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Sunday Morning Uni Watch

By Phil Hecken and the SMUW Crew

On a day that may be remembered for things greater than football, yesterday gave us one of the games that makes college football so damn great: the annual USC/UCLA rivalry game, in which both teams wear their home uniforms. It hasn’t always been this way, but for the better part of the last decade, we have been treated to a color vs. color uni matchup that is truly a sight for sore eyes.

Some college color vs. color games are better than others, and, like the Rose Bowl (where the game is played every other year), the USC/UCLA uni matchup is the granddaddy of them all. It doesn’t get any better than this. It’s especially delicious when you have a gorgeous, sunny SoCal day, making the uni matchup even tastier. It’s the rivalry game that gets us even more pumped for next weekend’s rivalry games.

But UCLA/USC isn’t the only game in town — even if it’s the best looking one — so I’ll now turn the rest of this over to TJ, who’ll bring you the…

• • •

Sunday Morning Uni Watch
By Terry Duroncelet, Jr.

Alright, the rest of my portion of SMUW is going to be short, since it was super-slow, but this is something that I want to talk about, so if you’re not interested in hearing the ramblings of someone who will be on this planet for the long haul (I’m 28, for context), then just skip this and look for the word PERSNICKETY, but if you’re willing to listen, then please read on.

Harvard and Yale played yesterday in The Game (Ohio State and Michigan fans DNI [that means ‘Do Not Interact’]), and it seemed to be going as normal. Then, climate change protesters made their way to the field during halftime. I won’t go into the specifics, because there’s plenty of links and talk on Twitter that do that far more eloquently than I ever could, but… I’m in full support of this. I don’t care if anyone here says “KEEP POLITICS OUT OF SPORTS!!!1!” … I don’t care if I get smoked in the comments … I don’t care if I get 2,456 emails saying that my weekly findings will never be read by X person ever again, because this is bigger than any football game ever will be, regardless if it’s college or pro.

We’re talking about the very real problems that plague and face our planet TODAY. And we need to get our collective shit together TODAY. It’s easy to fall to the hands of the Tragedy of Commons. “Oh, X number of schools are enabling this behavior, and they’re huge, so there’s nothing I can do.” … and that thinking spreads like a virus, and it goes from one person thinking it, to SEVERAL. MILLIONS. THAT’S when we get into real trouble. “Oh, but change is hard. Things aren’t going to get better overnight.” … that is what a certain Fearless Leader would refer to as a nonargument, a way to dismiss the conversation without engaging it. We KNOW the road to real change is going to be difficult, and not an overnight process. Neither was going from the brick phone that you needed a messenger bag to lug around to the best in smartphone technology that Samsung can offer (iPhone fans DNI), neither was any stadium that you have fond memories of, neither was anything that you and I enjoy and take for granted every day of our lives.

Your phone, your computer, your car, the advancements in medicine, everything around us took time to get to where we are. Everything that we enjoy is the direct result of desiring change, desiring something BETTER… and we’re all the more thankful for it. So I’m willing to fight for change, I’m willing to play some long ball, if it means that the futures of the generations after us aren’t left up a creek without a paddle. I know some of you aren’t partial to heavy music, but I’m reminded of a song by Being As An Ocean called “Death’s Great Black Wing Scrapes the Air” (lyrics here). It’s a powerful song that melds well with yesterday’s events. Sometimes, it’s necessary to get into trouble in order to see real change. Sometimes, you gotta take the scorn in order for future generations to not have to go the same things that we are currently going through as we speak. So please… at least consider the message that the protesters from yesterday delivered. I don’t want to go out knowing that this planet is going to burn prematurely, and I chose to sit around and do nothing. Let’s work to build a better future.


From Saturday:

Sour cream and Velveeta: together in holy matrimony at last. On the real, I loved Baylor’s uniforms from Saturday. That being said, this is an example of two great uniforms that DON’T go together, which is rare, but here we are. Also: I don’t think this is what they meant by “Getting in their pants” (h/t to Al Gruwell).

