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Nuggets Unveil Not-Very-New ‘Statement’ Alternate

The Nuggets yesterday joined the avalanche of new NBA Statement alternates for the upcoming season, as they unveiled the latest addition to their wardrobe (shown above).

Is it a terrible uniform? Not at all. But if it looks a bit familiar, here’s how it compares with the team’s previous Statement design:

Now, we all know this is just about moving more retail product, but come on — it’s the same freakin’ uniform! Are we even trying here? What kind of bold “statement” is that? (To the Nuggets’ credit, at least they kept the previous design for four seasons, which qualifies as an eternity in the current world of NBA alternate designs.)

Also of note: As you can see, the new design features the Bill Russell memorial “6” patch that all NBA teams will be wearing this season. It will presumably sit a bit lower on non-Statement designs, because the Nike maker’s mark won’t push it up as high as the Jordan mark does.

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    I actually disagree with this — I like that the Nuggets did this. It’s a similar uniform, but in my opinion it’s a clear upgrade, with the improved colors. Keeping the same general look is a welcome change compared to all of the teams changing their colors and designs all the time. It keeps a more consistent visual identity.

    Agreed. I think the red works much better than the navy here, even though navy is one of their colors. The red just pops better.

    I agree—I think both things are true. The new is a definite upgrade and it’s obviously not being motivated by a desire to tweak a design, it’s a cash grab on merch

    definitely an upgrade, though i wish they would have kept some contrast on the front (maybe make the number white). but it feels a lot like a jayhawks’ jersey.

    People, people — my only critique is that it doesn’t seem to fit the supposed parameters of the Statement program. That’s all.

    I also said it’s not a bad uniform.


    At least they didn’t do what the Pistons did with a deep navy that’s really black and used the airport code.

    Oh, for sure. Like I already said, this isn’t a bad uniform. All I’m saying is that it isn’t a really a *new* uniform, and doesn’t make a “bold new statement,” which is supposedly the point of the Statement program. That’s all.

    I’d like to see this be the main uniform. Just have it say Denver Nuggets instead and make a white version. The color balance on this new is really great and I think it would stand out in a great way.

    This new version is fine, but I kind of feel like the juice isn’t worth the squeeze based on how similar it is to the previous version. But then again, if you’re a consumer trying to “collect them all!”, then I guess you have to go out and grab this variant. ::rolls eyes::

    All that said, this is a nice enough uniform. It harkens back to the team’s classic color scheme and is simple enough, without too many distracting elements (other than, you know, the corporate logos).

    Normally, I like outlining on the letters and numbers, but I don’t think it adds much here because of how thin the lettering is. The lettering would likely stand out just as well if it were pure yellow with no outlining. The other red accents – especially on the pants – add enough of that color into the palette to keep it balanced. Overall, it’s one of the Nuggets’ better uniforms. Overall, I think I like the previous year’s model slightly better (it just feels better balanced to me). but still pretty decent.

    I feel you on the lettering. The white text on the previous design works much better. I don’t mind the red outline, but with yellow text surrounding yellow numbers… it’s like someone spilled mac n cheese on their jersey. Silly analogy aside, I just mean that there should be better contrast between the two, simply because the lettering wraps around the number.

    Agreed that it seems pointless, but overall I think it’s a huge improvement apart from the shorts.

    On your retail comment, is that a big thing with the NBA? I’ve lived in three major cities and have never seen someone walking around with an NBA jersey on. I see a massive load of people wearing NFL jerseys on Sundays. Are people buying them and just stuffing them in the back of the closet?

    I live in Denver, and I see NBA jerseys worn as casual clothing all the time. Plenty of Nuggets jerseys, to be sure, but even more jerseys from other teams – particularly Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron jerseys, Golden State Warriors jerseys, and Lakers jerseys. Probably not surprisingly, the wearers tend to be male and quite a bit younger than I am.

    I’m thinking that the marketing people who have to come up with multiple new designs, have exhausted all their options and now just resorting to tweaks. (Much like MLB caps) I am hoping that someday teams will end the madness and go back to one white (gold for LAL) uniform at home and a colored one on the road.

    Are there any teams that haven’t changed statement unis in the last five years? I feel like we’re up against an arbitrary expiration date.

    These are for crap. I want to see navy/green/yellow “rainbow guts” throwbacks, and then the shiny sky-blue uniforms.

    The Nuggets are the Canucks of the NBA. I wish they would just pick a color set and go from there. The Statement uniform program is ridiculous on many levels, not least of which is that teams tend to shy away from using “team colors”, which are a quick and easy way to identify a team. But the Nuggets have done red/yellow/blue, rainbows, navy/maroon, navy/Carolina blue/yellow. How can you stray from the norm when there is no norm?

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