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Dog Day Afternoon

MB 550

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By Phil Hecken, with Megan Brown

It doesn’t happen often, but every so often I have an idea for a Uni Watch topic I file away, thinking “OK, I’m gonna write about that one day.” Today is one of those days. Not long after I began writing for Uni Watch way back in 2008, I thought a fun post would be to have readers send in photos of their pets in uniform (which, unless you actually have a pet — usually a dog — you consider to be a family member, probably strikes you as incredibly odd). I remember seeing a photo posted by Doug Keklak, probably back when the Steelers were playing the Cardinals in the Super Bowl (I think Ricko may have sent in one of his pet poodle, Winnie, as well), and I had a photo of my own little guy, Bizkit, wearing a Jason Sehorn Giants jersey which I put him in for Super Bowl XXXV (when the G-men got their butts handed to them by the Ravens).

Anyway…I was going to run a post asking UW readers to share photos of their pets in uniform. And I completely forgot about it. Until yesterday.

So, I logged onto Twitter in the morning and one of the first posts I saw was from Megan Brown, who posts as @thatgirlondeck, asking pet owners to post photos of their pets “reppin their teams jerseys,” as yesterday was something called, “National Dress Up Your Pet Day.”

Without even thinking too much about my “let’s see the Uni Watch pets in jerseys” idea I had way back when, I replied to Megan with that photo of Bizkit:

It was shortly after that, in my morning fog, that I remembered the UW thing. I shot Megan a DM and asked, since she’d already put out the call for doggo pics, if she’d be interested in doing an article with me on Uni Watch and if she wouldn’t mind sharing some of the shots she got. She heartily agreed.

(Sidenote: Megan has an awesomely cute Yorkshire Terrier named “Alexa” who has her own Twitter and Instagram accounts. You may also remember Megan for her incredible post on the day she broke the interwebs:


So, with Megan in agreement to do a pups in jerseys post, I’ll introduce her now. I’m also going to FINALLY get to that request to have Uni Watch readers send in photos of their own pets (doesn’t have to be a dog) in a JERSEY (or at least some type of team gear), which I’d love to run at some point in the future. If you have (or want to take) a photo of your animal in a uni, shoot me an e-mail with the subject line “PETS IN UNIFORM” and I’ll compile whatever I get. It may not be too cute to see a 45 year old dude at the game in a bad jersey, but everyone loves a pup in uni, right? Right!

OK, here’s Megan to set up the post and then we’ll have a look at some canines in kits:

By Megan Brown

Yesterday was #NationalDressUpYourPetDay, so naturally I wanted to see the furrier fans repping their favorites. I posted a tweet inviting my followers to share pictures of their pets wearing sports jerseys, and I think you’re going to like the submissions. Regardless of your sports loyalties, even a Tom Brady jersey can be made tolerable when paired with puppy dog eyes. Enjoy!

And there you have it! (There are probably a few more that rolled in, but the cutegasm has to end somewhere).

Big thanks to Megan for soliciting the pics and sharing them, and also for triggering a long-lost memory in me as well — once again, if you fine Uni Watch readers have photos of your pets in parkas (or jerseys, bandanas, headbands, etc.) just shoot them to me in an e-mail (see above for deets).

Megan’s not only a great doggy-mommy, she’s a great follow on the Twitter (and Insta) and she has a blog as well. I’ll forgive her for being a Brewers fan, this time.

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Uni Tracker Wraps

Now that the NCAA football season has ended, I wanted again thank my trackers, Dennis Bolt, Rex Henry, Ethan Dimitroff and Kyle Acker for their yeoman work.

A couple of the trackers not only do the tracking on Uni Watch throughout the season, but they maintain blogs for those conferences as well. As we bid adieu to the college season until August, I wanted to give the guys a quick spotlight for their work.

Dennis Bolt

Dennis not only tracks the Pac-12 (and the Oregon squad on the Duck Tracker), he keeps up blogs for both. Here’s Dennis’ look back at the Pac-12 season:

Looking back at 2016-17
The Pac-12 ended its season with USC in the Rose Bowl, but this past season saw some new faces in the spotlight and some established teams on the fade.

With Oregon’s fall from the top of the Pac-12, came a change in the veracity of its uniform reveals. At the beginning of the season, when its record was still respectable, it had several specialty and alternate uniforms. But as losses mounted, the uniforms began to calm and each week brought much more normal and sedate choices.

