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Collector’s Corner for Nov. 22, 2022

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Just when you thought you’d seen every 1960s Cleveland Browns “CB” helmet item ever, up pops this Browns “CB” helmet bottle opener! This isn’t a new item made to look retro — it’s a legit vintage item, and the seller has some more teams available here.

Now for the rest of this week’s picks:

  • Feelin’ a bit of the groovy flower-power vibe with this 1970s Cleveland Cavs keychain.
  • This vintage Baseball Hall of Fame snow globe needs a bit of topping off! We’ve put men on the moon — why can’t we invent a snow globe that won’t leak?
  • This 1960s Baltimore Colts Technigraph 3D helmet plaque is in perfect shape.
  • Something you don’t see at NFL games anymore: fans with megaphones. Here’s a 1960s 7″ Chicago Bears megaphone in orange plastic.
  • Punt, Pass & Kick participants in the 1960s got this Award Football from MacGregor.
  • Coca-Cola sponsored this 1960s set of NFL “Go With the Pros” mini-helmets.
  • Quarterback Fran Tarkenton was indeed the man for this 1968 NFL board game, aptly named Fran Tarkenton’s Pro Football. This is as real as it gets: “On offense, on defense, you make all the decisions for real pro teams!”
  • “Rah Rahs!” was the maker of this 1960s set of NFL team buttons. You get the Rams, Saints, Falcons, and 49ers, which at one time comprised the NFC Western Division. Yes, the Falcons and Saints were put out west! No, I don’t know why.
  • Look at this 8×10 of Packers legend Ray Nitschke. The helmet. The facemask. The sleeves. The steely glare. That, my friends, is a football player.
  • Here’s a very nice-looking 1960s Cincinnati Bengals stadium blanket from Pendleton.

That’ll do it for this edition of CC. See you back here next week, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Comments (9)

    The previous owner of those “Go With the Pros” mini-helmets didn’t follow the instructions when it came to applying the stickers for the Vikings and Lions.

    The prices on eBay for mini gumball helmets are atrocious. There are literally millions of them out there, many in terrible shape like these ones, with sellers unreasonably looking for top dollar.

    The Bengals blanket is NOT from the 1960s, as it reads “National Football League” in the logo. The Bengals joined the AFL in 1968 and did not join the NFL until 1970, when the two leagues merged.

    eBay listings are prone to inaccuracies in that regard.
    Technically, yes the Bengals were born an AFL team, but the AFL-NFL merger was made known in ‘66; terms required the AFL to have an even-number of teams prior to ‘70(in ‘67 there were only 9 AFLers) …the expansion Bengals’ becoming an NFL franchise was a foregone conclusion.

    Exceptionally minor nit – the pin set must date from no earlier than 1970, the first season these teams were placed together in the post-merger NFC Western Division. From 1967 thru 1969, the Rams. 49ers and Falcons resided in the NFL Coastal Division with the Baltimore Colts; some observers noted the lack of a coast for the Falcons but it was noted Georgia does have a coast, albeit rather far from Atlanta. In their first three NFL seasons the Saints resided in Capitol Division (1967 & 1969) and the Century Division in 1968. Those were the days for those who favor descriptive rather than directional names for their divisions….

    From 1995-2001 the NFC West had 1 team out of 5 (49ers) that was actually in the West. Rams were in the Midwest (St. Louis) while the Falcons, Saints and Panthers were in the South. Meanwhile Arizona was in the East along with Dallas.

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