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Monday Morning Uni Watch

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Good morning, and happy Hanukkah to all who began observing last night!

Now then: It took quite a while, but the Jets finally wore their green jerseys yesterday. First time all season that they’ve done that. Naturally, because this team can’t do anything right aesthetically, they had to ruin it by going mono-green (additional photos here). I’m about as big a green booster as you’ll ever find — I have a green sofa, green towels, green sheets, green rugs, quite a bit of green clothing, and a green-themed website — but not even I think this uni combo is a good idea.

As it turned out, that was just the start of yesterday’s mono-combo shenanigans. Here’s what else unfolded around the league:

  • The Jags went mono-black:
  • The Panthers went black over black but did not wear their new black alternate helmets:

  • The Saints also went black over black (not unusual for them, but it seems worth mentioning because of all the other black-clad teams yesterday):
  • The Bucs went mono-pewter, which is really one of the worst looks in the league:
  • The Commies went mono-burgundy:
  • The Chargers wore their royal-over-royal alternates:
  • In happier news, the Eagles and Bears played a very good-looking game in Chicago:

  • In that same game, the Eagles’ sideline tablets were apparently frozen, because they were heating them up:
  • Speaking of the Eagles, there’s this (disclaimer: I have not fact-checked it):

  • Not a single home team wore white.

As for tonight, it’s the Rams vs. the Packers,

(Big thanks to Jonathan Safron for the Eagles tablet photo.)


Looking Good

Jared Buccola, who’s become our de facto Uni Watch lacrosse correspondent, recently ordered a pair of decals and created his own Uni Watch lacrosse helmet. I like it — nice job, Jared!


Important Reminders

In case you missed it on Friday, our annual year-end raffle, where I give away dozens of cool items I’ve accumulated during the preceding 12 months, is now taking place. Full details here.

There’s also this note from Phil:

In case you missed it, yesterday was the announcement of the annual “Vilkmas Raffle” (very similar to the year-end raffle Paul runs, only much smaller). Jim Vilk has once again generously donated some of his gently used sports items, which he’ll give away (including postage!) to the lucky winners. The deadline for entries is tomorrow, Dec. 20, at noon ET, so act fast! Full details can be found here.

Okay, people. You know what to do!

Comments (39)

    If Jimmy Kempski tells you something, you don’t need to fact check it. He’s a beat writer for the Eagles and isn’t wrong about facts.

    Lot of mono-a-mono. Just doesn’t look professional to me, though I’m sure that’s a generational thing. C’mon, NFL teams, show us both your team colors!

    Simple solution to the chargers having two alternates (both looks are good, but unnecessary). Keep the royal blues (best look among color rush unis) but make the navy look a true throwback to Seau-era, complete with navy helmets.

    Could do that next year if they add another helmet to the mix. I’d like to see some yellow pants with the royal jersey’s. That would be a great look from the mid 80’s.

    Lack of pants stripes, lack of tv numbers on the jersey, overly large chest wordmark, mono uniform. Everything about the Commies scream fake football team in a tv show or movie.

    IMO, all of those solid pants need a stripe. Wash, NO, Jax, et al. They look like leotards without. And contrasting sock tops. Old school rules!

    Not a fan of Washington’s mono-burgandy last night BUT the Giants road whites with red and the blue helmets are spectacular. What a great road uniform.

    YES, commanders pants need stripes badly. also, is there any way they could still wear throwback redskins unis just sans the name/logo OR using the new W logo or just the number?

    The traditional uniforms (sans logos) associated with the previous branding worked well during the WFT era…and would have been even better with a yellow pants option…, but they were sadly cast aside for this mis-matched dreck.
    While I personally long for the return of the 1958-64 or, to a lesser degree, the yellow helmet timeframe uniforms(even if it is just a one-off as they were in 2007), I am not optimistic that the Commies will ever throwback to the Skins era, even in an inaccurate fashion…too many roadblocks for me to see a road back, and who knows what this team may look like when a post-Snyder ownership group takes the reigns.

    Still don’t understand the NFL alternate helmet pairing rule. The Bengals had to bring back their old color rush design because they weren’t allowed to pair it with their current white uniforms (which appear specifically designed to match the white helmet, and look out of place with the orange helmet), while the Panthers can wear their alternate black helmet with their standard black jersey? It seemed at first like they got around that by saying it was an alternate uniform when going mono black, but here they have paired the silver helmet with the black jersey and pants.
    Once strong NFL uniform guidelines going the way of the dinosaurs.

    On the mascot opponents of the Eagles, I started trying to figure it out. Not sure exactly how the fact is meant to be understood. Two things that have confused me:

    #1. Eagles play Saints on January 1, 2023. The Saints have a dog mascot. So if the fact only nicknames, not considering sideline costume mascots?