The stalwart traditionalists stayed the same: UW, USC, and Stanford pretty much stuck with home and away sets. UCLA””a uniform maven last year””also regressed like Oregon to a more normal rotation. Cal felt boring, but when I tallied their sets, it came to seven separate combos!

People love to lambast Oregon for its uniforms, but the mountain schools have taken over that mantle! Arizona made great use of normal colors mixed and matched, with one real nice alternate USS Arizona uniform. ASU went off the rails with all kinds of wacky helmets and color schemes this year.

But, the winner for number of combos is Utah. They only went with one throwback uniform and several special helmets, but made varied use of their red, white and black, with three mono-color schemes as well.

WSU and Colorado (the win cinderella’s this year) pretty much stuck to several colors that they mixed and matched to nice affect.

“Pink-tober” and “GI-Joe-vember” were almost””thankfully””absent!

You can read more here. You can also check out the Duck Tracker for the season by clicking here.


Rex Henry

Rex has been tracking the ACC for me (and last year he also did the SEC) for two years, and is passionate. He runs the excellent ACC Tracker blog which not only lists each week of uni combos for each team that plays, his side tabs also detail the unis worn by each squad each week individually. The tracking goes back as far as 2012, so it’s a tremendous resource as well. Make sure to check that out as well!

Rex is still in the process of doing his own season wrap-up for the ACC, so once that’s done I’ll run it next weekend.


Ethan Dimitroff

Ethan tracks the SEC, and was also pressed into duty in mid-season tracking the B1G, but his real passion is for the West Virginia Mountaineers. It’s similar to the Duck Tracker, but well worth taking a look at. You can check that out here. It’s a LOT more than just tracking of the 2016 unis too — definitely worth a look-see!

At some point (I know I keep teasing this) I will be getting more in-depth with Ethan (we’ve already partially completed an interview…I just have to put everything together). He’s a talented man and I think you’ll like that when it does run.

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UW Friday Flashback

UW’s Friday Flashback

In case you missed it on Friday, earlier this week Paul asked Uni Watch reader what you thought about NFL home teams acknowledging the road team on their fields (as the Chiefs did while hosting the Dolphins in the famous “Longest Game Ever Played” in 1971, as seen here). That’s the topic of Paul’s latest Friday Flashback column on ESPN, which has lots of additional examples, including some from college football.

Check out the Friday Flashback here.


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sb li helmet

Super Bowl Party Helmet Trivia

Got an e-mail from Ray Hund who wanted to share some “helmet trivia” for the upcoming Super Bowl hopefuls. Check it out:

. . . . . . . . . .

This year’s NFL playoff picture is no surprise to me and some of my friends.

75% of the teams playing for a chance at a Super Bowl ring are non-animal teams.

There are 32 teams in the NFL.

Of these teams, 17 are non-animal, or 53%. The other 15 teams, or 47%, are animal teams.

Non-animal teams have won 38 Super Bowls compared to 12 for the animal teams.

So, while non-animal teams make up 53% of the NFL, they have won 76% of the Super Bowls.

All the so-called dynasties have been non-animal teams: Packers, Steelers, Forty-Niners, Cowboys, and Patriots.

Of the 15 animal teams, only the Dolphins and Broncos have been able to win back-to-back Super Bowls.

My friends and I recommend going non-animal to any new franchise entering the NFL.

But there are other things to consider besides this (and coaching, talent, and execution).

Take the football helmet for example:

Teams with letters on their helmet are 27-10 in Super Bowls. Of these, non-animal teams with letters are 24-9.

Teams with lower case letters on their helmet are 10-3 (all non-animal). Teams with letters that overlap 7-2 (again, all non-animal).

(The most common letters found on NFL helmets are S and E, each appearing five times.)

If the city the team plays in is abbreviated on the helmet this produces a winning record too: 18-6.
The name of the team spelled out in full works as well (Jets, Steelers, and Raiders): 10-4.

Variations of silver & gold have shined on helmets in Super Bowls over the years with a record of 20-10.
Variations of yellow on a helmet are 13-7. Orange, in comparison, is 7-11.
The team with the most colors on a helmet — the Steelers (6) — are 6-2.

Human heads (living/dead) on helmets are 11-8 in Super Bowls.
However, putting a hat or helmet on the head on the helmet drops the record to 7-6.

Swords on a helmet are 4-2. Weapons of any kind 5-3.

Circles big & small on a helmet have a 11-7 record. Five-pointed stars drop to 9-8.

