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Collector’s Corner for October 25, 2022

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Less than a week to go before Halloween, so we’re starting off with this pair of 1994 Halloween-themed pins from the Colorado Rockies. No orange in their purple outfits, but the team got into the spirit nonetheless!

And speaking of the Halloween spirit, every year we pass along these pumpkin stencils for the four major pro sports leagues, and here they are: MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL. I have to admit, these are way above my skill level — I tried to do the interlocking “SF” for the Giants one year, and it did not go well. But if you’re more pumpkin-savvy than I am, give ’em a try!

Now for the rest of this week’s picks:

• Bit of a punctuation problem on this “Bengal’s Offense Weekly Gameplan binder” once belonging to WR Darnay Scott (who added his own helmet sticker!).

• Haul this Rolling Rock SteelGater™ thermal bag to your next Steelers tailgate party.

• The Maryland Lottery sponsored this 1992 Baltimore Orioles poster, but I’d swear that is San Francisco Giant Will Clark right there in the middle. Of course, Clark would later play for the O’s, but not until 1999.

• This 1978 New York Jets placemat was sponsored by “Ann Page” and Coca-Cola. While the artwork is generic, you can make out Roman Gabriel and Gale Sayers at left, and Joe Kapp bottom right.

• Here’s a box of 8mm film for the 1969 Jets/Colts Super Bowl, included here solely due to the swell drop-shadow font used on the title.

• Packers quarterback legend Bart Starr offered football pointers in this 1969 Tide promo booklet, which also helpfully provides “A Cleaning Tip for Mom,” since she would be the one cleaning out those grass stains from your football jersey (with Tide, of course).

• Go to sleep and have sweet dreams with this Houston Astros 2004 All-Star Game pillowcase.

• Check this one out — construction blueprints for the current Yankee Stadium.

• Your friends at Foremost Card Services sponsored these vintage Milwaukee Brewers County Stadium seat cushions.

• Measure things in either inches or centimeters with this 1979 Seattle Seahawks ruler from Sears.

That’ll do it for this edition of CC. Happy trick or treating, and I’ll see you back here next week!

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    Interesting to note regarding the font of the Super Bowl film:

    That same font was used on jerseys worn by the Miracle On Ice team during training matches leading up to the 1980 Olympics. One such pre-Olympic uniform just sold on eBay for more than $2500.

    I’m not saying the Jets haven’t been to the SB in a while but they may be the only team that you have to go to Super 8 to see the highlights.

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