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The Blues Suddenly Have the Best Uniforms in the NHL

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The Blues debuted their new Reverse Retro uniforms last night (additional photos here), and goddamn if they didn’t look like the hottest thing in the league. I mean, look at that — sensational! (Well, except for that jersey ad.)

You probably know this already, but just in case: The St. Looie RR design is based on a pair of prototype jerseys  worn by coach/GM Lynn Patrick and owner Sid Salomon III shortly after the team was awarded an NHL franchise in 1966. By the time the Blues made their on-ice debut a year later, they had scrapped the prototype designs and gone in a different aesthetic direction, but the prototypes have remained somewhat legendary over the years among uniform aficionados.

Here’s how the new RRs looked in action:

Missed last night’s game? No worries — you have six more opportunities to see this excellent uniform. Here are the dates. Meanwhile, here’s hoping the Blues find a way to work this design into their regular wardrobe after this season — it’s too good to be relegated to one-season status.


Today Is Twins Unveiling Day

The Twins are scheduled to have a uniform-unveiling event at 12:30pm Eastern. I assume it will be streaming on their website.

Once the new set is unveiled, I’ll write a new blog entry with a summary and some first impressions. Since the unveiling event begins at 12:30, the actual reveal probably won’t be until closer to 1pm, so figure I’ll have something published about an hour after that. See you then!

Gift Guide Reminder

In case you missed it on Thursday, the 2022 Uni Watch Holiday Gift Guide, your go-to source for the coolest uni-related gift items for that special someone on your shopping list (or just for yourself), is now available over on Substack. You can read the first chunk of it here. To read the whole thing, you’ll have to become a paid subscriber, which I hope you’ll consider doing. Thanks!

What Paul Did Last Night Yesterday

I took yesterday afternoon off to meet up with an old friend at the New York Public Library’s Lou Reed exhibit, which is a treasure trove of photos, audio recordings, notebook pages, tour artifacts, and just about anything else you can imagine having to do with Reed, all drawn from Reed’s personal archives, which were donated to the NYPL by his widow, Laurie Anderson.

I really enjoyed the exhibit, but it’s more of a celebration than an argument. If you’re a fan, you should definitely see it; if you’re not a fan, it probably won’t convert you.

For what it’s worth, the exhibit includes two 1970s photos of Lou wearing what appears to be some kind of jersey:

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    The Blues jersey is outstanding, primarily because the shades of blue and yellow compliment each other so well. It wouldn’t look half as good with navy text/note/breezer or deep gold base.

    These might be the worst uniforms in team history (coming from a fan). Blue on the jersey and socks doesn’t match the rest of the equipment, the logo is sloppy, and they’re yelllow (division rival Nashville kind of owns the yellow as primary).

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