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Monday Morning Uni Watch

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Good morning! Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Now then: The Jets’ nickname is Gang Green, but the Packers were the team that earned that moniker yesterday, as they wore their 1950s throwbacks while the Jets went with white jerseys over black pants for the third consecutive week. Lots of additional photos here and here.

In that same game, the chain gang members at Lambeau Field had personalized pinnies. Hadn’t noticed that before. Do any other teams’ chain crews do this?

After the game, which the Jets won, Jets defensive back Sauce Gardner walked around in a cheesehead (until Packers  wideout Allen Lazard knocked it off his head):

In other news from around the league yesterday:

  • Green Bay wasn’t the only team wearing throwbacks. Down in Atlanta, the Falcons wore theirs, including their new red throwback helmet (additional photos here; that noise you hear in the background is everyone saying, “They should wear these full-time”):
  • Playing the Saints in New Orleans was a homecoming of sorts for two prominent Bengals players: quarterback Joe Burrow and wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase, who both played college ball at LSU. When arriving at the stadium, Burrow wore Chase’s jersey from the 2020 CFB National Championship game:
  • Burrow’s parents also got in on the Louisiana fun by wearing jerseys with their NOBs spelled Cajun-style:
  • Two notable things about the Panthers/Rams game in L.A.: First, the Rams wore their blue-over-yellow combo for the first time this season. And second, the Panthers wore white jerseys for the sixth time out of six games this season (and they’re scheduled to wear white for the next three weeks as well):
  • Only one home team wore white: the Dolphins.

Tonight we have the Chargers hosting the Broncos, with the projected uni combos expected to be a case of beauty vs. the beast. (But I’ll be watching the Yanks/Guards game anyway.)

(My thanks to all contributors, including Mike Chamernik, @bryanwdc, and Phil.)



The Latest NBA Leak

In case you missed it over the weekend, the Suns’ new City jersey leaked at retail. It’s a turquoise design with Native American-themed details and trim, similar to (but not as visually interesting as) the Thunder’s City design from a few years ago.

I’ve added this leak to my NBA Season Preview on Substack. Speaking of which…



Substack/NBA Preview Reminder

In case you missed it on Friday, my weekly Premium column’s migration from Bulletin to Substack is now complete. My Bulletin archives have been imported to my new Substack page and I’ve already published my first Substack article, which is the NBA Season Preview. You can read part of it here, but you’ll need to subscribe in order to read the whole thing. Additional details on all of this, including the “Pay What You Wish” subscription option, can be found here.



Big Empty Space

Mary moved out yesterday. We decided to break up, amicably, months ago but were still living together while we waited for the purchase of Mary’s new apartment to be completed. Even though we knew this day was coming, and even though we both know it’s the right decision because we were no longer bringing out the best in each other, it was still really, really hard. Uni Watch HQ feels so empty without her. Dang.

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Sorry, no Ticker today, because Jamie Rathjen had the day off and I was busy dealing with other things. The Ticker will return tomorrow.

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    Looks like the Jets will be going white-over-yoga-pants or BFBS for the entire season. Bleeccchhh.

    Totally a case of “wouldn’t mind it if they had contrasting socks.” If they threw in a pop of green on the socks, it’d be much better. That said, white-over-green is by far the best set in their look. It’s a shame it’s been relegated to second-class status.

    I think green-over-white (with green socks) is the least terrible of their current terrible look.

    I agree that white-over-yoga-pants would look better with green or white socks. Heck, BFBS would look better with green or white socks.

    Football uniforms below the belt should have two things: (1) stripes on the pants, hip to knee, parallel; and (2) contrasting socks.

    I’m guessing the Jets will continue to wear black pants whenever they wear the white jerseys – until they lose in that combination. Seems like they are viewing the combo as their “lucky” uniform.

    I think they’re planning to wear white or black jerseys in every game — no green jerseys — so that means all yoga pants, all the time in 2022.

    The Jets have committed to the mono-black for Week 8 vs. the Pats, Week 12 vs. the Bears, and Week 16 vs. the Jags, as these dates were announced with the reveal of the black helmet. Their remaining two home dates may see them in green jerseys (which would be Week 9 vs. the Bills and Week 15 vs. the Lions), but I haven’t been able to find an official jersey schedule.

    Sending good vibes your way today, Paul. I hope you have plenty of opportunities for self-care in the coming days, whether it the company of good friends, having a nice meal, some great music, or a long bike ride. You’ll be ok.

    Sending good vibes your way today, Paul. I hope you have plenty of opportunities for self-care in the coming days, whether it the company of good friends, having a nice meal, some great music, or a long bike ride. You’ll be ok.

    Your “Big Empty Space” picture made your breakup with Mary real to me; I’ve been reading your column for years, so I’ve known of your relationship and saw that the breakup was happening. At the time, I thought “I hope Paul’s OK”, but kind of filed it away until I saw the photo. I hope you can remember the good times and find closure.

    While this is a painful time for you, it illustrates one of the things I love about Uni Watch; you put your whole self into the venture, so it’s not an impersonal website, but the work of someone I feel that I know and like.

    I noticed a couple of oddities in the Packers v. Jets game as well but was watching in a bar and couldn’t get pics. First, the Packers were wearing captaincy patches on their jerseys. I thought they typically didn’t do that until the playoffs. Also, they appeared to have 2 different colored patches. Rodgers had a gold C and I saw a couple of other players with white C’s (as you can see in the pic at the top of the post). The only thing I could think was Rodgers has filled out the stars under the C so they made the patch gold.

