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Browns Letting Fans Vote on New Field Design

In case you missed it, over the weekend the Cleveland Browns announced they’ll be letting fans vote on a new field design for the team for the 2022 season.

There will be four options for end zone treatments and four midfield designs, two of which will feature Brownie the Elf. It should be noted that the team has not had a midfield logo since 2017.

Here are the four design options the Browns are offering up for a vote:

Option 1

This option features the helmet at midfield with “BROWNS” in both end zones rendered in white, flanked by Brownie and the AFC logo.

Option 2

Similar to Option 1, this puts Brownie at midfield, with the helmet in the end zone.

Option 3

This option would also put Brownie the Elf at midfield (a different design than Options 1 & 2), with “BROWNS” in both end zones rendered in orange. The end zones would have a more modern helmet design bookending the wordmark, and also paired with the AFC logo.

Option 4

Similar to Option 3, this one places the helmet at midfield, and has Brownie in the end zone. The BROWNS wordmark is also in orange.

If you want to vote on the design, click here.

Comments (29)

    Even the “more modern” helmet design looks nothing like any helmet worn in the NFL now. I guess this is part of the problem with making your “logo” a constantly-evolving piece of equipment, but at this point, they should just use the classic 2-bar helmet: link

    Yeah, great point. And its not like you can update the helmet-logo to be more accurate to present-days, because they’re currently different models of helmets being used.

    Picking an era of helmet and sticking with it for the Browns would be a good idea. Think of this for soccer badges/crests. There are dozens of versions, from old timey to modern. Check out FC Barcelona or Tottenham Hotspur. Both use incredibly outdated ball designs in their badges, but that’s part of their charm. Trying to keep up with every soccer ball design would be a fool’s errand.

    I agree! That facemask used in the standard NFL helmet template stinks! Use the old one or two-bar gray facemask.

    Agree agree agree..classic always wins out..
    Pictures in old Oakland Coliseum with my old helmet just refreshed by Cliff Branch HOF induction…I do like the Klassic Keebler as well

    Just my point..I really doubt fear of a mascot has ever influenced a game…if you really need to, put fangs on him

    I like option #3; but I’d prefer Browns in the end zones be white like in option #2.

    It’s an interesting coincidence that those OTHER Browns–the present-day Baltimore Orioles–were one of the very last MLB teams to wear headgear without any logo or symbol (up through 1945) … and their secondary logo was also a “brownie” elf.

    I’m not a Browns fan, and I don’t like either version of Brownie all that much either.
    If I were voting, I’d write-in a modified Option 1…2D helmet at the 50, white endzone wordmarks, no conference logos, no elves.

    It looks like Option 1 and Option 4 are the same there. The Brownie the Elf in the end zones for Option 4 should match the midfield Brownie the Elf from Option 3.

    The Browns named after Paul Brown, previous owner of The Bengals. Just put a Bengals helmet out there and be done with it..

    You do know he was in Cincinnati after he left Cleveland, right? And he chose the Bengals colors so the team could look like the Browns, right?

    The elf is called a Brownie- based on a book.
    The book had nothing to do with football but a story about elves

    I’d really like to see them go back to the old-school, single-bar helmet logo for their helmet logo.

    Option 3 is the best… BUT the version of the helmet logo in that endzone is a poor one. Should be a complete profile version, not a whatever it is you call that version. And would agree with others here that when using the helmet as a logo, best to just go with a more old school, perhaps two bar version of the facemask, which I think was what they used in the 1970s/80s version of the helmet-as-logo.

    They should’ve done separate voting for the endzone and midfield. I’d choose midfield 3 with endzone 2 if I could

    Agreed. The white lettering will look 100% better in the endzone:
    1. It will standout better on the natural grass
    2. The orange letters directly beside the red AFC logo is not ideal

    Would it be poor on my part to go and say “don’t you think this team is distracting you with a shiny object away from the whole Deshaun Watson mess?’

    I know it is a site about uniforms and such, but, it is a bit to convenient of timing for me that they are doing this now.

    Like others have said, put standing Brownie at midfield, with the Option 2 endzone. Though my main critique for all 4 options is including the AFC logo in the endzone. If it needs to be put it on the field it should be on the 25s opposite the NFL shield.

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