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2022 US Open Update : Serena’s Nike Swan Song

This Just In: Serena Williams is taking the court this very moment (ESPN: check your local listings; timing is everything, thanks Cheyenne at Nike) for her final US Open. As always, she’s making sure that her on-court attire gets a fair amount of attention. Her outfit has a figure skating competition theme, and her six-layer skirt is supposed to be a “nod” to her six USO titles. Nike says that “a crystal-encrusted bodice alludes to the night sky at the tournament.” Even if it’s raining?

Her sneakers are the custom PE (player exclusive) NikeCourt Flare 2 with a diamond-encrusted Swoosh with “solid gold lace deubrés” created in collaboration with own jewelry line. Now, I had to look that word up. From Wikipedia: “Deubré is a generic term, originating at Nike, Inc. and dating from the mid 1990s, for an ornamental shoelace tag, most commonly seen on sneakers.”

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    Cant wait to watch the greatest poor loser and unsportswomanlike exit this sport for good.


    Whoops. By the way, did you have the same energy for Johnny Mac and a few dozen other men?

    How’s a woman who’s 2nd all time in grand slams a “loser” and “unsportswomanlike”?

    Just say the quiet part out loud already.

    You sure showed her, she better not check comment sections on sports aesthetic blogs cus oooh boy you got her with that one.

    Crazy how all it took was one main article on women’s sports to get the sexists commenting. Goodness.

    I’m not sure if it’s a correlation, but it seems like the comment section at Uni-Watch has gotten much less welcoming since the change in format. The sexist comments above are part and parcel with other mean-spirited and dismissive comments lately.

    What a legend. The sport will never be the same. The entire entrance outfit was stunning! She did mention after the match that they removed 4 layers as it was feeling heavy.

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