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Hail State! Bulldogs Introduce New Alternate Uniform

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Earlier today, the Mississippi State Bulldogs announced a new special alternate uniform, designed to honor the school’s first Black varsity players, Frank Dowsing, Jr. and Robert Bell. The look features maroon jerseys with white numbers and, “MISS. STATE” across the chest. The new helmet is white with a maroon “MS” logo.

The uniform reflects the 50th anniversary of when Dowsing and Bell last played for Mississippi State. They were the first Black varsity football players in the program’s history.

This is a great recognition on the part of the school. But it’s a bit odd, timing and uniform-wise. You see, Dowsing and Bell first arrived at Mississippi State in 1969. They became star players on the team and played until 1972 (which is the 50th anniversary of when the two last suited up for MSU). The team showed a video of the players and offered a bit of the backstory:

Here’s the thing though. If you look at the video and the uniforms the two players wore, they don’t look like the uniform Miss State introduced. The school is describing the uniform thusly:

The new uniforms showcase a unique look that hearkens back to the practice jerseys the groundbreaking players wore three years later in 1972. The outfit also features a custom Dowsing-Bell logo in the spirit of the traditional M-State stripe that honors the two men’s pioneering achievements both on and off the field.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great looking uniform as it is — but “harken(ing) back to the practice jerseys” the guys wore in 1972? They didn’t want to do a straight throwback or the vertically arched “MISSISSIPPI” above “STATE” practice jersey shown in the video?

Anyway, there are a few more details Mississippi State put out, and which show a better view of the helmet they’ll pair with the new uni:

Great gesture, nice uni! The team has announced they’ll wear these on September 24th, against Bowling Green.

You can read a bit more about the uniform here, as well as some historical information on the groundbreaking achievements of Dowsing and Bell.

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    Beauties! Can teams take this as a que on how to design a uniform…. I am talking to you Washington Commanders!

    I don’t know if anyone is still interested on format feedback, but if so, I’ve realized in the last week or two that I skip over most posts, either because the headline doesn’t grab me, or because there are just so many posts now.

    Perhaps there’s a middle ground. Could there be one main post, including ticker, each morning, and additional posts be confined to ‘major’ news breaks?

    Obviously, PL should do what he thinks best, but this new format makes keeping up with UW feel like work.

    Hate to admit it, but I do the same. Maybe the headlines could be more descriptive about the entirety of the post rather than the main topic.

    I see your point. I did prefer getting all my UW news in one shot and one link. Now, I feel like I am trying to keep track of 4 or 5 separate conversations every day.

    Seems to me like it’s easier to skip over things you’re not that interested in. I love it.

    Once a day made it seem special. Even if the news broke late it was 24 hours late maximum and Paul had time to process. But if this is easier for him I can’t fault him

    Looking at these Mississippi state uniforms, while I love the nod to history, the balance is terrible (both old and fauxback) with the letters shoving the numbers downward. If not going to stick to the original, have MISSISSIPPI above, then the number, then STATE below.

    Great uniform, but since they’re presumably gonna be selling these (or auctioning them off) do the Dowsing/Bell families get a cut?

    If not, this just rings of lazy virtue signaling from a school with a very questionable history as relates to race.

    I could see someone in the athletic department conjuring up this idea during the summer of guilt as a way to absolve the school of its past misdeeds. But without any equity, this just seems like yet another institution exploiting black trauma for profit, which is ugly.

    Good look. The simple MS helmet logo is solid, reminds me of Wisconsin’s UW throwback. Sometimes/often less is more.

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