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Sunday Morning Uni Watch

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A good Sunday Morning Uni Watch. That means it’s time for Sunday Morning Uni Watch! Yesterday, we kicked off the season with a special Saturday edition of SMUW, which reviewed all the college football gridiron action for Weeks “0” and 1, and today we kick it into high gear with the first new SUNDAY Morning UW for 2022, with all the uni machinations for this weeks games. As always, I’m joined by the one and only Terry Duroncelet, Jr., who breaks down those games in minute detail.

As you can see from today’s splash photo, Sparty is back to wearing their neon-alternates, but this year they introduced a slight (and improved, IMO) twist. The helmet, which when worn with the neon “STATE” jersey, had featured a solid neon Spartan. For this iteration, the team went with a neon outlined spartan head, which I think looks much better.

Here’s a closeup of that lid:

Normally, I’m not necessarily a fan of outline logos, as they tend not to show up as well (and are harder to see at distance). But with that logo being a neon outline, it was plenty easy to see, and lets face it — the less neon the better. Sparty insists on busting these alternates out at least once a season, and while the neon green in and of itself isn’t so terrible, the fact that they wear it in a giant bold font (which sometimes barely fits the jersey), coupled with the solid neon Sparty logo on the sleeve caps — and of course the B1G and MOTB are in neon green as well — makes this a less than appealing use of the bright color.

But at least the past couple times they’ve gone with the neon jerseys, they’ve paired them with solid dark green pants. Who amongst us can forget when Michigan State thought wearing neon pants would look good?

Ah, college football. It’s back.

This is one of a number of alternate helmets the Spartans have worn over the years. You can check out the entire collection at Blaise D’Sylva’s incredible site.

And with that, I’ll turn this over to TJ, who’ll take you through the remainder of your …

• • • • •
Sunday Morning Uni Watch
by Terry Duroncelet, Jr.

I can’t believe some of the outcomes I saw yesterday! Narrow escapes, two Top 10ners face-planting, and your typical video game score gaps. As always, second verse, same as the first:

From Friday:

• UCF/Louisville: Louisville is the first among squillions of other teams to wear S&S (Stars & Stripes) helmet decals this week/season, with 9/11 being today. Here’s a closer look. Also, UCF’s new font makes this NOB read as “YATES III”, and I find that hilarious for some reason (original image by ty, who’s on Twitter as TheTDJ).

From Saturday:

• Rice/McNeese State: Rice wore an ACTUALLY-DECENT UNIFORM in their game against McNeese State (hype vid for those who missed it).

• Texas St./FIU: I’m sensing a trend here of Texan teams wearing some type of neat script on their uniforms in some capacity. At any rate, I can dig it (so long as it’s not the dreaded Brush Script, that shit’s ugly). Here’s a better look at the sparkle job, via Blaise D’Sylva.

• Minnesota/Western Illinois: What the heck are the Gophers wearing? Why are the helmets like that? Why must they choose violence?

• Indiana/Idaho: Indiana wore all-red for the first time in 3 years against Idaho.

• Temple/Lafayette: Color-vs-color matchup between these two.

• Nebraska/Georgia Southern: The Huskers wore their throwbacks Saturday night.

• Washington/Portland State: The PNW looking wonderful, and I’m not just talking about the scenery.

• Pitt/Tennessee: Both squads wore a decal honoring their mutual coach, Johnny Majors (Tenn. from 1957-1959, 1977-1992, Pitt from 1973-1976, 1993-1996).

• Vanderbilt/Wake Forest: I’ve always felt like these two schools would be cousins in another universe. Also, I like this trend of teams with mirror image color schemes wearing an absolutely different uni from top-to-bottom.

• LSU/Southern: Watching this game, I noticed that LSU changed the font of their yard markers to mimic what they use on their uniforms, which is on the more specific side.

• WVU/Kansas: Yellow tops for West Virginia, and I must say, for a uni pairing that’s on the not-so-high-contrast side, this game from a visual standpoint is perfectly cromulent.

• USF/Howard: The Bulls are looking like The Legendary Super Saiyan with all of that neon green. It’s grown on me at this point after all these years.

• I didn’t see many teams apart from Northwestern with S&S decals, although I’m more-than-sure that there were plenty of demonstrations (you know who to call).

• Texas/Bama: Can’t exactly Hook ’em Horns when there isn’t anything you can use to hook ’em with. This decal malfunction was sent my way by several readers, thank you guys!

• • • • •

Thanks, TJ! Awesome rundown, as usual. We’ll see you next Sunday with all the uni hijinx from Week 3 of the College Football Season!


And finally...

…that’s a wrap for SMUW for Week Two! Big thanks, as always, to TJ Duroncelet for their awesome job with the college football uni rundown! TJ and the rest of the SMUW crew will return next week for Week 3.

Jimmer Vilk’s Five and One will publish shortly after this article, the Uni/Duck Tracking will be after that, and Today’s Ticker will publish at 9:00 am.

Everyone have a great week and I’ll catch you back here next Saturday. Please remember the tragic events that took place in the USA twenty-one years ago today, and never forget that day when 2,977 lives were taken from this world in a devastating and cowardly massacre. As proclaimed by the White House, “For 21 years, children have grown up without parents.  Parents have grieved lost children.  Husbands and wives have had to push forward without their partners by their sides.  Families across our country have been left to mark birthdays and milestones with a black hole in their hearts and an empty chair at their tables.” My condolences to any who were directly or indirectly affected on September 11, 2001.

To the extent possible, enjoy Opening Weekend of the NFL, the MLB playoff push, and the US Open Men’s Final — or any other sporting event you may be watching.



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    What time is it? Time for some college football uni watching – Canadian rules style!

    A whole lot of games this weekend in U Sports football but we will just look at one in each conference. Moving from east to west.

    -In the Atlantic conference (AUS), it was Axemen vs. X-Men! St. Francis Xavier X-Men wore navy over navy at home in Antigonish, NS. The visiting Acadia Axemen going with a white over grey combo.


    -In the Quebec conference (RESQ), Sherbrooke Vert & Or went with their shiny gold helmet. Green jerseys over green pants. Note the 20 seasons of football patch worn by the Vert & Or on the jerseys. The visiting McGill Redbirds wore white over red.


    -In the Ontario conference (OUA), the Toronto Varsity Blues made the unusual move of wearing white at home. White over navy. Wilfrid Laurier Golden Hawks went mono-purple head-to-toe as the visitors.


    -In the Canada West conference, we had some colour vs. colour in Regina. The Regina Rams going gold (beige?) over green. The Calgary Dinos breaking out the white helmets and wore them with red jerseys over white pants.


    Wade needs to become a full-fledged SMUW team member!

    Rice’s numbers were brutal. The Owls can thank good-looking McNeese for keeping them off the &1.

    I love your north-of-the-border style SMUW coverage, Wade! Thanks for faithfully giving us our fix of three-down college unis!

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