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It’s Time for the Uni Watch Super Bowl LVII Preview!

With the final game of the NFL season just a few days away, I’m happy to announce that the annual Uni Watch Super Bowl Preview is now available for your enjoyment over on Substack. Clocking in at nearly 3,000 words, it features a mother lode of uni-related storylines and subplots regarding this year’s Super Bowl teams, plus the annual micro-granular data from Super Bowl savant Jay Braiman, making it the perfect resource to help you amaze and annoy your friends while watching the game this Sunday.

You can read the first part of the Super Bowl Preview here. In order to read the entire thing, you’ll need to become a paid subscriber to my Substack, which I hope you’ll consider doing. Thanks!

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I’ll have another post later this morning, and of course we’ll also have the Ticker.


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Comments (18)

    I love seeing that Riddell Axiom on Clyde Edwards-Helaire. Every time I see it at first glance it looks like it’s straight out of 1972.

    Quality super bowl preview. I always love the random stuff I’d never even think to look up, and yet the uni watch preview has all the little historical tidbits.
    The Mahomes playoff jersey one and Eagles QB numbers are my favorites. I’m definitely going to be telling people about those at the superbowl party.

    I gotta say I don’t mind the Eagles wearing the white socks over the black with their green jerseys. The uniform keeps it simpler with the green and white and only black accents on the pants, numbers, and helmet.

    Can you imagine how good this Supe could be with the Eagles in Kelly green and the Chiefs in all white?

    Likely a massively unpopular opinion here, but I would like to see the Eagles wear black pants with the midnight green jerseys, not only for optimal contrast but also because I think it would look cool.

    A quick perusal of GUD tells me they’ve never worn that combination, which I find surprising. Either way I think the matchup as it stands is the best possible permutation of uniforms for both teams.

    I’m not sure how g/g/b would provide “optimal” contrast. If KC is wearing red pants, then the Eagles in white pants would provide much better contrast.

    And you’re correct: the Eagles have never gone green/green/black. The closest they ever came were the 2003 and 2004 seasons, when they wore green/black/green. It wasn’t aesthetically pleasing link

    Black vs. red and black vs. white are are debatable in terms of contrast when you’re looking at the pants alone, but I’m taking into consideration the uniforms as a whole. We know that football players often find themselves in positions that cannot be considered upright, so you might be looking at one player’s pants versus another’s jersey.

    However, I definitely concede that it is a very personal preference of mine that entire uniforms do not have overlapping colours at all, except for maybe the socks.

    Superbowl could have easily been color vs color. Imagine the Chiefs in red/red/white and Eagles in Green/Green/White. Would have been plenty of contrast.

    The Jets/Bills Color Rash game basically put the kibosh on any further red vs. green matchups (link). In theory, that’s how it looked to a colorblind person. Granted there would be *some* differences, but assuming KC was in r/r/w, that would be a VERY difficult matchup for colorblind (or at least r/g colorblind) folks to watch. Having BOTH teams wear dark tops AND white pants would pose serious differentiation problems.

    There could be some OK color vs. color games for a Supe (for example, Chargers in white/powder/gold vs. say, Giants in royal/royal/white could work) but Philthy/KC isn’t one of them.

    Can someone explain to me, with all the hatred towards ads, why when I open this website I get a pop-up asking me to pay to switch to a free version?

    Actually, there is no “hatred toward ads” at Uni Watch. There’s just hatred toward ads *where they don’t belong.*

    As for the pop-up encouraging you to pay for UW+, I’m not sure what part of that you don’t understand. If you pay for UW+, you don’t have to deal with the annoying ads. Better for both of us.

    Does that answer your question?

    That’s the thing though, can’t you make the argument, that ads belong in sports, couldn’t I make the argument that I shouldn’t be bombarded with ads when opening this site? I could, and I do think it is hypocritical for the people that write and frequent this site to thumb their noses at companies using the platform sports provide to reach consumers, when this very site is used by advertisers to reach people.

    i think the white jersey correlation makes total sense. the team wearing home jerseys would feel weird wearing them in a non-home setting

    Personally, I don’t see the “pop-up” as an ad, its more of an invitation…
    You have explained many times about the “paywall” thing ….
    Why, oh why, didn’t the NBA players union exchange uni-patches for fewer games….?

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