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A Hoosier State Tradition: The Indiana All Stars

Photo from The Indianapolis Star; click to enlarge

Hooo-ah — now that’s a uniform, am I right? The vertically arched chest lettering, double numbers (which look particularly odd on the guy wearing No. 10 — or is it No. 1010?), the endearingly clunky wording of “Indianapolis Star All Stars” (note the lack of a hyphen). Even the trainer or coach or whoever he is at lower-left has a cool shirt! The only thing better would be a color version.

These are the Indiana All Stars (they seem to have been consistent over the years about the unhyphenated style), a group of 12 Indiana high school seniors who play each year against a similar team comprised of Kentucky players. The game has been sponsored by The Indianapolis Star newspaper since the late 1930s.

“The seniors play one game in Kentucky and and one game in Indy over the course of a week,” says Star sports editor Matt Glenesk, who filled me in on the details after I was intrigued by the photo and asked him about it. “There are also two games between the states’ top juniors, and a game between Indiana’s seniors and juniors, which is usually the most competitive of the games.” (This year’s games were just played — there’s some news coverage here and here.)

The Star recently published a gallery of old Indiana All-Star photos. The one shown at the top of today’s page is definitely the juiciest of the bunch, but many of the others are also really nice.

The most interesting thing is seeing all the different ways they tried to work stars into the Star’s all-star designs. For example, here’s a 1965 uni with three stars across the top of the jersey (all pics from The Indianapolis Star; click to enlarge):

And here’s a 1956 uni with the stars in between the lettering and the uni number (along with a view of a Kentucky player wearing the same design):

That last design also appears to have been used a few times without numbers, which looks really weird:

Reader/commenter Scott points out that there are also some shots that show the players wearing their first names on the front of their jerseys (!), as seen in these views of Tom and Dick (what, no Harry?):

There are also some really sweet shooting/warm-up shirts. Check these out:

Good stuff, right? You can check out the entire 46-photo gallery here.

(My thanks to Michael Dean for bringing the photo gallery to my attention, and to IndyStar sports editor Matt Glenesk for giving me more info about the All Stars.)

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MLB/Nike update: In the wake of yesterday’s Uni Watch exclusive about Nike’s 2020 MLB uniforms, a trusted sourced followed up with a bunch of good information:

• Uniforms will be the exact same Flex Base template players have worn the past few seasons. Everything will be manufactured in the same way. Because Nike got in the game relatively late after Under Armour bowed out, Nike (in conjunction with MLB) took the path of least resistance by keeping the old Majestic uniform template for two more years.

• The only differences will be the Nike logo embroidered on the front of the jersey (and Nike tagging on the shirt tail and inside the neckline).

• Nike will be looking to create their own MLB uniform template for the 2022 season.

• The Nike logo on the pants will be above the rear pocket, same as Majestic’s logo, not on the front (for now).

Another source told me more or less the same thing a few hours later.

I count just about all of this as good news (except for the front-facing maker’s mark, obviously).

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Click to enlarge

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The Ticker
By Anthony Emerson

Baseball News: The Coors Field out-of-town scoreboard recently incorrectly listed Mets 1B Dominic Smith as the Mets’ starting pitcher (from @UntillTheNight). … Rainbow/pride mound logo for the Blue Jays last night (from Jorge Cruz). … Also posted in the NFL section: Apparently Peyton Manning is a Cubs fan (from Bob Gassel). … The Hartford Yard Goats, Double-A affiliates of the Rockies, have unveiled their stars-and-stripes caps (from @00obscuredviews). … The Down East Wood Ducks, Advanced-A affiliates of the Rangers, are wearing Kinston Collard Greens uniforms this weekend. Here’s a look at the full uni (from Ben Zajdel and Brett Swartz). … We had this earlier in the week, but it’s worth repeating: The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers, Single-A affiliates of the Brewers, are renaming themselves as the “Wisconsin Udder Tuggers” for their “Salute to Cows” night. Gotta love minor league ball (from David Lassen). … Have you ever seen Nolan Ryan-branded infield conditioner before? (From Ignacio Salazar.)

NFL News: The Bears will unveil their new throwback uniform, which will almost certainly be this 1936 design, at a team-centennial celebration tonight. The event is scheduled to run from 8:30 to 11 Eastern, with the unveiling segment likely to take place in the latter part of that time slot. … The Panthers are still using their old logo on parts of their facilities (from Mark Omlor). … Cross-listed from the baseball section: Apparently Peyton Manning is a Chicago Cubs fan (from Bob Gassel). … Also posted in the hockey section: Patriots WR Julian Edelman was wearing Boston Bruins C Charlie Coyle’s jersey during training camp yesterday (from Jakob Fox).

