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A Landmark MLB Game That’s Largely Forgotten

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This Sunday, March 28, is the 51st anniversary of an event I didn’t even know about until longtime reader Steve Dodell recently brought it to my attention: the East-West Major League Baseball Classic, essentially an all-star game at Dodger Stadium to honor the memory and legacy of Martin Luther King, who was assassinated two years earlier.

The basic story is this: After King’s death on April 4, 1968, Black ballplayers contacted the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, which King founded, to inquire about the best way to honor him. In the fall of 1968, the SCLC proposed a benefit game, which was originally planned for March of 1969, but the arrangements couldn’t be made that quickly, so the schedule was pushed back by a year. Joe DiMaggio and Roy Campanella were named as managers for the two squads, and a California sportswriters’ group chose the players. All told, 23 then-current or future Hall of Famers participated.

If you want to learn more about the game, I strongly suggest reading this article from the Baseball Hall of Fame’s website, this one from Sports Illustrated, and this one from The Undefeated, all of which do a good job of filling in the historical details. But for Uni Watch purposes, what about the uniforms and other visual aspects of the game?

Unfortunately, the visual record is thin. Although there was local TV coverage in California, no highlight footage has survived, and game photos are rare. But there are a few noteworthy visual details to go over:

• Let’s start with the cover of the game program, shown at the top of this page. Clearly a classic of its style (and exactly the sort of thing that influenced a young Brinke Guthrie). Note the chest insignia on the jersey — looks like it’s going the wrong way! This was probably a photo of a right-handed pitcher that the designer flopped. You can page through the entire program, which is a pretty remarkable document, here.

• Here are the two managers — Campanella and DiMaggio (who had just resigned from his role as a coach with the A’s but nonetheless chose to wear an Oakland uniform) — greeting each other prior to the game. The player behind DiMaggio, shaking Campy’s hand, is Tim McCarver:

According to that SI article I linked to earlier, it was the first time Campanella wore his No. 39 Dodgers jersey since playing his final game on Sept. 29, 1957. (He was paralyzed in a car accident four months after that season ended.)

• The only other photo I could find was this shot of Expos outfielder/first baseman Ron Fairly returning to the East dugout after hitting a home run. As you can see, the players wore their regular team uniforms:

• Fairly was named the game’s MVP and, according to news reports, was presented with a trophy after the game by King’s widow, Coretta Scott King (who also threw out the first pitch). I haven’t found a photo of that presentation, but the Hall of Fame does have a press photo of the trophy itself, along with a news release featuring a boilerplate caption that was apparently supposed to run with the trophy-presentation photo:

• The Hall of Fame has lots of other archival materials relating to the game. You can see those here.


The East won, 5-1. The game took all of two hours and six minutes to play, had a crowd of 31,694, and raised $30,000 for the SCLC. Here’s the AP story on the game, along with the box score:

(Note that the third graf refers to pitcher “Lew Krausse of Seattle.” That’s because the Seattle Pilots still existed on March 28, 1970, when the game was played. This was during that now-famous period when the Pilots’ equipment truck had already left spring training in Arizona and was parked in Utah, waiting to be told whether to proceed to Seattle or detour to Milwaukee. Four days later, on April 1, a federal official would rule that the Pilots were bankrupt, clearing the way for the franchise’s move to Milwaukee. As reader/commenter teenchy points out, that means this game was probably the last time a Seattle Pilots uniform was worn on the field.)

It’s not clear why the game faded into obscurity so quickly, but I heard absolutely nothing about it while growing up in the 1970s. There have been some articles written about it in recent years, like the ones I linked to earlier, but they’ve mostly been published in January, to coincide with MLK Day — a time when nobody’s thinking about baseball — rather than on the anniversary of the game itself, which has probably contributed to the game’s ongoing low profile. Somewhat incredibly, there isn’t even a Wikipedia entry for it.

That SI article I’ve referred to a few times was written by Tom Verducci. Here’s a video clip of him talking about the game (again, he did the interview this past January):

One of the players in the game was Mets first baseman Donn Clendenon, fresh off being named the MVP of the 1969 World Series. Verducci’s article includes some information about him that I hadn’t been aware of:

Born in Missouri, Clendenon was raised in Atlanta by his stepfather, Nish Williams, who played in the Negro Leagues. Young Donn received advice from Williams’s friends from the Negro Leagues, including Jackie Robinson, [Satchel] Paige, Campanella, and [Don] Newcombe. Clendenon attended Morehouse College, where upperclassmen serve as mentors, or “big brothers,” to incoming freshmen. The man who volunteered to be Clendenon’s big brother happened to be a recent Morehouse graduate: Martin Luther King Jr.