Here’s a game that had the potential to be one of the Top 10 nicest-looking games of the year IMO, but fell just a little bit short. First thing’s first: Tennessee wore their seldom-seen orange pants, and even though I love colored pants with white jerseys, I’m almost kind of glad that they don’t use them that much, because when they do break them out, it’s really something special. As for Mizzou, they’ve been killing it with the helmets this year, and last night’s game was no exception. So where does this game fall short? The pants that Mizzou chose to wear. The gold/black/black just looks unbalanced, and I wish they wore gold pants instead. I mean, the game still looked alright, but not really Top 10 material in my book.

♫It don’t matter if you’re Black or White♫ … except when your school colors are blue and grey.

Nameplate malfunction for Ohio State Runningback J.K. Dobbins (h/t to Beau Parsons).

• Battlin’ Kath-licks; Notre Dame wore their pseudo-mesh numbered retros against Boston College.

• Ralphie V has retired. Reason being is because as she’s matured over the 12 years she’s ran in Boulder, she’s actually gotten faster, and poses a risk to her handlers. Rumors that she played the leading role in the upcoming Sonic movie are almost entirely untrue. Anywho, Colorado wore a ‘V’ decal in honor of her.

I see you, West Virginia. I like.

I see you, Tulane. I don’t like.

• S&S helmet stripes for New Mexico State.

• It’s Real Miami Vice Hours.

That’ll do it for Week 13. Next week should be a big one, and while I can’t promise that protesters will storm Ann Arbor, but one thing I can promise you: I shall see you next week.

• • •

Thanks TJ! Great intro. Interestingly, TJ and I (in e-mails) and Jimmer Vilk (via the Twitter) were discussing the Harvard-Yale happenings yesterday right as and after they were happening. I don’t normally share personal e-mails, but Terry actually said this to me in one of his:

Funny enough, I literally saw a Facebook post on a friend’s timeline yesterday on why getting in trouble is necessary for real change.

To which I responded with one of my favorite quotes from my favorite Congressman, the great John Lewis:

I think we’re going to have generations for years to come that will be prepared to get in trouble, good trouble, necessary trouble. And lead us to higher heights. It’s a struggle that doesn’t last one day, one week, one month, one year. It is the struggle of a lifetime, or maybe many lifetimes.

Terry added the article which contains the context for this quote in his introduction.

Aight, enough of the non-uni stuff.

OK, now for the rest of your Sunday Morning Uni Watch…

Joe Ringham 5 & 1

Memal’s 5 & 1

Following in the footsteps of the original “5 & 1,” Jim Vilk, Catherine Ryan after him, and finally Joe Ringham, for 2019 we have a new “5 & 1” (five good looking and one stinker) uni-vs-uni matchups — Michael “Memal” Malinowski. Like Joe, Catherine & Jim, Memal will pick HIS 5 best looking/1 awful matchup, and occasionally have some honorable mentions (both good and bad). You may agree and you may disagree — these are, after all, just opinions and everyone has one. Feel free to let him know what you think in the comments section.

Here’s Memal

• • •

The ESPN article on the theft of the Stanford Axe got me in the right mindset to take in all the rivalry games Saturday, of which four made the top 5 and were played in historic venues boasting phenomenal atmospheres. It was a weekend for true college football fans and helped to set the scene as we go down the stretch to the end of the regular season.


Honorable mention Colorado State @ Wyoming


5. Harvard @ Yale

In a game that will be remembered more for the halftime protest than the thrilling double OT victory, the Bulldogs sported their home blues against the Crimson in crimson/white/tan. This was a fun entry into this historic rivalry that riveted me and anyone else who managed to get back to it when the second half finally kicked off.


4. Akron @ Miami

This game probably flew under everyone’s radar, but the little uni details merited it’s inclusion on the list this week. The Zips went with blue script “Akron” logos on gold helmets and kept the rest of the uni simple with white jerseys and gold pants. The RedHawks went red/red/white, had two different helmet logos, one of which was a white script “Miami” logo, and numbers on the other side. The subtle helmet fade from red to white was nicely done by Miami too.


3. Cal @ Stanford

The Axe was on the line in Palo Alto and the Golden Bears went blue/white/gold for the first time this season, which might be their best look. The Cardinal looked resplendent in their regular home white/cardinal/white, a good move considering some teams facing a down year would use a big rivalry game to break out some hideous alternates to pump up the team. Stanford lost the axe, but won my admiration for their good choice!



