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Hornets Make Unusual Paul Silas Patch Announcement

The Hornets announced a new memorial patch today for former coach Paul Silas, who died over the weekend.

Per the team’s announcement:

Starting with [Wednesday’s] game and throughout the remainder of the 2022-23 NBA season, the Hornets coaching staff will have a commemorative “Silas” patch on the left sleeve of the pullovers they wear on the bench. The commemorative black patch is in the shape of the traditional Hornets cell pattern with the pattern’s outline and the “Silas” wordmark in teal.

Note that there’s no mention of the players wearing the patch — just the coaches. I’m trying to remember any previous instances of a memorial patch, in any sport, being worn by the coaches but not by the players, but I’m coming up empty. Anyone..?

Granted, the players’ jerseys are already pretty crowded:

Still, I’m surprised the players aren’t part of this tribute. I mean, I realize Silas was a Hornets coach, not a player, but it still seems a bit weird.

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    If I’m not mistaken, Billy Martin was the only Yankee (player or coach) who wore a memorial armband after Casey Stengel died in 1975.

    That is actually a really well done logo in my opinion. Too bad it won’t be on a court or something (did it say it was going to be on the court??)

    Maybe it will be on the warmup suits of the players as well. And aren’t players technically part of the staff as well?

    I actually like that they’re not crowding the jersey with another patch. Silas was a damn good coach for the Hornets before they bolted NC, so this makes a lot of sense to have the coaching staff wear it.

    Maybe they coulda put in on the chest of the coaches 1/4 zips, but I doubt Nike was gonna allow that either.

    If St Peter’s could have 4 patches this March Madness, (link), so can the Hornets. In all seriousness, a black band with “Silas” on it might work. Anyone know what the record for most patches is?

    Late to the same name/# party, but unmentioned so far:

    Jones #25 – K.C. (Celtics 1958-1966) & Marcus (Patriots 2022- )

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