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New Drip: Oilers’ Reverse Retro McFarlane Design Now Confirmed

It’s pretty much been an open secret for a while now that the Edmonton Oilers will be bringing back their Todd McFarlane-designed “oil drip” uni as their Reverse Retro entry this season. Now we have a fuller picture of what the jersey will look like.

Here’s the deal: As noted in today’s Ticker, TSN reporter Tom Gazzola provided a partial peek at the jersey yesterday:

Then this morning, a Twitter-er named Eric Andrews posted a photo purportedly showing the full jersey, which he said he saw on a Facebook group devoted to hockey uniforms:

It turns out that those two tweets show the same photo. To demonstrate that, I converted Gazzola’s tightly cropped photo (which we know is legit) to black-and-white and overlaid it onto Andrews’s Facebook photo:

As you can see, they match up perfectly. There’s no reason to doubt Gazolla’s tightly cropped pic (he’s a legit reporter with insider access, etc.), and that means the full pic that appeared on Facebook is also the real deal. Case closed!

The original McFarlane design was worn as an alternate uni from 2001 through 2007 and had a different color scheme than the new version. Here’s a look at the original:

I always liked this design, but I like the newly recolored version even better!

The full slate of Reverse Retro designs is slated to be officially released on Oct. 20.

(Big thanks to Eric Andrews for sharing that Facebook photo with me.)

Comments (15)

    I very much like this.

    Next reverse retro: the cartoon of the oil worker that used to be on the shoulder of the jersey from 1996-2007.

    I can’t believe that the Oilers wore the original McFarlanes that long ago. I also can’t believe that they wore them for that long a period. I am getting old fast!

    I’m not sure I like the orange drop in the middle, but the rest is sharp. Having one of the original McFarlane jerseys in my closet was always great, but I may have to make room for a new McFarlane as well! And I don’t even like the Oilers! lol

    Thought this exactly and immediately upon seeing it! LOL! Had to check the comments to see if anyone else thought the same.

    Can we please call this the “flying egg” for future reference?

    Was never a fan of this jersey back in the early 2000’s and I still am not. Looks amateurish and very CFL-ish.

    My favourite formula for RR is to take your weirdest uniform and make it weirder. Nice job Oilers!

    What is the backstory as to why McFarlane originally designed this?
    The logo has all the elements of 1990’s/early 2000’s “need to look tougher because our classic logo isn’t tough enough.” Never been a fan of it, but as an alternate/throwback for a few games the entire uniform isn’t completely awful.

    Well, I like the logo as a novelty, and the colour changes are an improvement…..
    But I think it’s weird that they’re doing this now, with that shade of blue, when they so recently got around to getting the colours “right” for the regular uniforms.

    I’m with those who don’t like it. I didn’t like it back in 2000s – luckily the Oilers stunk most of that era and you didn’t have to see it much. The added color doesn’t really help it at all.

    I thought the Blue Jackets first “reverse retro” was pretty neat, and am a bit bummed I didn’t pick one up (but they were so expensive and then immediately scarce!). While red as the primarily color is ironic for the *Blue* Jackets, they looked cool and plausible and really stuck out from their uni-history.

    There is no reverse, just added colour, and a colour template that looks like a Kindergartener designed it. It’s all over the place, and the colours don’t jive. A ‘reverse’ look would have been to make the jersey grey and then have the piping dark blue. Seriously this is bad.

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