Hockey News: Here’s a great look at the special mask Bruins D Zdeno Chara wore during last night’s game to protect his broken jaw (from Alan Kreit). … During practice, the Blues goalies Jordan Binnington and Jake Allen wear devices that cut off the bottom of their vision to focus their eyes on the puck (from Ryan Walters). … The forthcoming Seattle NHL team has introduced a new website with a sort of salmon-inspired color scheme. Is this a hint, or a red herring? (From Jimmy Wong and Michael Alper.) … Ugh: In this article advocating for a shorter NHL regular season, the writer proposes adding corporate advertisements to team unis to make up for lost revenue from shortening the season (from Craig Stoltz). … Cross-listed from the NFL section: New England Patriots WR Julian Edelman was wearing Bruins C Charlie Coyle’s jersey during camp yesterday (from Jakob Fox).

NBA News: The Rockets released a new secondary logo and will unveil new uniforms on June 20 (from Ignacio Salazar and Elan Tavor).

Soccer News: Here’s a great article (NYT link) on how members of the U.S. Women’s Team are coming out with their own fashion and activewear lines, and what it means for women’s sports in general. … Manchester City’s home, away, third, and 125th-anniversary kits have all been leaked (from Josh Hinton). … Aston Villa has a new shirt advertiser (from Josh Hinton and Ed Żelaski). … North Carolina FC Youth has new kits (from James Gilbert). … FC Cincinnati will have a rainbow captain’s armband to coincide with the city’s LGBTQ Pride festival (from @labflyer).

Grab Bag: The homeowners association in Jeremy Kendrick’s Texas neighborhood allows residents to support local teams by painting team logos on the curbs in front of their homes. “It helps in identifying and avoiding Dallas fans,” he says.  … Former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has been found to have violated the Hatch Act, which prohibits executive branch employees from engaging in certain forms of political activity, when he posted a photo of himself wearing MAGA socks. … Here’s a great article about the artistry of fruit stickers (from Kevin Zdancewicz). … Louisville’s new Muhammad Ali International Airport logo has been revealed (from @LouAVille502).

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Comments (45)


    Stickers portion of the lede reads “But a few … “

    Assume you meant “Buy a few … “

    That picture at the top of the Indiana All Stars was from 1954. #1 in the front row is Bobby Plump.

    Some pictures (towards the end of the gallery) show the players with FNOF jerseys.

    Tom: link
    Dick: link

    Interesting that they wear numbers 6, 7, 8, and 9, which normally wouldn’t be allowed in high school basketball.

    Yeah, they’re the Van Arsdales. I wonder if the FNOF was unique to them (as twins?).

    The Indiana “Mr. Basketball” award winner is always designated the number “1” jersey of the Indiana high school All-Stars; Dick & Tom were co-“Mr. Basketball” in 1961 and Tom probably has a “1” under his name in the pic above, hence FNOF for both.

    Surprised there is no mention of the massive and clunky advertiser creep in that first picture!

    I have no problem with any person’s life choices, I cannot understand why sports have to celebrate people’s sexual preferences. Makes zero sense to me.

    The same reason why sports have to celebrate one’s choice to join the military.

    At least these days. Yes, I know veterans did not have a choice back in the day.

    The corporate leveraging of things like pride month generally sort of annoy me, but I actually think there is some value beyond simple promotional expediency in baseball doing pride celebrations.

    The culture of sports has long been associated with pretty “traditional” masculinity and has, at least for many people, felt like the domain of only those adhering to heteronormative sexual practices and identities. I certainly question the motives for all this as much as the next person, but I do think that teams promoting pride month are sending a somewhat important message to a LGBTQ people that even areas of society that have long been off-limits to them are now willing to welcome them in.

    Regardless of why it’s happening, it is heartening to see.

    1) Sexuality is not a “life choice.” Please don’t promote that falsity on my website. Thanks.

    2) Telling a long-oppressed/marginalized group that they are welcome in our sports and our society seems like a nice thing to do, don’t you think? Or if you don’t think that, why not?

    3) Heterosexuality is celebrated every single day at many stadiums and arenas via the Kiss Cam. Are you opposed to that as well? If not, why not?

    1) Come on man, making it sound like I’m trying to be offensive. I said life choices because I wanted to blanket over religion, politics, sexual orientation etc.and I apologize if I am not using the latest nomenclature…. Not trying to promote anything negative, yet people will read your comment and could assume that now.