If the logo appears exactly the same on both sides of a team’s helmet, then the Super Bowl record is — appropriately — 8-8.

And this is weird: Fabric depicted on a helmet (Buccaneer’s flag, Raider’s eye patch, and Patriot’s hat) has a winning record of 8-6.

The undefeated? Those helmets depicting a football are 2-0 (Again, the Buccaneers, and the Jets). Quality over quantity.

Warning: Here are some things to keep off a new franchise’s helmet:

Horns!!! Horns are 1-10 in Super Bowls! Yikes!

Speaking of horns, the ungulates — or hoofed animals — are 6-13. Actually show the hoof on the helmet and your record is 0-4.
Predators fair worse than the animals they might eat; they are 4-13.
Manes on hoofed animals are 3-9.
Manes on predators haven’t been to the Super Bowl.

Birds on a helmet are 3-6.
Feathers on a helmet are 5-6 (The Seahawks are not included here because the design doesn’t actually depict feathers).
However, show a beak and your team is 3-3.
Talons? 0-1.

If the animal on a helmet is not found within the continental United States, your record is 2-5.

This one is a bit tricky…If eyes can be seen on a helmet (not a suggestion of eyes) you’re 9-10.
If there is only a suggestion of eyes you’re 10-12.
Teeth? 0-2.
Visible ears? 0-2.

If the whole animal is portrayed on the helmet you’re 2-8 or have never been to a Super Bowl.
Floating heads on helmets (animal/non-animal) are 16-21.

So if you want your team to win a Super Bowl, here’s what you put on your team’s helmet:

1. Something that is not, I repeat, not an animal.
2. Abbreviate your city/spell out the team name. Overlap a few letters. And throw in some lower case letters to boot.
3. Remember the song “Silver and Gold” from Rudolph, the Red-nosed Reindeer? Take it to heart. Then add yellow. And a touch of red.
4. And don’t forget the football — it doesn’t have to be prominent.

. . . . . . . . . .

Thanks, Ray. Some faaaaaaaascinating stuff there.

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So, I’ll be on the air today…

The “fun” surrounding the LA Chargers’ “new logo” release continues.

For anyone who’s interested, I’ll be on with Danielle McCartan on her show, “60 Minute Overtime,” which can be found on your local NY dial at 90.3 fm, WRPR. Her show runs from 11:00 am to noon (Eastern Standard Time), and if you are interested you can tune in there or you can also audio stream online here: OR, if you’re really interested, you can video stream at (I’ll be calling in however). I believe the pinned tweet in her link above gives some other options as well.

Not quite sure what my segment will entail, but the plan is to discuss and dissect the LA Chargers failed new logo roll-out on social media, as well as the reaction many of their fans had to the news of the Chargers move by burning team jerseys. I believe my segment will air around 11:10 am, so if you have nothing better to do, check it out!

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man w megaphone

Uni Watch Reminders!

Raffle reminder: Paul here. I’m currently raffling off a $100 discount code for use at IceJerseys. Full details here.

Design contest reminder: I’m also currently accepting entries for a “Redesign the Chargers” contest. Full details here.

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Too Good For the Ticker

Too Good…

for the Ticker

Got an e-mail from Jmac yesterday regarding the Flyers/Penguins alumni game. It’s a bit too long, and certainly too good, for ticker, so I’m running it here. Here’s John…

. . .

The Flyers and Penguins alumni teams faced off against each other in Philadelphia in front of a sold out crowd as part of their 50th anniversary celebration. The LCB and Legion of Doom lines were reassembled for the Flyers. Philly players wore the 50th anniversary jersey. Attached are several screenshots from the game. By the way, the Flyers Reggie Leach played against his son Jaime (#20 Penguins) in the photo with The LCB line.

Photos are (click to enlarge):

alumni game 1

Combined teams:

alumni game 2

Bobby Clarke in his last alumni game:

alumni game 3

The LCB line w/ Jaime Leach:

alumni game 4

The Legion of Doom line in game action:

John M

. . .

Thanks, John.

OK. Now, on to the ticker…

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Uni Watch News Ticker
By Phil

Baseball News: This important Bobblehead change news comes to us from Richard Paloma: “On Jan 11 the Ticker nothed how the A’s had Bob Melvin’s jersey wrong with piping on the front. This was put out by the A’s on Sat Jan 14. Did someone get the memo?” … An article on FanSided opines, “The Cincinnati Reds had one of the most classic looks in all of sports when they were the Red Stockings.” I do agree, but should the team really return to their original red stockings unis? … SEC Patches for Florida Gators softball have arrived. “This year features a slightly different look,” the add.

