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Suns Unveil New Statement Alternate

The Suns today became the latest NBA team to reveal a new Statement alternate for the upcoming season. The new design replaces the orange Statement uni that the team used for the past three seasons.

The jersey is shown above. They didn’t release any photos of a player wearing the new design, but here’s a shot that shows the shorts:

The pixillated graphics are an extension of the aesthetic that was used for the past two seasons on the team’s excellent City alternate (which, unfortunately, will be replaced this season by a new City design that will be unveiled later this fall). I know it’s supposed to be seen as an evolution from that design, but it feels more like a watered-down knockoff of it.

The Suns will wear this uniform for their season opener against the Mavs on Oct. 19. Additional dates will be announced later.

The NBA preseason will begin this Friday, Sept. 30.


Update: The Suns have now released a photo showing players wearing the new uniform.

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    You beat me to it! I generally roll my eyes at all the three-letter abbreviations on uniforms. I’m so used to the Suns doing it, however, that I almost don’t notice it at first. I’ll often think, “there’s something slightly off about this uniform, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.”

    As for this design, I like the effect of the digitized gradient on the numbers and the trim. Pairing it with black helps the gradient pop, and the rest of the rest of the design is restrained to keep the focus on it.

    While the Suns “Valley” uniforms reminded me a lot of the Nuggets’ rainbow skyline, it was different enough to be a good Suns uni. I loved it, even with a wordmark that wasn’t “Suns” or “Phoenix”. This is a fine alternate, but it’ll never be the “Valley” unis.

    I hate the PHX but I think this looks clean and subtle. I never loved “The Valley” uniforms but I liked the approach. This is a much better treatment.

    Can we come up with a new acronym for team names written horizontally up or down uniform legs, in the same vein as BFBS? NOP (name on pants)? NOL (name on leg)? Can’t stand that! College football is the biggest offender, but this Suns uni could use some addition by NOP subtraction too.

    These uniforms are dope, I don’t know why everyone’s got to be such haters.LOL People are just bitter.

    I like it. The pixelated pattern used as piping like this really does make it look like fire, especially in the shots of the players wearing them (not as close up). It’s a fitting look for a team named the “Suns,” and especially since it doesn’t say that name on the jersey itself. The sun is also in space, so black makes some sense at least.

    Agree with others that “PHX” is dumb. Teams need to stop making airport acronyms a thing, it doesn’t work.

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