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Sunday Morning Uni Watch

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Good Sunday Morning, Uni Watchers. Welcome to your Sunday Morning Uni Watch.

While the Third Saturday in November isn’t necessarily known for the annual USC/UCLA color-vs-color tilt (though the teams are playing for the Victory Bell — and each year the victors paint it in school colors), since the color-vs-color matchup was revived in 2008, it’s become must watch uni TV. But if you saw last night’s game, it was just plain Must. See. TV.

But still, the unis…

Uni Watchers may not realize the seminal moment that was 2008: it was the de facto reason for the change in color-vs-color rules in College Football. Let’s rewind a bit: USC and UCLA shared the Coliseum from 1929 to 1981 — in those years, both teams would wear “home” (color) jerseys — they were not the only schools to do this, but it was one of the more storied color-vs-color games. Until 1983, players on both teams wore their home football jerseys for the game. But the tradition ceased in 1984 and games remained color-vs-white until the mid-2000s. What happened next, Wikipedia says better than I can:

Starting in 2006, the coaches at the time, USC coach Pete Carroll and UCLA coach Karl Dorrell, expressed an interest in restarting the tradition of both teams wearing primary colored home jerseys. At the time, the NCAA football rules Article 3. a. stated, “Players of opposing teams shall wear jerseys of contrasting colors, and the visiting team shall wear white jerseys.” USC coach Pete Carroll said he would be willing to lose two timeouts during the game so that the USC team could wear their cardinal jerseys for the UCLA–USC football game on December 6, 2008. It was determined before the 2008 game that the visiting school would only lose one timeout for incorrect equipment. Carroll agreed to forfeit a timeout to satisfy the ruling and Coach Rick Neuheisel agreed to forfeit one, in return (even though, as the coach of the home team, he was not required to do so by the ruling) to get back this tradition, and it was renewed in the 2008 game. In the wake of the coaches’ decisions, the NCAA decided to amend their rules regarding away teams’ uniforms (which were originally put into place to provide more contrast for black-and-white photography and television broadcasts), changing the rule to state that the teams must agree on the decision for both teams to wear their colored jerseys before the game and that the uniforms must be of easily contrasted colors. Since the home team is already required to wear its colored home jerseys and would not be in violation of any equipment rules, this essentially leaves the decision up to them as to whether or not to allow the visiting team is to wear their home uniforms.

So, we have USC and UCLA, still the premiere color-vs-color game, for paving the way for other schools to wear home uniforms against each other. Every week, we have a couple color-vs-color games now, including one yesterday between Liberty and Virginia Tech, who went blue vs. orange to pay tribute to UVa (a very nice gesture). But this one is still the best.

One thing about the game that annoyed me. Take a look at the inline photo above. Notice anything amiss? That’s right — the two USC players pictured were wearing different color socks (or sleeves, or tights, or whatever they were). One in solid black, providing nice contrast with the pants, and the other in gold socks, for the dreaded superhero look. This wasn’t an isolated player or two…many players were sporting both color socks, and some went basically barelegged.

Some even had it “both” ways:

For their part, UCLA went either barelegged or wore gold tights. It wasn’t a great look, but at least it was a bit more … uniform.

But all in all, this is probably still my favorite uni-matchup of the year. And one for which the two teams themselves are directly responsible.

More photos here.

And with that, I’ll turn this over to TJ, who will bring you your…

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Sunday Morning Uni Watch
by Terry Duroncelet, Jr.

From Tuesday:

• Toledo/Bowling Green: Contrast Matters: Return of the MAC Edition.

• Ball State/Ohio: I know I don’t mention Ball State often, but for whatever reason, this look worked well with their red endzones and opponent Ohio in all-white. And who doesn’t love this lad on the helmets?

From Wednesday:

• Kent State/Eastern Michigan: Odd light blue tops once again for Kent State.

• Central Michigan/Western Michigan: Yep. It’s a November game in the State of Michigan, alright. Gotta love a good snow game.

From Thursday:

• Tulane/SMU: Hybrid elements for SMU. They wore their Dallas whites, but with the standard Mustang logo decal, as opposed to the big D. Oh, and Tulane in BFBS, I guess.

From Friday:

• Tulsa Tulsa/USF: The Golden Hurricane were seeing double on Friday night.

