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Best Warm-Up Ever? Coyotes Wear ‘Kachina Snowman’ Sweaters!

I’m late on this one, but it’s too good not to showcase with its own post: On Monday night, the Arizona Coyotes got in the spirit of the season by wearing absolutely brilliant “Kachina Snowman” pregame sweaters. (The best part, of course, is that the team plays in Tempe, which almost never gets any snow.)

Granted, it was just a warm-up top, so I suppose we shouldn’t get too excited about it, but it’s still pretty awesome. The Yotes should wear this for a full game!

If you want one of these (and who wouldn’t?), they’re currently being auctioned off here.

(Huge thanks to Wade Heidt for tipping me wise to this one.)


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    Jersey matches the gloves well. Cool idea for the holidays.

    When it comes to warm-up jerseys, I do tip my hat to what the major junior Ontario Hockey League does. Teams having specific warm-up jerseys that are part of the team’s wardrobe. Not related to any special cause or event, but allow some freedom to experiment compared to the regular uniforms.

    For an example, here are the warm-up jerseys for the Kitchener Rangers in 2013-14.


    I hesitate to want them to wear them in game just as to avoid a pandoras box of lame one off alternates, but that said, these are pretty sweet!

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