    #2. Here’s what I found when looking at old scores, starting from that Bears game and going back in time:

    1. @ Bears 12/18
    2. v Titans 12/4
    3. @ Colts 11/20
    4. @ Texans 11/3
    5. @ Cardinals 10/9
    6. v Jags 10/2
    7. @ Lions 9/11
    8. @ Broncos 11/14/21
    9. @ Lions 10/31/21
    10. @ Panthers 10/10/21
    11. LOST v. Chiefs 10/3/21

    Hoping one of you brighter than me can help me understand.


    1. 12/18/22 Bears
    2. 11/20/22 Colts
    3. 10/9/22 Cardinals
    4. 10/2/22 Jaguars
    5. 9/11/22 Lions
    6. 11/14/21 Broncos
    7. 10/31/21 Lions
    8. 10/10/21 Panthers
    9. 9/12/21 Falcons

    Last loss: 12/20/20 Cardinals

    Here’s how I interpret it:

    12/18 – BEARS (animal mascot) W
    12/14 – Giants (not an animal mascot) – W
    12/4 – Titans (not an animal mascot) – W
    11/27 – Packers (not an animal mascot) – W
    11/20 – COLTS (animal mascot) – W
    11/14 – Commanders (no mascot at all) – L
    11/3 – Texans (not an animal mascot) – W
    10/30 – Steelers (not an animal) – W
    10/16 – Cowboys (not an animal) – W
    10/9 – CARDINALS (animal mascot) – W
    10/2 – JAGUARS (animal mascot) – W
    9/25 – Commies (no mascot) – W
    9/19 – Vikings (not an animal) – W
    9/11 – LIONS (animal) – W
    They lost a preseason game to the Dolphins, but I’m assuming that doesn’t count. Going back to last season:
    Week 10 – Broncos – W
    Week 8 – Lions – W
    Week 5 – Panthers – W
    Week 1 – Falcons – W
    Those were the only games against animals in 2021, so back to 2020:
    Week 15 – Cardinals – L – This was the last time they lost to a team with an animal mascot. So 5 games this season and 4 last season = 9 wins against animal teams.

    1. 12/18/22 Bears
    2. 11/20/22 Colts
    3. 10/9/22 Cardinals
    4. 10/2/22 Jaguars
    5. 9/11/22 Lions
    6. 11/14/21 Broncos
    7. 10/31/21 Lions
    8. 10/10/21 Panthers
    9. 9/12/21 Falcons

    Last loss: 12/20/20 Cardinals

    The irony in Paul (rightfully) crapping on the Jets’ mono-green is that it is to my eyes the best mono look from yesterday. The stripe design is bad, but there is enough white in there to make it not a complete eyesore. Unlike Jacksonville or New Orleans. (The Saints black-over-gold is SUCH a great look, it’s a crime they go with the black pants so often.)

    I agree! I say from the back, the Jets uniform looks pretty damn good. It’s when you get to the front and see the italicized NEW YORK and taper to the shoulder pointies that the look is soured.

    The Jets mono on green turf is like watching Boise State on their blue field. It’s terrible.

    The best mono look to me was Tampa. Proper pants striping, nice very visible numbers, and it looked better on TV than it does in that photo. Probably looked even better in person. And I’m so glad the Bengals didn’t wear the zebra helmet. Turned out to be an enjoyable looking matchup.

    Two things for me this weekend:

    1. The head-to-toe black is -in my opinion – their best currently available look.
    2. The Dolphins, as a team, wore aqua socks this weekend, further reinforcing the concept that all white socks are garbage, and any and all teams would be better off with contrasting socks.


    I’m not a fan of the all white sock look many teams have been using, even when I admit it looks better when paired with contrasting pants, like when the Eagles have white socks with midnight green pants.

    Something about the solid white socks looks like it is an incomplete uniform element, and I also don’t like the trend of specific players wearing solid white socks when the rest of the players are wearing a totally different color.

    Horrible NFL uniform day. All those hideous monos need to go. Immediately. It isn’t that hard to figure out.

    Boys (and Ladies), I think it’s time we infiltrated the New Orleans Saints and “disappeared” the black britches. Enough is enough.

    I was listening to my Led Zepplin box set this weekend. Thought how great it would be for the Vikings to enter the field to “Immigrant Song”. Thoughts? I’m a Bears fan too by the way. So why I was even envisioning this is beyond me LOL

    Good call, would be even more fitting if they still played outside:

    “We come from the land of the ice and snow
    From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow…”

    No monochrome set is OK unless it is in white. And yes, all football pants needs stripes. And yes, no football jersey should have colored side panels or contrast colored piping.

    Almost perfect looking game Sunday night. Love the Commanders colors.
    They have the most legendary colors as compared to the rest of the league, although they do share the worst logo in the NFL with the Giants.

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