    1) That was true under Mike McCarthy. The team would vote on captains every week, usually the day before the game, so they didn’t put patches on. Once they reached the playoffs, captains were voted on for the entirety of the playoffs so they put the patches on. Once LaFleur took over, Packers captains were designated for the season and thus they wear the “C” patches all year long.

    2) That is a league-wide thing. Once someone is a captain for as many years as the stars allow (5, I think) the white parts get turned to gold. Looks fine for teams like the Packers and 49ers, but on other teams it looks downright wrong (see: Cowboys and Raiders, just to name a few).

    You know this moment in your life will be a great column or story one day. It always does for the ones who can turn words into magic.

    I know many of you probably hate the Yankees, but I think they deserve a hearty thank you from all of us for forcing a Game 5 and giving us something to watch other than the Broncos in primetime for the millionth time this year

    As others have said: Paul I hope you’re taking time for self care in the coming days. I had a very difficult October last year (for very different reasons) and I found that a good long bike ride goes a long way to untying knots in my brain.


    You’re handing a difficult transition with maturity and perspective, which is the best anyone can hope to achieve. Best wishes to you.

    Take solace in the fact that the break up was handled maturely and amicably. As someone who got a “Dear John” letter for one relationship, you are already ten steps ahead on the road to recovery.

    PL: even an amicable split is still a split of sufficient magnitude to affect every part of you. You seem to be handling it well, at least outwardly. Seeing that pic of the living room brought me back to my last breakup, which was definitely not amicable but is now faded into the past. But from that breakup came so much good that continues. Life is positioning you for your next great thing. Take this time for yourself, and prepare.

    Hey Paul,

    Thanks for continuing to bring your gifts to this community while you battle through a tough time. You’re one-of-one and we all appreciate you more than we may say on a regular basis. Hang in there, we are all here in support, always.

    My heart goes out to you, Paul. It’s really unfortunate that the “right thing” can often be emotionally devastating. I hope that you can take some comfort from your community of friends here as well as your circle of friends around New York.

    Sorry to hear that Paul – best wishes and take good care. At least it seems like Caitlin is taking it in stride!

    Best of luck, Paul. Be good to yourself and don’t let the sad feelings drag you down. Hang onto the good memories and keep building what you’ve got here. It’s really awesome…

    I see lots of prior comments with well wishes for you Paul. One more can’t hurt (and I hope helps). Best wishes always and try to keep you chin up! Life blows sometimes, but luckily, not usually. To echo something another poster wrote, it’s really great for us readers that you share so much of your personal life. Although we’ve never met and I can’t say I really know you, it does help me feel more part of your/our comm-uni-ty. Thanks.

    I, too, am sorry about what you’re going through right now, Paul. Your transparency with us is remarkable, and I hope that you’re feeling the genuine outpouring of love that we have for you. Prayers up on your behalf.

    The Falcons’ red helmet definitely look better than black. They should make it primary. Hopefully they will bring back the red jerseys too.

    The red helmet is nice, but it looks terrible with the black & white combo. If the Falcons have a red jersey, fine, otherwise they need the black helmet with the black jersey.

    The best wishes to both you and Mary during these times. I’m sure it’s not easy for either of you.

    You have repeatedly said it was amicable, so if anything, take heart in knowing you’re going about this the right way.

    Hopefully Caitlin is there for you as much as ever today. And, while this isn’t the day, time or place to think about it, remember, too, that you’re in New York, as vibrant of a city as one can find when it comes to meeting people. If you reach a point where you decide you seek new company, you will certainly be viewed as a catch.

    Yes, the Sun’s jersey looks like a Thunder knockoff. However, the first thing that came to my mind was, “Wow, they are channeling their inner 90’s Pistons here.”

    Take care of yourself Paul. If writing is good for you, write. But if its not (if you need to take time to take care of you) then PLEASE go do that. Hang the “gone biking” sign and take care of you. We’ll be here when you get back.

    All I can say is “Been there. Done That.” Not a happy time. As many others have said, focus on yourself for a little bit.

    Though you both recognize it wasn’t working anymore, we all know it doesn’t make the actual breakup any easier, so I’m keeping you and Mary in my thoughts and hoping you the strength to get going and the patience it takes to help time heal the wounds.

    Wow, that Phoenix jersey is embarrassingly dull. It looks like something done by a second-rate sports store in a third-rate shopping mall on the wrong side of the tracks.

    Not only did the Panthers wear white jerseys for the sixth consecutive game, so too did the Jets.

    Their first three games featured white over white pants, while games four through six they went with white shirts over black trou. So Gangreen hasn’t worn green tops all season…


    interestingly, every single preseason game featured the Jets in green jerseys over white pants.


    So, not only haven’t they worn their green jerseys during a regular season game, they haven’t worn their green pants at all this season (pre- and regular).

    As others have speculated, they may never wear the green tops (only the three scheduled blackout games may feature a colored top at all), and it wouldn’t surprise me if they keep wearing the black pants with white tops for their other games.

    Not so Gang Green anymore, are they?

    I think about some of my past relationships – girls that I didn’t even really like. Breaking up with them was still hard. For better or worse, change is tough. Best wishes, Paul Lukas.
    Probably too soon for Paul, but… my advice for anyone out their looking for a significant other… stop looking. That’s when it happens.

    Paul, you’ve created a pretty remarkable and fantastic community here, and now all of us are sending tons of energy, love, best wishes, and more to you. Definitely take good care of yourself, do (or don’t do) whatever’s needed to get you where you need and want to be.

    Power and strength in dealing with this feeling of emptiness, Paul. That picture was more powerful as a statement than any uniform picture ever posted here.

    Now that I have watched the Jets 2 weeks in a row, what’s with the black? They look like college unis.

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