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Monday Morning Uni Watch

[Editor’s Note: We have two posts today instead of one. If you missed the first one, look here. ”” PL]

Good-looking game yesterday in San Diego, as the Chargers wore their powder blues while hosting the Raiders. You can click the photo at right to enlarge, and there are additional photos available here.

In other developments from around the league yesterday:

• With the Jags and Bills playing in London, CBS once again used outlined team logos in the end zones and tried to fill them in digitally, with varying degrees of success.

• CBS also apparently thinks a 60-yard field goal is no big deal.

• Also, see those FedEx ads along the perimeter of the field? That was a digital projection. The advertisers changed as the game went along.

• Speaking of that game, the Jags went mono-black.

• Looks like Bills defensive end Mario Williams was wearing tinted contacts. I’m told he always does this. (Ditto for someone on the Falcons, although I’m not sure who that was.)

• Washington wore their retro fauxbacks. Lots of additional photos here.

• Great-looking game in Kansas City — or it would have been, if not for all the pinkwashing. So glad Pinktober is now over.

• Speaking of Pinktober, the Rams’ midfield logo — the midfield logo!was outlined in pink.

• When the Titans switched to navy as their primary jersey color this season, I thought that was good news, because this is a good look. It didn’t occur to me that they’d be foolish enough to go mono-blue, which they’ve now done two weeks in a row. Disappointing.

• The Vikings wore white over purple, and that look is really growing on me. If they’d just get some contrasting socks (and, okay, a non-ridiculous number font system), it would be among the better looks in the league.

• The Jets wore white over green and still have not worn their green jerseys this season. They’ll presumably extend that streak next week, when they play in Oakland. It’s tempting to think that Nike stiffed them (like they stiffed the Eagles last year), but they did wear green during the preseason.

•  The Saints wore white over gold — a great look, and one that’s been good for them, if you believe in that kinda thing (which I don’t, but it’s still interesting).

• Only one team wore white at home: the Dolphins.

• At one point CBS’s score bug showed the Titans beating the Falcons by a score of 1-0. The thing is, under the new extra point rules, it is possible for a team to have only one point — but it’s not possible for the score to be 1-0.

• Remember my recent piece about fist pumps? During the Giants/Cowboys game they had a little spiel about Sept. 11 and the freedom tower, and I’m pretty sure (although I confess wasn’t paying super-close attention) that Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said, regarding the Freedom Tower, “If 9/11 was a tragedy, then this building and what it stands for is the fist pump.” Um, sure.

(My thanks to all contributors, including Kyle Good, Bryan Prouse, Alex Sinclair, and of course Phil.)

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The Ticker
By Paul

Baseball News: Why would the Mets’ TV network, SNY, produce an infographic topped by an illustration of postseason slugger Daniel Murphy in a uni combo that doesn’t even exist? (Thanks, Phil.) ”¦ Oooh, look at the great “Sox” logo on this 1909 White Sox sweater! Also of note: the “C” logo on this 1903 White Sox pea coat (both from Scott Curl).

NFL News: Wondering if Washington will ever break out the burgundy pants again? Forget it — they don’t even have them anymore (from William Yurasko). ”¦ Awesome photo of the 1937 Boston Shamrocks (from BSmile). ”¦ Andrew Luck is doing a commercial with a blank helmet.

College Football News: West Georgia, which normally wears blue jerseys, went mono-red on Saturday. ”¦ Blackout game this weekend for Washington. ”¦ Way back in 1902, Northwestern’s football uni looked just a wee bit different than it does today. And in 1929, Purdue’s uniforms had an impressive amount of stripes (both from Scott Curl). ”¦ Clint Richardson wrote a piece about Halloween-themed football uniforms.

Hockey News: Pinktober warm-up jerseys yesterday for the Hershey Bears. ”¦ New Rangers-style jerseys for the Greenville Swamp Rabbits. By odd coincidence, I had just been talking about the term “swamp rabbit” with Greenville resident and indie-rock luminary Peter Hughes a few hours before I saw that tweet (from @RealistSpeaking).

NBA News: With some NFL cheerleaders recently initiating legal action to be treated like human beings to be paid minimum wage and gain other basic workplace rights, some NBA cheerleaders are now doing likewise. Good for them, and here’s hoping they’re successful.

