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Reds Wear Military Appreciation Uniforms To Honor Attendees From Wright-Patterson Air Force Base


Last night the Cincinnati Reds wore their military appreciation uniforms in their game against the Pirates.  It seemed to work out pretty well, as the Reds cruised to an easy 10-0 victory.



Additional photos can be seen here.

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There was a curious case of a phantom orange Browns jersey which appeared on their Pro Shop website last week, and then quickly disappeared. There was no announcement by the team, which left fans wondering whether the orange jersey would be appearing on the field this season. Alas, Browns Executive Vice President JW Johnson squashed that, and it doesn’t sound as if there are any plans to add it.

Some lucky fans were able to nab them before they were pulled from the store.  It strikes me as pretty odd that these made it to the online pro shop without management noticing.

As BrownsNation suggests, perhaps with enough fan pressure, it can at least be brought back to the store.

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This hurts my eyes. As reader Sam points out, the mascot is wearing a Majestic jersey, not a Nike one.

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FanBuzz has ranked the best college football uniforms.  There’s not too many surprises in their Top 10, though I’m not really sure how Oregon can make the list since they’re perpetually a moving target.

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Have you ever wondered why Olympic divers immediately shower after getting out of the pool?  And what’s up with those tiny towels? CNN, ahem, dove into these questions.

“Divers shower in between dives typically just to keep themselves and their muscles warm,” he says. They usually rinse off in water that’s warmer than the pool.

Indoor diving pools like the one at the Tokyo Aquatics Centre must maintain water temperatures of at least 26 degrees Celsius (78.8 degrees Fahrenheit), according to FINA, the governing body thats sets rules for international water sports competitions.

As for the towels:

Staying warm is also one of the reasons swimmers and divers use tiny towels called chamois – pronounced “shammy” – at major events.

The towels are portable and extremely water absorbent, allowing the divers to dry off quickly and stay warm, Brehmer says.

Remaining dry also means safer – and more competitive – dives.

I was a swimmer growing up. I remember these towels, and I gotta tell you, they were terrible.  I’ll defer to the experts here, but a regular old towel always seem to get me dry more quickly.

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A little light on the content this Saturday.  If there’s anything I missed, please mention it in the comments and I’ll be sure to add it for tomorrow.

Comments (14)

    Aside from the clashing red accents, the Reds looked great in dark green! I wish more teams used this color. The Cleveland Guardians missed an opportunity with their rebranding!

    Especially baseball. Outside of the A’s, all the other teams primary hats are either black, blue (navy or royal), or red.

    Yep I forgot about them. So now it’s the Padres and A’s. I know the Diamondbacks got criticized about being too 1990s with the purple and teal, but I miss their purple hats. If they wanted to move away from purple because the Rockies (who have black hats) also have it in the same division, they should have embraced the teal to go with black. Hell, the Marlins best look was their teal aqua hats.

    I thought the Reds looked pretty terrible, but it was a less terrible look than camo, so credit for that. But yeah, we need more green in the bigs. If I were commissioner, I’d order the Red Sox to swap green for navy blue and otherwise keep their uniforms exactly as-is. Twins would become green and blue. That done, I’d hesitate to make Tampa Bay introduce a minty green, since all the green would be in the AL, so I’d have to look for at least one NL team to go green. I’d love to see the Rockies ditch black for light blue and use purple as their dark color, but green could work too. Milwaukee is another good green candidate, what with the Bucks leaning into green and of course Green Bay wearing their namesake color, but the team is trying to live into the new navy & yellow, so someone else is going to have to add green.

    It makes sense that Benny the Bull has a Majestic jersey. He’s a long-time Sox fan. You can’t expect him to shell out his hard-earned mascot money on a new one. They are expensive.

    The FanBuzz top 10 CFB uniform ranking is hard to argue with. However I used to have Michigan #1 just slightly ahead of my Trojans, but now I’d put the Trojans #1 since Michigan, Harbaugh, went to white pants on the road. Or maybe this ranking is only for home uniforms? I usually like pants to match the helmet, except when a team has yellow like USC, Michigan, Pittsburgh Steelers, or LA Rams.

    The orange brown jersey was just a fashion “inverted” jersey. They did them for a bunch of teams a couple years ago (I remember had an article) but started bringing back a few this year. Basically just an off field alternate colored jersey.

    Since Wright-Patterson is an Air Force Base, wouldn’t blue have been more appropriate? But I guess that doesn’t play very well into the whole military green/camo merch dump b.s.

    How is it possible in the Buzz Feed article that Florida State’s home gold, garnet, gold is not in the Top 10? Boise State, really?

    Typical – “Best college football (insert list)” only ever includes P5 and Boise. There are some gems in the group of 5 (still division 1) that are better than Boise, Oregon, etc…

    The Pittsburgh Pirates wear military green hats with black brims every Wednesday with green letters on the uni. Tampa Bay had beautiful verst unis with green years back and Milwaukee has a history with green as well….

    Those small quick drying towels were invented by Dr Sammy Lee, gold medalist for diving from the 1932 Olympics.

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