    2) I agree it’s nice to do and to Russell’s point that sports are considered traditionally “masculine” I get it. To me I just think when we go to a game it’s about a game…I don’t care if you were in the military, I don’t care your sexual preference, I don’t care your religion – in fact I do not care at all about anything regarding other people’s lives when I am there. I don’t wish them ill will, but I just frankly couldn’t give two shits about them, I am there to watch a game and enjoy the company I am with.

    3) I am opposed to Kiss cams because they’re assuming too much- that people are a couple when they could be friends, brother and sister, dad and daughter, mom and son etc. and just leads to awkwardness.

    I said life choices because I wanted to blanket over religion, politics, sexual orientation etc.and I apologize if I am not using the latest nomenclature…

    When you use a term like “the latest nomenclature,” you’re laughing it off like it’s some trendy thing that the kids are into today and that you’re not up on. But here’s the deal: The idea that homosexuality is a “choice” is a tremendously damaging lie that is at the root of all sorts of discrimination, past and present. When you use that language, you are, whether intentionally or not, becoming part of the problem. I repeat: Please don’t do that on my website. If that means being more aware and choosing your words more carefully, then please do that. Thank you.

    To me I just think when we go to a game it’s about a game…

    So based on that, I assume you’re also opposed to Father’s Day uniforms, Mother’s Day uniforms, stars/stripes uniforms, and all the other special event uniforms out there. Have you posted comments about all of those as well? If not, why not? Is there a reason you chose the this one pride logo to single out and comment upon?

    I am opposed to Kiss cams because they’re assuming too much

    So you don’t mind that the Kiss Cam celebrates a particular sexual orientation, or that it distracts from the fact that you’re just “there for the game” — you just think it’s awkward. If they checked with all the male/female couples beforehand and determined which ones were actual couples, thereby eliminating the assumptions and the awkwardness, then you’d be OK with it?

    Had to look up the date. Can’t believe it was so long ago. In August 2000, a lesbian couple was kicked out of Dodger Stadium for kissing. I’m all in on celebrating people’s sexual preferences.

    I understand that pride is not for me. Its not my celebration. Its a celebration of a community that I’m not part of.

    Its a celebration of a community that has fought VERY HARD for the right to celebrate. For the right not to be treated as criminals, much less equals.

    I understand completely when community organizations want to celebrate along with the LBGTQ community. I’m proud of the teams and organizations that say, in effect, that everyone is welcome as part of our fanbase.

    How small does a person have to be to see another community, that they’re not a part of, celebrating an important milestone in their community, and say to themselves “Why do they get a celebration? What is that for? Why isn’t this about me”.

    As an aside, when a person says “I have no problem with a person’s rights, but…”, that first thing usually isn’t true.

    Last thing: check out this organization, founded by Brian Burke and his son in honour of his other son who passed away.


    Wow, Zdeno Chara! Full fishbowl shield that swings out and attaches with snaps and straps, with the visor cut out and the jaw piece remaining. You’re not gonna see that too often anymore because Chara is one of the last grandfathered no-visor players. Compare and contrast somebody like Joe Pavelski with the Sharks earlier this postseason, who kept his normal visor but had a stationary jaw piece bolted on. No swinging out, his helmet would be like a make shift wanna-be football helmet, but made of hockey parts.
    In Game 4, Chara took a full unadulterated Bauer fishbowl because he wanted to get back on the ice fast and that’s what they had, no doubt. But with the benefit of preparation, the Bruins modified that, giving him what he wanted within what he needs.
    Final aside, no Bauer logos because I guess Warrior pays him a lot of money.

    Some trepidation about the Rockets’ new jerseys. And it looks like black is now an “official” color if it wasn’t already.

    Realistically, I’m just hoping one of them still has “Houston” on it.

    They have been wearing the red with maroon trim a lot. I would be fine with that being the new primary colour scheme (red and yellow would still be the best but I have a feeling not likely).

    I started thinking this seldom-used colour scheme of red with maroon trim was a good option after seeing the San Antonio Commanders in action (2018-2018 RIP).

    The Get Up Kids used another shot of players from the opening photo on their Woodson ep


    I think the fnof might be because they are twins Tom and Dick Van Arsdale, who went on to play at Indiana U

    In 1961, twins Tom and Dick Van Arsdale, from Indianapolis Manual High School, shared Indiana Mr. Basketball honors, awarded to the state’s top high school player. Although obscured in the photos, each is wearing the coveted #1 jersey that goes with the title. To help differentiate them on the court, their first names were added to their jerseys. Otherwise, it would have been nearly impossible to them them apart. Tom and Dick both went on to star at Indiana University and each enjoyed a productive NBA career (although no one is sure whatever became of Harry).

