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UCF Knights Football Releases New Unis for 2022

The University of Central Florida Knights introduced new uniforms today for their upcoming 2022 season. There are three new outfits: two black and one white, which they’re dubbing “Uni 01,” “Uni 02,” and “Uni 03.”

Let’s look at them in order:

UNI 01

As you can see, this one features the classic UCF gold helmet atop an almost entirely all-black uniform. Front numbers are white with gold outline. There are three small diamond (star) shapes rendered in gold on the pants. There’s a sublimated logo on the sleeve caps.

They also showed the Uni 01 combo with a white helmet, which also gives additional looks at the rear of the jersey:

UNI 02

This is the all white combo. Numbers are black with a thin gold outline.

UNI 03

This one is almost identical to the other black uni (UNI 01), except for the black helmet and the numbers are rendered in gold instead of white. It also has a sublimated new logo on the sleeve caps. The team is calling this their “Knightmode” uniform.

All three uniforms are similar to those worn previously by the Knights, and the biggest changes are the number fonts and player NOBs. Both have been stretched vertically, and are thinner than the previous iteration. There is no longer an anthracite version.

The team also released what I guess could be classified as a “hype” video for the new unis:

You can read more about the new uniforms here.

Comments (9)

    It’s… OK.
    Not a fan of the open 4 on the number don’t. DEFINITELY not a fan of using the lowercase “n” as an uppercase letter. Never looks good (Blue Jackets did it in their initial set). Beyond that, s’aight, I guess.

    i agree 100%. ucf consistently finds a way to mess up black and gold. how do you make your uniforms mostly black and white with gold as an accent?

    Meh. Interchangeable with countless other schools. Nothing unique or interesting about it. Looks like it was cranked out in 30 seconds by some Nike Design B team.

    I’m more interested in the helmet they are using (excluding the SpeedFlex in white/black). It looks like a Schutt style based off of the fasemask but that isn’t and F7 or the AirXP. I think it’s a Schutt Vengeance of some sort.

    I see one of the helmets is WFWS (white for white’s sake) – THAT’S RIGHT, I CAN PLAY TOO!!!

    I didn’t see any explanation on this or the linky about what the 3 stars represent… Anybody else see that? Faux National Championships or undefeated seasons?

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