I love that since 2008 these teams continue to play this game as a color on color contest. Like #5 on this list, I have no rooting interest in this game, but I tune in year after year to watch these rivals play their hearts out in either the Coliseum or the Rose Bowl in their great home uni sets. I also love that these teams have similar uniform patterns(shoulder stripes/gold pants), but the golds are just a few shades different and the Bruin’s true blue makes a great contrast to the cardinal of the Trojans.


1. Penn State at Ohio State

The biggest game of the day was played early on wet field in Columbus between two teams wearing their standard and instantly recognizable home/away uniform sets. The atmosphere in the Horseshoe matched the stakes of the contest and the game didn’t disappoint as the Buckeyes overcome a tough third quarter to win the Big Ten East. All of those factors pushed this game to the top of the list this week!


And because someone has to be the sacrificial lamb…

&1 Eastern Michigan @ Northern Illinois

Our worst of the week came Tuesday night in Dekalb, IL when the Eagles and Huskies decided they did not care if you knew who was who on the field! Northern Illinois went mono-black with red numbers so dark that unless the light hit them just right you couldn’t read them. The opposite was true for Eastern Michigan, whose numbers disappeared when hit square on by the spotlights! I didn’t watch this game live, but would have probably enjoyed listening to the announcers do the best they can to keep the players straight.

• • •

Thanks Memal! You can follow Memal on the Twitter and let him know what you think of his choices or make a 5 & 1 suggestion of your own!

NCAA Uni Tracking

Uni Watch will again track the uniform combinations worn by the “Power 5” conferences. All of the 2018 trackers are back!

We’ve got Rex Henry (tracking the ACC), Dennis Bolt (tracking the PAC-12), Kyle Acker (tracking the Big XII), and Ethan Dimitroff (tracking the B1G AND the SEC). Rex, Dennis, and Kyle and are all returning from 2015, and Ethan is back after joining the NCAA Uni Tracking a couple seasons ago. Ethan continues his dual role of tracking both the B1G and the SEC.

Here are the Uni Trackers for the Power 5 Conferences:

+ + + + + + + + + +

Rex is up first today (ACC):

• • •


More Here.
Follow Rex on Twitter here.
And (new for 2019!) — check out Rex’ Weekly Update.

• • •

And now, here’s Dennis with the PAC-12:


More here.
Follow Dennis on Twitter here.

• • •

And here is Ethan, with the SEC:


And be sure to check out Ethan’s WVU Mountaineer Tracker.
Follow Ethan on Twitter here.

• • •

And here is Kyle with the Big XII:


Follow Kyle on Twitter here.

• • •

And here’s Ethan with the B1G:


Duck Tracker

Welcome to the 2019 Oregon Ducks Uni Tracker. This little project was originally begun way back in 2008-09 by Michael Princip, who retired after several seasons, whereupon the project was continued by Tim E. O’Brien. He, too, retired from the tracking, but the project has been ably kept up by the man who also tracks the Pac12, Dennis Bolt.

Here’s this week’s Uniform Combo for the Ducks (you can click to enlarge):

You can read about this uniform, and MUCH MORE, by checking out the Duck Tracker here!

Thanks Dennis!

And now a few quick words from Paul: Hi there. In case you missed it on Thursday, the results of our “Redesign the Buccaneers” contest are now available on InsideHook. The response has been very, very positive, so check it out — I think you’ll like what you see.

While we’re at it: Uni Watch seam rippers are back in stock (well, at least some colors). And don’t look now, but it’s getting to be time for our ugly sweater shirt.

I think that’s it. Handing the baton back to Phil now!

Uni Watch News Ticker
By Phil

Baseball News: It may be offseason for baseball, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream of Cape Cod League baseball (beautiful mug, from Joe). … Pacific Rim correspondent Jeremy Brahm sends this tweet which shows what look like some pretty fugly uniforms coming for the Hanshin Tigers. … Also from Jeremy Brahm, here’s a look at the 70th anniversary logo for the Hiroshima Toyo Carp. … Still more from Jeremy: he found maybe the best baseball happy birthday card ever in Nagoya.