    “When you use a term like “the latest nomenclature,” you’re laughing it off like it’s some trendy thing that the kids are into today and that you’re not up on. But here’s the deal: The idea that homosexuality is a “choice” is a tremendously damaging lie that is at the root of all sorts of discrimination, past and present. When you use that language, you are, whether intentionally or not, becoming part of the problem. I repeat: Please don’t do it on my website. Thanks”

    There we go with assuming that my intentions are bad, and then getting on your soapbox to “teach that guy a lesson” that I don’t need taught, but in a passive way by saying “intentionally or not” when a simple hey man just a head’s up that’s the “wrong” way to express that.

    Also,phrases/terms etc change over time. I don’t keep up on it enough, I am not from the capital of forward thinking in Brooklyn, so again I apologize. But you’re def not missing the opportunity to be the good guy and point out how I’m being the bad guy, when my intentions aren’t that.

    As for your other attempts at having a “gotcha, hypocrite” moment…I am against Military stuff at games because it’s pandering (even though I fully support our troops past and present) but I don’t comment because you belabor that enough on the site. I think the MD and FD unis are tacky too, but I don’t comment on that because your site does that enough.

    There we go with assuming that my intentions are bad…

    No, Rich, I didn’t assume you had bad intentions; I just noted that you said something problematic, REGARDLESS of your intentions. Since you said you’re not up on the latest hep lingo (and since you now apparently think nobody outside of the BizzarroWorld enclave of Brooklyn realizes that calling homosexuality a “choice” is seriously fucked up), I filled you in. And then I asked you to not use hurtful language on my website again, literally saying “please” and “thank you.”

    For the record: I accept that you did not have bad intentions. But that doesn’t change the fact that you said something completely unacceptable. Please don’t do it again on my website. Thank you.

    You’re trying to make this about me, but it’s actually about something that you went out of your way to post as a comment. Once you post it, own it. If you don’t want to be held accountable for your own words, don’t post them. Simple.

    “For the record: I accept that you did not have bad intentions. But that doesn’t change the fact that you said something completely unacceptable. Please don’t do it again on my website. Thank you.

    You’re trying to make this about me, but it’s actually about something that you went out of your way to post as a comment. Once you post it, own it. If you don’t want to be held accountable for your own words, don’t post them. Simple”

    That’s more than fair. I apologize if my emotions got the best of me in subsequent comments.

    I don’t mean to pile on, but reducing it to just being about “sexual preferences” is off the mark, in my opinion. LGBTQ is more than just about who people are attracted to. There’s a whole spectrum of gender expression in there. And, in whole, there are a whole lot of people who have been historically marginalized. I don’t see sports as being an area that is overly accepting, so efforts to increase inclusivity is great, in my opinion.

    I should also note, I am the parent of a young child who is gender nonconforming, as challenging as it is, the fundamental thing for me is for him to live in a world that doesn’t try to marginalize him and celebrate him regardless of how he dresses or who he might be attracted to. He’s too young to have any real preferences, but he’d be included under the umbrella. So maybe you can understand why folks were a bit put off when you reduced these recognitions to being just about sexual preference and as a life choice.

    hoping Nike doesn’t mess up baseball uniforms…praying it won’t happen. I’m already worrying XD

    Regarding the Timber Rattlers and the “Udder Tuggers” promotion, it’s sadly all too clear why minor league teams do this kind of thing. link They’ve had to go back to New Era for a second production run of caps just to meet demand.

    I actually love the cow cap logo, but wish that teams didn’t sell out their identities for a couple extra bucks.

    Apparently, the name “Udder Tuggers” was link for the team that would become the Fond du Lac Dock Spiders. Didn’t happen as a permanent identity, but the Dock Spiders are owned by the Timber Rattlers, and apparently they filed the name away for future use.

    If they end up the Seattle Sockeyes with that color scheme I would be very, very happy. I love it when teams break away from the red, blue, or black.

    The ticker post about painting curbs with teams: “It helps in identifying and avoiding Dallas fans”

    I know this is said with sarcasm but I also know there is some truth to that. I am so glad that I just enjoy sports and really don’t care who other people root for. I find it pathetic when fans “hate” other teams/schools/cities.

    ECU vs. Louisville baseball game is color vs. color. Paul, it’s probably your least favorite color vs. color matchup possible. ECU in purple, Louisville in black (including black pants!).

    Why is there not the objection to various sports trying to sell hats/shirts with rainbow versions of their logos, but it is seemingly the worst thing ever to sell Camo or Stars/Stripes versions?

    I’m not sure how salmon would feel about being described as red herring. Certainly makes them sound much less appetizing.

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