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Zambonis Debut New Hockey-Rock Video, ‘Slow Whip,’ Exclusively on Uni Watch

Don’t look now, but the NHL regular season begins on Oct. 7, exactly one month from today. With that in mind, the great hockey-rock band the Zambonis (shown above) have a new song, called “Slow Whip,” and are debuting the video right here on Uni Watch. Check it out:

Bandleader Dave Schneider describes the tune like so:

It’s song about a local Zamboni driver gone awry. Every few years there’s a story where some ice crew guy from the local rink has a few to many Budweisers (or Labatts, in Saskatchewan) and ends up heading down Main St. in the world’s coolest vehicle. This song is a for them and their “Slow Whip.”

The video is great, full of hand-drawn cut-paper animation and a lot more. Really fun stuff! Big thanks to Dave and the band for choosing to give the video its world premiere here on Uni Watch.

You can check out more great tunes from the Zambonis on their Bandcamp page. Uni Watch’s highest rating!

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    Don’t miss Hockey Monkey, and Referee’s Daughter / Think I Oughta! Both on the Greatest Hits album.

    Thanks for the tips. May I also suggest the other 250 songs about hockey too? Have a great day Tom. Ps Sad to hear about the Middle East going away fo ever. We had many great gigs and saw many too there

    So much uni goodness in that photo of the Zambonis. Check out the second guy in the front — in addition to the Hartford Whalers guitar, he’s rocking the Binghamton Whalers jersey. Used to love the Binghamton logo, it was pure genius.


    I am checking him out right now in the mirror. He is a rather sexy yet husky fella. Thanks for loving all the Whale content.
    Dave Zamboni

    Hey… I want a ride! Great tune and an entertaining video. Awesome job Zambonis. Keep whipping out those tunes. Thanks for the music.

    Thanks Rick! Stay tuned and follow us on the socials to see what we are up to.
    Have an ice day,
    Dave and The Zambonis
    Insta and F Book are our main drags

    I know a guy/band who has those very socks. He speaks in third person in certain shameless situations where he is selling the coolest socks that were actually licensed. I (I mean he) bought 180 pair which was the minimum amount allowed. He has 9 pair remaining. Email him at link Have an ice day,
    Dave Zamboni

    Hockey Monkey was my son’s favorite. song for the first 3 years of his life. The Zambonis made my life a lot easier and more awesome back then.

    Dave Zamboni here. It was also my sons favorite song and band until he was 6. Then those Beatles showed up. The Ramones too. Now he’s 13 and all he listens to is early 90s hip hop. NWA,PUBLIC ENEMY, WU TANG etc etc. Have a great day, Dave Z

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