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Spurs Draw on Mexican Crafts for New Statement Alternate

The Spurs, who earlier this month unveiled a throwback uniform as part of their 50th-anniversary celebration, today announced a new Statement alternate uniform for the 2022-23 season.

The patterns that you see on the side panels are based on Mexican serapes and saddle blankets, but rendered in team colors instead of the usual vibrant Mexican colors. Here’s a closer look at that:

I like the idea, although the execution doesn’t work so well for me because of the colors. (Update: As many readers/commenters are pointing out, using the team’s Fiesta colors would have been soooo much better.) Can’t say I love the chest insignia either, as the little tail with the spur feels like an afterthought and doesn’t integrate well with the “X.”

The Spurs will have five uniforms this season: primary white, primary black, the recently unveiled throwback, this new Statement alternate, and a new City alternate that’s yet to be revealed.

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    Seems like the fuchsia, aqua, and orange from their 1990’s logo would have worked well instead of the grayscale side patterns.
    I’m wondering what segment of fans likes the airport abbreviations on the uniforms.
    My general reaction to almost everything Nike puts out now is that they often have one nice element that gets ruined by three awful elements.

    Not to be pedantic or miss your point, but the San Antonio airport code is SAT (3 letters). “SATX” is like “NOLA” for New Orleans or “KCMO” for Kansas City, incorporating the 2-letter postal abbreviation. But your point stands, they are ridiculous and unnecessary for branding a sports team.

    I mean its an NBA uniform, which seem a dime-a-dozen these days, but agreed that it seems a missed opportunity to add some unique color patterns here.

    That logo is trash tho.


    I wonder if the estate of John Thompson Jr. will be getting some royalties from this; looks like a copy of Georgetown’s uniforms from back in the day….

    Huge missed opportunity. If they used the fiesta colors on the sides, but kept the B/W for the front and back, that would’ve looked great.

    P.S. I’m loving the new site and posts being added throughout the day. Great work, Paul!

    I like them sticking with their great team colors for the side panels. Might’ve been a bit much with the fiestas. Love those fun colors as part of other sets but this one totally works for me in its restraint. Not a fan of the SATX but I love the fun spur coming out of it. Still loathe the fetishized jumpman and the ad patch but I suppose that goes without saying around here.

    Not feeling this one. It just sits there and glares at you. It’s like a very serious man wearing a party hat.

    San Antonio has such a rich heritage. Too bad it’s represented with a yuk uniform like this one.

    Because of the larger amount of “black space” between the T and X, I kept reading this as “SAT X”

    The blanket pattern is good. The “SATX” is completely botched and doesn’t match the numerals.

    * the pattern is good. I think it would have been even better with the Fiesta Spurs colors, but in a vacuum I actually do like the grayscale pattern.
    * the wordmark kinda stinks.
    * the combination of the wordmark with the kinda-mismatched numbers with the grayscale pattern is a huge clash for me. a classic “less than the sum of its parts” situation.

    I would have preferred bottles of Big Red, a Barbara taco, a Fred’s Fish fry fish logo, a small grill symbol and a miniature ice house. A beer bottle if possible.

    I’m getting a Yar’s Revenge vibe played on a black & white TV circa 1985. Not that I would know anything about that.

    I like the blanket pattern. It’s clever, and while the Fiesta colors might have been more visually interesting, I appreciate the fact that an NBA jersey is actually using established team colors for once. If they’d done this on the side panels of their regular jerseys with the Spurs wordmark, this would be a 10/10. The SATX thing just… doesn’t work. It’s bad. It shouldn’t exist.

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