From Saturday:

• Liberty/Virginia Tech: As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, there was a horrible shooting recently on the University of Virginia campus that claimed the lives of Lavel Davis Jr., Devin Chandler, and D’Sean Perry, who were football players for the university. Liberty (based in Lynchburg, Virginia) and Virginia Tech (Blacksburg, Virginia) chose to honor their memory with a color-vs-color game (Twitter announcement here), with the Flames in full-navy, and the Hokies in mono-orange with white helmets (Virginia’s school colors being navy and orange, of course). Virginia Tech even went as far as to theme out their Twitter account in UVA’s colors.

• Because there are far too many to count, several schools responded to the tragedy by wearing helmet decals, including (but certainly not limited to): Ohio StateVanderbilt, and LSU, among many others. Tennessee went as far as using Virginia’s logo on the back of their helmets.

• Notre Dame/Boston College: I saw exactly 2 things in this game: Jack, and Shit.

• Minnesota/Iowa: Goldie sighting! (closer look)

• Columbia/Cornell: This truly was the day of color-vs-color! Also, this is apparently the first time in 40 years that Cornell has worn a helmet decal that wasn’t a big ‘C’.

• Utah State/San José State: …Case in-point. Also, Utah State wore #6 on the side of their helmets in honor of San José State RB Camden McWright, who passed away back in October.

• Harvard/Yale: No words. Only photos

• South Carolina/Tennessee: Now hear me out: ORANGE HELMETS. In terms of bringing out certain combinations in certain contexts, I think Tennessee has done the best job of this all season, and the new orange lids are a prime example of something that was so obvious it had to be done, but next-to-nobody thinks of it, and when it DOES get done, we all go “why didn’t I think of that?!”. The BFBS and smoke lids are great in the context of the 31 days of Halloween, but this is good year-round. Too bad that last night’s result will forever curse this helmet with the name “Rocky Flop”.

• LSU/UAB: The Blazers are green with envy. Except that the green is inconsistent. L.J. Sparvero writes; “UAB’s nameplates look like they’re a different shade of green (or at least a different material) than their jerseys.”

• Arizona State/Oregon State: This is the most Sun uniform I’ve ever seen.

• Florida State/Louisiana: BFBS for Florida State.

• Louisville/NC State: I genuinely thought that this was a home game for NC State, but NOPE!

• Vanderbilt/Florida: Orange trou for Florida

• Charlotte/LA Tech: See, now this is an example of how NOT to do alternate colored jersey tops.

• Iowa State/Texas Tech: BFBS for Iowa State.

• Mississippi State/East Tennessee State: Remember these helmets? The Bulldogs flipped them for their game on Saturday.

• Cal/Stanford: I LOVED Cal’s uniforms in this game. Stanford also broke out the throwbacks, which made the overall game look absolutely STELLAR (that Cardinal shot also gives us a shot of that 125th Big Game decal). Cal joins Cornell in wearing a helmet flavor that hasn’t been seen in 40+ years.

• • • • •
Thanks TJ! Fantastic stuff, as always! And now we’ll move on to Wade Heidt, with all the action from America’s Hat.


Canadian University Uni Watch

New for 2022 is Canadian University Uni Watcher Wade Heidt, who has joined the SMUW crew this year and will bring us some looks at three-down, 110-yard Canadian university football from up north. That’s Wade to the right side of your screen (you can even click to enlarge). The shirt Wade is wearing was created by the one and only Wafflebored! Wade’s rundown will appear every week on SMUW until the season ends.


• • • • •

Canadian University Uni Watch
by Wade Heidt

You know what time it is! Time for some university football uniform watching Canadian rules style! It’s time for the CUUW!

The conference champions have emerged and will now battle each other. The national semifinals taking place this weekend. The Uteck Bowl and the Mitchell Bowl.

So how is it determined which team plays in which game? The teams and host sites for the Uteck Bowl and the Mitchell Bowl rotate on a six-year cycle. In each cycle each of the four conferences hosts and visits every other conference once. The Uteck Bowl is held in the easternmost of the two venues.

Simple right? This season the Uteck Bowl is scheduled to have the Canada West champion visit the Atlantic champion. The Mitchell Bowl has the Quebec champion visiting the Ontario champion. The winners to meet in the Vanier Cup in London, ON.

Uteck Bowl in Antigonish, NS.

• There is not going to be much more variation in uniforms as we get late in the playoffs. Beautiful fall day in Nova Scotia. The St. Francis Xavier X-Men stayed with the navy over navy combo at home. The visiting Saskatchewan Huskies keeping with the green pants. White over green for the Huskies. Fun fact. The second team called the Huskies that St. FX have played this year.