As a lifelong Mets fan, I know about Clendenon’s World Series heroics, his seven-RBI game in 1970 (then a Mets record), and more. But I had no idea that his step-father played in the Negro Leagues, or that he’d been personally mentored by history’s greatest American. Very fitting that he of all players got to participate in this game.

(Big thanks to Steve Dodell, who deserves all the credit for this one.)

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The Ticker
By Anthony Emerson

Baseball News: Reader David Scherzer came across a childhood copy of The Great Baseball Fun Book, which included an amusingly crude mock-up of the White Sox’s 1982 beach blanket design. … Here’s an interesting pic of White Sox slugger Frank Thomas wearing football cleats during a game in what appears to be the Oakland Coliseum. Did he do this often? Did other players? (Great spot by Jimmy Barbarossa.) … The Appalachian League’s newest team will be called the Princeton WhistlePigs (from Kary Klismet). … Broadcaster Rick Sutcliffe wore an ESPN pullover while working a non-ESPN game yesterday, so he covered up the ESPN logo with some tape (from Todd Brommelkamp).

Hockey News: The Blues have added a memorial decal for Bob Plager, who died on Wednesday (thanks to all who shared). … The Ontario Hockey League is soliciting submissions for a fan-designed sweater to be worn by one unspecified team (from Wade Heidt).

NBA News: In the wake of yesterday’s NBA trading deadline, which resulted in a flurry of deals, Nicklaus Wallmeyer sent along a handful of media outlets’ Photoshops of traded players, including Aaron Gordon as a Nugget, Nikola Vučević as a Bull, Rajon Rondo as a Clipper, Lou Williams in an old Hawks uni, and Victor Oladipo on the Heat. … Another traded player, G/F Evan Fournier, will wear No. 94 with the Celtics, becoming the first Celtic ever to wear that number. It’s a number he previously wore with the Nuggets for two seasons, and Fournier remains the only NBA player to ever wear it (from Etienne Catalan and Cameron, who didn’t give their last name). … In another first, F Nemanja Bjelica will become the first Heat player to wear No. 70. … Lots of additional NBA uni number news on Etienne Catalan’s Twitter feed.

Soccer News: The Seattle Sounders have officially unveiled their new second jersey, claiming inspiration from Jimi Hendrix (from @ZayAnthony87). … A couple of posts on the Museum of Jerseys blog featured some Irish soccer jersey history, from a failed attempt by the national team to introduce a design similar to West Germany’s legendary 1988-1992 away kit to a rare orange shirt worn by the national team in 1997 and ’98 (from our own Jamie Rathjen). … Also from Jamie, Spain’s women’s league will be recognized as professional by the Spanish government, and will be renamed as Liga Ellas. … Hmm, are Pelé and Jair Marinho wearing the same sweater in this shot of them attending a match at the 1962 World Cup? Could it be team-issued, even without the traditional Brazilian colors of green and canary yellow? (From Aled Thomas.). … The rock band Weezer’s Matt Sharp wore a Barcelona jersey in the music video for the band’s single “El Scorcho” (from Patrick Andres).

Grab Bag: Not sure if we had this earlier in the month, but the FIA has dropped Formula 1’s one-helmet rule, allowing drivers to adopt different helmet designs throughout the season (from Clayton Johns). … Speaking of F1, their official YouTube account has posted a video of drivers discussing why they chose their car numbers (from Jeremy Brahm). … New logo for Athletics Canada (from Kary Klismet and Wade Heidt). … Russia will unveil their Summer Olympics uniforms in April (thanks, Phil).

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I’m getting my second vaccination shot later today. Here’s hoping I don’t have any serious side effect — wish me luck!

Stay safe and sane, happy Passover to all who are celebrating tomorrow night, enjoy Phil’s weekend content, and I’ll see you back here on Monday. — Paul

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    Good luck with your second shot today Paul. I got my second shot (Pfizer) last Wednesday and when I got up Thursday morning I felt like I got run over by a semi. Besides the sluggishness and the sore arm, I felt much better on Friday.

    Yeah, got my second yesterday, and not feeling so hot today physically. But happy mentally.

    Congrats Paul!

    I got my second Pfizer shot yesterday (Thursday) at 6:30 PM. As I enter this at 1:00 PM on Friday, I am weirdly disappointed that I feel relatively decent (besides a sore arm and a little sluggishness).

    I basically cancelled all of my weekend plans JUST because I planned on feeling miserable all weekend!

    Great article on the game with wonderful links. Just a little typo: “ One of the the players in the game was Mets first baseman Donn Clendenon”.

    White stirrups and red sannies on the ’82 Sox. Some people here will be in heaven!

    Paul, best to you on the second shot. Drink lots of water.

