli (now on 1st Ave and 75th). Great exhibit and it is there until April 2. Would have been crazy to run into Paul there. Shame that I have been to so many of those delis and they are dying out.

    An idea for a Yankees Championship jersey (best left on the drawing board, but fun nonetheless) is to have one gold pinstripe, the one running behind the center of the interlocking NY, encircling the player amid the traditional navy ones.

    Does the Cheatin’ Astros “Championship” uniform count against their 4+1?

    I haven’t been to Katz’s since I moved to Staten Island so Harold’s in Edison NJ is my go to deli –


    Good food but it lacks Katz’s atmosphere.

    With all the ad patches it makes me wonder how teams will take on anniversary and celebration type patches. Here the Astros replace their traditional patch for the ad/champ patches, similar to Mariners replacing their patch with the ASG one as we’d assume for a possible ad patch. Feel like it used to be pretty rare teams would replace their logo, similar to how the Mets did in 2012 (50th) and 2013 (ASG), since there would be an open sleeve. Now I’d guess we see way more of it.

    Gold & orange just don’t jive together. The Flyers 50th anniversary jersey suffered from the same problem.

    That pastrami sandwich looks awesome. If I ever make it to NYC, I’m heading straight to some of the best delis, like Katz’s, as well as going in search of some of the best bagels.

    Happy pre-birthday! Is it still a thing to tip a dollar to the crew behind the meat counter and they double the pastrami? It’s tasty but the sandwich becomes unstructurally sound and I become unstructurally full.

    I usually enjoy seeing what the “gold accents” on defending champion’s uniforms will be each year… I can’t say I feel the same way this year. This seems like too much gold to me.

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