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Uni Watch Reader Delivers Annual Batch of Uni-Themed Holiday Cookies

One of my favorite Uni Watch rituals is the annual arrival of a batch of uni-themed holiday cookies from longtime reader Elena Elms.

“This year’s holiday cookies are in honor of the brilliant career of Albert Pujols,” says Elena, who’s a big Cardinals fan. The designs are as follows:

  • Top row: Cardinals primary jersey, representing Pujols’s first 11 years in St. Louis.
  • 2nd row: Angels jerseys — white, red, and black for 2019 Players Weekend — representing Pujols’s decade in Anaheim.
  • 3rd row: Dodgers jerseys — home, road, and City Connect — for Pujols’s brief 2021 stopover in L.A.
  • 4th row: The Cardinals’ cream and blue alternate jerseys, representing Pujols’s farewell season in St. Looie.

Nicely done, Elena. Thanks so much for your continued creativity and generosity!



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    Wow! Great work Elena!
    I have never been to a party with such pride in creation of dessert.
    So good and looks so yummy!

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