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Collector’s Corner for Dec. 20, 2022

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Christmas is just five days away, so maybe not enough time to get this onto your tree (does Santa use FedEx?) but check out this terrific-looking Dallas Cowboys 3D Stadium Ornament. That’s a cool design, a “3D” rendering of JerryWorld™. The seller also has these for the Saints, Bucs, Texans, and KC and their respective stadiums. Each says “Here’s to a Wonderful Season” on the back side.

Now for the rest of this week’s picks:

That’ll do it for this edition of CC. See you back here next week, and a very Merry Christmas to all!

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    I can not think of an item that says ¨Christmas¨ quite like those Sears jerseys…well, maybe that air rifle.
    I Miss The Wish Book!

    I remember the wonderful Mary Tyler Moore wearing the not-so-wonderful Tarkenton jersey (I never liked him, despite his name, and because I was a Giants fan who saw him scramble for 45 seconds and then throw a pick too many times in my first years of fandom). But the football uni-meets-pop culture moment for me was an episode of “McMillan and Wife” from the same timeframe, where Susan Saint James and Rock Hudson were lounging around on the bed one morning and she was wearing a white 49ers Gene Washington jersey. (I hadn’t developed my dislike for the Niners yet).

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