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Have a Very Uni Christmas

Christmas Eve, 4:10pm; click to enlarge

’Twas the day before Christmas, and out on the porch
Things were becoming a wee bit debauched
The Tugboat Captain was dressed up like Santa
And as for the cocktails, they sure weren’t Fanta!

Meanwhile, back inside Uni Watch HQ
The scene was all set for the Yuletide to-do
The stirrups were hung by the mantel with care
Would the Grinch try to steal them? He’d better not dare!

Girl mascot Caitlin curled up on the bed
Visions of catnip toys filling her head
And despite so much of this year being tragic
The mistletoe still worked its annual magic

I’m better with prose
Than I am with a poem
So enough with this verse
Let’s bring it on home

Whether you sip from a shot glass or chug by the liter
I wish peace, health, and happiness to all Uni Watch readers
Be you up in a high-rise or out in the boonies
Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good uni!


I wrote most of that in my head yesterday during my daily bike ride in Prospect Park. Won’t win any prizes, but a nice bit of fun.

Speaking of prizes: Santa’s left something extra under the tree this year for 34 lucky Uni Watch readers — the winners of our annual year-end raffle. Here are this year’s winners and the prizes they’ve won (note that there’s no prize No. 18 because of my numbering error in the original raffle post; you can see photos of the prizes here):

1. Uni Watch membership card — Zach Gatton*
2. Sabres hoodie — Joe Makowiec
3. Browns/OBJ jersey — Matt Fyffe
4. 76ers Boathouse Row T-shirt — Matthew Kuure-Kinsey
5. 76ers “Summer 76″ T-shirt — Aaron Peters
6. 76ers mask — Patrick Cahill
7. 76ers mask — Christian Hinder
8. 76ers mask — Joel King
9. 76ers mask — Eric Rieskamp
10. Browns patch — Stijn Willems
11. Curling socks — Joe Baka
12. Purple Amnesty Day shirt — Alex Dewitt
13. Big Sexy book — Alec Jokubaitis
14. 76ers trading cards — David Benedick
15. 76ers Vari-Vue card — Noel Blaha
16. Repacked Wax cards — Andrew Dyck
17. Hal the Hot Dog Guy cards — Carl Hacker
19. NHL playing cards — Mike Torbik
20. Blue Jays baseball — Harrison Hamm
21. Uni Watch key rings — Keith Carter
22. Vintage Majestic bag — Jeff Pinnell
23. Brooklyn Branches pin — Nathan Heerts
24. Brooklyn Branches pin — Paul Dalton     
25. Brooklyn Branches pin — Christopher Hurtgen
26. Brooklyn Branches pin — Justo Gutierrez
27. Brooklyn Branches pin — Timmy Donahue
28. Uni Watch trading card — Steven Droho
29. Uni Watch trading card — Sean Robbins 
30. Uni Watch trading card — Bryan Stroud
31. Walker’s Concrete jersey — Daniel Kane
32. Walker’s Concrete windbreaker — Brad Eenhuis
33. 76ers hoodie — Matt Cann
34. Nike golf cap — Leo Tom Gerrity Giovagnoli
35. Uni Watch koozie — Andrew Miller

*Let me know what you want for your membership card.

Congrats to all the winners, thanks to all the entrants, and doubleplusthanks to people who donated some of the prizes. I’ll try to get everything mailed out by the end of next week.

Meanwhile: Obviously, this is a Christmas unlike any other. Mary and I won’t be seeing either of our families (a particular bummer for my brother, whose birthday is today), but there will be phone calls and Zoom sessions. We also have a couple of friends coming over to join us on the porch for a bit, and we’ll be roasting a duck for dinner. While it isn’t necessarily the Christmas we would have chosen under the best of circumstances, we feel very fortunate in the grand scheme of things.

However you’re spending the day, please accept my best wishes for a safe, healthy, and happy holiday, and my thanks for being part of the very special comm-uni-ty we’ve all built here. Peace. — Paul

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    Merry Christmas to you and the Tug Boat Captain! And to all Who Get It out there in the uni-verse!

    Merry Christmas to Paul, Phil, and The remaining Uni-Watch. staff.
    Thank you for keeping me informed on sports aesthetics that I have enjoyed since I was Young tike. Always appreciated my Parents and Santa to get me some logo-wise Christmas present that I adored back in the 60’s. There were far fewer of those items back then!
    All the best to a Better New Year.

    Merry Christmas, Paul, Mary, and Caitlyn! And Merry Christmas to everyone in the Uni Watch community! Tidings of comfort and joy to you all.

    Merry Christmas Paul and thanks for the great Jimmy Bowman clip. It reminded me to check out my favorite Christmas song — link

    Some swell swinging from Minneapolis on Soma, a fine Minnesota record label! The Midwest represents!

    Merry Christmas to Paul, Mary, Caitlin, Phil and all the UW contributors and loyal readers. Thanks for being a fun outlet, especially this year given the pandemic and other associated madness. Take care …

    Merry Christmas to Paul, Mary, Caitlin, UW staff, and everyone else in this great community of ours. Best wishes for a happy holiday season and a much better year in 2021.

    Paul… Merry Christmas to you and Mary. Thanks for all you and the UW crew do all year for us. Its my daily escape from the challenges that life throws our way.

    Merry Christmas! I won a major award, been trying for years.

    Thank you so much for all that you do Paul!

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