Mitchell Bowl in London, ON.

• Standard looks for both schools at home and on road. The undefeated Western Mustangs wearing purple over purple at home. The Laval Rouge et Or going with their gold/white/red combo. A big comeback in this game and the result guaranteeing a new Vanier Cup champ this year.

Both road teams won! The Vanier Cup national championship game will feature the Saskatchewan Huskies against the Laval Rouge et Or next Saturday. Laval last won the Vanier Cup in 2018. Saskatchewan was in the game last year, but they have not won a Vanier Cup since 1998.

In case you were wondering. Further to my comment about more than one Huskies team. Yes, we have seen Huskies vs. Huskies in the Vanier Cup. More than once. The last one was in 2002 when Saint Mary’s defeated Saskatchewan. Here is a photo of the 1990 Huskies vs. Huskies Vanier Cup.

• • • • •
Thanks, Wade! Great stuff — see you next weekend!


Uni Tweet of the Day

I’m not sure it’s the *worst,* but it’s close…


And finally...

… that’s it for the SMUW part of the College Football roundup. Jimmer Vilk’s Five and One will be published at 8:00 Eastern, and the Uni Tracking section will go live at 8:30. We’ll also have today’s ticker at 9:00. And … because today is the Grey Cup Championship (that’s like the Super Bowl of Canada), Wade Heidt will have a special article later this morning with a great lookback at the 2010 throwbacks to the 1970s all teams wore that year. So definitely keep checking back in today!

My thanks, as always, to TJ and Wade — great stuff as always!

Everyone have a pleasant Sunday and a great week, and let me be the first to wish all our American readers a Happy Thanksgiving! White meat may be for suckers, but I’m all over it on Thursday!

Catch you next Saturday, but until then…



Comments (13)

    All of the ACC teams wore the Virginia helmet decals seen on Tennessee’s helmets

    The NC State/Louisville game usually looks like a scrimmage match, but they fixed it this year.
    Unfortunately Miami didn’t wear green pants vs. Clemson, which turned out orange/white game as White/White/Orange vs. Orange/Orange/White

    Ooof, The Game isn’t looking good this year. They broke something beautiful. Those numerals and those blue pants on Yale. Ugh. Stop messing around Ivies.

    If I still did 1-AA games in The Five, this would have made it *because* of the blue pants.

    I’ve liked Arizona State’s unis the last couple of years. Even though it’s not a school color, I like the use of copper.

    BYU has also looked good lately, but they should drop the navy and just go with Royal. No need for both.

    not a huge college football fan by any means, but that usc-ucla matchup was a feast for the eyes. hope other college teams follow suit. i mean, why not? they don’t make major uniform changes (like some teams in the nfl), so color on color is a nice change of pace.

    One other UVa memorial I noticed: the USC-UCLA game had an orange hashmark at the 1, 15 and 41 yard lines.

    I noticed this on Oregon’s field as well. I did a quick Google search and it sounds like all Pac 12 schools did it.

    I really hope the Vols don’t fridge the orange helmets just because of last night’s results. I think they look pretty good and I’d like to see them with the orange pants. I know teams get superstitious about this but that’s pretty silly. I mean they lost a home game to Georgia St. in their traditional look so should they get rid of that too?

    Also they need to redo the Smokey Grey uniforms because the ones they broke out are the old ones based on the old Butch Jones era template and that template has been gone for 5 years.

    Why in the world does Iowa State wear those black uniforms (BFBS ) vs a team that has black in their color scheme. Looks ridiculous and their traditional home uniforms would have made a nice contrast. If you have to wear black, wear it vs a different opponent.

    Thank you for the Canadian universities football news. Combo upped with the CFL Grey Cup….its a great day!

    When your nickname is “Golden Hurricane”, shouldn’t there be at least a speck of gold somewhere in the uniform? Looking at you, Tulsa. USF had more gold in their look than you did.

    Re: Canadian football, I have some familiarity with Laval University. Up until COVID, every year a group of city planning students from Laval would visit New Orleans on a learning field trip (their professor used to teach at UNO), and I always gave them a guest lecture. Being the sports logo/name geek I am (and having taken years of French in school) I always began my lecture with “Bonjour, les Rouge et Or!” which the kids always got a kick out of– not sure which they liked better; the fact that I spoke French to them or the fact that I knew their nickname,

    Is that Cal wearing the Stanford Axe logo on their jerseys? I guess they’re trying to play mind games with their rivals. Interesting.

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