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Rams, Broncos Prank Players with Ugly Christmas Uniforms

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The Rams and Broncos are facing each other on Christmas Day. Both teams have had awful seasons and are going nowhere, but they did manage to add some levity to the holiday season yesterday by collaborating with CBS, which is televising the game, on a fun prank.

In short: Each team set up a mannequin wearing an “ugly sweater”-style uniform that the players would supposedly be wearing for the game. They also set up a camera to document the players’ reactions, some of which were priceless. Check out these video clips:

Nicely done. Kudos to all involved!

(Kudos also to Joshua Tretakoff, who was the first to let me know about this one.)


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I’ll have the Ticker later this morning, and that’ll be a wrap for this week. Phil will have light content tomorrow, and then I’ll be back on Christmas Day with the year-end raffle results.

If you’re traveling today, or just dealing with the polar whatsis, stay safe. And whatever your weekend plans are, have a great holiday weekend. Ho-ho-ho! — Paul

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    The only thing worse than those ‘ugly sweater’ unis was the “Christmas” music along with the video. Horrible.

    imma be real, I really like these actually, unironically. Like okay, maybe you in theory could tone down the patterns a bit for visibility, tweak it and whatnot, but I think one game a year with silly Christmas unis sounds like a fun idea and it wouldnt look bad either. I mean hey there’s already the Nickelodeon stuff, this would be tamer to see in comparison.
    And hey, would make sense from a merch standpoint too. Win-win.

    I agree, I like the idea. At the end of the day this is just a game. Wish they had more fun with holidays like how the NBA used to with Christmas uniforms and St Patty’s day unis

    i love the helmets for both and would love to see them used. those were fun.
    the one guy that asked about using “dasher” on his nameplate is a person i think i could be friends with.

    If they didn’t go *quite* so overboard with the ugly sweater motif, and left the helmets as they are, this would have been much more believable. While it seemed most of the players immediately got that it was a joke, I bet a few more would have bought into it if the jersey modifications were a bit less obvious. The fact that even one or two players bought it speaks volumes as to how clueless players are when it comes to alts (or perhaps not clueless…with all the crap/specialty/”city” unis foisted on the different leagues, perhaps they believed this was just the natural evolution of this horrible trend).

    With all that being said, I’d actually gladly trade having the “ugly sweater” uniforms being for real if the players would start tucking in their undershirts, wearing pants that actually go to (and past) their knees, and all wear same color (and actual) socks. But the days of uniform uniforms are long gone

    Any idea who or where the untucked jersey and longer undershirt began? I see it at all levels of football now, it’s the cool thing to do. I remember when I played Pop Warner football (peewee) and a big time was “jersey muddy always be tucked in.” Do you think this is maybe why the mono uni has gained popularity (you get a break layer between top and bottom) or the opposite (to break up the mono)?

    I actually think the reindeer logo on the broncos helmet looks cool . That is the only aspect I would keep for the Xmas game

    I believe the Rams are set to release a new alternate uniform next season. It looks like to me the Rams are hinting at an all yellow look with that yellow helmet.

    these are hilarious. this really looks like a uniform they would put in madden ultimate team. don’t be surprised if you see them on there….for a hefty price, of course. lol.

    Eliminate the Christmas decorations on the Rams helmet and you´re left with a good looking alternate lid…maybe it´s not Philadelphia Bell/Oakland Invaders good, but I like it.

    No worse than what the Broncos wear now, those things and that logo were played out the day after Nike introduced them so long ago.

    Sad part is there a lot of shitty high school football uniforms across the US that actually look just like these. Anyone else notice that a lot of high school football uniforms are terrible?? And why is that??

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