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It’s Official: Motorola Leads the League in Uni Advertising

The Bulls today announced that Motorola will be their official patch partner uniform advertiser for the 2022-23.

Motorola is the second uni advertiser that the Bulls have had. More interestingly, the Bulls are the fourth NBA team that Motorola has uni-advertised with. Their logo currently adorns the Bucks’ and Pacers’ uniforms, and they were also on the Nets’ uniforms in 2020-21.

Moreover, we learned last spring that Motorola will also be advertising on the San Diego Padres’ uniforms next season, when MLB starts allowing uni ads:

In short: Motorola really fucking loves uniform ads. No sign yet of them buying space on an NHL jersey, but they’ve got plenty of time to get in on that if they want.

Interestingly, Motorola has no visual presence with the NFL, where it used to hold the headset rights. That arrangement ended after the 2012 season. The headset rights then moved to Bose and are currently unclaimed.

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    You’re forgetting they are also jersey sponsor for Chicago Fire (the MLS team, not the NBC series), though for that they use the logo and wordmark

    Is the size of the patch on the Padres jersey officially what it will look like? That at least appears to be absurdly large compared to NHL and NBA ads we’ve seen.
    “Official patch partner” is some of the worse nonsense I have ever heard.

    Interesting (to me) Motorola-related factoid:
    Back in 2000, Evernham Motorsports’ 1st foray in NASCAR Cup was car with plenty of Motorola-sponsorsh, err…advertising, but zero manufacturer logos/indications, as they were developing a specific car maker’s re-entry to the sport the following season.

    I had to look up what Motorola even sells. I didn’t realize they were still producing mobile phones.

    I worked for Motorola when they originally got the NFL headset rights, and many of my co-workers impressed with how many places they found on the headsets to stick either a wordmark or a logo. No matter which way a camera caught a coach, if they were wearing a headset you were going to see Motorola.

    Nice to see they haven’t changed much, even after having been bought by other companies at least twice since then.

    I predict they will sign with the Red Wings, Pistons and Tigers, then try to rebrand Detroit as the Moto City.

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