NFL News: We show a LOT of creative soda stack displays and most of them are pretty good, but this one featuring Aaron Rogers in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, just might be the best (from Andrew Greenwood). … Speaking of “food” products and the NFL, Michael Bonfanti writes, “I have seen where uni-centric cakes are shown on the site, and figured I’d send you my wife’s effort. Our son Mason turned 8 on the 11th and asked for a Patriot’s helmet cake. Undaunted by the intricacies of the Flying Elvis, his step-mom Kirsten delivered. I think it turned out pretty well.” … Although I believe he has had it for at least a week, Russell Wilson has gotten a new style of facemask (from Allen Alexander). … The NFL posted this cute graphic for their divisional round games featuring the Pats, Texans, Falcons and Seahawks yesterday. Except — they used the Seahawks logo from 1976-2001! (good spot by Deplorable Ted). … “Levi’s are (p)romoting these NFL shirts on twitter,” notes Eric Odden. “Think they even know the KC Chiefs logo is upside down?” … Whoa — check out the V E R Y W I D E S P A C I N G on this old Oilers NOB (from John Turney). … Oops — yesterday CBS was using a graphic showing Patriots away socks with the Pats’ home uniform (good spot by Reed Pike). … The Cowboys may be old school with their dymo tape, but the other Texas team seems a bit more middle school (nice grab by Mark Lockwood). … Sometimes, Darren Rovell is really funny (from Matt Fedorka). … During their game with the Lakers, the Clippers showed the new Los Angeles Chargers logo on the video screen and the Staples Center crowd promptly booed. After a few seconds, the screen cut to Chargers tight end Jeff Cumberland, who briefly waved but then was booed (thanks, Paul). … Tweeter Mike Nessen asks, “Does Will Fuller hold the current record for highest numerical suffix (i.e. RNOB) in sports? Anyone have “VI” or higher?” … Major helmet sticker fail last night for Lamar Miller of the Texans (nice screen shot by CJ Fogler). … Interesting pennant for the Washington football club (from Bill Hetrick). … During yesterday’s Seahawks/Falcons game, Devin Hester was wearing a towel with writing on it. Omar Jalife is curious what it says. Anyone know?

College/other Football News: Some packaging mistakes are, I suppose, unavoidable, even excusable. But I’m not sure if you could ever forgive whoever put this helmet inside this package (from Wild Bill). I mean, you gotta have a really sick sense of humor to get that for your kid, right? … Check out the jerseys, and especially the helmets being used for the “Polynesian Bowl” (from Adam Apatoff). Here are the unis/helmets for the opposing squad (also from Adam). The units are divided into “Team Stanley” and “Team Mariota”.

Hockey News: The Flyers wore their 50th season jerseys on the ROAD for just the 2nd time this DESPITE the fact that the published schedule only denoted that they would be worn at HOME (from John Mac). … Franklin sports has developed batting style gloves with padded palms for under goalie catch gloves (from J. Walker). … Speaking of which, the video with this tweet shows Tuukka Rask has batting gloves (from Nick Griffin). … The Indy Fuel had some great Blackhawks inspired uniforms last night (from Mark Grainda and the Indy Fuel). … The Huntsville Havoc had some pretty awesome Friday the 13th-inspired jerseys the other night (from OT Sports). … The Wheeling Nailers did the Star Wars thingy yesterday (from Jeff Tasca). … Goalie McElhinney was picked up on waivers from the Columbus Blue Jackets and got his first win for the Toronto Maple Leafs last night versus Ottawa – looks like he got a quick temporary paint job in his mask (from Will Leslie).

NBA News: Nike is releasing its LeBron 14 “Out of Nowhere” sneakers through a secondhand site, StockX. The shoes are limited to 23 pairs each and estimated to sell for $3,000 to $25,000 per pair. Nike and James are trying something new with their newest release “to build extra buzz” (thanks, Paul). … The Atlanta Hawks will be retiring “Pistol” Pete Maravich’s no. 44 jersey where it will be lifted to the Philips Arena rafters on March 3, joining Lou Hudson, Dikembe Mutombo, Bob Pettit and Dominique Wilkins as the franchise’s most iconic names. … “The ‘unofficial’ new Pistons logo is on FULL DISPLAY in this tweet they just fired out,” writes Conrad Burry. “Guess we’ll wait til next season for official launch.” … Tonight, the Memphis Grizzlies will debut their MLK uniforms (with Monday being Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, this makes sense). … The Wizards won their 11th consecutive home game last night, wearing these Bullets-inspired throwbacks. That game was also color vs. color (from Zachary Loesl). … Also from Zachary, the Suns and Spurs went color vs. color down in Mexico.