NFL News: You know how players trade jerseys after games? Ever wonder what some of them do with them once they’re traded? OBJ has a massive framed collection.

College Football News: The spectacular Blaise D’Sylva once again continues his awesome countdown of compiling the helmets of every NCAA FBS & Ivy League team, yesterday posting the helmets of Boise State.

Hockey News: The author of this article argues that, “The 90’s were a bad time for NHL jerseys, including the St. Louis Blues” (who recently revived their 90s alternate). … Check out this AMAZING suit jacket Darren Pang wore for last night’s St. Louis Blues game (from Al N. Kreit).

NBA News: Apologies if this has already been reported — with all the recent NBA unveilings, I may have missed one — but I don’t think we’ve yet seen the Toronto Raptors “Ovo” jerseys. … Someone has gone to the trouble of ranking all the new City alternate NBA jerseys.

College Hoops News: ULM is the “Warhawks.” According to the team, “The historical and local origin of our mascot dates back to WWII. The P-40 Warhawk airplane was flown by northeast Louisiana’s General Claire Chennault and the Curtis P-40 Warhawks. A first look at our alternate P-40 Warhawk uniforms” (from Chris Mycoskie). Here’s another look. … Interesting observation from James Gilbert: “College game in Hornets’ arena using a college/high school court with three, 3-pt lines (none from the NBA) and two block/charge lines under the basket.” … Memphis (State) was rocking throwback unis yesterday (from Josh Hinton). … Jakob Fox asks, “two of the first three item’s for Syracuse on Nike’s website are script items. Wonder if there will be any script uniforms in the near future for @Cuse.” … When you cannot improve on a Twitter quote, you just quote it: “Hampton has THE WORST font on their jerseys. Who thought this was a good idea?” (from Craig Choate).

Soccer News: Here’s a look at yesterday’s PL kit matchups, along with one today and one tomorrow (from Josh Hinton). And as always, be sure to check Josh’s twitter feed for all your kit news and needs.

Grab Bag: Dolphins fan and major sports memorabilia collector Bill Hetrick has found his dad’s old Soap Box Derby helmet from the 1940’s. Awesome. … Louisiana Tech has unveiled renderings of its new baseball, softball, and soccer stadiums to replace facilities damaged by a tornado back in April. Submitter Kary Klismet notes to “Scroll to the bottom of the story for photos.” … You never know what you’ll find: Jim Vilk says “I went to the store for some milk. I came back with a new @terrypluto book. And milk.” Mrs. V would have killed you if you didn’t bring home that book.

And Finally…

A couple words from Memal:

One last thing, I thought I’d share this shot of me and the mayor of Pittsburgh. I have my Uni Watch press pin on the side of my hat and got to help throw the switch for Pittsburgh light up night because we donated our 42′ blue spruce to the city.

I thought, Wouldn’t that be a great photo to share with the uni-verse? Paul is always sharing how folks sport their pins. I just caught the mayor before he had to run back to his office and discovered the photo was way too blurry!!! A little disappointment to what otherwise was a perfect night.

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

Thanks Memal. Sucks about the blurry photo, but nice job donating your tree!

I join you in wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to All Uni Watch Readers!



Comments (52)

    I’m not sure what year the photo of the Harvard/Yale game in the 5 & 1 is from but it certainly isn’t from yesterday’s game. The Yale Bowl has FieldTurf, so mud is an impossibility.

    And without real grass and the possibility of mud, the look and feel of the Havard-Yale matchup is diminished. The linked photos show the players on the plastic grass.

    The numbers of the players compared to the roster suggest it could be from 2017, the last time The Game was at Yale Bowl.

    Thresher K – that pic is, indeed, from the 2017 rendition of The Game.

    To WFY: “The rug at the Yale Bowl is terrible, they made it 105 years with grass.” No, the GRASS at the Yale Bowl was terrible. That’s why they replaced it.
    It was fine for decades, but the current regime insisted on practicing in the Bowl in recent years, and due to a high water table, the field is not able to withstand the extra beating, so the field has been a dangerous, sandy, dirt pit for the past few years. The unfortunate necessity of that was to install the plastic stuff.