Soccer News: NOB typo for Newcastle United, which misspelled defender Chancel Mbemba’s surname over the weekend (from @the_boot_room).

Grab Bag: One week down and one more to go for my broken arm, which will be liberated from its cast next Monday. ”¦ NASCAR driver Kyle Larson drove a houndstooth-patterned car this weekend at Talladega. “We thought this was the best place to run Alabama’s ‘third color,'” says Target Racing media relations rep Davis Shaefer. ”¦ A pink cricket ball developed for the inaugural day/night test cricket match between Australia and New Zealand is causing some controversy (from Graham Clayton).

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What Paul did last night yesterday: Yesterday afternoon a bunch of friends and I convened in the Castle Hill neighborhood of the Bronx. We were there to check out Domand Deli (shown above), an Italian delicatessen that supposedly offers superior sandwiches.

I’ll get to the sandwiches in a minute, but what impressed me most about Domand was the gorgeous hand-painted window signage. I know there are some cities where this type of thing is still fairly common, but it’s very rare here in NYC (for all our other virtues, we’re a pretty lousy signage town in just about every respect these days), so I was excited to see the playful jumble of letters in the Dumand window. The little brushstroke flourishes, the drop shadows — it was a joy to behold (for all of these, you can click to enlarge):

As for the sandwiches, which we ate at a nearby neighborhood playground, they were good. Not amazing, but solidly good. Most of the provisions were just Boar’s Head (pfeh), but they were piled on an excellent semolina-style seeded bread. I got an Italian-style hero: salami, ham, mortadella, provolone, lettuce, tomato, and hot peppers, topped with oil and vinegar. Very nice, and I still have half of it to eat for dinner tonight (click to enlarge):

Oh, and I also saw The Martian on Saturday. Liked it!

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    It has been debated that the Rochester Jeffersons forfeited a league game to the Washington Senators in 1921.

    However, the NFL has never officially recognized the game as a forfeit.

    Due to a snow-covered field the Jeffersons refused to play. But the home team Senators wanted to play. Sounds like a forfeit to me.

    Wait, a football team refused to play because of snow? In 1921? This fact right here forever rebuts any nostalgia about “when men were men” in the past.

    It was more about not wanting to play for nothing ($0) than playing in the bad conditions. A crowd of only 400 was on hand. Back then most of the players’ salaries were dependent on gate receipts.

    I’m sure they would’ve played if there was a paying crowd of 5,000 in the park.

    Well alrighty then. I have been educated.

    Odd choice for a score… and kinda unfair since points scored can be used as a playoff seeding tie-breaker… but since forfeits never actually happen I guess that doesn’t matter.

    A team only having 1 point isn’t possible either. If a PAT is returned by the opposing team, they get 2 points.


    Odd, in the Andrew Luck commercial every other possible logo is there: Nike, Wilson, NFL shield,….

    Wonder why no Colts logo?

    Licensing, my friend. Sometimes companies pay you to put their logo in front of people. Other times, you have to pay them for the right to display their logo.

    Not disagreeing there. I wonder who falls under whose licensing umbrella (if any)–Colts under NFL or vice versa?

    Perhaps neither under neither at all.

    The ‘Skins helmet with no stripes sort of grew on me after seeing it for 3 hours. Bigger (some would say “dfferent”) logo needed if stripeless though (IMHO).

    “If you missed the one, look here.” the first one?

    “That was a digital projection. That advertisers changed as the game went along.” Was that a digital projection, or just one of the electronic ribbon boards that are now ubiquitous? If the former, make ‘That advertisers’ ‘The advertisers’.

    I was about to say, thats just a standard digital advertising board common in all stadiums with moving adverts

    I did have a question though!!

    “Why was the game free of Pinktober breast cancer awareness? the game was in Oct and breast cancer is just as serious over in Europe/UK.

    if they can have the gold 50, gold outline logo caps etc, why can’t they have pink brest cancer stuff?”

    thats just a standard digital advertising board common in all stadiums with moving adverts

    Very common in soccer (where they don’t get to break for commercials so they run animated commercials along the edge of the action). Even link.