College Hoops News: Yesterday was “90s day” inside the Syracuse Carrierdome, so on the scoreboard (and elsewhere) the team was using 90s style logos (from Seth Goldberg). … I don’t really follow much college hoop until tourney time, so I’m not sure this is big news, but yesterday the Utah Utes had hooded warmups for their game against UCLA (from Ricky Clark). … Good observation from Lawrence Benedetto who notes that in yesterday’s Okie State vs. Kansas game, “There are III players with Surname III in this game. Only II of them wear that distinction on their jersey.” … Color vs. color game yesterday for Iona vs. Quinnipiac (via Derek Turner). … What happens when your kicks are too tight? You change them at halftime. And voila! (from Mike Slavonic). … Here is what appears to be an MLB licensed jersey with a college hoops team (from Custom Helmet Source). … Most hype videos for new unis only show the players going nuts for a new shiny object. You don’t often get to see fans react (nice spot by Jon Horton). … Looks like fans were treated to free Palestra patches yesterday (from fillyfandan). … Color vs. color game yesterday for BYU and San Diego (from Mitch Harper). … Check out these gorgeous throwbacks for the San Francisco Dons (from Erik Kissel).

Grab Bag: Canada’s dairy farmers are dumping their well-known cartoon logo in a bid to rebrand for 2017. The switch starts next month, when consumers may start noticing a more stately, businesslike cow replacing the cutesy, jumping bovine trademark (from Ted Arnold). … It’s official. Big South Sports has a new logo (from Fletcher Jones). … Here’s another look (from Ryan Brown). … Really nice post from Chris Creamer on pro sports team relocations and logo changes that came with them.

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And that’s it for today.

Thanks of course to Megan for the doggies in unis pics. Remember, if you have absolutely nothing better to do this morning and want to hear me trash the LA Chargers (and the few idiots who set ablaze $300 polyester shirts), give a listen (links above).

Also, if you have your own photo of your critter in sports clothing, don’t forget to shoot me a photo, OK? OK!

Enjoy your Sunday and the rest of your week. I’ll catch you next weekend but until then…

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


.. … ..

“I was tempted to send the Knicks that Cavs champions shirt, since who knows when they’ll ever get another one of their own”

— Jimmer Vilk

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Comments (36)

    Words can have multiple meanings, and depend on the context in which they are used.

    I mean, I’ve never been kicked out of a building because the sign said “No Animals Allowed”.

    I’m only seeing dogs in sports outfits for #NationalDressUpYourPetDay. They couldn’t get cats to sit still long enough to get dressed up?

    And is Bobby Clarke retiring from alumni hockey, too?

    Yes, both Bobby Clarke and Bill Barber stated that Saturday night’s game was their last alumni game.

    Regarding the NFL playoff endzones. Part of the reason that both teams were represented may be due to the fact that similar to how MLB used to do it, the home field was based on a predetermined division order and not based on best record. In 1972, the Undefeated Dolphins played at the Steelers. The least they could get is their name in one end zone,

    15 animal teams?
    I get 14
    Eagles, Lions, Bears, Panthers,Falcons, Rams,Seahawks,Cardinals, Dolphins,Bengals, Ravens, Jaguars, Colts,Broncos

    Your not counting the Buffalo Bills as an animal team, are you?

    Chargers were actually named in honor of Barron Hilton’s newly minted Carte Blanche credit card. Wikipedia says they were named after the “charge” chant fans were starting to do at games. Either way, they were not named after an arab charger horse.

    I hope this doesn’t through off the figures

    I am counting 14 animal teams as well. The Bills would not be an animal team. They fall in the realm of a team having an animal logo and not an animal team name. CFL Calgary Stampeders would similarly fall into that realm. Houston Texans too.

    I’m going to guess that since everything else in the list is based on what is actually on the helmet that the term “animal teams” simply refers to teams with animals on their helmet. So yes, the animal on their helmet would qualify Buffalo as an animal team.