    Oh Hell Yeah! Time for some College Football Uni Tracking Canadian Rules Style!

    Well, this is it. The battle for the Vanier Cup and the national championship occurred on Saturday in Quebec City. The temperature hovering below the freezing mark. Perfect weather for the Vanier Cup!


    The Uteck Bowl winner was deemed the home team for this game. The Montreal Carabins went with their full mono-blue combo:


    The Calgary Dinos wore their red/white/red combo:


    The 2019 Vanier Cup Champions are the Calgary Dinos! Their first Vanier Cup since 1995. The first champion from Canada West conference since 2015.

    Here are the Dinos in the final victory formation:


    Over and out for another year.

    Good looking game in ‘Key-bek’.

    Thanks Wade for another year of these posts. Seeing what the neighbors to the north are sporting on the the (somewhat larger) gridiron is one of my favorite parts of Sunday uni-watching.

    If Memal is the one that donated the tree, then I’m right up the river from him in Creighton! If you see this, then how about a mini UW party at Leaning Cask?

    Really, USC vs. UCLA should be the only color vs. color game allowed.

    Or at least the rule should be that for a color vs. color game, one team should have a dark colored jersey and the other a light colored one.

    Otherwise: eyesore.

    I can see a case for Penn State vs. Ohio State from Happy Valley (beautiful navy jerseys, grass) over USC-UCLA though not from Columbus. I’d probably still lean USC-UCLA though

    Can’t say I expected to see the City-County Building in today’s post. Thanks for the tree, Mike.

    Terry. Dude. Being as an Ocean are in my top 5 bands.

    And they pop up in Uni Watch, of all places.

    No. USC-UCLA should be #1, and for the &1 it not always that “someone has to be the sacrificial lamb”. That is only the case when there are no terrible matchups. The one chosen for this week is truly terrible, so it is no sacrificial lamb.

    “I’m in full support of this. I don’t care if anyone here says “KEEP POLITICS OUT OF SPORTS!!!1!””

    What the pro-politics in sports people don’t realize or are just too selfish to care to respect is many of us use sports as an escape from the everyday problems of life. If I went to the Harvard-Yale game, I went to watch the game, not see an extension of whatever student philosophies on political and social issues are.

    There are times and places for political and social discussions. God knows we need to have them because there are plenty of injustices in this world. But just because a sporting event provides a place where a lot of people are watching does not mean it is a proper forum for your political and social beliefs. A football game is certainly not the place for nuanced, respectful and reasonable discussion of political and social issues.

    When I want to have a nuanced, respectful and reasonable discussion about political and social issues, I will go to a town hall meeting, a roundtable discussion, attend a talk, watch a program about it on a news channel. I do not turn on a game or go to a game to talk or hear talk about political and social discussion. It’s not the right forum for it.

    Serious question to “keep politics out of sports!” advocates: Do you walk out of games when the national anthem is performed, or do you carefully time your arrival so as to get to your seats after the national anthem is played? Any morally consistent demand to keep politics out of sports requires one of those two actions when attending games in person. Personally, I’m OK with some degree of politics intruding on sports, so I happily stand and sing the national anthem, but I’m curious whether anti-politics-in-sports folks prefer to leave early or arrive late to avoid that bit of political intrusion on games.

    The national anthem isn’t political though. It’s not the Democrats anthem and it’s not the Republicans. It’s everyone’s.

    Agree-standing at sporting events for the playing of the National Anthem doesn’t imply an endorsement of any particular political party/stance/candidate, athlete or team. It’s a brief and shared acknowledgment of the freedoms (including how we choose to conduct ourselves during the performance, which may be political in nature) that we’ve been afforded and which many have sacrificed much to protect.
    As for the Yale/Harvard disruption, I sure hope there wasn’t a plan to acknowledge the seniors playing in their final game at home.

    They should’ve waded in with the teargas and the nightsticks after about five minutes. Boom! No more games interrupted by protests!

    I’m not against the message but rather its delivery. Football fans go to a game to be entertained for a few hours and to forget the outside world. How would you feel if you went to a play or movie and a group of protestors came in and harangued you about (insert cause here)? It’s been said that there’s a time and place for everything and that probably applies here. This stunt only seems to have worked in one way in that people are talking more about it than the actual message.