    As for your question, I’d like to believe it’s because our British brothers and sisters aren’t gullible enough to buy lots of pink merchandise in hopes of doing good, so there’s no point in the NFL “raising awareness” of their products.

    this is true, i could see that being a reason,

    i did end up thinking a few hours later that it was possibly because the games are being used for promotion of NFL in Europe, they didn’t want to dilute the brand image with pink when there trying to build up supporters in Europe.

    A pink cricket ball developed for the inaugral day/night test cricket match between Australia and New Zealand


    Larson’s 42 car appeared pink on TV, I never really saw a close up of it during the race, I figured it was for breast cancer awareness.

    Yeah, if I’m at a NY deli and they break out the same cold cuts I can get at a Kroger in Indiana, then yeah, not impressed. LOL

    I was never a big fan of the Washington burgundy pants, myself. Much prefer the yellow/gold ones. Now, if they would just fix the sleeve stripes, they’d have something. At the moment, they wear sleeve stripes that match the old pants striping rather than those on the current socks. Their sleeve stripes back in the 1970s matched like they should now. Yes, I’m over-thinking.

    Agreed. When they finally get right with the name thing, I hope they’ll use those throwback unis as the basis for their new identity. And it’s not like the normal uniforms are terrible; they’re among the best in the league. But my gosh those throwbacks are gems, even next to the excellent regular uniform set.

    I disagree. The white-over-burgundy look was and is classic. And Washington wore white at home as reliably as Dallas did, which added some visual spice to the rivalry games between the two, when the white-at-home forced the opponent to wear their less-used color jerseys.

    The bitter irony about this is that Washington’s burgundy pants were a “matte” color for years after most other teams had moved to dazzle-fabric pants; the dazzle burgundy was (unlike most colors, particularly silver) a significant downgrade in my opinion. Now that advanced fabrics have matte looks, the burgundy pants would be right at home. Pity.

    I’m one of the burgundy lovers as well. I liked the white over burgundy at home. It was nice to see them go that route and then at Dallas (or on occasion at Philly) go burgundy over white. I never did care for the gold pants and still hate them.
    I’d be a bit more accepting of them if they went with a stripe pattern to match the old white and burgundy pants but would only want to see them worn occasionally. Not every week. They need to go back to the white and burgundy pants as the full time look.

    while I see where you are coming from with the disdain for Boars Head cold cuts, I feel that it is usually the roll that separates a good sub from an average one.

    this post has me drooling.

    Haven’t seen The Martian yet, so I’m outta here before anyone has a spoiler comment. Glad you enjoyed it, Paul.

    I’m confused by the Boars Head hatred as well. My fav local deli uses them and I think they make great sandwiches. I just had one for an early lunch!

    A real deli roasts/smokes/brines/corns its own cold cuts. It doesn’t serve the same mass-produced product that every other place serves.

    That’s the difference between a real deli and a place that happens to sell sandwiches.

    My guess – Boars head is a nationally distributed product and they prefer the “smoked/cured/cooked on-site” meats readily available in a delicatessen rich city/region such as NYC.

    Scoring 1 point is possible but extremely unlikely. The team kicking the extra point would have to fumble 85 yards backwards lol. We can only dream of seeing that

    All that has to happen is for the defensive team to gain possession on the conversion attempt then backtrack into its own endzone and get tackled. Not unlikely at all. link

    Disregard, that’s a one point safety but the kicking team would get the point. Brian is correct with his scenario being one point but very unlikely. See end of this article: link

    Yes, my fault. I didn’t see mention of a safety, so I assumed he meant a recovery by the defense in the far endzone, which would be two.

    Paul, on today’s earlier entry you linked to a national soda map. Do you know if something similar for sandwiches exists?
    I’m curious what hoagies, heros and subs are called around the country.

    My area looks to be dominated by Hoagie and Sub as it should be. I was surprised at 1 lonesome baguette listed. I have never heard anyone call a hoagie a baguette around here. Interesting.

    Why would the Mets’ TV network, SNY, produce an infographic topped by an illustration of postseason slugger Daniel Murphy in a uni combo that doesn’t even exist?

