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De-boning LA: Rams Relegate Dishwater Look To Alternate, Make White Jersey Primary

In case you missed it, some great news came out of Rams camp this weekend when the team announced they have relegated the “bone” jerseys (which they usually pair with bone pants, but have also worn with the blue and yellow pants) to “alternate” status.

The white jersey, which was introduced last season and paired with yellow pants twice (blue pants once), now becomes the team’s primary road jersey, although they will also wear it at home on occasion.

The royal blue jersey will be worn at home six times, and once on the road (against the Buccaneers in Week 9). The Rams will wear the white jersey at home twice, in weeks one and five (against the Bills and Cowboys, respectively), and in six road games. Weeks 2 and 3 will be the only two weeks the Rams will go with the dishwater — at home against the Falcons (Week 2) and on the road against the Cardinals (Week 3).

Of note is the week one game against the Bills, which is the “kickoff” special Thursday night game to open the NFL season. As defending NFL Champions, the Rams get to host the first game of the season. And they’ll do it in front of the home fans wearing the same uniform in which they won the Super Bowl. Wearing white at home in week five against the Cowboys of course forces Dallas to wear their “bad luck” blue jerseys.

Here’s the full jersey schedule for the Rams this season:

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    D’oh! Yes, forgot about that MNF game vs. San Fran (link). And yeah, not a good look. Text updated now. Thanks.

    White over blue would probably look fine if they didn’t pair blue socks with blue pants.

    Now we just need them to make the home numbers solid yellow and get a yellow alt

    If you recall, the Rams were supposed to get a new uniform (link) for 2022, but that was postponed. My guess, though I have no inside info, is either a set of white pants, or a yellow jersey (or both). But since that was scrapped for this season, we’ll likely have to wait till 2023 for additional looks.

    Once the white uniform was unveiled, it made all the sense in the world to make that the primary light uniform.

    When the Rams get a chance to bury the bones, would like to see them adopt the blue and white look as an alternate. A nod to the old blue and white days.


    Was that a Rams press release photo or a Nike ad? I guess no room for tv numbers when Nike requires full attention.

    Moves like these make me laugh. It seems obvious there is very little focus group testing done, because the whites are obviously preferred over the dishwaters. How did that slip through the QC process to begin with. They could literally ask Paul to create a focus group from the UW regulars to give them feedback on uniforms ahead of time.

    Right, because UW regulars provide just the sort of diversity of opinion and ages that a focus group should aspire to. Plus, a group that bangs its chest with bravado over not buying merchandise. Yep, just what the NFL is most interested in. LOL.

    You’ll be surprised how diverse this group is, in every way possible, including opinions.

    From UW’s very own Phil Hecken (on today’s MLB CC ranking):

    “I realize the uniforms, as well as the opinions surrounding them, are diverse and one of the few areas I’ve found where Uni Watchers are not in general agreement.”

    1. I don’t think UW regulars bang their chest over not buying merch. In fact when you look at the photos from the UW meet ups it seems most folks are wearing some sort of merch. Perhaps the regulars don’t buy merch just for the sake of buying the newest thing.

    2. Just because UW regulars will mostly be in unison against bad designs (like the dishwater uniforms), doesn’t mean they don’t have diversity in their thoughts on good designs. That would be like saying the UW regulars don’t have diverse tastes in food because they overwhelmingly rag on fast food. Additionally, given how quickly various panned looks do get removed (Bucs alarm clocks, Browns redesign, Rams dishwater, Jags two tone helmet, etc). It might just be that the “non-diverse” tastes you claim UW regulars have are rather tastes for design elements that have staying power, which is what any good uniform should have, as opposed to gimmicks.

    Sarcasm is (and always will be) the lowest form of comedy.
    So… hit us with some more dis tracks. They’re really good.

    I agree with JohnnyB on this point. UW readers, at least the ones who comment, are pretty easy to predict when it comes to the reaction towards new uniform designs. Basically, they’re against any new or unique design element, seem to believe that all football teams should only use the old-fashioned block numerals, and that the only general approval given for teams’ new uniforms is if they revert back to a look they wore in the 70’s and 80’s, even if those designs weren’t particularly beloved during the time they were first worn.

    Bingo. People like the uniforms that were worn when they became fans. Hence, people who became Rams fans in the 60’s wanted blue and white, even though the Rams got really great when they went to royal and yellow in the 70’s. My 10 year old and his friends LOVE the bone uniforms.
    And obviously, there are some different opinions here, my point was that I’m guessing the vast majority of commenters here are white, educated, men between the ages of 35-55. If I am the NFL, I don’t think that monolithic group is the only opinion I’d want, and I am not arrogant enough to think that my opinion is right, and everyone else is wrong.

    If they are going to have to wear the dws, it’s good that they are burying them in two games that will be borderline unwatchable anyway against the other two worst uniforms in the NFL.

    Dishwasher or as I call it “LA Smog” is bad enough but football unis these days are ruined by the long untucked shirts.

    Leonard Floyd looks upset to be wearing the “dirty whites” on the Rams Uni Schedule!

    As a fan of the team since the Dickerson era, I am very happy to see this. It’s a big step in the right direction. As another poster mentioned, if they can just do something about the gradient numbers…

    I’m still not used to the 17-game schedule with potentially 9 home games. I thought you mis-typed with wearing blue 6 times at home, white 2 times and dishwater once

    I’m not trying to be That Guy, but I’m going to miss the idea of the bone/dishwater unis.

    No, the Rams didn’t use them properly. Yellow pants stripes? Nowhere near enough contrast! With a few common sense tweaks, bone/dishwater unis could/should have become new classics.

    Anyone who gets my 5&1 philosophy knows I dislike all-white unis almost as much as all-bfbs unis. Lots of all-white unis are OK indoors or on cloudy days. In the sun or in the snow? Forget it…not enough contrast.

    I would be more than fine if every team had a cream or bone/dishwater jersey instead of a white one.

    They’re not *changing* unis, but designating their formerly alternate jersey to primary status. I don’t know that there’s a prohibition on swapping “alternate” and “primary” status. I honestly don’t know whether they can swap again (or if it’s kind of a one-shot deal within the five year “rule” on changing unis). But, to be clear, they’re not changing unis in this instance.

    Whatever color they wear, the look will be ruined by those silly looking horns they went with.

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