    I completely agree, and I think what you pointed out shows that traditional protest methods don’t work the way they have historically in the US.

    Based on reporting of the protests yesterday, it feels like most people are either making fun of the students (some sort of classic liberal college nerds blah), calling out the protest as a funny incident in a game no one pays attention to, or debating protests themselves. I’ve heard almost no serious discourse on the actual issue.

    When you mess with people that have little individual power, and are trying to go about their day (to your point, either doing something of fun leisure or, in the cases of people blocking roadways, just trying to get to work) you end up alienating and pissing off potential allies more than gaining them.

    I would have lost my mind if this happened at OSU-PSU yesterday, not because it isn’t important but because it’s ruining something I enjoy, and I don’t think it will have any impact. It’s not going to change my stance on the topic or behavior, especially since I generally agree with them, so now I just hate a group I should support.

    Do we really think anyone at that game or reading about it now thinks “hey those kids are right, we should do something about global warming”? Like if you haven’t reached that point yet, with all the evidence, public discourse, etc., a bunch of college kids from stereotyped elitist backgrounds (I think that can affect their effectiveness) will suddenly change your mind with a banner? Or that the university won’t be more pissed about the disruption to an unrelated event than to be empathetic to the cause (when you’re begging cops to arrest you too).

    I don’t think it’s effective, not that it isn’t important, which means it’s just a disturbance.

    The main point of the protest was to get Harvard and Yale to divest its holdings in the fossil fuel industries so a protest of that type, to that audience, might accomplish that goal if followed up by other direct actions.

    That’s interesting context, which I wasn’t aware of. Points to the struggles with these protests still, although I appreciate if they are more targeted and specific with their goals, which to your point can make protests like this actually work.

    I still question if this helps create a dialogue with the universities, or just alienates the message though. You’re also likely alienating a lot of potential allies around campus (athletic departments, football team themselves especially seniors playing their last big game, fans and alumni at the game, etc.)z

    It seemed like a great way to get eyeballs but a terrible way to start a dialogue or generate support

    Some thoughts:

    -Put Wyoming in my top 5 any day. Don’t know exactly why I love that uniform so much. Maybe because it is brown.

    -Love the detail in the nameplate for the Toronto Raptors alternate. Nice nod to the nameplate on the original jerseys without making it ugly.

    -The article about bad 1990s jersye failed to mention that unpleasant 1990s invention. The triangular shoulder yoke. Worn by the Penguins, Panthers and Coyotes all at the same time.

    -If you guys in the U.S. today are getting bored watching the usual NFL games, it may be worth your while to check out the CFL’s Grey Cup today. Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Start time is 3pm PT/6pm ET. Check your listing. The 2 teams with the longest Grey Cup droughts in the league meeting today. Someone’s long drought will be over.

    Wait you all seriously decided to delete the comment from MAGA 2020?!?! It was not any over the top post at all, nor did it include any profanity. What a joke. The lefts continued lack of tolerance for an opposing views is mind boggling.

    I’m sure whatever “MAGA 2020” was attempting to add to the conversation was well-reasoned and insightful, too. What a travesty.

    Well, it’s de rigueur on this site to have anything which is contrary to the political beliefs of the editors appear/stay on the comments page.

    I disagree with most of what Terry and Phil say from both a uniform and, now that they’ve exposed themselves, from a political bent. However, silencing opposing views seems to be the way of the world these days.

    I was under the impression that the Uni Watch website was made for the discussion of sports uniforms and other related graphic design issues. If Terry Duroncelet, Jr. wants to espouse his political views there are plenty of other platforms. I hope the rules of this website are enforced in his case and we don’t see him next week or ever.

    I agree. I have strong opinions on the matter as well, but my response would have elicited more responses, and then I would have to respond to those to try and explain why they were wrong. But I feel even more strongly about having these places that are politics free. Paul does a great job keeping divisive stuff out of Uni-Watch. I’m sure the comment section will blow up today about it. It ought to be blowing up that UCLA/USC isn’t #1. We should be arguing about THAT here. Just my opinion.

    The guy who runs this site apparently disagrees with you. Perhaps you could take your hurt feelings elsewhere?