    That’s a pretty horrific infographic all around – bad photoshop on the player pics, awkward layout that’s hard to follow, and at least one caption is missing a few words.

    If you’re serious (and I can’t tell), do a little research into their pay structure. You’ll find all the answers you seek.

    On one hand, I’m all for workers organizing and even taking legal recourse to gain fair employment conditions.

    But on the other hand, cheerleading for an NFL/NBA team is not a full-time job nor is it the kind of work that women seem to be pursuing because they need the money. The appeal appears to be that women enjoy doing it because it’s fun, sexy, and glamorous.

    So there is a little bit of a patronizing tone behind men, who may be well-meaning, claiming that women need to be protected from their own choices.

    NFL teams should treat cheerleaders legally, but for a part-time gig that has many applicants per open position, I’m not sure the teams are doing anything wrong by treating it as such.


    think of the money the cowboys make off of there cheerleaders with the calendars and appearances, the girls don’t see a cent of that money.

    Why can’t the Redskins make their helmet accents match the retro jersey and pants? I know the NFL mandates players use the same helmet all season, but it seams easy enough to use the retro logo [from the sleeves] and a gold facemask.

    Found this pic of Bobby Smith of the Minnesota Northstars with Full Name on Back:

    As an old signpainter myself, I thank you for your appreciation of hand lettering and for giving me some pics to drool over!


    While I applaud the Redskins throwback from yesterday’s game v Bucs… I have always favored their 70th Anniversary jersey, which is about as near perfection as you will get with a pro football unset.


    That was a good look, minus the gray facemask. We can only hope the eventual Washington Red Clouds (lol) go with something like that instead of following in the steps of the Jags or Browns.

    I completely agree. I love Washington’s 70th Anniversary jersey. It would be cool if they adopted it full time.

    Murphy’s uniform on the Mets infographic looked a bit like the one on the hand drawing for the “Party Like It’s1986” ice cream a few days back.

    Possible bad news. Just read Huskers game day info from Saturday where they talked about the ‘debut’ of 2015 black ‘Primeknit Bold’ jersey.

    You mean they might pull it out again for Michigan St. (Nov. 7) or Iowa (Nov. 27)?

    I attended, myself and others complained about not making out the numbers.

    I agree with those saying the 70th anny unis for the Redskins were terrific….

    Although – the simplicity of that gorgeous burgundy top and tan pant combo is insane. Bring back the faux-leather helmet (or a helmet with the older logo seen on the sleeve) and I would scream for that to be their full-time uniform combination. I get the history of the current sets but lets be honest – who can look at the change the Giants made to the simple throwbacks as full time uniforms and think that was a bad decision? Those are terrific.

    The Redskins have a chance to have the best uniform combinations in the league, IMO, if they went with the throwbacks full time.

    The MLB instagram has a few portraits of Mets wearing the blue road alts with World Series patches ( example: link ) which confirms what we pretty much already knew that we’d see these at least in Harvey’s Game 1 start.

    Yup, came here to post the same thing after seeing the “official” Murphy and Wright photos in my Twitter feed. I hope this doesn’t mean they’re going to wear them for games 1 AND 2.

    Harvey’s wearing the road alt jersey & cap at his press conference. TC wore the primary cap, with jersey covered.

    Second the hope that the grays reappear in Game 2, and that the pinstripes show up in Game 3, the first World Series game at Citi Shea.

    Is PL really complementing a team that wears purple as a primary color? We’ve seen the apocalypse, people!

    I was only half paying attention last night while the NFL recap was going on. I looked up and saw the Rams game showing in the highlites. They had an overhead shot when I first saw it and it took me almost the whole play to figure out if the Rams were playing Cleveland or Cincinatti. If your uniforms are able to be confused with Cincinatti’s it should tell you it’s not a good look.
    And I won’t even get into how bad the Rams white pants still look. But at least they didn’t light their turf on fire again.maybe they should and try to put it out with the white pants.

    While I’m sure this is not entirely new to UniWatch, some folks may have never seen it:


    The Panthers were born 22 years ago today, and here is owner Jerry Richardson holding up the team’s original jersey, which never took the field. Note that there is a lot more black and and lot less blue.

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