    Based on the assumption that it refers to teams with animals on the helmet, then we would need to include the Bills and Texans. This would put it at 16. However, 2 of the animal teams don’t really have animal body parts on their helmets. Colts just have a horseshoe. Bears just have the letter “C”. So we are still not at 15.

    Getting way to technical about this (too much free time for me this Sunday morning), but it does look like we need to have the defined term for “animal team” used in the study. Some help on this Ray?

    Your first listing of the Giants-Ravens Super Bowl has its numerals listed as XXV (25) and later you have it as XXXV (35) which I believe is correct

    Thanks. Yes, it is 35, not 25. Must have had Ottis Anderson (MVP of Supe 25) still on my brain.

    Henrik Lundqvist also wears gloves of some sort. Batting? Golf? Don’t know. But they are white.
    To be fair, you could always track down a Palmgard glove, but that doesn’t mean Franklin is barred from innovating. Good find!

    What an unbelievably boring and unimaginative logo for Canadian dairy farmers. Why not a dairy cow with fur markings that resemble the maple leaf? Similar to these: link

    At least they didn’t make a snarling cow logo.
    But still, this is a waste of time and money. Nothing wrong with the original one.

    I’ll forgive her for being a Brewers fan, this time.
    If Megan agrees they belong in the American League, and in royal/yellow/powder unis with ball in glove logos, I’ll forgive her, too.

    Why can’t we switch the Astros and Brewers around? Tequila sunrise belongs in the NL.

    Then again I am a Mariners fan….

    Astros back to the NL Central, Brewers to the AL Central, which moves the Royals back to the AL West. Done.

    Do that and I’ll stop pining for the Pirates to be back in the NL East with the Phillies. Short of expansion there’s no good way to make that happen anyway.

    Didn’t the Patriots 1985 logo still depict a football? So… football depictions not undefeated?

    Yes, the Patriots still had “Hiking Pat” on their white helmets that season. They lost to the Bears in Super Bowl XX in January 1986.

    I must commend Ray Hund for researching the kind of thing that’s been running thru my head for years. Finally, a betting system for folks like me!

    So, the Browns, named after Paul Brown, would be humanoid? The Texans, with the logo, an animal?

    By my count, the 12 humanoid teams are 37-18. (Humans, plus Giants and Titans, mythical figures in human-like form.)

    The one non-category team is NYJ, at 1-0.

    Ugh. I know I’m missing something here.

    …and don’t wear a purple helmet (Vikings 0-4) or green (Eagles 0-2) to the Super Bowl.

    To be fair, I’ve met many girls who said they were big time sports fans. So the NL East question isn’t that out of line.
    I dated a girl who said her favorite teams were the Chargers and Raiders. Wait what? How? Didn’t know who Ken Stabler was.This was early 90s. Went on 3 or 4 dates including a Rangers game where she proclaimed to like the Dodgers and the Giants. Thats even more crazy.I wanted to ask “Are you just naming teams in California?”

    Anyway, a girl with extensive sports knowledge is a keeper.

    I think the question is more along the lines of, if a guy said he was a big time sports fan, would you ask him the same question or would you just assume he was being truthful?

    That happens all the time. You either prove you know what you’re talking about someone calls shenanigans.

    I believe the analysis of Super Bowl helmets forgot that the Giants won two Super Bowls with a helmet that spelled out the team name, so that record should be 12-4.

    Re the Michigan helmet in the box with tOSU kid on it, I have seen that product in stores and all have the kid in Buckeye garb on the box, regardless of what team is actually in the package.

    What are the animals depicted on helmets outside of the continental U.S. that went 2-5? I can only think of the Bengals (0-2). The Lions and Jaguars have not been to the SB. Is the other 2-3 the Dolphins? Dolphins are absolutely found in the continental U.S. and not just in the open ocean, but in Bays, estuaries and intracoastal waterways. Or am i missing depicted animals that aren’t the team name? (other than the Bills’ native bison or Texans’ domesticated bull) Of course pretty much all animals including bengals are “Found in continental U.S.” zoos and safari parks, but if you specify non-native animals you have to include the Broncos as well as Bengals for a 3-7 record (Colts helmets don’t depict an animal).

    The old Denver Broncos “D” helmet logo had a unicorn, not a horse. Unicorns aren’t found in North America. Their current logo is a horse.

    Don’t forget, the Giants had their team name spelled in full on their helmets during their Super Bowl runs in the ’80s. And I’m too lazy to look it up, but Denver went 0-4 with the snorting “D” on their helmets.

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