    Won’t happen. I’m interested that Paul hasn’t commented on this at all, either in this comment thread or in the 11/25 post he wrote.

    I am not seeing how the rant helps you reach the goals you care about, aside from prompting a comment section exchange. Have you thought about trying, “The students yesterday inspired me to do X. If you would like to support me in my endeavour, please do Y.”

    X in this scenario has to involve more than a keyboard.

    i enjoyed the rant by Terry Duroncelet, Jr.

    i dont agree with much of it and if someone interrupted something i paid to see I would give them THE HANDS but this pepped up my usual Sunday morning uniwatch experience which is usually MEH.

    also, the 5&1 guy got it right for once except for being too lazy to get the proper pic from the H/Y game. And how ironic is that considering all the noise Terry Duroncelet, Jr. wrote about. I suspect Lukas is spinning in his grave over that error (as well he should).

    keep up the great work and thanks all!

    So sad that you climate change denying snowflakes need a safe space from people who disagree with you. Also, please point me to where the “rules” of this website are listed so that I can avoid running afoul of them. I’m pretty sure this website belongs to Paul Lukas and that it’s his prerogative what stays and what goes. If there are parts you don’t like, don’t read those parts. If you decide you don’t like it at all, don’t read it at all. Thank you Terry (and Phil [and Paul]) for providing such quality content day in and day out or so many years.

    Re: Jeremy Brahm’s ticker post… my wife found a soccer card like this in Sapporo during our honeymoon and snuck it into our luggage to give me a few months later. Can’t tell if the baseball one does it, too, but the soccer card plays audio of a soccer crowd singing happy birthday after an announcer yells “Goooooooooooooal!” C’mon Hallmark, get on the stick.

    RE protests at the Harvard/Yale game… I was in college mid-to-late-1980s when Apartheid was becoming an issue that folks in the US really started to care about. Students protesting on American campuses were ridiculed as pointlessly wasting their time, but they persisted, they got schools and business to take notice of where there money was invested, and eventually they helped spark a real change on the other side ot the world. Protests, even the most peaceful ones, need to be public and disruptive to have an effect. If it happens at a football game and no one gets hurt, go for it.

    Entry for today both (1) makes an impassioned plea for environmental awareness, and (2) celebrates cutting a giant tree down.

    Cognitive dissonance much?

    Americans are cute!

    With all the BFBS, GFGS, White Out and all the other crap uniforms in NCAA football, it was an absolute pleasure to see USC/UCLA and Ohio State/Penn State yesterday.
    Imagine….two games where you can actually tell who’s playing the second you flick on the channel!

    That article about 90s hockey uniforms got one key fact wrong: the Capitals weren’t copying the Wizards’ color scheme, since when the Caps made that change in 1995, the Wizards were still the Bullets, and still wearing red, white, and blue for two more seasons.

    Mr. Pollock also appeared to miss some key details with regards to the Blues and Penguins. Namely, St. Louis had added red as a trim color back in the 80s, and the Penguins had changed their logo five seasons before adopting that particular jersey as their primary road uniform.

    FYI All the Harvard/Yale “protest” brought awareness to for me was the fact that Harvard and Yale were playing a meaningful game. I care plenty about global warming, but sports are my retreat from the problems of life, unless the problems of life become part of the game (e.g. the racist frat kids at OU a few years ago). That’s my rubric. Happy to get into these issues, because they’re important, but when it comes to the middle of one of the few fall Saturdays where I can actually relax and not care about things for a minute, please — get off my lawn.

    My issue with global warming “protests” specifically is that I don’t see too many of these crusaders giving up their cars, these rich Ivy Leaguers giving up their annual 2-week “study abroad” trips across the pond, and all the many other basic daily things that contribute to the (very real) problem.

    Yale and Harvard alumni are among the most powerful categories of people on Earth. A few years ago, fully one-third of all Congressmen were Yale or Harvard alums. One can scarcely imagine the ancient networks of power and privilege necessary to make such a fact possible, or the amount of financial and political power the alumni have collectively over America and thus over the world, and their responsibility for the creation of the world economy as we now know it. The Harvard-Yale game is practically a Bilderbergers conference.

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