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Beat the Rush: New Naming Wrongs Shirts for PBS

Now that the Bengals have sold off the name of their stadium, designer Scott M.X. Turner and I have gone ahead and created a new batch of Naming Wrongs T-shirts for Cincy fans.

If you like referring to the building as “PBS,” we have shirts available in black, grey, white (to go with the team’s new white alternate helmet), and orange (sorry, no short-sleeve available in orange). If you prefer the full “Paul Brown Stadium” name, we have black and orange (again, no short-sleeve in that colorway).

As always, you can save 15% on all Naming Wrongs product by ordering a Uni Watch membership card.

Comments (6)

    Do you ever feel like these shirts are a cheap ripoff of another brand? Sure they abandoned the stadium name…but it looks like they still own the rights to it. Idk…feels icky to me.

    I’ve gotten no end of amusement from the outcry in Pittsburgh over the renaming of Heinz Field. Obviously it’s not a candidate for a Naming Wrongs shirt, since Heinz was a corporate name. But I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a corporate stadium name as beloved by the local fanbase as Heinz was.

    Yes, it’s a corporate name but it’s an old Pittsburgh company and more importantly an old Pittsburgh family. It would be easy to assume it was named after the family just like Heinz Hall of the John Heinz history center. That name is all over the city in a non corporate way. Compare that to whatever the name is now and it makes sense.

    Busch Stadium? (interesting history – supposedly Busch was prevented from naming it after Budweiser, so he named it for himself. Then he made a new beer called “Busch”.)

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