    Also, I think the Pele/Jair Marinho picture was a colorized black and white picture. I think the dark brown should have been green and the Vegas gold should be canary yellow.

    Congrats on your second shot Paul, and best of luck!

    I watched the 30 for 30 “Big Shot” last night, and really enjoyed the mentions in the film about the Islanders hideous mid-90s uniforms and the fan outrage about the logo.

    “The Ontario Hockey League is soliciting submissions for a fan-designed sweater to be worn by one unspecified team”

    Learned the WHL is also doing this for their league. Have not seen any indication QMJHL will be doing the same.


    I was alive and following baseball when that game was played, yet have no recollection of it.

    Re Lew Krausse: Would this game mark the last time someone would represent the Seattle Pilots in uniform in a game, and Krausse the last player to do so?

    It is possible Tommy Harper was the last to wear a Pilots jersey as he was also on Seattle/Milwaukee.

    Lew Krausse came into the game in the third inning (per the HoF link) and pitched two innings per the box score.

    However, Harper took Joe Morgan’s place in the line-up after Morgan had 3 ABs… which would likely be after the 4th inning (after Krausse had left the game).

    While the game line shows Krausse from the Seattle Pilots, the Baseball HOF link shows a picture of Ron Santo with the caption:

    Ron Santo hit a home run off of the Milwaukee Brewers’ Lew Krausse in the fourth inning of the East-West Major League Baseball Classic. (National Baseball Hall of Fame)

    In the text of the site, they do it again:

    Lew Krausse of the Brewers, who came on in the third inning in relief of the starter, Don Wilson of the Astros, took the loss for the West. Ron Fairly of the Expos, the first batter to face Krausse, hit the first pitch he saw into the right-field grandstand to make it 1-0 for the East. The Cubs’ Ron Santo homered off Krausse in the fourth inning, the ball clearing the 330-foot mark in left field.

    Federal bankruptcy court didn’t clear Bud Selig’s purchase of the Pilots until April 1 – the team’s equipment had been sitting in a truck trailer in Provo, Utah, awaiting word of whether to proceed to Seattle or Milwaukee – and the team just barely managed to convert the Pilots uniforms to Brewers uniforms in time for the April 6 opener. So for an April 4 game in LA, a player representing the franchise would technically have been on the roster of the Milwaukee Brewers. But he would almost certainly have had no way to acquire a Brewers uniform from the club. Given what was going on with the team at the time, I’m honestly surprised that Krausse had a Pilots uniform at all and didn’t have to borrow a uniform from another player!

    Good luck on that second shot! What a feeling of relief you’ll have afterwards. I just found out (unblinded from the study) that I received the actual J&J vaccine in Jan and Mar. No side effects whatsoever from both shots.
    Great info on that game. I was pretty well tuned into MLB at the time and I do not recall this game at all. Clendenon was one of my favorite Mets and that was some interesting info on him.

    Thank you for the East-West story. I’d never heard of it, either, and it’s nice to read a little about Ron Fairly, who I vaguely remember as an Expo, and vividly recall as a color man on (I think) CBC baseball broadcasts.

    On the rendering of the White Sox uni, that’s actually a team-issued drawing of one of the six fan-inspired designs that made the finals of the club’s early 1980s uniform overhaul. Here’s a link to all of them:


    White Sox fans and management were in some kind of 70s time warp with those designs. It’s like they saw the Astros tequila sunrise unis pointing the way to the future, when belts, buttons and old-fashioned insignia were actually the coming trend.

    What a great post about the East West game! I loved looking through the box score from the newspaper article. Seeing names like Agee and Murcer as replacements and pinch hitters brings back memories.

    I was a rabid 15-year-old fan in 1970 but have no memory of that game and knew nothing about it until the SI article this year.

    Got my second shot of Moderna 10 days ago. First shot barely had any side effects, but starting 18 hours after the second I felt really crummy and had a fever of 101. Lasted about 8 hours then I felt fine. Most of my friends, although not all, reported very similar.

    Looking at the Pele photo…is that colorized? If so, could the maroon-ish stripes on the trim/sleeve/belly actually have been green? That would make more sense for team issued gear, I think, but who knows what would have gone on in 62.

    Can’t tell for sure from that photo, but I don’t think those were football cleats that Frank Thomas was wearing.
    I had a similar pair of Nike 3/4 tops in the 90s/00s when I played softball. They were marked as baseball/softball shoes. They seem to have the same type of cleats around the edges as mine did.

    Good luck with your second shot today, Paul. Here in Canada I received my first shot of the AstraZeneca vaccine yesterday and feel fine so far. My second shot is scheduled in 12 weeks.

    HA! First thing I thought of when I saw that photo- ‘it’s reversed!’ And yeah, that style was certainly my vibe back then!

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