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Merry Christmas to All

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Merry Christmas from Uni Watch HQ, where “Mambo Santa Mambo” is on heavy rotation and the Irish cream is already flowing freely (as is the catnip, a goodly amount of which was in Uni Watch girl mascot Caitlin’s stocking).

Meanwhile, Santa’s left something extra under the tree this year for 42 lucky Uni Watch readers — the winners of our annual year-end raffle. Here are this year’s winners and the prizes they’ve won (you can see photos of the prizes here):

1. Uni Watch membership card — Matthew Houk*
2. College football calendar — Christian Berumen**
3. College football calendar — Tanner Dabbs**
4. College football calendar — Beckett Sheeder**
5. Baseball card calendar — Denise Barrett
6. Baseball card calendar — Gerry Dincher
7. Baseball card calendar — Luke Lagattuta
8. Wafflebored hockey jersey — Wade Heidt
9. “I Like the High Ones” T-shirt — Liam J. Mullen
10. Chain-stitched number patches — Scott Steffes 
11. Uni Watch cycling jersey — Chad Smith
12. NFL helmet poster — Charles Drake
13. Jets tote bag — Corey Wrinn
14. Reds Alert T-shirt — Mark Fightmaster
15. Purple Amnesty Day shirt — Matthew Coseo
16. Purple Amnesty Day shirt — Lindsay Resnick
17. Padres cap — Brian Lambdin
18. Jets cap — Craig Nestel
19. Brandiose cap — Peter Stein
20. Purdue cap — Steve Jacobson
21. Uni Watch prototype ballcap — Mitch Nathanson
22. Uni Watch prototype pom hat — Patrick Barnett
23. Uni Watch prototype pom hat — John-Peter Struzzieri
24. Rangers All-Star jersey — Rick Cuzzetto
25. Jeff “Squirrel” McNeil T-shirt — Daniel Shlian
26. Jets mini-helmet — Chris Devlin
27. Jets T-shirt — Jason Rutman
28. Portland Timbers jersey — Ian McLarty
29. Portland Timbers jersey — José Cantú
30. Vancouver Warriors jersey — Josue Rodriguez
31. eMLS Cup jersey — Jason Buenning
32. Oxford Pennant T-shirt — Caleb Weaver
33. Oxford Pennant T-shirt — Taylor Pellerin
34. Gridiron Icon T-shirt — Charles Quinlan
35. Hot Dog Guy baseball card — Peter Fahey
36. Jets unveiling press pass — William Beebe
37. Padres unveiling press pass — Reid Ostrom
38. Puppy Bowl press pass — Andres Diaz
39. Baseball Card Vandals book —Russell Koch
40. History of the Sens Jersey book — Dan Klein
41. Japanese baseball uni book — Scott Turner
42. Minnesota Gophers mug — Susan Freeman

*Let me know what you want for your membership card.
**Let me know which one of these calendars you want.

A few of these items have already mailed out; I hope to get the rest of them shipped by the end of this week, so you winners should watch your mailboxes!

However you’re spending the day, I hope it’s a good one. If you’re traveling, travel safe. If you’re working today, thanks for shouldering the load while the rest of us get to enjoy the day off. Also, I know Christmas can be stressful and/or sad for some people — if that’s you, hang in there and please accept a virtual hug of support from me.

As for me, the Tugboat Captain and I will open the presents we got each other and then spend a few hours making a dessert and side dish that we’ll bring to our friend Garth’s pad for his annual Christmas party, where we’ll see a bunch of our best friends.

That’s it for today. I leave you with some groovy Christmas tunes to enjoy. Ho-ho-ho! — Paul

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    Thanks for everything, Paul! This is my first time ever winning anything from a UW raffle! Happy Holidays to all!

    Merry Christmas/Happy Chanukah/Happy Kwanzaa/Happy alternative holiday season celebration if personally applicable, Uni Watch!
    I’ll contribute my own favorite Christmas cover:
    link by the George Shearing quintet… coincidentally a 60% Canadian band!

    I’d nominate “I Believe in Father Christmas” by Greg Lake


    and “Christmas at Ground Zero” by Al Yankovic


    Merry Christmas and/or any other merrymaking holiday one might be celebrating these days!

    Merry Christmas to y’all and I am more than happy as my name is on the winners list! Thanks Paul!

    Jose you won my top pick, lucky! Though I can’t be too bummed as I was one of the other 41 winners!
    Thanks again Paul, Merry Christmas!

    Paul, Thanks for the excellent playlist and including The Youngsters “Christmas in Jail,” my favorite Christmas song. Never heard the Sonny Boy song so that was an unexpected present. Merry/Happy to all who celebrate and here’s one for you non-believers – link

    Happy Kringle to all in the UNI VERSE!

    Mary and Paul – Thanks for showing us all a wonderful time in celebrating UNI WATCH’s anniversary Brooklyn style this year. In what had to be the most amazing roller coaster ride in the ‘UNI YEAR that was, you faced it with style , class and UNI VERSAL good cheer.

    A tip of the hat to that!

    I know that the best UNI WATCHING is yet to come.
    Here is the RETRO COCKTAIL HOUR christmas show, leading off with ESQUIVEL and Christmas from the space age bachelor pad.


    The Retro Cocktail Hour – Holiday cheer from the Martini Bar in the Space Age Bachelor Pad. Feliz Navidad Baby!

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