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MLS Unveils 2022 All Star Game Jersey

Major League Soccer unveiled the jerseys to be worn by MLS All Stars when they play the 2022 ASG against the All Stars of Liga MX on Wednesday, August 10th, at Allianz Field in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The jersey is anthracite, which “serves as the canvas and is accompanied by color shift iridescent trims and branding that celebrate the northern light.”

In addition there is a “raised silicon execution” of the state of Minnesota on the jock tag, as well as a “MN 22” wing on the back neck, which are both rendered in blue. The collar treatment is in the henley style.

As Minnesota is the host club, there is also a big Target ad in the center of the jersey, which is what also appears on the Minnesota United FC jerseys.

Our soccer expert Jamie Rathjen notes, “The All-Star team always wears a Target ad, it’s not meant to match the host team. It’s just a coincidence that Minnesota United has the same one.”

More photos here:

You can find more information about the All Star Game here.

Comments (9)

    I believe Target has been the ASG sponsor in years past, so it’s not just because of the Minnesota tie-in

    Yep. Jamie let me know shortly after I posted that and the correx has been made (if you refresh the page you should see it).

    So … does this kit hit its … Target audience? Or just become another bullseye for the critics?

    I’ll see myself out.

    Adidas have gone back to using a single strip for the three stripes like they did in the 80s. At other times it has been three separates strips of material. The integrated material version always feels like a cheap budget fan shirt version of the real one to me so I’m not keen on it!

    This is always my fear for MLB’s addition of jersey ads. It makes soccer (football) really odd for me to watch. Might just be a “me thing,” but I can never get past the ads. “Tonight is the much-anticipated match-up of the New Jersey Adidas vs the San Jose Dunkin Donuts.”


    It’s not just you. I made a comment railing about this very thing last week and was disturbed that everyone could be disgusted by advertising on uniforms everywhere else in sports they all seem will to look the other way when soccer does it. Wouldn’t mind so much if they switched and made a small ad with a big team name/logo, but apparently that’s not one of the options.

    I’ll drop the fact that a supposedly professional graphic artist designed this monstrosity of a jersey. Someone actually got paid for that design! Someone (or some group) had to sign off on it. Someone (or a group of someones) had to sit there and say “That’s a great looking jersey!” Seriously? Everyone associated with that design should be embarrassed.

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